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Crazy Rumour Claims TitanFall Is Coming To Wii U (Most Likely 100% Fake)

It’s not April 1st yet, but Couch Jockeyz believe that they have insider information which suggests that Microsoft exclusive TitanFall from EA is coming to the Wii U. The publication believes that the acclaimed online first person shooter is coming to Wii U at the same time as the Xbox 360 version due to Nintendo paying a substantial amount of money to EA. The site claims EA is to make an announcement at the end of the month. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Thanks Retrogaminglord and Llazy77

197 thoughts on “Crazy Rumour Claims TitanFall Is Coming To Wii U (Most Likely 100% Fake)”

      1. Well, it would be quite awesome if it did happen. But yeah, I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ve got a 780ti waiting for a TXAA-enabled titan to drop from the internets regardless

        1. If you use a proxy and change your country to Mexico, the game and season pass cost $599 Mexican pesos which is around 45 US dollars, so that’s what I did! Wii u + PC is the best combo

      2. Personally I think getting Plants Vs. Zombies:Garden Warfare is a million times better option then Titan fall. It fits Nintendo extremely well.

        1. Except any and all EA games runs on Spyware..sorry, “Origin” and knowing how that old Wii U-Origin deal turned out and how everyone hates it, its not gonna happen.

      3. I seriously don’t understand how the morons from that news original source think for a second that a $60 Microsoft exclusive, multiplayer-only COD clone BY EA would ever come to Wii U which by now every Nintendo fan as well as the majority of the gaming world hates EA beyond proportions.

        1. Its not COD clone its a good game innovative for its own genre and damn good exclusive for MS, but damn common sense doesnt mean anythin for a brand loyalist.

          1. It is a fun game per se, but I would not say it is anything remotely innovative. It kind of resembles (to me) of Crysis 3 and then amped up the speed and funplay/gunplay. I do not think it is worth the amount they charged tho’.

            No real campaign for me means 30$ max. Luckily I did not buy this game and only played it at a friends house. I will wait for the bargain bin of 20$ or less

            Tho’ i can see why folks call it a COD with Mechs… essentially it is a FPS like almost every MS game out there.

        2. ” by now every Nintendo fan as well as the majority of the gaming world hates EA beyond proportions.”

          lol. No. Many of EA’s games still sell a ton of copies each year. If anything, most gamers *don’t* hate them; only the ridiculous vocal ones on the internet.

      4. While I’m pretty sure this is total crap, especially since the time frame seams highly unlikely that magically a wii U version would be ready (how ever the 360 version was delayed)
        but I’m pretty sure the whole point of Microsoft investing in the project ment that it was a Microsoft exclusive (Xbox and windows)

        though I won’t be getting the new Xbox for a while, and wouldn’t mind buying it for Wii U

    1. It would be wiser for nintendo. To pay Activision a crap load of money and fully fund for an exclusive cod game

      1. Actually, paying Activision for a COMPLETE Wii U port of Destiny will be a wiser idea. COD is as stale and repetitive as Madden.

        1. That may be, but it still sells by the truckload, and getting an exclusive version would be amazing for them.

        1. Nintendo never lost their hardcore audience. Please stop being ignorant. There’s nothing hardcore about people who prefer games with guns and realistic graphics.

          1. Hey. They did lose their hardcore audience. Look at sales of hardcore Wii games. I don’t think that they were spectacular. You must be a fool to think that they didn’t lose that portion of their audience. PLEASE STOP BEING IGNORANT.

          2. BTW, when did I ever say hardcore gamers were “people who prefer games with guns and realistic graphics”? The Bioshock series was a true hardcore game. Want more examples? Galaxy 2. Xenoblade. Metroid. Super Meat Boy. Read my comment before blindly hating

          3. I get your point, but your statement is crap.
            hardcore gamers own more then one system, arnt afraid of new technology, and own several kinds of games.
            their is nothing wrong with realistic graphics or guns, or fps
            how ever!!!
            gamers that just play on one system, and just own those types or games (or other mass market games like GTA) are “soft core” gamers

      2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        I’ve been saying this for years now. Even if Nintendo got every multiplat, sales wouldn’t boost. People wouldn’t necessarily buy a Wii U for TitanFall when they can get an Xbox One or their old 360.

