LEGO Franchise Sold 1.6 Million Units In 2013 Across Multiple Platforms

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Traveller’s Tales LEGO franchise sold 1.6 million units last year, and with LEGO: The Hobbit due for release next month it’s not looking to slow down its incredible growth rate. According to WB’s UK sales and marketing director Spencer Crossley says this year is already looking “bigger and better” for the company, with LEGO currently placed as the second biggest game franchise of 2014 from over 420k sales across multiple platforms.

Though Crossley does not divulge any details in regards to sales on Nintendo platforms, he does say that the games have appealed to “an incredibly wide demographic”, which results in an almost “cult-like following”. Here’s what Crossley had to say on the matter:

“Since the start of 2013, WBIE has sold 1.6m LEGO games. LEGO is currently the second biggest game franchise in 2014 year-to-date, in terms of units sold, with 420,200 units. Another strong week could see the LEGO game franchise take the number one franchise spot.

“The evergreen appeal of LEGO games combined with franchises such as Batman, DC, Marvel, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings continues to appeal to an incredibly wide demographic, regardless of age, gender or casual/core. The formula of colourful characters and graphics, humour, and drop in/drop out gameplay is improved for every new release, resulting in an almost cult-like following for the franchise.

“They also completely buck the sales trend with a huge shelf life, right into deep catalogue. LEGO games are no longer seen as kids products and we ensure they’re available on all platforms, both physically and digitally.”


  1. Uhh hello! i love lego games!!! LEGO MY LEGO GAME!!! heehee due u get it? like lego my ego hehe ^_^

  2. 1.6 million doesn’t really sound that good considering all the games that came out and all the platforms they were on.

  3. I love Lego City, Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Lego Batman 2. I am going to get Lego Movie on Wii U too, I think Nintendo should team up with Lego to make Lego Super Smash Bros. On Wii U and 3DS.

    1. Nintendo better make a Non Specific Action Figure character for the next Smash Brothers… a Lego onw wouldn’t be bad..but NSAF has a LOT to offer and It has a lot pf Potencial… I don’t know what Nintendo is thinking

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