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Kojima Wants To See Snake Return To Super Smash Bros

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has revealed during a Twitch Q&A session that he would love to see Snake feature in the next Super Smash Bros game for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. Kojima said that if Sakurai is watching the stream then he should consider including Snake in the game.

“I’m not working on that game so I don’t know, but I don’t think that’s likely”, explained Kojima. That said, he certainly doesn’t seem to be against the idea, saying, “Well if Mr. Sakurai is watching this, please use Snake.”

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

269 thoughts on “Kojima Wants To See Snake Return To Super Smash Bros”


        Sakurai, if you’re reading this, save that third-party spot for Monolith Soft or Platinum Games.

        1. If its a spot for a “3rd party” character, then that spot is not for MonolithSoft… since they are a 1st party Nintendo developer and need one of the main 1st party spots :p

            1. Holy fuck this is why we can’t have nice things. An HD remake of Xenoblade?! That game came out like 5 minutes ago. New games are what is needed.

                1. For me personally, it’s a bit of a gray area. I’m mostly against remakes, as was the case with Zelda the Wind Waker as well, but when I saw that fan-made Majora’s Mask trailer (assuming everybody on this site has seen it, if not: youtube it!) I was super enthousiastic. Probably because with games that old the developers can actually make a significant improvement.

              1. BTW This implies that Sakurai hasn’t even contacted Kojima for the rights of Snake in Smash and Sakurai probably hasn’t even considered it.

          1. Just because you mainly see a company make games for a specific platform doesn’t really mean they’re first-party.

            First party = the company themselves making the product.

            Third party = a company outside the main company makes the product. It doesn’t matter if it seems like they mainly make a product for a certain system only.

            As an example: Gamefreak, the makers of the main Pokémon games, are officially considered to be a third-party company, despite them seemingly to only make games for Nintendo systems.

            Besides, even if you’d define “first-party” as in “someone who only makes games for a certain system”, both MonolithSoft and Gamefreak technically don’t count. In the case of the former, they also made mobile games and games for the PS2. In the case of the latter, they have obscure games made for the PC-Engine (AKA the TurboGrafx-16), the Sega Genesis (Pulseman, said to be the inspiration of Rotom, was released under this console) and the Playstation 1 (with a Pokémon clone involving fighting viruses in a human body).

            1. Until you realize that Monolith Soft is a subsidiary of Nintendo, which makes it 1st party. Gamefreak is considered 2nd-party by enthusiasts, but there’s no official term for that.

            2. What anonymous said. Monolith Soft is owned by Nintendo now. They are first party. The few games on other consoles aside from Nintendo consoles before Xenoblade Chronicles was released was back when Nintendo was in the process of owning Monolith Soft 100%.

      1. Exactly! Screw Solid Snake if we don’t get the next Metal Gear Solid game for Wii U. If he does get in, he better be a 3DS exclusive character where a Metal Gear Solid game is actually on the system.

      1. Definitely Bayonetta. Platinum knows how to support the WIi U and Bayonetta is a much better character than Snake.

        1. Ahahahaha, right and what makes you think that? Tits? she’s a female? Pff

          unless you mean better contender in the fight, maybe. but no way in HELL is she a better character. XD

  1. Oh boy…so fagotjima wants “free” advertising for metalgear, first of all give us an original metalgear game on wii u and maybe we could support this, i really hate to think that the people who bought brawl only for snake financed metalgear games for other platforms.

        1. He sees Nintendo as too “kiddy” for MGS, he said it himself (not in the same words but the point was clear).
          The only reason Nintendo got MGS remake/port games (after SNES) was because Nintendo asked him for games. Kojima and his team barely worked on them, work were contracted to outside developers (Silicon Knights w/GC and Hexa Drive w/3DS).

            1. (idk why but my 1st reply didn’t go though)
              But here (shorter reply):
              “Releasing a Metal Gear game on a Nintendo console would be ridiculous; I don’t know about GameCube, but their machines that exist right now [N64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance] are for younger kids. I don’t care about how good the sytem itself is, because all consoles right now are at about the same level of power.”

              “Nintendo Power: Who’s idea was it to remake Metal Gear Solid?
              Hideo Kojima: Nintendo approached Konami with the offer…”
              It wasn’t his idea and Nintendo was the distributer for the remake ($$$).

              1. If one were to point out, the N64, the Game Boy Color and the gameboy advance were released to Japan on the years 1996, 1998 and 2001, respectively and discontinued in Japan on the years 2002, 2003 and 2006, respectively.

