Sonic Lost World Producer Wants to Make More Unexpected Nintendo DLC

Takashi Iizuka, the producer behind Wii U and Nintendo 3DS exclusive Sonic Lost World, has revealed to 4Gamer that the team is now interested in creating more levels in partnership with Nintendo. Whether this is means more Zelda or Yoshi levels or utilising other Nintendo IP’s remains to be seen, but is interesting none the less.

“Sonic Lost World is a title that only released on Nintendo hardware, which is an opportunity that I couldn’t believe, collaborating together. This time, the appearance is interesting, as combining Sonic into such a world is extremely foreign, and I wanted to aim at the unexpected.”

“In normal production, the hardest part is building up the base of the game. Stages can normally be changed simply by variations, but this time, it was shaped to be a different experience on each stage of the DLC, which is why it took so long to complete.”

“The team says that the music, sound and songs of The Legend of Zelda were entertaining to try and re-create and is now interested in working on more levels that allow it to collaborate with Nintendo.”


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              1. No offense comander that was funny. I wouldnt want sonic to taint the metroid world though. They shamelessly already did to the legend of zelda world. Do kirby, donkey kong, mario. Anything else but metroid.

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        1. Your the commander… What’s your opinion on SEGA ripping off Nintendo’s franchises for their personal DLC?

          1. Consdiering they collaborated on that game I’d say it’s nice for them to convert to our cause…

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  1. Hey more DLC, means more levels which increases the value of Sonic Lost World so go for it. The next batch of DLC should be Mario with DKC. Or maybe Metroid and Star Fox. Or hell maybe even Pikmin and Kirby. But seriously. I think Mario deserves a full world set of levels (four) since he’s more iconic to Sonic as a rival.

    1. I can see this definitely happening given similar level design futuristic freeway settings sonic games have had.

  2. Even if they make purchasable DLC pack of Nintendo themed levels that would be awesome! What about having a Pokemon themed level, enemies could be Pokemon, it could be awesome

    1. They should do a Zone for the main Nintendo franchises and Robotnik could have a machine on each representing that game…

        1. And what’s your smartass?

          If you got a better idea, share it. Otherwise, cut the crap at sounding like a Republicunt politician bashing a Democrat idea and yet fail to give a better alternative.

  3. I honestly think the Nintendo DLC is the BEST part about Sonic Lost World. I played the Yoshi’s Island DLC and the Legend of Zelda DLC and they were the best stages…. pretty sad if you ask me, but still I loved every second of each level.

    Also, I finally took time out of my day to beat Sonic Lost World… it was “frustrating” to say the least. I think I game over’ed like 10 times (and you restart with 9 lives each time so you can see how many times I died…)

    The final Boss was stupidly annoying, but at the same time really lame and easy. The final Zavok fight was RIDICULOUS! I had to go online to figure out how to beat him, because they didn’t do a good job of telling you.

    1. Here I though the sonic lost world game would playable similar to this masterpiece imagine my disappointment playing the demo.

  4. The Zelda DLC was the only reason I booted the game again. I was terribly disappointed in the game, but the Zelda DLC was quite fun.

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