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Yoshi’s New Island Launches On The Nintendo 3DS eShop

Yoshi’s New Island is now available for purchase via the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. Priced at $39.99, the platformer revolves around Yoshi and Baby Mario as they explore six worlds together. Yoshi is able to transform into several different objects, including a helicopter, mine cart and jackhammer. The game is eligible for the recently revealed 3DS hardware promotion, which gives new 3DS owners a chance to receive a free download code for Pokemon X or Y.

28 thoughts on “Yoshi’s New Island Launches On The Nintendo 3DS eShop”

  1. Got the Pre-Order and Bonus
    Yoshi Island is Yoshi Island
    A game with Traditional Gameplay, even though it may not be as challenging or long as we’d all like, it’s still a fun installment on the 3ds to play, I’m Boss, just listen and get back to work

    1. It is not a bad game but its targeted toward kids TOO much and im not saying that because of the art style or anything like that i love nintendo games because of their art styles… Im saying that because is TOO easy and TOO repetitive its nothing of what a yoshi island is. My favoyrite games are yoshi islands 1 &2 but this… I dont like it. Buy it if you like easy games or you have a little boy or girl who likes games.

  2. Lest there’s better games then this money-sucking joke. But, sadly, this game is already made. They should have spend money and time on development of Yam Yoshi.

    Please people, don’t buy this game or else Nintendo will keep repeating their errors.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      And I’d like to add if they make yet another NSMB game please do not buy it!

      It’s the only games I can seriously say are almost 100% rehashed and a robbery of people’s money…

        1. If you think anyone who is a fan of 2D mario is ‘retarded’, you’re a dumb-ass. They are good games, with good level design and simple game mechanics, which works time after time. Just because it’s not your style of games, doesn’t mean it’s not good and that any fan of it is ‘retarded’. What a stupid thing to say.

          1. The problem is they become so boring after you play 3D World. Who wants to play as Mario with the other players being stuck with other ugly characters who move just like how he does? No new character to look forward to later on? Experiment with their skills? They chose the cheap way out when they turned down Peach and Wario for their “unique” animations. If you don’t want the game to be unfair by being stuck with one character while they get someone with ease like Peach with her levitation. Then just give us the option to pick the same character and give them palette swaps that will help stand out when we pick the same character. I wanted to play NSMBU just for the boss fights. Being stuck as Mario, Luigi, and TWO Toads… with Yoshi being limited to that level instead of with you the whole time like the game it’s based off of? If they want to throw Peach in the Damsel in Distress role, give Daisy a chance to shine for once in an adventure and not just spinoff. Don’t care who likes her or not, a female character adds more twist than playing the Mario Bros. and Toad Bros. Sounds as cheap as the character roster on Mario Kart Wii, all the characters pretty much have one or two connections with other characters. The only one who doesn’t is King Boo? Sad… two shrooms, two little turtles, Mario Bros., the three Princesses, their baby counterparts except Rosalina, Wicked Bros., the three Bowser’s, and the three Kongs. They like choosing the cheap way out like how they dumped Rosalina for Mario Tennis Open for a yellow blob that has maybe three colors total to his palette? Not counting shades of those colors though.

  3. I love Yoshi’s Island but hate the DS sequel. I’ve enjoyed every NSMB yet. Will I like Yoshi’s New Island?

  4. Well I did get it afterwards all. Not too sure about it though. 10 levels in, it does play better than YIDS, but probably not good enough I’d say. Only thing that surprised me and put a big smile on my face so far was the music in the first cave, 1-3. Otherwise it’s been utterly predictable and not too fun.

  5. I think looks pretty dam good aso I like the power up you can run up walls and shit aso the power up music sounds like old school mario games I bet the game will look good in 3d like throwing thoes big mega eggs with the 3d on it will look awesome

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