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Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball Launches April 3rd In The Nintendo 3DS eShop

Rusty’s_Real_Deal_Baseball_screenshotNintendo has announced the release date for Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. The sports title will be available April 3rd in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. The game stars a miserable doughnut-loving mutt named Rusty Slugger, and features a collection of baseball-themed minigames. Players will be able to share their high score achievements with other 3DS users via the StreetPass feature. Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball was originally announced during last month’s Nintendo Direct broadcast.


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  1. Not sure I want to laugh, dance, or cry that this releases on my birthday, but I do plan to try it out. The haggle system seems too intriguing not to.

  2. Dumb Nintendo fanboys complaining just because 3rd.party has ditched weak u the baby Toy from a Baby company called Nintendo

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    1. It’s true that most of us, Nintendo fans are hypocrites, denials and/or idiots. But can you lest, post without being rude?

      1. He wasn’t being that rude, and at least he wasn’t swearing up and down like the fanboys here do whenever someone brings truth about nintendo

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    2. @aeolus, I agree 100% with what you said , and Nintendo fanboys are the most immature hypocrites ever.. They are truly the worst of the 3. The people at this site are the many that prove that

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    3. Aeolus, you hit it right on the nail once again.. its Pathetic that ubisoft a third party had supported Wii U much more than Nintendo themselves and Nintendrone fanboys are now firing back at Ubisoft for backing down on support when it just be Nintendo that these fanboys should be made at. If Nintendo would of came out with their hard hitter titles out the gate(and good versions at that) when the Wii U launched they may of not been struggling like the way they are now and Ubisoft in turn would still have a reason to develop for them instead of losing money from Wii U games made. Of course most of this would still be bottlenecked due to the fact that Wii U is still running on half a decade old hardware which does not leave alot of wiggle room for ubisoft and others for that matter. FUCK YOU IWATA YOU PROMISED NO MORE SCREW UPS SINCE THE 3DS!! You failed… “please undastaand” when i say this.. go to hell..

      1. @triforce jhonson: Hey for once you actually had a point but don’t feed the trolls man…oh wait you are one. MY BAD! Ok derpetta, you’re right about the fans about Ubisoft but your missing a big point from them too, Ubisoft did say…DID SAY, that they will do anything to support the Wii U…that is why us fans are pissed, By the way, the fanboys/fangirls are happy that they are backing down…yes I’m talking about all types including Nintendo. Get you’re facts together about what a fan in and what a fanboy/fangirl is.

        A fan is someone who loves the certain item, A fanboy/fangirl is someone who DOESN’T WANT any other product on the item they love.

        Just thought you wanted to be set straight! :)

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  6. I’m not interested in baseball so I won’t be getting this game. I would like if they applied this sort of idea to a game that wasn’t so specific to something that is either loved, ignored, or hated.

  7. When is Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball launching for the Wii U? It think it might be a system seller!

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