New Zelda Collector’s Puzzle Spotted, Pokemon And Zelda Monopoly Editions May Release August

zelda_collectors_puzzleUSAopoly announced two new Nintendo monopoly sets to launch alongside their catalogue of board games last month. The Pokemon and Zelda monopoly editions were due to launch in September, but may release earlier according to a new retail listing. Southern Hobby Supply has penned both sets to launch on August 21, though there has been no official confirmation from USAopoly.

Eagle-eyed reporters have also spotted a new Zelda Collector’s Puzzle, which is due for release on August 15, according to the same retailer. It’s thought that USAopoly will be manufacturing the puzzle, considering the company has produced the Super Mario Bros. U and Mario Party 9 collector’s puzzles in the past. A prototype image for the 550-piece Zelda puzzle can be seen above.


  1. Let’s be honest. Monopoly is a terrible game. They just keep redressing it with appealing themes and characters.


    1. Just cause you don’t like it doesn’t make it terrible. Nobody is making decent 4 player local multiplayer games anymore.. Monopoly however can hold the attention of 6 adults for 8 hours. Not many other games that can do that PERIOD.


  2. It is coming to Europe too, right? I want both the puzzle and board game in my collection! And two of both!


    1. It’s only been confirmed for the US at the moment, but the Nintendo Monopoly Board game by USAopoly was released here in the UK – can’t remember which retailers on the tip of my tongue though – so I’d assume it would be the same for Europe. If not, I’m sure importing from Amazon could be an option. :)


  3. wow today in my class graphic arts, i wanted to do a project on link and its supposed to be on a well known figure and I chose link and my teacher didn’t even know who he was I was like wtf thats like not knowing who mario is and even some people in ny class didn’t know so I had to change it :/ I’m now doing an N64


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