        What the Wii U needs is exclusives.

        1. Honestly some of the key problems are so lame, that its almost irritating how Nintendo hasn’t solved it by now (but their starting to address them)

          the name has to be the biggest issue, IV had to explain to family and friends that its the next Wii and not just the HD version of the original Wii, and that the new controller is not just a new Wii excesory

          also their advertising has bin total crap, I think I saw 1 DK commercial, and 1 Mario commercial. And I haven’t seen any thing online.

          also it wouldn’t hurt to bring more apps to the system (HBO go, Pandora) even Microsoft brought its Xbox music to android and IOS, I’m sure they would bring it to Wii U.
          it would also be nice to stream my own music in game from PC, as well as stream my videos and such, even the original Wii had a photo app (which I used often)
          I know Wii U is a stop gap system….but still

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            I showed my older brother my Wii U and he started calling the GamePad the “U.” He thought it was just an extension to the original Wii. I then told him this was Nintendo’s next system, showing him the Wii U’s actual hardware, as we were playing Nintendo Land. He didn’t believe me. He asked me after we stopped playing, “Is this really Nintendo’s next-gen system?” “Yeah.” “Wow…I’m disappointed.”

            My whole family still calls the GamePad either the “U” or the “tablet.”

            I don’t really watch TV anymore so I don’t see commercials at all. I have adblock for YouTube as well.

            More apps is what I want to see. But more importantly, I want to see them integrated. Wii U Chat is completely useless because you can’t play a game while chatting. Wii U has no form of multitasking whatsoever. Another problem is I can’t play a game with a Pro controller while surfing the web with the GamePad.

            They need more than just Hulu+, Netflix, and YouTube. They need, like you said, HBO Go, Pandora, Skype, etc. Nintendo went into this generation with a white flag. They “knew” they couldn’t make a console that could stand on its own and/or be the focus in the living room so they settled with being a secondary console. Xbox One tried a bit too hard being the center of your living room, IMO, however. Nintendo didn’t even try.

            1. Well like I said, its a stop gap system, at the end of the day what it really comes Down to, is that Microsoft and Sony plan to have 10 year life spans, so if Nintendo fallows its trend of having a new system every 5 years, then their next system would land right in the middle of their generation (and hopefully address all the shortcomings of the Wii U, and hopefully also beef up the system past Xbox One and ps4, as well as possibly a bigger OS that can do more.

              they need all new versions of their controllers, sure the game pad was all new, but they need to drop the Wii branding and nust go str8 up “Nintendo” and really show their history IE. “Nintendo remote 3.0” / “Nintendo balance board 2.0″ / ” classic controller 7.0″ / “Nintendo view pad 2.0” exe

              using the same strategy as the 360 (name sounds bigger then ps3)
              a multitasking is, and a view pad that could be used as a stand alone device (web, camera, music, miivers, eshop, freinds, Skype, ) all while the system is off, but can still be used when the system is on. As well as adress W-OLED, HD, and multitouch (and digital stylus) that the current system dues not have.

              so in a way the current Wii U, is a test device, testing eshop, online, view pad, miivers, HD, partnerships, what people want out of new games exe. Just like the she’s, gamecube, and GBA befor it. So I have faith in Nintendo. Which means its up to fans to give them the feedback (club Nintendo, miivers, twitter, Facebook) they need for the next system

    1. That’s because those bastards can’t handle rejections and criticism of their shitty Origin service which explains how all of this anti-Nintendo mess started. I don’t blame Nintendo turning Origin down. It BLOWS and I hate it..oh, did I forget to mention Origin is Spyware based..which is illegal?