                I’m assuming he made the comment in the year 2003, where those three consoles were still being produced (and, in the case of the GBA, started being produced).

                That’s about 11 years ago! Nintendo would’ve been surely changed by then, and him changing his mind.

                It’s understandable with the remake to Metal Gear Solid,which was released in 2004. His opinions were surely fresh at that time.

                Also, there was another remake of a Metal Gear game released for the 3DS that started life as a tech demo, and was released in the year 2012.

                Said remake is called “Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D”.

                We don’t know for sure that it’s Nintendo who approached them to make it like with the Twin Snakes remake.

                1. It wasn’t well advertised by Nintendo in North America. (I think it was in Europe, though.)

                  That, and Nintendo technically does not own the game anymore (Microsoft does).

                  1. Sure we don’t how he feel about WiiU, but N64 was kinda mature-ish and he still considered it as for kids. Many consider Gamecube, Wii, WiiU, and Nintendo in general as “kiddie”. I’m sure Hideo Kojima is more careful now about what he says in PR and wont bad mouth Nintendo, but why would his opinions be any different?

                    I did mention the MGS:SE3D It’s likely it was the result of Nintendo going around asking for support for their new consoles at the time. Like the “unprecedented” support from EA. But that’s just a guess.

                    If his opinions have changed, perhaps we’d be seeing more Nintendo support, but we aren’t. WiiU isn’t getting MGSV. If MGS5 was only on X1 and PS4 it would be understandable, but PS360 has MGS5 as well. A PS360 MGS port to WiiU would be doable, still it gets nothing.

                    Let’s face it, 3rd parties in general believe Nintendo is catering to a “different audience”, it’s been that way since atleast GC. That was my main point, a lot of them don’t see their “mature” franchises suitable for Nintendo platforms.

                    1. Why would his opinions NOT be different.

                      Technically, there’s no proof that he has changed opinions from about 11 years ago, nor that he has the same ones.

                      You’d just have to make a guess about this.

                      You say he didn’t change opinions, while I say he might’ve.

                      No point trying to change your opinions. (I was merely voicing mine.)

                      By the way, the Wii U isn’t Nintendo’s only system. The 3DS is a Nintendo system as well. And the latest game released for Nintendo consoles was the Snake Eater 3D remake released in 2012 for the 3DS.

                      So you can’t say he hasn’t recently made a game for Nintendo systems, as he actually did a few years ago, which to me, counts as recent.

                      Also, you guessing the events repeated itself with the 3DS remake, are you? Well, do you know that said remake started life as a tech demo called “The Naked Sample” before it was made into a full-blown remake?

                      Also, Hideo actually said, quoting/paraphasing from Wikipedia, “If a Metal Gear game for the 3DS was actually made they would consider some elements from the PlayStation Portable title Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, including the game’s cooperative gameplay system,” which implies to me while he didn’t have any plans for a Metal Gear title on the 3DS at that time, it’s not out of the question for him to make a game for said console.

                      Again, not trying to convince you to change opinions, but what I am asking you is to look into it properly. :P

                    2. Fair enough.
                      Idk about wikipedia, but MGS for 3DS has been planned, not just a tech demo at e3 ’10, that’s why I think it was a result of Nintendo asking devs/pubs for games. It’s just they still weren’t sure what to do or direction to go with for a MGS 3DS game.

                      Famitsu interview via 1-up –
                      “I did handle direction work on the E3 demo, but where I go from here hasn’t been decided yet,” Kojima said. “For now, what we wanted to do was ***advertise the fact that we are producing a 3DS game in the MGS franchise***. Largely it was just a demonstration of what we’re capable of with the 3DS.”

    1. Well seeing as Super Smash Bros. is coming to 3DS as well it’s not exactly free advertising. We did get that MGS game for the 3DS….so yeah.

      1. It is free advertising whether Snake was on 3DS, Wii U, Wii or the friggen Gamecube. JUST BEING A CHARACTER in Smash Bros is free advertising for that character and any game they appeared in. So by putting SNake in SSB it makes players want to play his backlogue of games which include any game from any system and right now the majority of his games are on other platforms so why should Nintendo help garner popularity for the franchise if it benefits others more than your own company?

          1. It’s a problem because Metal Gear doesn’t even get relevant Nintendo releases, why would you put a character from that franchise that revolves around all the most significant Nintendo characters.

