Kotaku Says Two Assassin’s Creed Games Coming This Fall, One Is Apparently Set In Paris, No Wii U Version?

The internet sleuths over at Kotaku have managed to get leaked screenshots from the next entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise which is set to take place in Paris. The publication says this is one of two Assassin’s Creed games coming this Christmas. The first game, which uses the Unity engine and set in Paris, is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the second game is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Kotaku says their sources haven’t mentioned a Wii U version of either title.


    1. Well, I am surprised that there is no PC version listed, and I doubt that there will be no pc version

    1. NOOOO!!!!….there will be no wii u version!!!!
      That’s the price Nintendo pays for being childish!!!! WHat iwata does other than cater newborns and infants???????….
      The NIntendo userbase comprises only children and stupid gamers that dont care about good games!!!!! HAHAHAHA, NIntendo closed swapnote because their usaerbase was so immature and could not exchange messages properly!!!!!!!! waht reggie pizza hut and iwata are doing is just to ruin NINTENDo!!!!

    1. Yeah, it’s not a bad series but it’s just clearly not for the Wii U demographic. Fans of the series will already have other consoles to play it on anyway.

      1. yeah, I have no interest in it. People kept talking about a futuristic version and I would be all over that, but Ubisoft says they won’t ever do it so…. Guess I’ll never play Assasin’s Creed.

      2. GAY”U” strikes again. And all these wrong demographic comments are just plain BS and damage control. A console should have a variety of genres/games nobody who makes it. REGGIE YOU FUCKED US OVER AGAIN you molester of souls and anus. With your My Body is Ready molester mindset. WELL GUESS WHAT! My body is not ready! Youve fucked me over for the last time you with you dirty jew carpet hair!!

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          1. Tomorrow’s Headlines read: “Iwata Blow’s Brain’s Out”….. In a bizarre and shocking turn of events, Nintendo front man Satoru Iwata committed suicide late afternoon Wednesday if front of a Kyoto school playground. When asked if Iwata had any words during his final moments a Kyoto school man replied: “The scary man wagged his penis at me while saying Please Understand”….

            1. Too bad it will be invaded and overrun by my forces and rewrite the article to:

              Mass Extermination of Xbots and Anonymous Forces at the hands of the Sonyan Dominion…

        2. Not, it doesn’t HAVE to have a thing for everybody. I can’t recommend too many Xbox 360 games for kids and you can’t recomend Nintendo to those unwilling to step out of the realm of realism and whatnot.

          Not every console is for everybody. This is how it works for a healthy industry. It’s why preferences in consoles exist to begin with. Yeah, Sony hits a fine middle ground but it never really doesn’t anything TOO fantastic with the kids or realistic games and it just goes for a ‘core gamer’ demographic in the middle ground.

          Not every console can be for everybody. A console only does well when it realises what it’s main demographic is. If the Wii U doesn’t have that many games that YOU in particular are interested in, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad console. It’s just not for you and that’s that.

          It’s not ‘damage control’, it’s basic understanding of how marketing in the industry works. I like my Wii and Wii U. I like my PS3 and PS Vita. I don’t like the 360 though. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad console though. It just means that what it has doesn’t appeal to me specifically. That’s it.

          1. Yes. If one of the consoles appeased everyone (as in getting every game from every 3rd party,) one of the other rivals is going to eventually lose & have a userbase so small that that company might not bother with their game division anymore. Right now, Nintendo (who are the only ones doing mostly nothing but video games) is the only one safe from this problem since they got a strong line up of 1st party games & a few 3rd party exclusives. Either Microsoft or Sony will be eaten up by the other if one or the other got 90% of the 3rd party games. This is how it works in the competitive business world. The one with the most money & the most users wins out in the end. Unfortunately, even a company with a large userbase can be destroyed if they can’t afford to keep up with the demand. Bankruptcy is not something to scoff at. So it’s actually in each company’s best interest to NOT appease everyone. You have to keep a balance. Too little OR too much will be the end of you.