    The Indie U cant run next gen games#NintendoMAD

      1. exactly he doesnt know how to think
        we need our armies to come in and destroy him we need our captain
        and maybe our corporal can come in and help

    1. Right. Wii U can’t run next gen like Xbox One can’t run 1080p..oh sorry. Too much negative XBetamax DOne information to handle fanboy?

    2. I don’t think Nintendo are mad at all, more worried, probably. I think you’re getting your emotions mixed up.

        1. Yeah, I know. I usually respond like that to trolls because they either get pissed off or don’t know how to respond.

    3. What does #NintendoMAD mean? I think you should create a better hash tag for your flame baiting posts.
      Here’s a little help:


      I want to see you do your best. I wouldn’t be saying this if i didn’t love you.

  2. For one thing, there almost definitely won’t be a Xbox 360 version of Titanfall 2. For two, EA has completely abandoned Nintendo. The likelihood of this happening is about the same as Halo or Gran Turismo coming to the Wii U.

    1. Respawn is the one that gets to make all the decisions. They said if EA doesn’t cooperate with then then it’s bye bye

      1. Respawn jumped from the frying pan in to the fire, see EA basically has a tighter grip on them than Activision did which is hilarious.

        If this game does turn out to come to the Wii U I will buy it, and I dont even own a Wii U. I’d just do it to show support for Nintendo.

  3. This sure as hell ain’t gonna happen and if it does, 1. I’d be damn surprised and 2. Remembering how EA treated Nintendo and its fans and those nasty unprofessional Wii U comments, I still will never forgive nor support them and wish for the company to fall straight to hell.

      1. I saw you at the store the other day. Let’s kiss please. What about my bristly moustache on your soft penie? Daddy time and no one is watching. I want to rip those socks off and smell them. Cum on your little toes.

  4. Guy, guys, I also got sources claiming infamous second son will have a wii u port, and Nintendo to buy out EA :P

  5. Some issues with this rumour:

    1. EA has been pretty blunt about their lack of support for Wii U
    2. Nintendo has stated that they don’t pay third-party developers to port their games to Nintendo’s systems, as they think it is an immoral business practice.
    3. Microsoft, on the other hand, has a strong partnership with EA, so they probably want it to stay Microsoft-exclusive.

    1. nintendo is a very greedy company. iwata doesnt even want to convice thrid party or pay to motivate them to develop games for wii u. nintendo loves to cheat devs and increase the price in the iscensing fees and dev kits. no wounder devs wont come to they wii u. even theo xbox one is $500 while wii u is $300. devs will not support wii. microsoft pulishes and helps out devs like ea and bethseda while sony publishes and helps sucker puch, namco bandai, naughty dog and sometimes square enix. but nintendo…. barley any….just sega sometimes.

      1. Fanboy: Hey bra, sup?

        Me: Yo, wanna play monster hunter on wii u?

        Fanboy: Nah bra, wii u sucks, Xbox Rules, OH CHECK IT OUT! XBOX LIVE! *confirms and loses 50 dollars* Hey bra, and you seen my 50 dollars?

        Me: Yeah, right out the window to the company hands.

        Fanboy: Whatever bra, you just jealous that I got this free Live. Oh check it! MADDEN 2015 SWEET! *confirms download* Hey bra, I swear I missing 100 dollars now…weird dude.

        Me: Riiiiiiiight and I didn’t have to pay a dam dime accept 50 for monster hunter and I got all better graphics, free net play online and game chat in game for nothing. But hey, you just lost 100 dollars for the same shit I got for nothing, laterz bra I’m going monster hunting.

        Fanboy: Pfffft, delusional fanboy, AWW SWEET! TITANFALL! *confirms* Hey, has anyone seen my last 60 dollars?

        1. So true…. Which is why PSN and Nintendo Network is better.
          PSN – You pay for the basics and more (Free Games, Discounts, etc)
          Nintendo Network – Free internet and better connection speeds.
          XBL – Pay more and get very little in return.