              1. Sonic has crossovers with Mario nowadays, so that’s a pretty close to Nintendo character now.
                MegaMan had way more Nintendo releases than Metal Gear. Also MegaMan is a more popular character in general than Snake.

                Both of these characters make a lot more sense than Snake.

                1. Also, Sonic has games on Nintendo systems. I’d say that’s fairly important.

                  I loved having Snake in Brawl, and I’ll miss him if he doesn’t show up again, but I’ll definitely understand if he doesn’t.

                2. To be frank, the console versions of Sonic Generations weren’t released on Nintendo platforms, and even if it did, it would’ve technically be considered crossplatform and thus, not a true Nintendo game..

                  Sonic Generations was the last game before Sonic Lost World, for which the console version was a Nintendo exclusive.

      1. SO? You go all in or it doesn’t count. We either get ALL the Metal Gear games on Nintendo platforms and Snake can be in SSB4 or, if you don’t then Snake doesn’t deserve a spot.

        No dipping your toe in the pool to test the water. JUMP IN or face the consequences.

        1. Why do you want all of them to be released onto the Wii U in the first place?

          By that logic, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man wouldn’t be qualified as well since they have games that’s not on Nintendo platforms (not counting rereleases like virtual console ports).

      1. I CARE if they get free advertising. Nintendo needs to show people that you can’t screw them over and expect things in return for it. If Snake wants in on SSB, he better have games on Wii U.

    2. He’s whining again just like he did for Melee but was too late for so tried again for Brawl and now apparently the fourth Smash Bros.

    3. yeah.. if he wants snake in smash, he should give us MGS U or somthing

      he cant eat his cake and have it!

    4. How dare you speak bad about this great man, your the fag and I’m sick of hearing Nintendo fans bitch about 3rd party Games and characters, its not even just the wii u’s weak ass power, you ass holes only buy 3rd party games on nintendo if it says Sega or Crapcom on the box, only a idiot woul develop a game for Nintendo becouse you guys are closed minded and only buy games with nintendo characters, or blue hedgehogs

      1. ∆∆∆∆ THIS THIS THIS AND SO MUCH THIS!!! This is the fucking truth!! Nintendo Fanboys DON’T buy ANYTHING unless is a Nintendo franchise!! Not even Sonic! Look how bad Sonic Lost World did because YOU guys did t even rented it! So why anybody should take time to make a game for WiiU when is pretty much destined to flop on the Wii U?

        1. i am sick and tired of hearing that nintendo fans don’t just buy nintendo games only u idiot the reason why sonic lost world sold bad is because the game wasn’t appealing to people i mean would u buy sonic lost world :/

    5. Get either of the Microsoft or Sony consoles if you want to play the game. Problem solved. Also, it’s not up to Kojima. It’s up to KONAMI. they decide on the platform, not him. Getting upset over it and calling him names doesn’t make the situation any better.

  2. So, he wants free advertising for a character that’s not on the Wii U at all? Make a game for the Wii U with it and he’ll put it, or else, NOT!

    1. Sakurai said that both the Wii U version and the 3DS version have the same character roster.

      Therefore, under your logic, he can still be put into the game because he has a game for the 3DS (Snake Eater 3D, anyone?)

  3. well if he badly wants snake in why doesn’t he release any MGS for wii u, there are only 3 MGS games realesed on Nintendo platforms, stop advertising snake for a platform you don’t release on.

    1. That’s the point, he wants snake on a nintendo game, he will earn money from nintendo fans and of course some people will be pleased with snake on ssb, but FAGOTjimadoesn’t support nintendo at all and if he wants to, he should give us a decent, original game for wii u.

  4. Kojima did say something about if he ever creates a WiiU game it would be a unique game. Maybe this is the first step, putting Snake on smash, then we might get that unique game!!

    1. I remember him saying something more along the lines of not creating a game for wii u cause he has no idea what to do with the gamepad. Then only a couple weeks later he himself reveals smart glass and psvita integration for the next metal gear

  5. why would nintyendo put snake in the new smash bros , when konami and kojima never put their games on nintendos platform . where castlevania ? weres the new metal gear ? where was that raiden hack n slash game ? nintendo should tell kojima the same thing they seem to be telling nintendo and thats to KICK ROCKS . btw the wii u controller would be perfect for the new metal gear .