      3. Right!!!! NIntenbabies only care about baby yoshi and baby mario!!!!! Sooner or later they willl issue a petition to nintendo make a game where reggie delivers pizza hut on the back of baby yoshi while changes iwatas diapers!!!!!! thats the kinf of game nintendrones acre about!!!!!
        Yamauchi if alive would be pissed off about the way Nintendo took since please understand iwata earned the CEO position!!!!!….

    2. well AC3 has apparently sold roughly 250k on the wii u, AC4 roughly 150k

      that’s not a lot but it’s certainly enough to finance a simple port and then some

      ubisoft didn’t lose money porting these games they just don’t think it’s worth their resources

      1. Yeah, I actually did some research instead of just generalizing and it looks like Ubisoft made millions off of Assasin’s Creed 3 for Wii U…

        If they aren’t losing money, why would they pull support?

        1. because they have of course limited resources and are probably rather focusing them on something that generates even more cash

          basically it’s down to “what’s the bigger cash cow?”

          1. why launcha game oon a platform that does not give any profit???….hahaha, serious gamers do not own a wii u!!!!!! as i ve been saying, wii u is in the life support!!!!!! Nintendo should ditch that piece of garbage and release a better machine ASAP!!!!!!

            1. serious gamers enjoy all types of games regardless of platform or genre

              you’re not a serious gamer you’re a pathetic excuse for one

              1. blahalhlablahlahlahlabla, your pathetic speech is the same speech of all nintebabies and nintendornes which do damage control all the time….!!!!! HAhahahahahaHAHAhaHAha! why is it so hard to babies like you see the light???? Nintendo has gone, all is lost….. Serious gamers no longer game on NINTENDO SYSTEMS!!!!!!!….

                1. like i said
                  i consider myself a serious gamer because i enjoy all platforms

                  go back to your CoD if you don’t have any decent taste in video games

                  1. why do nintendrones use cod to bash people. lol kids dont even like wiiu. you idiots think hating on cod is the cool thing. lol

                    1. oh i’m not hating on CoD
                      i even played it myself in the past

                      i just think that CoD type games is probably all he enjoys with his pathetically limited horizon

        2. Spend a million make two million, spend a million make seven million. Wiiu numbers are trending downwards and nothings being done by nintendo to correct that: theyre focusing on whatever health and fitness crap theyre gonna lose their *** on. If you were ubisoft, would you continue to release games for a console knowing that its manufacturer is looking to invest its resources in something completely unrelated to pushing hardware in a way that might sell your software?

  1. No Wii U version? Good. Waste of money. Wrong demographic for Assasin’s Creed any any who do own a console that can run it better most likely so yeah.

    1. damage control 101. soo you saying wii u is for kids and is too kiddy. lol now wiiu fanboys are telling third party dev not to develop.

      1. Making myself butthurt 101. I am sooooo butthurt right now, after 20 rounds with my dildobox One I made myself even more butthurt about Nintendo when I never had anything to be butthurt about them in the first place not that any of my opinions mattered to people on this site because everyone knows the smartest thing that came out of my mouth was my mom’s dick, and it was so salty and delicious. The flavor was so orgasmic.

    2. I hate when people stereotype Wii U owners. Just because I like Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy Assassin’s Creed. I guess that means I need to own two home consoles now? Screw it, I’ll just upgrade my PC, and never buy a Nintendo console again. Least they could do is PORT a game. It’s not like they are going to develop for the Wii U…

      1. stereotype wii u owners??????? hahahaha, thats more than natural!!!! the userbase is formed by newborns and children!!!!!!!!…. the wii u is a lost cause!!!!! listen the siren of the ambulance doing wiiiiuuuu, wiiiuuu wiiiuuuu!!!!!! HAhahahahaHAHAhahaHAhaha,,….!!!!!

    1. My sentiments exactly. As a Nintendo fan, I want focused gameplay w/ environmental puzzles. AC feels too lose & neutered compared to PoP. The trilogy on GCN was great (even though WW felt contrived, it still had some really hardcore moments). But, I was disappointed w/ The Forgotten Sands on Wii (too easy & the upgrade sections were watered down [still, it was better than AC II]).

