Here’s How Dr. Eggman Looks In Sonic Boom

Sega fan site SegaBits have posted Dr. Eggman’s new look in the forthcoming Sonic Boom for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The publication also published a tweet that shows how Sonic’s nemesis has transformed over the years. You can view that, here.


          1. How does he look like an idiot? He looks out of place but not like an idiot. Do you even know what the word idiot means?

      1. I like the new designs (except maybe the overuse of sports tape).
        Perhaps because i can’t seem find my nostalgia glasses.

  1. Even Luigi has a better ‘stache than that. Eggman need to pick up on some grooming tips. Shits out of control. Imagine the drag and sind resistance. I dont even wanna think about what his neither regions look like!

        1. Comic series aren’t canon to the games.

          (Neither is this and its tie-in game, but that’s different – it doesn’t take place in Archie Sonic’s world.)

          Besides, there’s more than one comic series.

      1. If I recall correctly, I think he does in the comics. I haven’t read the comics much, but I don’t think his suggestion isn’t too out of the ordinary. If that leak of a bunch of new characters is real, they look like their designs are inspired by the art style of the comics.

      1. He had a daughter who came from the future or something. She wasn’t born in the present timeline, but was supposed to be born later.

        Doesn’t matter now though since Archie has rebooted the comics and retconned all the other Enchidnas (including Knuckes’ future wife and daughter) out of the series.

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    1. Knuckles’ daughter and pretty much every Enchidna from the comics are now retconned. The person who created them (Ken Penders) raised a storm to get them all under his ownership and due to Archie losing the paperwork where he signed that all characters he creates belongs to Archie and Sega, he more or less succeeded (that person is now trying to start a comic with them). Archie has already rebooted the comics and retconned the Enchidnas out. And Sega already didn’t care about the comics besides giving them money.

      So no. Knuckle’s daughter is basically dead.

  2. In before:

    “OMG WTF what did they do to #Eggman ?!?!? They totally ruined him from the first Sonic game #Sonic Generations on Xbox 360. I’m gonna cancel my preorder of #Sonic Boom even though I never preordered it in the first place……because it’s Wii U…..and Wii U is kiddy cuz no Call of Duty!”

    1. In before some guy misreads the general consensus on Dr. Eggman’s new look as something negative.

  3. Looks like a piece of shit. Oh wait, I’m insulting the piece of shit.

  4. I’m a little conflicted about this design….. He’s too skinny, I mean the whole point of his name is that he’s huge.

      1. Well, Eggman is technically his NICKNAME, not his REAL NAME.

        Real name is Ivo Robotnik…which fits more with the Russian soldier theme some commenters are purporting.

  5. slow news -_-.

    anyway……it looks alright.sonic boom better sell TRIPLE of what lost world sold.

    1. Well by then the Wii u sales will have doubled or maybe even tripled with mario kart 8, smash and so many others releasing so I think that is a guarantee, I don’t think lost world has reached a 100,000 yet

  6. He looks great! Just like all the other re-designs. Can’t wait to buy Sonic Boom day one.

  7. I really want to believe that sonic boom will be good. But I dont know: its a no-name studio, the focus seems to be on story and graphics, and, well, its sonic…

    1. While it may focus on story and graphics, I wouldn’t call it a no-name studio. Sure, Big Red Button hasn’t been around for long, but it’s composed of ex-Naughty Dog developers, and everyone knows what they’ve done. So I wouldn’t exactly call it no-name.

      1. Well thats a lie, the game is very focused on gameplay, expaning on what the series already has and adding more combat and multiple playable characters

    1. u do realise this game has 4 promotions?????
      anyway sonic has been getting 1 game a year since 2011 I think.

      I don’t see this as a reboot at ll.

    2. What’s wrong with Amazing Spider-man!?!?!?!?! Andrew Garfield is a MUCH better actor than Toby (ugly) McGuire…. at least Andrew Garfield is kinda attractive…

      It’s also a plus when your movies don’t suck.

      P.S. Amazing-Spider Man 2 looks incredible. Jamie Foxx as Electro :D :D :D

        1. So you are a homophobe and a racist now?…

          I wonder what’s next…

          Woman hater is pretty obvious…

      1. They said they would be a “Dark Knight” type of movies, I don’t see any difference between the ones and the old ones, both are equally not “dark” enough…

        And the first movie had science that was too unreachable than the first movie from the last trilogy…

      2. Andrew Garfields character does not give me any impression at all that he is being bullied for real and he is too cocky…

        And he isn’t my type either…

  8. I really like his new design. Sure, his name doesn’t fit his appearance anymore, but it’s still a great look. Honestly, I’ve liked the redesigns for all characters so far except for Knuckles’. His design is the only genuinely bad one.

      1. She does seem to have a more “Sonic” type personality doesn’t she? In the Adventure games she was naive and a bit ditzy. We’ll have to play the game or watch the show to find out for sure if they’ve changed her personality.

    1. His real name was Robotnik anyways. Eggman was not a real name at all and some die hard Sonic fans go BALLISTIC when they hear people call Robotnik, “Eggman.”

      1. I’m an old-school Sonic fan. Been playing since around 1995 and grew up with the Genesis games and even had a few episodes of the cartoon series on VHS, so I know and love “Eggman” as Dr. Robotnik too. :P

  9. Some of you guys should stop complaining. This is a much-needed Wii U exclusive that’s being developed by some of the people who worked on awesome games like Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted. It will be a good game at the very least, if not great. The 3DS version is being developed by the people behind the Sly Cooper series. C’mon guys, I know it’s hard to be positive after Lost Worlds, but this game could be the best Sonic since Generations.

    1. If the designs didn’t look ridiculously stupid I would agree…

      I hope the gameplay and game itself is so good that it doesn’t make me remember the awful designs een by looking directly at them…

      Only Tails looks good…

      1. You don’t like the designs, but are willing to overcome your dislike of them if the gameplay is solid. Cool. Fair enough, man. I just don’t think a game should be condemned based on a few character’s aesthetics. It’s the gameplay that ultimately matters most.

      2. I think the designs are great, but most importantly, if this was a new franchise and Sonic did not exist then you wouldn’t be complaining about the designs so from that perspective the game can still be amazing whether or not you like the art direction.

  10. I can’t wait to play this game! I really don’t care about the character designs, all I care about is the game play.

    1. It was only Robotnik for the Genesis era. It was Eggman elsewhere though and was easier to pronounce for those who spoke different languages so the name was adopted over Robotnik. Personally I do like Robotnik better too.

  11. I actually don’t have any complaints about his new design. The body looks more realistic while still being a bit cartoony. I like his outfit too, similar to past ones in color, but new overall. The face and head stay true to the original so he’s still recognizable.

  12. well, i think the design is great because it is bulky, thug-like and intimidating, like satam robotnik, but has sega eggmans fashion sense and style. and he looks like a pilot, which is what he spends most of his time doing: piloting and ordering minions around, and fits the ‘warlord’ title nicely too!!!! and he is sexy here!!

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