  6. Kojima did say something about if he ever creates a WiiU game it would be a unique game. Maybe this is the first step, putting Snake on smash, then we might get that unique game!!

    1. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT IF HE WANTS TO MAKE SOME STUPID UNIQUE GAME!!!! If he wants Snake in SSB4 he should put the METAL GEAR games on Wii U…..

      1. Really, it all depends on how many people support Snake. If a lot of people do, Sakurai should add him. But the only 2 newcomers I want are Chrom and Shulk.

    1. only 3 games, right?
      and the new one will be released on other platforms, sounds fair, right?
      no, it isn’t.

      1. And? Whats the problem with that? Nintendo Fanboys are the worst. They want support for their console and at the same time they reject it. How stupid you guys are!

        1. We want GAMES, not just support. I don’t give a flying fuck if Kojima wants Snake on SSB4, I want to play The Phantom Pain in my Wii U. It will be released for PS3 and XBox 360, so it could perfectly be ported to Wii U.

        2. Do you even know how to read? There’s no support from him! How could we reject something that’s not even proposed to be done on the WiiU!

            1. That’s not support, that’s advertisement for MGSV on other consoles. Nintendo would be incredibly stupid, if they’d put Snake in Smash Bros again at this point.

            2. He wants Nintendo to support his work. He has more to gain than Nintendo. It’s almost equivalent to asking Nintendo to use his logo.

  7. BLACKBOND is a bitch 12

    only 3 mgs games on Nintendo consoles plus the game boy version I love u kojima but ur full of shit

  8. Dear Kojima san, that would only make sense if the next Metal Gear Solid game is released on Wii U or 3DS… We want it on Nintendo consoles and not just to appear in Smash Bros.

  9. Snake is my favorite character in SSBs. I recall Konami listened their fans to lower the price of Metal Gear Soild 5. Perhaps, this time is different, who knows.

  10. He hasn’t put out a lot of games on nintendo platforms, but three is better than one or zero. I also recall hearing about(and seeing hints of) a zone of the enders title for 3ds.

    It would be great to see more output from Kojima-san, but poopy diaper reactions from fans like these are shameful.

    You are all proving IceEatenJudger, Aeolus, etc, right. Don’t do that.

    1. I still love and respect the boss and big boss

      fuck kojima he’s a dipshit who’s full of himself…he not a rock star he’s aFuckin game designer with his head up his ass

  11. Fuck you, Kojima!!!
    You want to see Snake in a Nintendo franchise,but don’t want to release MGV on Wii U.
    Fuck you, you fucking asshole!

    1. MGS games are like fine art, it takes a lot of time to create. The Wii U could handle only a vastly scaled down version of MGSV. Does anyone really want a processed, shadow of a game? I love nintendo, but if i want to play the new Metal Gear Solids(any time soon), I’ll have to buy a PS4. Just be happy we get some of those games, and if anything ask why we didn’t get MGS 1 and 2 remakes on 3DS. you can’t deny snake eater portable(3DS) is dope.

      1. You just cracked me up. The ps4 has shitty graphics all games should be on pc with the minimum of using all the top of the line specs. Sony cheap out on not having a nvidia titan in the ps4.

      2. You say you don’t want a watered down MGS on WiiU, but on the other-hand a watered down Snake Eater 3D on 3DS is dope?

        Don’t get me wrong, I think a watered down port for WiiU won’t be worth Konami and Kojima’s money/time(sales and business-wise, unless Ninty pays up for it). But there are people who would still be interested on a MGS WiiU just as some people were interested on MGS for 3DS.

      1. Agreed, Kurisu. Ghirahim was a very happy character til he started to get tired of Link interfering. Then he got pissed! Such a more badass villain than Zant ever was.

  12. disrespectful is when you want a character ongame for a console where you don’t show any kind of support.

    1. Are there any konami games on wii u? It blows my mind that we havent got a bomberman or mystical ninja yet

  13. Snake was awesome in brawl if you learned how to use him, and as a mega metal gear fan i’d love to see him back but yeah, theres not enough Konami support on the console to consider them deserving of having a representitive in smash, it’s like the team meatboy thing a while back(though to be fair they have tried to get games onto the wii u and 3ds but nintendo was being strict about the binding of isaac).