      But, Ubisoft, like most 3rd parties, are spread too thin (PC, 2 sets of twins, & Wii U). Even multiplatting isn’t much of a shortcut if they can’t develop more than 2 or 3 franchises @ a time, & tired ones @ that.

      Anyway, it took several years before PS3 established itself. No reason why Wii U can’t eventually do the same; that is, unless consoles are truly dead (only 1 remains) & 3rd parties continue to sacrifice gameplay for graphics. Yet I fear Wii U’s comparatively unique architecture & ways to play (gamepade & Wiimotes) are too time consuming for 3rd parties to utilize in the current climate. & they’re aprehensive to only use the more traditional control scheme since Wii U is mostly about innovation &/or being intuitive.

      Hopefully, Ubisoft will develop a new PoP for Wii U. Yeah, & a Red Steel 3. & I really hope, in vain, for a Buck Bumble remake & a sequel to ZombiU.

      I got ZombiU & Rayman Legends. I want Watch_Dogs & Child of Light. After that, nothing that Ubisoft has announced appeals to me. & if Cloudberry Kingdom is the most hardcore game Ubisoft can release, then something’s wrong.

  2. I’d be massively disappointed if we didn’t get a version of the latest game in the series. At this point, I’m not even too bothered if it’s a sloppy port – I’ve followed the series from the first game, and for Ubisoft to suggest that it will be continued on the Wii U by releasing two games, only to throw in the towel before the Wii U’s most anticipated games release this year (likely boosting sales) would be extremely short-sighted.

      1. 360, and/or PS3 from then on. However, knowing it was to be continued over on Wii U I gladly jumped ship knowing the only real PS360 title I cared about would still be available. That’s not looking increasingly unlikely, at a time when Wii U has the best chance of recovery so far. If Ubisoft were to give up on the Wii U, now is a poor choice of time.

  3. if it actually uses unity, an engine that was also optimized for the wii u, and doesn’t come to wii u then this would be a very clear statement

    1. Then that would be very stupid. They better bring it. They’ve been supporting it until now. Makes you wonder if people don’t want the better experience.

    2. not using unity. It would be weird if it was, as that engine is not nearly powerful enough for an AC game. They’ll just reuse and improve the engine from previous games, otherwise a yearly release would never be possible. Sickr just has to learn how to read: The Game is CODENAMED Unity. Which has nothing to do with Unity Engine.

      1. why would that engine not be powerful enough for an AC game? unity supports all modern DX effects it’s just a question of the asset quality you implement
        unity is already used for a couple MMOs in development so it can certainly handle large open environments

        but yeah you’re right nowhere in the article do they mention the unity *engine*

  4. I bet some guys are happy cause , hey one more “stupid” game not coming to the wiiu, right ? … along with the hundred’s of other games cancelled.

    This is not fair. We paid 350$ , but all we get is 1 game every 2-3 months (granted nintendo exclusives rock but still.)
    If this is the case so early in a consoles life, how can we expect any 3rd party support in the future.

    All you guys follow the stupid commanders comments on the website and avoid buying watchdogs, in protest for delaying it. That’ll surely help right ?.

    Stupid fanboys… -_- I give up

    1. “All you guys follow the stupid commanders comments on the website and avoid buying watchdogs, in protest for delaying it. That’ll surely help right ?.”

      it’s not like buying it now will make any difference

      thanks to the delay sales *will* be abysmal no matter what, since anyone who’s at all interested will buy it for a different platform.. and who can blame them?

      i won’t buy it on any platform… ubisoft has seen the last of my money, i’m so fed up with their bully business strategies and broken promises

    2. Yes because it’s all our empire’s fault is it?…

      It’s only part of our fault, but the other is not…

      1. You know , if people actually went and bought their games or atleast the wiiu , the devs would have no reason to not bring it then. Why do you think we get just dance on both the wii and wiiu … .? Sales !!
        The wiiu has some quality first party titles …. I just don’t get why people dont buy it

        1. The Wii was the Wii U’s opposite, having so much support from our side and sold more than a weapons manufacturer and yet most of these forces decided to neglect it because of Graphic gimmicks…

          1. Thats the main issue.. graphics dont matter all that much tbh.
            Its how much fun you have with the games and how much you love the franchise.

