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Core Sonic Team Working On New Sonic Game That’s Not Sonic Boom, Shown Later This Year

Takashi Iizukahas revealed that the core Sonic team is currently working on a brand new Sonic title for unspecified platforms. The game will retain the original Sonic look and the mechanics we’ve grown to love over the years and will be showcased later this year.

“At the moment, the core Sonic team at SEGA is working on a new title that will use the traditional look and mechanics of the series, which will get more details later during the year.”

“At the same time, Big Red Button, an entirely new studio, is working on a new version of the entire game universe, called Sonic Boom, which will use an entirely new aesthetic and is designed to accompany the delivery of a new range of toys and a new cartoon series.”

296 thoughts on “Core Sonic Team Working On New Sonic Game That’s Not Sonic Boom, Shown Later This Year”

  1. I do believe this is what you would call a ‘contingency plan’, otherwise known as a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card.

    I am curious. It may feature at this year’s E3. Who knows?

    1. Agree. Truth be told, I’ve been a sonic fan for 25 years and I remember getting the first version of sonic the hedgehog for the sega master system. Since then I’ve seen the rise of fame and excellent quality of games ending with the sega mega drive (genisis in the states). Since then the franchise has gone from bad to worse. This is not an exageration. it is what it is.

      What scares me though is the younger next generation of gamers coming up that don’t have that point of reference and somehow manage to see coherancy in these latest ‘attempts’ of sonic games. nintendo doesn’t know what potential they’ve got in this franchise and it saddens me to no end that they will probably let it sit as is.

      Sonic boom made knuckles bigger and wrapped bandages around a few characters… ahh…hmmmmm. Changing the image of the characters isn’t going to improve anything. The franchise needs new management people and new direction. No more on-rails bullshit with limited roaming areas. Free roaming mario 64 style game would put it back to where it should be.

      You want inspiration, story, energy, check out Sonic SATAM on youtube. You want interesting characters, there you go.

  2. Its probably the final 3rd exclusive Sonic game for Nintendo before the partnership contract expires. :)

    1. No thats Sonic Boom. The first game was Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Olympic Games, the second game was Sonic Lost World and the third is Sonic BOOM

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        They said it would be exclusive for Nintendo only so Sonic Boom is not one of them considering it is coming for the other 2 aswell…

      2. What a shitty franchise. 2 Sonic games in one year? You imbeciles are already being served 1 mediocre pile of cum a year!

        1. Look who’s talking. Two more Assassin’s Creed coming this year and its barely a year after Black Flag which was barely a year after AC3.

          So have fun with those piles of turd hypocrite.

          1. You’re simply pathetic. I could care less for the Assassins Creed franchise. I don’t even play it! Look who’s the Sonic-dick-riding imbecile now!

            1. I bet you are just a little kid just trying to sound smarter and more like an adult by using explicit words when in reality you are just sounding childish and down right stupid.

              Shut up and go watch your Dora the explorer.

              1. Don’t rag on people for having a developed vocabulary.

                Also, I absolutely detest Sonic Boom! I don’t wanna hear another word about this farce! This can’t be the future of Sonic. They say that it isn’t replacing the main franchise, but we haven’t heard jack from SEGA about the future of the main franchise. Sonic Boom gets more hype than anything, for the simple purpose of trying to reel in easy money (with poor writing, bad characterization, and stupid jokes) and all the wrong fans, who don’t know jack about Sonic (other than being blue and fast), the same people who were completely absent for Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, and everything else before Sonic 2006.

                The New Tens is truly the Dork Age…….

    2. FragranceofDarkCoffe

      I thought Sonic Boom was the last one. Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic Sochi Olympics , and Sonic Boom.

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      1. But seriously guys, shpuld we count the Mario & Sonic game as the Nintendo exclusive, especially knowing that M&S games ALWAYS come to Nintendo (and only Nin.) consoles.

      2. But seriously guys, shpuld we count the Mario & Sonic game as the Nintendo exclusive, especially knowing that M&S games ALWAYS come to Nintendo (and only Nin.) consoles.

      1. Right since Sega knows Sonic does better on Nintendo platforms (which has been proven many times before), I wouldn’t hold my funky ass breath which is yours after licking your own ass as means to shower since you’re poor as fuck for wasting money on dated garbage like 360.

        1. It’s a shame really, Nintendo’s devs are really creative I don’t know why they are so hesitant of making use of the think.

          I really don’t care anymore, it’s not stopping Nintendo from creating fantastic games on the system, and as long their games support the pro-controller, it’s fine in my eyes.

        1. Dude, SHUT THE FUCK UP. I am a Christian, and I realise that people like you are the reason why Christianity is hated so much on YouTube. Good people go to Heaven, bad people go to Hell, we KNOW. Now stop embarrassing my religion. Please.