    We’ve seen alot of the old brawl chars returns so back when Sakurai said to be wary of some chars not returning, he was probbly mostly referring to snake sadly :/.
    Oh yeah and for fucks sake give us a metal gear game on wii u, the consoles not as strong as Xbone and Ps4 but it’s not like the wii were it was completely underpowered to the point of games being almost completely unportable without stripping everything of them, porting it over would be easy and if they put some damn work into it it’d look great.
    Then again judging by the series direction now, i’m not sure I want more metal gear in general let alone on wii u.

    1. I’d ask for an MGS 4 port before that. A ported MGS5 would be the graphical equivalent to rubbing vaseline all over a standard definition TV screen and playing it underwater. I love nintendo but, we can’t win em all.

          1. Since the Wii U is four times more powerful than the PS360, by your logic, MGS5 on the PS360 will look like dogshit.

  14. Hell no, I hope never comes back unless they bring 3 or 4 main games to Nintendo consoles. Seriously, let’s add reasonable characters, fuck him.

  15. ok ok i want snake in as much as the next person, but what I think should happen is that nintendo makes a deal wih them to get the snake game on wiiu and the character will be added the wiiu needs games!

  16. SSB game of the year? i dont think so but good game Yes!!
    And shut up fanoboys, one more character = better game imo
    and yes kojima we want Snake, snake on Wii be awesome
    if you want mgs5 buy xbox or ps
    And no im not a fanoboy i like all consoles

    1. So basically we should want a character that has barely to none connection with Nintendo yet we should buy other consoles instead of having an easy port for the WiiU, right?


        1. Who the fuck is Snale? I believe we’re talking about a man named Snake. Learn how to spell dumbass.
          Also, I don’t want him in. I agree with Kamina.

      1. It’s a bit more respectful on Nintendo’s part to include Snake but Kojima’s part is lacking. HE should put the effort in to show how badly he wants Snake to return. We need more characters that have more meaning to the name Nintendo, those who we have grown up with, add to the characteristics of Nintendo. If there’s enough room for Snake without taking place of our remaining Nintendo characters that need that character slot then I’m all in for Snake to return.

  17. Ohh really? how about… MGS V on Wii U in return?, you know… the game… on the Wii U? and then you can have all Snake’s glory in SSB, Deal?

  18. Everyone on here complaining that Kojima is just using this as advertisement since their is no MGS game on the Wii U. News flash, you’re an idiot. MGS4 wasn’t on the Wii and Snake was still in Brawl and little complained. On top of that, Kojima begged Sakurai to add Snake in since Melee was developed on GameCube which had a MGS game on it.

  19. Everyone on here complaining to Kojima about him wanting Snake to be in the new Smash because MGS isn’t coming to it, is an idiot since MGS4 didn’t come out on Wii yet Snake was still in Brawl, also, he begged for Snake to be in Smash since Melee on GC which had a MGS game.

  20. I doubt sakurai would use the smash bros budget just to bring in a character that isnt going to have a wii u game. The games coming out this year and i bet nintendo would prefer one of there own characters that dont get to shine to get into the spotlight and have there own wii u or 3ds title come out and have a chance to see some good numbers.

      1. So? Was there a main franchise game? No.
        Did Kojima give support? Yes, but it was more lacking at best. Just one game for 3DS, a remake.
        Is he giving the Wii U support to justify Snake’s inclusion in SSB4? No.

  21. “Age hasn’t slowed you down one bit.” Snake is always welcome, in my modest opinion. And so are other games, Mr. Kojima, so are other games.

  22. Snake doesn’t deserve to be in the game, plain and simple. There are characters far more relevant to Nintendo than Snake who never make it into Smash Bros.

  23. I definitely want Snake in the game. His moveset was really good and he was one of the few characters who could consistently destroy Meta Knight in a fight. Sure, Kojima may not support the Wii U, but many Nintendo fans don’t either. We should still get him in the game and show the world that Microsoft has still got this!

  24. No way!!! Then just release Metal Gear on Wii U AND AT THE SAME FREAKIN’ DATE THAN THE OTHER VERSIONS

  25. If he wants snake in smash bros then he should call sakurai or nintendo. E3 is kojima’s only chance to announce games for the nintendo systems, i think this is the only way for snake to be revelant to smash bros again. We had Metal Gear Solid 3 for 3DS just po the other Metal Gear Solid games it shoudnt be that hard and sakurai could make a 3DS stage based on those games, as for a WiiU stage just keep the one from brawl, but i hope kojima decides to make a game for WiiU someday.