            When iwata announced wind waker hd, I made sure that I would go and buy a wiiu.
            Whatever may be the issue, I think Nintendo struck gold with their first party games in terms of quality, its just that the sales didnt do them any justice.
            Nintendo has their 3 major mascots on the wiiu now; zelda,mario and donkey kong but its still not selling. I think nintendo should play around with different genres and by that I mean a fps.

            1. It’s because of severe lack of advertisement and the inability to cater the western warriors to our cause…

        2. Further more, if our next generation home console has everything the others have in terms of power and graphics, they will still neglect it because they cannot make games that cater the more intelligent gamers…

    3. I kinda get what you are sayin but its just best to try to get as many systems as you can. If you have money i recommend to get either Ps4 or One heck if you have lots of money get both. Thats the best way to get games.

    4. i paid 350 because i thought wii u would get gta v, naruto games and some other next gen games. sadly non of the games i wanted arent coming to wiiu.

      1. Which is why I became the most irrelevant dumbs dicksucker on this site and I’m proud. :D

  5. I bought 3 and 4 on Wii U even though I have a 360 and a PS3, no Wii U version no future support from me on neither my platforms

    1. You know if it doesnt come to WiiU it clearly doesnt affect you so what are you complainin? You are goin to miss potentially a good game because of your bias towards a brand that didnt give a 2 shits about devs like ubisoft when they were makin their latest hardware. Look i know it would be nice to get all the games to WiiU but its not happenin. There are many reasons why it couldnt come to WiiU and one of em could be sales but for your own sake dont let some corporate which employees dont give a single shit about what you think to get in your and games way. GOD!

  6. Ok, then why is this NIntendo news? It’s like them announcing Halo and write an article here about and saying, No Wii U Version?

    This is again an article to feed the trolls in this website, if there’s no mention of it coming to Wii U then it has nothing to do with Nintendo, you don’t have to remind us every single time a game is not coming to Wii U.

    Please use My Nintendo News for games that are coming to Nintendo consoles. I don’t care if they’re for the other consoles.

    1. I guess Sickr needs to feed the trolls, he can’t bare to leave them hungry…

    2. Because Nintendo news is a broad topic and covers any and all things that have to do with Nintendo in the slightest. So if there was even a glimmer of hope that a game would come to Wii U and it doesn’t, then that is Nintendo news worthy.

      Just because news is negative, doesn’t mean you don’t post it. You and a couple of others on this site are starting to sound like the typical news stations on T.V that spin articles the way they want to brainwash their audience…. seriously, your idea of what Nintendo news is, is as bad as CNN and NY Times!!!

      1. I agree, but dont forget most of those who wants to have fairytale Nintendo news site are fanboys who think that these pieces of plastics are in the war. Why dont we start a war for dishwashers for a change?

    3. Hey guys, did you hear about Sony’s latest gimmick? It’s a VR headset! It’ll be for gaming consoles so there’s a chance that it’ll be compatible with the wii U or the 3DS! Get hyped! WOOT! :D

      1. It’s not a gimmick, it’s an asset just like the Gamepad…

        Gimmicks are things that has nothing to do with gaming on gaming consoles like TV…

        1. It is a gimmick. Are you forgetting how fanboys called motion controls a gimmick and yet Sony and Microsoft copied with the Move and the Kinect?

          Every hardcore gamer knows that anything except for a traditional controller is a gimmick. >_> (Insert sarcasm)

          But just wait, these hypocritical PS4 owners will buy this thing and try to defend it as not being a gimmick.

          By the way, my point was that just because it has to do with video games doesn’t mean that it’s Nintendo related.