              1. On Nintendo’s online games, you can’t even add people you met during an online match, in games like MK7, for example. That’s bullshit. Was like that on SSB on Wii too, it was unbelievably frustrating for me. I’ve met so many cool people online I would have loved to have a rematch with. I mean, you don’t even have the chance to chat with them or anything so you can at least exchange friendcodes. But no.
                Plus, I’ve experienced way more network connection issues on my Nintendo consoles than on Sony consoles.

                1. You can at least do that in Pokemon X/Y, which proves that it’s possible but Nintendo is just lazy and believes that online isn’t all that important.

          1. PC is the exact same thing as Xbox but surperior specs and same online experience for free. Microsoft is the one cheating blind idiots of their money and so I’ll just keep laughing at them while I play my Zelda that they pretend to hate because its Nintendo but wish for it on their Xbox. XD

      2. Sasori Obinna Onuorah

        Sorry, mistake. It’s just I am a very greedy faggot who loves a barrel full of dicks to suck and fuck while drowning myself in my dad’s deliciously salty sperm mixed in with my mom’s period blood and shitting all over the place with multiple orgasms.

  6. The game is not that great anyway, have it on PC, not too mention ea doing the whole season pass thing. Also don’t buy an ea game (unless it’s sport) until it has a few months worth of patches in place.

          1. Yea. Almost. Plus, I’m pretty sure Titanfall is going to be nominated for GOTY 2014. So what’s your point?

          2. I would appreciate our local anti-troll enforcements making use of more substantial weapons than such things as popularity and don’t-like-it-then-leave. These are examples of arguments Justin Bieber’s eleven-year-old fangirls have used to defend him. When people on my side of the argumental fence use stupid arguments against the other, I feel like the one insulted.

        1. Except it has its own differeneces like multiplayer, 5 playable characters and amazing soundtrack. Now if you would’ve said NSMBU was a $60 clone of the last 3 games before it, I would agree on that because it is.

          But defending a pointlessly hyped FPS that has no single player or story, 6v6 matchups and mostly definitely feel like COD with mechs (Black Ops 2 already achieved most of that futuristic shit) published by infamously hated EA by typically attacking another game from Nintendo that has been highly recommended and praised longer than any and all game series combined to defend Titanfall is beyond weak. Titanfall is just a quick one hit wonder POS FPS clone with no substance like Justin Bieber is to music.

      1. That’s because the developers make it look like shit. Its called “not putting effort”.

        Why blame a system for shitty looking games and ports? Consoles don’t make the games you retard. Developer, lazy or passionate, does.

        Where the fuck have these people brains go?

    1. No. We just don’t buy gimped crap thats over 2 years old and games that aren’t interesting or repetitive like most of EA’s garbage and if you’re gonna start that “Nintendo games are the same and for kids” BS, you better stop right there and find something more clever and original to say. Otherwise, you’ll look like a typical fanboy bored on the Internet talking shit to feel big.

  7. that would be pointless

    the game is available on PC and XBO.. pretty much anyone who wants to play it will be able to do so already -> sales on wii u would not turn out good
    not worth spending any “substantial amount of money” on

  8. I just read the article and it even says “April Fools” at the end, despite April being being more than a week away.

    That’s extremely weak. Remind me never to go to CouchJackasses again.

  9. Funny how in the past days people on here had been saying things like how Titanfall sucks and that it is just another stupid FPS, but now that a rumour like this came up, people are suddenly going “would be pretty nice” “great if it’s true” “awesome”. Priceless.
    And to be on-topic: Of course it is not coming to WiiU. If at all, then Titanfall 2 would, since that’s going to be multiplat. But even with that, I have my doubts. The audience Titanfall is directed towards simply isn’t present in the WiiU userbase. Or at least, not sufficiently. So the developers probably won’t want to waste their time and money on something that’s most likely not going to sell anyway, let alone a complete port “tailored” for the WiiU.