  26. Snake’s basically confirmed to not be in the game then, I’m sure by this point Sakurai has decided on the final roster for a while. Snake was cool, but he did feel out of place in Brawl, and this only means a more relevent character to Nintendo will be in the game. I see this as a good thing.

  27. Look at all these annoying nerds in this comment section………. you wouldn’t even fucking buy MGS5 if it came to shit u………. you only buy the same old shit that is now boring and lame, have fun.

    1. I don’t think it does at all. This guy just wants Snake in SSB4 so the character gains more popularity and then they still won’t bring Metal Gear games to Wii U, because the guy is a free loader.

  28. you know off topic what if nintendo did something new with their VC and put online multiplayer in it id love play super mario world, super Mario Kart, and all others that have multiplayer to me it be so much fun and id think it would push sales i mean who wouldn’t want that oh and voice chat :)

    1. Your wrong and stupid

      I’m sold. If they did that I would buy most if not all vc games for the multiplayer! That’s a good idea and we should ask for that

  29. Your wrong and stupid

    Kohima can suck a fat dick. Snake felt out of place ,Lin brawl but that’s besides the point. Smash is a celebration of NINTENDO CHARACTERS! If we allow faggots that appear once a decade on Nintendo systems why not bomberman, or goku, or your mom? See it doesn’t make any sense

      1. lol, good. I want Meta Knight to know the pain of inherent inferiority because he’s woefully inadequate against a certain character. That would be creating an entirely new monster who’s that much further from fair, but if I get my revenge, I’m content! :P

        1. Sparkster would be more then a match for metaknigt…..but hell will freeze over twice and sadly he only had one game for the snes (sparkster) and konami don’t give a toss about sparkster and his fans :(..even if he’s made for this series (dammit konami make a cross-over fighting game already).

    1. I agree, Snake is as stupid as Goku is at this point.

      But Bomberman I could see over Snake. That’s how sucky Snake is right now, I’d RATHER HAVE BOMBERMAN.

  30. Uh… misleading news, Sickr. You should name it something like “Snake unlikely to return to Smash, Kojima still wants him”

  31. I want Big Boss from Snake Eater because Snake Eater was on the 3DS and I believe on the Gamecube…. also…. maybe if MGS V would to come our way… maybe we’ll persuade the devs behind SSB to add him ;)

  32. Better idea, announce MGSV for Wii U then, we’ll think about it. That’s how this should go. It just doesn’t work when you show no support.

  33. I don’t know why people are complaining snake was a good character in brawl. Metal gear has had 5 games on Nintendo platforms even some of Nintendo’s own have had less, Pit from Kid Icarus only had 2 games then (3 now) and Ice climbers still only have have 1, even Star fox only have 5 games. Even recently there was a Metal gear game on 3DS.


        Exactly. Not a single fucking exclusive. Fuck MGS5. If Kojima was serious about showing some support to Nintendo fans, MGS6, 7, and 8+ would be exclusive. Then Metal Gear fans would have to buy a Nintendo console. There are so many other characters worth considering. How about a character from Monolith Soft? Or Platinum Games? No need to waste a third-party spot in the roster.

        1. Yes, there’s tons of characters more deserving than him, for example: Isaac from Golden Sun, Shulk from Xenoblade, Palutena from Kid Icarus and a more respectable choice as a 3rd party is Simon Belmont from Castlevania games, the ones DO HAVE history with Nintendo with exclusives etc.

    1. Because the Metal Gear games have jumped ship. It doesn’t matter how great your history was if you turn traitor in the end. By simply excluding Metal Gear on Wii U Snake has become irrelevant now and doesn’t deserve a spot.

  34. Fuck you KOJIMA you dont even support wii u you brought us a shitty metal gear port to 3ds fuck metal gear to hell



    1. Exactly, Snake doesn’t deserve free advertising from SSB4. If This Kojima guy wants Snake in SSB4 he should port the recent Metal Gear games to WIi U ASAP!

  35. Who the Fuck does he think he is? Snake isn’t even that great of a character plus he is making no appearence on Wii u. So why should he be in Smash?

  36. Well this guy should have thought about that BEFORE he excluded the Wii U from the new Metal Gear games. Seriously, I really wanted to play Rising Revengeance and it was on the stupid 360 and PS3 only. Same with MGS5 who was voice acted by one of my favorite television show actors KIefer Sutherland!

    So for not supporting the WIi U, Snake doesn’t deserve to be in SSB4. Gooday, people…..

    Snake sucks anyway. I’d rather see him gone.