          1. These Xbots and Sonyans are only grunts though so they don’t know much…

            Although the Xbot Overlords are not much better either…

            If it’s used in great ways then I wouldn’t call it a gimmick…

            But I’m sure they’ll have lots of gimmicky stuff in there, like Blu-ray…

      2. I’m interested in at least testing it out though…

        I just hope it doesn’t turn out to harm your brain…

      3. I dont see the point of VR headset when i can use my 42″ Sony FULLHDTV with my game console already. Seriously this whole VR thing has always been very stupid idea imo.

        1. In terms of experience, the HD is a lot more gimmicky than a VR set…

        2. Do you even know what VR is ? Apparently not, seeing that you’re comparing it to an HD TV.
          The experience with a VR headset can’t even remotely be compared to a HD TV.

      4. Gimmick ? More like, something that’s most likely going to be an important part of gaming in the future. It looks like Sony did a damn good job with their VR headset, and I have no doubts that it will easily compete with the Oculus Rift. It’s using USB ports, so it might very well be usable on PC too, which would give Sony a huge advantage over the Oculus, because support for both consoles and PCs is obviously better than PC only. Plus, the design is much more futuristic and modern, looks quite good imo. And since Sony has a lot of experience with audio and visual components, I’m sure they’re going to make something really good out of it, and not only in relation to gaming, but also other areas.
        So calling it a gimmick is not correct at all, if you ask me. The hype for it is rather big already, and personally, I can’t wait to test it out either.

      1. My mistake, I love to live in my world of black dicks and countless unnecessary butthurt infliction to myself.

    4. There aren’t any new games coming to the Wii U, if you want just Nintendo news, you’d see like 1 article a day. So STFU and stop complaining.

  7. “Ok, then why is this NIntendo news? It’s like them announcing Halo and write an article here about and saying, No Wii U Version?”

    because based on precedence it could be, you know, expected that it will also release on the wii u

    if that’s suddenly not the case then those are nintendo relevant news

    makes sense? yes it does

      1. i like to be informed about these things

        if a game doesn’t make it to the wii u even tho it is expected to then that’s worthy of notice
        if you don’t approve don’t read it

  8. Assassin’s Creed not on Wii U? Hopefully. Assassin’s Creed, Fifa, and Call of Duty not on Wii U? A dream come true.

      1. Less options? Those games are shit. Yeah they sell, that’s why they keep releasing them, for casuals who like to play shitty games (most of the so called hardcore gaymers lol).

        1. nintendo rehashing mario and pokemon games every year. ubisoft is better the nintendo in my opinion.

    1. Kotaku sucks… I don’t trust them. If I had to guess, I would bet money that the next Assasin’s Creed games are coming to Wii U. If I’m wrong…. I wouldn’t be surprised though. Comanies love jumping onto bandwagons.

      I’m just leaning more towards AC on Wii U is all.

  9. Assassins creed 3, talk about a shear waste of hard to get resources. I want minecraft 2 over this.

  10. This is probably going to be like Watchdogs when it was announced, Wii U version wasn’t confirmed until they said so days later.

  11. This doesn’t mean anything at all. They didn’t mention a PC either, and I would be VERY suprised if neither of these games were released on PC. Lets take a look at the quote from Kotaku:

    “Presumably one or both versions will also be on PC. Sorry, Nintendo fans: I haven’t yet heard anything about Wii U.”

    This is just more anti-Nintendo PR bullcrap. There is just as much evidence at this point to show that neither the Wii U or PC will get the game, or in fact the Wii U and PC will getting both. A more accurate, neutral and journalistic professional statement would be:

    “PC and Wii U versions have not been mentioned”

    And again, this is all RUMOUR. There is nothing to support these claims in the first place other than an anonymous source who could just as easily be a 13 year old, as much as a Ubisoft employee.

    If E3 comes around and all that Kotaku said was true, fine, whatever. But they are presenting this stuff as fact so far from the inteneded release. There is nothing to support these claims. Wait until the offical release comes around to make any accusations.

    1. Oh yeah, this is coming from Kotaku, the same site that said Bayonetta 2 being a Wii U exclusive was BS. Yeah, fuck Kotaku.

  12. Everyone seems to be missing quite a huge thing this screenshot shows.

    Look at the controls in the corner – “Parkour up” & “Parkour down”. This looks like a pretty big change to a control that has largely remained the same throughout the series. Could bring a lot more control to the route you take while running.