    1. Not just the audience, but EA very much shoved the fanbase away and tarnished Wii U over a rejection of possible bad business with that shitty Origin so if they try to come back to Nintendo releasing anything with their name on it, the fans still won’t forget and forgive the damage they caused..again, over a rejection. Nothing more or less even if EA tries to pathetically spin the BS for as long as they can like still having a solid partnership when theirs no games to prove it.

      So EA/Nintendo is pretty much over and beyond point of no return.

  10. This might be true. think about it. we finally received dlc for cod ghost. after how long. pretty weird. Plus nintendo said that their going to become more like the western gaming culture. So i think this is a smart move if this was true. nintendo pay your way if you gotta everyone els does.

    1. Its not gonna happen. If it does, EA, after all the BS they’ve done to Nintendo over Origin being rejected, will not see that same support and sales from fans anymore, perhaps not at all.

      Even if this single player-less COD clone comes to Wii U, for $60 its overpriced and published by EA whom are basically hated to no end, won’t be seeing substantial support they think they’re gonna weasel from Nintendo after a comeback.

    2. disregarding the fact that it says “april fools” at the bottom of the article… do you honestly think nintendo would invest “significant amounts of money” to port a game to the wii u that has already been released on 2 other platforms resulting in probably 70-80% of customers who are even remotely interested in the game to have already bought it?

      that would be the dumbest business decision they ever made and they haven’t exactly been at their best the past year and a half

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      1. and thats one of many reason sony is financial trouble right now, and another reason why third parties are such assholes to everyone

        1. Nintendo can spend money and NOT waste it like Sony. They should just aquire a couple third party games (maybe some 3rd party exclusives too like Bayonetta) and Nintendo would be fine. They don’t need to hog ALL the third parties like Sony does and blow through all their money and end up in debt (like Sony does).

      2. No, you’re dumb, I prefer not having any third parties if they are all practically the same shit with different name, you just mad because you are a causal who thinks this is hardcore because blood/cars/penuses all over the screen.


          1. You obviously got no taste and comparing Zelda games (3D & 2D), the only best example you got, is a fucking joke and insult to the series.

        1. Kamina???lol… First of all you forgot “guns” which is the most prominent weapon in mainstream casual games.

          Second, Nintendo needs third parties whether you want them or not. I could care less about third party games myself, but for Nintendo’s sake, they need to acquire them. Also, every now and again a great third party game shows up. I wouldn’t have minded GTAV or Destiny on the Wii U. Those games actually looked pretty cool.

      3. As long as the 3rd parties continue to think they’re stupid enough to buy gimped ports (which mostly they’re not), they won’t see any fair support in return if the fans already know they’re not giving it to them first.

        Its a simple cycle that even the most retarded can’t even grow an ounce of common sense to understand and change.

      1. ehhh, it’s too late. The Wii U failed. That doesn’t mean the end for Nintendo though and we Nintendo fans can still buy great Nintendo exclusives, but the Wii U failed to catch on to the mainstream so it’s pretty much never going to sell like Nintendo wants it to.

        1. I wouldn’t say yet even ps3 and 3ds pulled a miracle. I say wait till next year thats when we can say this more

        2. Its only a year old. Relax and no it hasn’t failed yet but all of you people are too retarded and cocky to jump the gun too soon and forgot PS3 did a lot worse when it started but recovered in time.

          Stop ignoring facts by riding hate trains to feel competent of getting into the popular crowd and see how will reality play out.

          Wii U is far from failure. Yes it flopped but flopped like 3DS. Oh wait a minute, didn’t 3DS had its similar share of launch screw ups and made a comeback? Well, so can the Wii U.

