Here’s The Mighty No 9 GDC Video

We’ve been treated some new footage from Keiji Inafune’s eagerly awaited Mighty No.9 from this year’s Games Developers Conference which is taking place in San Francisco.  The game is in development for ten platforms, including PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS and finally PlayStation Vita.


    1. Also, I’m not even sure this post has been up long enough for you to have even watched the whole video…

      1. Lol I’m not calling the video lame. I’m calling the whole game lame. I dislike this copy and paste mega man character.

        1. that’s sort of the point, the man said who wouldn’t make another mega man game, so this is his escape rope, also, if you watch the video it doesn’t seem to follow mega man exactly

        2. Question…how can you call the game “lame” if you never played it and never got a real look and feel of the character? Only thing I see of mega man is the running, jumping and shooting…nothing else. You also forget that the creator is with Kenji along with the former mega man team.

    2. Im digging the soundtrack(if part of the actual game)
      Im getting a big of a Mischief Makers and old school 2d platforming vibe from this.

  1. One cannot appreciate what they did not help to create. One cannot appreciate the nostalgia because they did not grow up with it. This game will be a great successor to the Megaman series. It may not be the exact series, but it will bring back that same feel that some of us are familiar with and hopefully be appreciated for those new to this style of gaming.

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