  37. Maybe this is a way to foreshadow that Metal Gear will appear in some form on the Wii U. First step is to put Snake in a high-profile Nintendo game, then do the actual release of said Metal Gear game.

  38. I don’t really care to see Snake in SSB again, but wow…. The seething amount of hypocrisy, contradictions, and ignorance in the comments on this site is depressing.

    1. Then why you still here? It proves your as much of hypocritical, contradicting, and ignorant fuck as much as we are. Don’t give me a fucking excuse, your ego won’t help protect your credibility, accept it or gtfo.

      1. For these kind of fanboys is why Nintendo and the Wii U cant progress. This is why the Nintendo fanboys are the worst.

  39. Trolljima can kiss Nintendo’s ass, the Wii U’s ass, Sakurai’s ass, and every Nintendo fan’s ass!

    Snake ain’t coming back and never will be back, especially since David Hayter ain’t voicing Snake anymore.

    Unless I see a Zone of Enders 3, I want nothing to do with you Trolljima and I don’t want to see you around Nintendo anything go back to your Sony Ponies..

  40. No, Snake shouldn’t have been in Smash Bros in the first place. He is out of place both as non fitting for Smash style, and also as a non Nintendo character with almost non existent appearances in Nintendo consoles. In other words, fuck Kojima and Snake, if anything put him in that shitty Smash clone PSASBR lol.


  42. i would like to see snake make a return and also would like a MGS for wii u. if i was a 3rd party dev and sakurai puts a character people love in smash bros i would make a game for both nintendo consoles and not half ass them. i would like to see lightning or any FF character in smash, preferably female as we need more of them to balance the roster for smash, and see SE port a FF game to wii u but i can only dream. in short im excited for smash

    1. Oh lol, I thought he was talking about me. Check out project m. They gave snake a better move set complete with a knife and pistol and made him closer to what I want If they put him in ssb4.

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  44. Fuck all you Snake haters. He fits fine in Smash Bros. series. Snake has been widely considered one of the best playable characters in Brawl, especially in tournaments. I don’t care if the new Metal Gear games doesn’t show up in the Wii U. I just want to make his return to be a playable character again.

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  46. lmao at these comments. If you people were actually Metal Gear fans, you would know that MGS5 wouldn’t be on Wii U the second that the game was announced.

  47. How did snake get in brawl:
    -Kojima and Sakurai are friends
    -Snake got in brawl only having a MGS Port in the GC
    -kojima wanted him in the game

    Why could snake get in the new game
    -Kojima and sakurai are Friends
    -MGS 3 got a port in the 3DS
    -Kojima wants him in the game

    Why not?
    Megaman Gets in the game with a canceled Megaman Legends
    “He had Games in Nintendo plataforms before”
    SO DID Snake!


  48. Snake SUCKS! He’s the one character that just doesn’t fit in. He should hide in his box forever.

  49. Snake doesn’t fit in the game

    “He’s too realistic”
    Samus , Ike , marth…

    “He’s not a nintendo character”

    Bayonetta , Megaman , Sonic

    “He doesn’t have a game in Nintendo Platforms”

    Megaman , bayonetta

    “At least Megaman had games in Nintendo Platforms”
    MGS twin snakes
    Mgs 3D

    “At least Bayonetta is trying”
    Cuz Nintendo is Paying

        1. “then you’re stupid”
          Whoa! Did I hit a nerve? Insulting won’t help your cause.
          I just simply stated what I thought, did I make fun of you? No, I was more merely wanting an explanation of a bigger picture that I couldn’t understand. But it seems like your the one who can’t understand.
          Nice job dipshit, you lost your credibility.

        2. Or maybe he wanted more justification to your explanation. Yeah real nice job at enlightening us. You almost did, but you just lost our attention asshat.

          1. i think it doesn’t need more justification
            the cards are in the table if anyone has a problem
            with them , then that person should tell me where’s the problem
            so we could discuss the problem

            1. He didn’t have an argument dumbass, he couldn’t tell if there was a problem or not, that’s why he wanted you to explain more.

              “Oh no! im nor credible enough for an asshole!”
              And you decided not to and be an asshole.

              1. “He didn’t have an argument”
                Then i don’t care about what he says

                And you don’t have one either then i dont care

    1. ““He doesn’t have a game in Nintendo Platforms”

      Megaman , bayonetta”

      Are you dumb? Megaman has TONS of exclusives in Nintendo platforms, oh, and PEOPLE requested him, not a stupid developer that won’t even port a game to a Nintendo console.