  12. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    We don’t buy Electron cattle and to those who does, I feel sorry for you misguided drones…I mean soldiers…

  13. this nintendrones are basing titan fall and calling it an cod with mechs. you drones are compelete morons and idiots. titan fall aint not cod at all. titan fall has it own style just like battlefield 4 and crysis 3. all shooters have there sytle. i played cod before and the games are fun especially online and multiplayer with friends at house or online. the nintendrones on this site just hate on cod because everyone else hates it. look at super mario 3d world, i would rate it 7.1/10. sm3dw is just a rehash of super mario 3d land with hd graphics,4players and a cat suit. the level designs are boring.

    if i had money i would love to get many more thrid party games but i cant. i would rather buy thrid party than nintendo rehashed games even thou i only own a wii u. it would be awesome if titan fall comes to the wii u or battle field 4 or crysis 3. nintendrones just hate on ea just because everyone hates on ea. the ea hate is pathetic and idiotic in my opinion.

    1. I do find titan fall to great game. I find 3d world to be better then that nsmb and 3dland. And dude u don’t even know what rehash really even means, though i can’t change ur mind on the look of game, it still good for mario. I only support games I like i have tekken zombiu, rayman, lego batman, lego marvel, wonderful 101, tekken, and a few others. People don’t like EA for many reasons, its not just nintendo fans, it almost everyone. The crap they did with sim city, battle field 3 and 4. They rush the shit of devs. You have to play games if u have a pc on freakin orgin.

    2. Sasori Obinna Onuorah, ummmm “Nintendrones” are not the only ones who think Titanfall is CoD with mechs. Actually A LOT of gamers (even Xbox gamers) think of Titanfall the same way. I believe even the reviewers of IGN said Titanfall felt too much like CoD.

      Open your eyes. The game isn’t really all that great… it’s just cheap multiplayer with no story mode. It has a poor attachment rate and gets all it’s sales from bundles with the Xbox One.

      Hardly GOTY and it’s sad that they are already planning a sequel. I doubt the sequel will sell as much as the first. People will have played the first and won’ be interested in a second.

    3. Dude, Titanfall does feel similar to COD based on how the animations look because its designed by the same founders of the COD series and Infinity Ward that Activision once screwed over the MW2 launch bonuses debacle in 2009.

      Slap in some wall running from Mirror’s Edge and Mechs from Battlefield 2142 and bam. You got a so called “original” game that’s been unnecessarily hyped and offers nothing new or refreshing about it but familiar gameplay mechanics that’s already been done.

      And the hate on EA is just as justified as Capcom killing off Megaman out of nowhere. These companies have been screwing with the consumer’s trust long enough. I guess you’re one of their favorite bitches who enjoys being raped from behind and feel proud of it like a dumbass whore. Well, keep loving the feeling of getting fucked by those who don’t give two fucks about you because when EA falls, I’ll be there with millions of other sane and happy gamers enjoy dancing on their long overdue and deserving grave.

  14. If this is true (which I highly doubt it is) then Nintendo must have payed EA A LOT of money. EA won’t even make games for the Wii U, much less their past Xbox exclusives. The only evidence of this coming true is, the 360 version was recently delayed until next month which lines up with this info. But seriously, highly unlikely.

    1. yeah, but it’s not like Wii U owners would even buy the game. Sony fans would just say it’s a wasted game on a wasteful machine.

  15. If Nintendo did this, they are truly stupid. Why? Because Microsoft had to seal the deal with EA to keep Titanfall a next gen exclusive. For Nintendo to get a port of the 360 edition would have coated them through the rear to even get EA to consider it. Also, EA isn’t a fan of Wii U… So Nintendo would have had to pay a heck of a lot of money to get it ported. Finally, the game would not be a system seller. It is the downgraded version of the game. Why would anyone spend money to get a brand new system for a game that isn’t even in its maximum potential? The same is said for the 360 version. The XB1 edition is the ONLY version that is and will sell systems, and its as simple as that.

    1. Maybe Nintendo promised to save them from being awarded with the Golden Poo award lololol! So they got Titanfall in return for free!

  16. I wouldn’t mind. I wouldn’t pay retail for the game. I just don’t like the idea of bots in online matches. I know it’s necessary for the design of the game, but it just isn’t my thing. I would much rather have destiny or borderlands. I feel like the style would fit perfectly on the gamepad.