      1. Pretty sure Nintendo is buying Sega and platinum may e this game well be a game they well use to announce that buyout? They should also buy Atari while their at it, make the centipede, pong, and astroid engines open source (or something to that effect) and reboot rollercoaster tycoon 3 as. HD exclusive to Wii U (would sell like crack) omfg to use the game pad to build coasters?! Could also use. “panoramic view” to ride the coaster, even add support to 3D TVs …..maybe wishfull thinking, but they did say they were thinking about buying some companies as part of their business reinventing

        1. Buy Capcom too! The masters of classics. It’s hard to name all of their arcade masterpieces. Imaging a gunsmoke remake??? Fucking loved that game!

  3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I’m guessing Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 3 or Sonic The Hedgehog 5 exclusively for the Wii U…

        1. Obviously the new Sonic game is coming to PS4 and XBOX One, but if the leak from earlier in the year is correct, it is also coming to Wii U.

      1. Retard here in full denial of Wii U getting the good shit while XBetamax One burns with DRM and Kinect and PS4 playing waiting game for the real MGS5 game and long overdue Kingdom Hearts 3.

  4. Most likely coming to wii u ps4 and xbox one(maybe ps3 and 360 as well) Sonic was never about pushing hardware power, and none of his games last gen have ever max the power of a system

    1. You’re kidding, right? Unleashed’s Hedgehog Engine was full of state-of-the-art dynamic terrain loading, graphic effects and physics objects and as a result had massive frame rate issues on both systems. Luckily Generations was on PC.

      1. I’m talking about going full out on details, Sonic has never used a systems power at MAX he has only used some, yes the games look detail but he has truly pushed any system.

    2. It’s not coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 sadly. if you go check on wikipedia you’ll see that SEGA Stopped creating Sonic Games in 2012. Meaning their last Sonic Game was Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed…

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

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                  1. Nintendo is my Blood

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                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      And it’s pronounced PRIME not PRUM…

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                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                      And you are right, it felt so good to give a thumbs down…

                    3. Nintendo is my Blood

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                    4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I will make a NC channel soon and of course give him a little trouble from time to time…

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                    5. Nintendo is my Blood

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                    7. Nintendo is my Blood

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                    9. Nintendo is my Blood

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                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

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                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

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                  1. Well you can tell he just feels betrayed by nintendo, a lot of trolls here love the nintendo of old but hate what they have become.

                    Personally I love nintendo for who they were, im am however disappointed with the Recent Nintendo.

                  2. For the most part don’t worry. If you know ice you’d know that he’s trolling, still in his videos. It gets obvious when he talks about COD and even before that when talking about Eternal Darkness, if he found Eternal Darkness overrated then why would he have it as his Gravitar icon. But still, WHO COULD OF GUESSED THAT’S WHAT HE LOOKED LIKE!!!

                    1. Looks like a normal person to me. A lot younger than I woulda imagined, plus his mii didn’t look like that. Then again it’s not like it matters what he looks like, we wanna see girls. Wheres that kirusu chick lol.

                3. For the most part don’t worry. If you know ice you’d know that he’s trolling, still in his videos. It gets obvious when he talks about COD and even before that when talking about Eternal Darkness, if he found Eternal Darkness overrated then why would he have it as his Gravitar icon. But still, WHO COULD OF GUESSED THAT’S WHAT HE LOOKED LIKE!!!

              1. You can tell he says that cod black ops is a real game and you should play that and also i know for a fact he loves eternal darkness and xenoblade. This is funny.

                  1. This is hilarious! I totally believe everything he has been saying now. The people hate him so much they can’t even understand a joke thats right in front of their face!

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

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                1. THe part where he is talkin shit about ED proves he is jokin, i mean he was the one cryin here for sequel all the time.

                  1. You can tell because at the end of the video when he is about to show cod, he says, here is a real game.

                    ITS OBVIOUS!

  5. I believe it will come to WiiU,Ps4,One and it will follow Unleashed/generations gameplay formula or it will try to improve Lost worlds gameplay mechanics, just a few safe guesses

  6. pink0crystal0midbus

    It has GOT to be Sonic Adventures 3 with an expansive and amazing Chao garden?!?!?!?! I can’t see myself purchasing anything else made by the Sonic Team…. seriously, they have gone so down hill, I can’t trust what they do.

    It’ll be interesting to compare Big Red Button’s Sonic to Sonic Team’s Sonic and see who is more worthy of making Sonic games.

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  11. Phew, luckily this exclusivity deal with Nintendo expires after Sonic Boom! After this traumatising Sony-less time they can now finally go back to making games for our beloved Playstation!