    Also, Paris as a setting is really cool. I hope a Wii U is mentioned when the game is officially announced.

  13. Wow, if this is true then that’s bad. Ubisoft is basically dropping all support if it’s true. And sadly, you wii u fanboys accept it like it’s nothing. You guys are the reason no one want to support the wii u

    1. the wii u fanboys claim that wii u is more stronger than the ps4 and xbox one. wii u only has one 1080p game lol. xbox one has more 1080p games

      1. Sorry, mistake again. Xbox One has more dildos than Wii U, that’s why I love the Xbox One, because I can shove as many dildo’s up my ass and be the most butthurt irrelevant dumbass faggot ever!!!! :D

  14. The Legend of Zelda is a 28 years old franchise, and it spans 17 games with a new one still without a launch date, not counting ports or remakes.
    Assassin’s Creed is only 7 years old and it already 15 games with two more announced for next year.
    Can somebody please tell me which is the exploitative company again?

      1. From Wiki lol
        4.1 Assassin’s Creed
        4.2 Assassin’s Creed II
        4.3 Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
        4.4 Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
        4.5 Assassin’s Creed III
        4.6 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
        5.1 Assassin’s Creed: Altaïr’s Chronicles
        5.2 Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines
        5.3 Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery
        5.4 Assassin’s Creed: Project Legacy
        5.5 Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy
        5.6 Assassin’s Creed: Recollection
        5.7 Assassin’s Creed: Multiplayer Rearmed
        5.8 Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
        5.9 Assassin’s Creed: Utopia
        5.10 Assassin’s Creed: Pirates

  15. If it doesn’t come to Wii U, damn. I enjoyed AC3 & AC4 on my Wii U. Oh well. I’ll just use the internet to find out what else happens with Juno in the next two games.

  16. This is getting old as hell. Put a title like this and u have the same people talking shit how Wii u is shit and fanboys saying how they didn’t want to play this anyways or how third party never supports anything. It’s old People get a fucking life.

    1. I’m just thinking about how amazing I was about guessing what the next game was going to be: I guessed that French Revolution setting!

  17. Game companies are causing me to lose interest in the Wii U, and gaming in general. All of this Wii U neglect is getting tiresome.

  18. Well, called this. Assassin’s Creed was doing nothing for the sales of the Wii U, and is a rubbish manufactured series, like nearly all modern Western games. I don’t see why anyone even cared about this.

    1. Actually, I’m currently playing A.C. III (first game in the series for me), and I’m really enjoying it. I hate when I start to enjoy something, only to see it come to an end. I’ve never played a game even remotely similar to this before.

  19. finally it will be set during the French revolution, it should have been the set for AC3 tbh. I can see so much potential and plot twists, I hope they not going to f**k it up. I mean come on, UBisoft is a French company who export their HQ in Montreal for tax purposes and they have at least 4 offices in France. So they have the staff who went to school and learn French history and even if they do not remember their lesson. It well documented and their Paris office can always go to the louvre or library to do some research on it.

    I personally buy the PC version of AC since AC1 cause I did not have any X360 or PS3.. well know I have a PS3 now but still, PC is a better version and most of the time way cheaper (£5 brand new). I recently bough AC3 on Wii U cause it was really cheap and my PC do not allow me to play the PC version of AC3. TBh I did not think it will be that good on wii U especially for a port. It just a shame Ubi don’t consider the Wii U version cause I think they can still make money

  20. Maybe the second game will come to Wii U (though i don’t expect it to, since they finally withdrew full support of the system with their rearrangement of ressources regarding Watch Dogs, which ultimately lead to the delay) – I KNOW the 4th won’t come for the Wii U, because they aren’t compromising the visuals for last-gen, and that’s basically saying “we won’t use ressources for scaling”, so why would they do so for a console that’s barely selling, let alone selling their software? It doesn’t make sense. I think Ubisoft will finally pull back on their support and throw out only downloadable titles and or software that appeals to kids.

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