      “At least Megaman had games in Nintendo Platforms”
      MGS twin snakes
      Mgs 3D”

      One or two games means shit about having history with each other, dumbass! In that case we should add Crash Bandicoot too I guess, yeah, why not?

      1. Great! at least someone to discuss!

        “Are you dumb? Megaman has TONS of exclusives in Nintendo platforms, oh, and PEOPLE requested him, not a stupid developer that won’t even port a game to a Nintendo console.”

        Are you dumb? i wasn’t saying that MGS has the same exclusives as megaman had in Nintendo platforms , all i was saying was they both have game in Nintendo platforms “dumbass” that’s why I included bayonetta in the mix , if people wants bayonetta in the game then Snake should be allowed in the game too.

        “One or two games means shit about having history with each other, dumbass! In that case we should add Crash Bandicoot too I guess, yeah, why not?”

        wtf? i hate when stupid people try to argue with me , because they always bring up something that wasn’t even in the table , that “History”
        shit has nothing to do with the fact they both have Games in Nintendo Platforms

        “At least Megaman had games in Nintendo Platforms”
        Read it again.

        now if u excuse me asshole
        i’m going to ignore you , you had your chance to be intelligent you wasted it

        1. Lmao this is the most fucked up reply ever, go home.

          Apparently having a game or 2 on a Nintendo console makes you a reasonable addition to appear in smash bros.

          “GUYS!!! That’s it, let’s add the main protAGonist Of PPErsona 3 cuz he appeARS in The 3dS exclusive PERsonA Q!!!”

          That’s how the retarded people like you think ^

          1. Also I love how you totally skipped the part:
            “PEOPLE requested him, not a stupid developer that won’t even port a game to a Nintendo console.”
            LMAO guess the little sony fanboy has no response to that ;)

  50. Yo Zorbo the Hobo who got banged 1234567 times by a group of blind apes

    I just wanted to pick on you,you lil baby gay as usual

    No hard feelings

    How’s you mom doing by the way,she told me she loves it when I hit her from the back like snoop dogs first album

    And your dad? How is he? Did I tell you he gives good brain? He gives the best head buddy u should ask him to give u a round or two.

    1. LMFAO!
      How’s your skull feeling? Empty? Disappointed that your birth certificate was an apology letter for Trojan Co.?
      Or are you so butthurt that I can’t shove my own head so far up my ass that I can’t see anything from your point of view and chew my food twice?

  51. Snake sucks as a ssb character. Bring mg back to its roots on a nintendo console or stfu with that 1hr game demo bullshit.

  52. I would love to play Metal Gear Solid V on Wii U but that is a pipe dream. Snake was in SSB Brawl and Kojima didn’t bring any Metal Gear games to Wii. I was hoping for remake MGS2 or MGS3 because GameCube got Twin Snakes and Wii had Snake in SSBB, but that was a foolish, they were just teasing. Kojima likes to play games.

  53. I think it’s a fair trade to add big boss/ Solid Snake to SSB4 as long as Kojima brings the Phantom Pain or some kind of metal gear solid game to the Wii U. It’s only fair. Heck I only became a metal gear fan because he was in Brawl. I want compensation for my representation

  54. i thought snake is already in.
    i saw a trailer with snake and the box.
    it was so funy and great.
    why the good stuff is allways a fake from nintendo.
    the ngc zelda demo, the wii u (power) demo from zelda etc.

  55. I’m all for Snake… if we get confirmation for a MGS game on Wii U. Tit for tat, Kojima & Konami. If not, you can take Snake & shove it. (If he does get in again, Sakurai is an idiot for letting his friendship with Kojima get in the way of business.) But if Sakurai decides to do updates, or non-expensive DLC, Snake is more than welcome to be a 3DS exclusive character since it has Snake Eater 3D.

    1. also

      jesus christ, nintendo fans are starting to outpace xbox fans in terms of awfulness.

      and this is coming from a long time supporter of nintendo

      1. and apparently these new kids think that kojima PRODUCTIONS should get all the blame. Not KONAMI.

        you god damn veteran nintendo fans get off your asses and get this community in line right now.

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  57. I think he’s trolling, I mean if he wasn’t in he could’ve just said no, instead he just said he doesn’t know, obviously he knows something and just doesn’t want to give it away

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