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Nintendo Reveals Yoshi-Themed eShop Card


Nintendo has revealed a new Yoshi-themed Nintendo eShop card. The $10 card can be applied to an eShop account on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, allowing the buyer to have funds on hand to use toward the purchase of downloadable games and applications. The company previously released eShop cards displaying images of Mario and Luigi. Cards also come in $20, $35 and $50 options.


  1. Top breaking news. Why don’t you at least search youtube for new videos of games that WILL release on Nintendo products. Baiting your readers in with shit is getting old. Plus only 2% of the feedback is on topic.
    Now NintendoLife comments are at least 80-90% on topic.


    1. The only reason I like MyNintendoNews is the newsflow. Everything else, Comments, Journalism(except Sickr, She’s really good) and coverage is better on NintendoLife


  2. Ok, totally off topic. Been a Nintendo fan since the NES. Frustrated with my wii u… I’m sure all of you know why. Bought a ps3 toninight. Final fantasy, dark souls 2 and diablo 3. All solid games! I’m not trolling, but shit! Can’t Nintendo get it togther? Btw ALBW was amazing! So was fire emblem.


    1. Bought pikmen 3.. It was ok. Super Mario 3d world.. Not impressed! Wind waker HD.. Amazing! But it’s an old game. we need something groundbreaking! Mario Kart 8 will be great, but won’t do it. Super Mario world abd ALTTP rocked the world, we need that again!


      1. They mean the same overrated bugged games that exists on all other platforms…

        Luckily our empire has the real games…


  3. Jesus Christ. About time. I’m sure I’m not the only one tired of having to buy $20 cards just to load on the Eshop, right?


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