Here’s Today’s Nintendo eShop Releases In North America

Nintendo of America has announced a bundle of games that you’ll be able to purchase if you’re in North America. Pure Chess is one of the big releases available for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U owners and you can watch the first twenty five minutes above. There’s also Pokemon Battle Trozei on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and also a demo for
Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. Here’s the games listed.

Wii U



      1. Uhh hello! wat is pokemon spin off? was that like a pokemon spin the botle game?? that sounds strang!! mother never let mii play spin the botle because u can spred germs and siknesses threw ur mouth. was jinx the pokemon on the kover of pokemon spin off?!

        1. Welcome back ben now I know its real you hahahahahhahahahahha keeping this website instresting since their never any news from big N

          1. If I knew “Entertainer” was his job or one of his jobs, I might’ve been a lot happier knowing that lmao…

    1. Pokémon trozei came out in 2005, Candy Crush was released 2 years ago, get your facts right


            1. Lmao….. And ppl in the city where I live are wondering why Internet is so much funnier than irl

    2. this game is the anal in my fire. its the balls in my thorn bush. its the hairy vag on tacos. it dicking sucks and i dont like it

          1. Yeah, he knows what those are. I saw his Youtube. He speaks English, and plays a lot of Minecraft.

            1. Thank goodness I don’t have to explain a non-kid friendly thing on an official nintendo newsletter :)

      1. why you keep spamming this heres some facts
        1: XBOX ONE has no games until may like wii u(mario kart will kill kinect sports most likely)
        2: Nintendo said there not in competition with sony or microsoft
        3: PS4 is kicking boths consels but so xbox one gots no chance
        4: Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros this year plus X and Bayonetta 2 will raise wii u sales pretty significatly
        5: Nintendo isnt stupid to give it up less than 1 year into its life
        6: how does it effect it?

        1. Not just that, but I also know nintendo isn’t that stupid to drop the price on the wii u…. I have no problem with that, as long as the main stream Pokemon games stays on the handheld line

        2. xbox one has titan fall and ps4 has infamous second son. what does wii u mmmmmm… o yeah rehashed games that already came on the wiiu. x looks like an a xbox 360 game. wii u games looks last gen. wiiu is last gen

          1. “x looks like an a xbox 360 game”
            You got that wrong my friend. It should be,
            “xbox 360 games look like x”

          2. Oh, come on. You want to give an example of “next-gen” graphics and you use those games? I mean, they look good and all, but not *that* good.

      2. DirectX only affects graphics, and I don’t think anyone thought that the Wii U would best the Xbox One in the graphics department anyways.

  1. I bought Pure chess since it’s one of my favorite game. So far so good, love the cross online multiplayer with iOS Android Wii U and 3ds

      1. Since he hasnt replied, I’ll tell you my first Impression.

        LOVE IT! I never played the first one because at the time it just looked like a Beweled (match 3) type game, but boy was I wrong. Its fairly easy, at least the first couple of levels which is were im at, but boy is it fun. Great buy and its only like $8.

  2. Wow, that chess game look so boring, where’s the gameplay? It’s just your typical chess game. I’m so tired of chess and FPS. I’ll pass.

    1. I admit, Chess HAS been overdone. But it’s not as common on Nintendo platforms, and the cross-platform online is pretty cool for Pure Chess.

  3. I would like to thank all of you that are buying Pokemon trozei, or anything from the Pokemon company, really!!

  4. I liked the first Trozei on the original DS, so I bought the new one today. It is very different, and I think that makes it way better. The local multiplayer is fun too, but I don’t see why they couldn’t make it online. Like with a lot of other Nintendo games…

  5. I believe these games are good for us officers back at the station. We need some decent games that aren’t the filth you call FPS. You will be put to justice if you disagree.

  6. sony has the best games. seriously nintendo what do offer besides indie games and kiddy rehash. its like nintendo this gen will just make rehashes and cash grabs just to make money. i see no quality in nintendo games at all these days.

    1. If you’d rather play a different company console/handheld, go ahead, we won’t be able to stop you
      But there are those of us that don’t mind or even love nintendo’s selection
      And yeah, we know nintendo should research usa and European trends better, but I believe they are working on that !!

    1. Only 1-2 people can make such games with little resources, nothing to cry about…

  7. I’ll buy Pure Chess because I love chess and of course fits us Commanders…

  8. Lol. Not anything that interests me on here.

    Just out of pure boredom I looked at the hello kitty trailer and how does she manage to get the 3rd place when she’s the 1st that crosses the finish line?! Lol.

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