Update: Nintendo has refuted the Amazon statement and has said, “the launch date of Mario Kart 8 has not changed.”

A number of gamers on the NeoGAF forums are reporting that Amazon has begun sending out emails stating that Mario Kart 8 is coming sometime before May 30th. The retailer says that we should expect the game between April 16 and April 19. This has led many to believe that Nintendo has pushed the game forward to sometime next month. Amazon support also sound confident of a new date.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord



  1. If this is true then there will probably be a direct in early April explaining the situation.

    And if there’s a Direct, then we’re getting a Smash Bros newcomer.


  2. I hope this is true. I bet nintendo put the mk8 date close to e3 to promote it one last time with footage at the show but they can just make a quick reel of wii u games and just say it on stage that mk8 is out as well as have playable demos on the show floor. Its interesting that every store ive been too except gamestop has the may release date on flyers but every other store like walmart best buy target and kmart have posters that just say spring 2014.


  3. If this does happen I’m going to have a huge backlog of games because I just bought AC IV, Lego Marvel Superheroes, MH3U, and I still have Zombi U and Sonic Lost World to beat. I bought all of those games so I could keep myself busy until May 30th, but if MK8 comes out earlier, I’ll just be playing that…


  4. To add to the list we also have target and new egg saying 5/30 release. Since the official MK8 site lists this , “it’s all but official” doesn’t seem to fit. It’s official and will be unofficial only if the big N says so.


  5. That would be the smartest thing Nintendo’s done in ages…. seriously… there are no games to play on WIi U (if you have owned it since the beginning and have finished all the ones that have slowly been released) and I am sure the game is already finished, they are just waiting for release day.

    Might as well release it now so people have something to play!


  6. This makes me wonder. The developers must be doing some last minute stuff to finish MK8, so why not release it when it’s done instead of waiting until the end of May?


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