    1. You realize out of all the Sonic games released within the past decade, there have been only 3 Sonic games on Sony consoles (in the main series): Sonic 06, Unleashed, and Generations. There have been 8 main series Sonic games on Nintendo consoles. Sonic kind of belongs on Nintendo consoles, not Sony consoles.

    2. And out of all the Sonic games on Sony and Nintendo platforms, tell me which sold more?

      It ain’t PS3.

      1. I realize this isnt the case for Sonic, but for every other third party under the sun, who are ready to go bankrupt for their beloved sony. And look at Sonic 06, Sega tried to move even sonic away from nintendo consoles…

  12. I done mind if its keeping the game play of Sonic Lost World. The only thing bad about the game was the level design. If they do a great job on the levels then it will be a fantastic Sonic Game. Perhaps make them revolve around speed a bit more since reviewers constantly complain about it being slow.

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          nah, Sickr banned him and if he didn’t find an outlet for his trollitude soon, his brain would implode

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              Come on, isn’t it obvious, why else would he suddenly disappear, trolling this site was his life and Sickr killed it, and do you really think this is a joke? how is it funny, well it’s sad and it’s so sad, it’s…. funny

              1. I don’t know, maybe it is the same reason why Pinwheel, Adarazz, you thought etc left. Iceazeama has been here causing mayhem for how long? And now Sickr decides to ban him.

                If you have a mind of a troll, you would see why it’s funny :P

                1. Nintendo is my Blood

                  eh, either way, it’s way fun to watch him whine, how old is he like 14? and to think Sickr was bested by a prepubescent pipsqueak

    1. I think it’s worth a shot, but yeah the quality of Sonic games have dropped significantly recently.

      1. Yeah at least they are trying…

        btw I love your Gravatar. I like how the ooze monster wants to be in what appears to be Jill’s selfie lmao.

              1. lol whatever, dude you still go on this site? this site sucks ass. also you’re never on your PS3 or 360 anymore bro.

      2. Since when did the Sonic hate train start up again?

        ???: Lost World

        And ONE game is enough to make the hate train begin again after the great Sonic Colors and Generations.

                    1. Well I am getting paid tomorrow, but I’m gonna wait until Mario kart 8 comes out that way by then, I’ll buy a lot of games, eshop cards and accessories.

                    2. Haha nice, But if I were you I would wait for a price drop or something. I haven’t played my wii u in forever lol, been focusing on much more important things right now, lol. Hopefully they drop that damn tablet.

                    3. Either way, I’m still going to get one whether if there is a price drop or not. Nintendo better have a MK8 bundle here though.

                      But yeah I agree, I’ve been and will be focusing on more important things now. At this point, what ever happens to the gamepad happens, and as long there’s pro-controller support, I’ll be happy :)

                1. She’s fine, I’ve been dating her for about 5 months now, how about you text me instead of talking to me on this site?

                    1. lol thanks man. Because of it it’s kinda hard getting good grades in my classes i’ll tell you that.

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          3. lol if that next game sells most on wii u than the rest of consoles. this happened before with a few titles such as rayman legends.

          4. Just thought I’d share this with you guys. For my speech class, I’m making a persuasive speech on why Nintendo is important to the video game industry.

              1. Sure, but I’m still making the outline and I won’t be presenting it until 2 weeks from now. And yes, the Xbots will definitely start an uproar with what I have in mind.

            1. I’ve seen your Youtube channel and honestly a few games automatically make you hate Nintendo? Wow, you are pathetic.

            2. …did you not just ripped on Sonic like 17 comments ago?

              Like I said, you’re a double standard bastard who’s super late on his CAT scan appointment after your crackhead junkie of a mother dropped you for the 50th time.

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            1. Dude Sonic 06 is NOT SA3! Sonic 06 was just a new type of game that would change almost everything in the Sonic Series, it was suppose to be the new entry to the series! And Sonic Unleashed was suppose to be Sonic Adventure 3 as it says on wikipedia! So It would make no sense to SEGA Develop an SA3 Game after a game that is MENTIONED to be SA3! Sonic 06 is NOT the Sequel to SA2.
              Do you know what the word “Sequel” means? No?

              Definition of the word Sequel:

              1. Something that follows; a continuation.
              2. A literary, dramatic, or cinematic work whose narrative continues that of a preexisting work.
              3. A result or consequence. See Synonyms at effect.

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            1. It’s just a racing game. Doesn’t really matter if there is voice chat or not especially when screaming little kids will be around.

              1. Friend room like the wii version? We always used skype to race and it’s ever funner then without one. I guess, gamepad is truly gimmick. That mic is rarely used.

                1. Hopefully E3 will finally shed some light as to wether the u pad will stay a gimick or actually be put to use…

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