  17. Please NO. Enough of this COD/CODesque sickness. Let us rest of this annual shooters (believe me EA will intend to release also one Titanfall each year), doesn’t matter this one is published by EA in the bottom is the same decease created by Zampella and the other fucker creator of COD… only add the mechas. Wow how clever are these guys . Reminds me to the time when EA released MOH titles like crazy. This is sad and crappy.

  18. Yeah, needs a merical for to happen but I’m not buying it…show me proof and then I’ll say I was wrong. Besides, I have an xbox one so I’ll soon give it a shot…good thing my pal paid for it and not me so I got it basically for free.

  19. HahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahahaHahahahahahaha *dies from inability to breath due to hysterical laughter*

  20. Crazy rumor, but to be honest it could definitely run on the Wii U. If it could run on X360, it could run on Wii U.

    1. Same goes for the same fuckers who said Wii U can’t run Frostbite or Crytek engines. Turns out the Wii U were tested for both and worked just fine. Its these publishers denying Wii U for the wrong reasons and not by business decisions.

  21. I hope it is fake and Nintendo is spending their money on games I actually want. This game is garbage to me.

  22. Bayonetta 2 Wii U exclusive 60fps roksolid + top gameplay

    Titanfail is shitty alienating game , 792p + up ad down framerate + tearing =Call of trash

    1. Titanfall is an excellent example of the FPS formula. The only reason it has not scored a 10/10 is because there is a lack of a single player campaign. They may be bumping up the res to 900p post-launch.

      1. No. Goldeye was a perfect FPS example. This game is only trying to be a superior version of Black Ops 2 (futuristic COD) by adapting wall running from Mirror’s Edge and mechs..that’s all I see in it.

        This game is nothing more than a glorified Battlefield 2142/COD mash up.

          1. I’ve seen the game in action and played it a bit in my bro’s friend’s house who happens to have that XBetamax which it blew up the first time and it very much feels like COD and Mirror’s Edge (wall running) mashed together.

            I never played Quake before to know what it is but knowing the guys who made this also made COD, it feels to similar to that. Stop lying to yourself because you have gaming Stockholm Syndrome.

  23. while that titanfall looks awesome i would not hold my breath, it would be cool IF it came to wii u however it is a huge game so it woul require 2 discs and the installation would be also huge, plus the online is not as refined as x-bone and ps4.

    1. What else is there to do for online play besides playing games online? I don’t need nothing more to do a couple of simple tasks for my consoles.

      PS4/One just slaps in a bunch of features to make em flashy but what are the chances that millions of gamers utilizes every last feature when gamers are only interested to do a few things with a gaming console like PLAYING GAMES?

      Wii U can handle this joke of an original FPS game if Xbox 360 can since every prejudice moron calls Wii U “last gen”. Ain’t it funny and ironic?

  24. You would say “Don’t hold your breath” even though… Titanfall is coming to Mac… so this is more like it might be 70% Fake.

  25. This news is so fake that even George W Bush and all the people claiming that there were WMD’s in Iraq are saying:”B***h please!”

    1. Well then why is the Mac getting Titanfall?
      That platform isn’t very popular amongst Devs yet even it’s getting Titanfall.

  26. Another FPS-multiplayer without grace, not to mention that the game has graphics worse than many games of last generation,Unreal Tournament 3 is better than this crap, play in the control of the 90’s of the Xbox one should be even better.

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  28. “April Fools” i almost dont see it but is there in the end of the article in gray and very small size font.

  29. What kind of pieces of shit make a bullshit article, claim April fools, when we’re still in March? The article reeked of bullshit anyway, but I’m pissed off in principle.

  30. this could be true because of the following:

    EA did regret that the game was only on XBOX ONE and someone from Nintendo domination channel ( forgot his name ) , did state that an action game will come to the Wii U … regards.

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