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Sakurai Says Super Smash Bros Direct Will Be “Worth The Wait”

Game director Masahiro Sakurai has reminded Super Smash Bros. fans over on Miiverse that the Nintendo Direct scheduled for later today will be “worth the wait”. Another Wii U screenshot joined his announcement on the Nintendo community boards, showing Pikachu climbing over the upgraded crates and gift box found within the game.

Sakurai says there will be plenty of new information in the Direct, but as expected he doesn’t drop any hints, though says it’s definitely not to be missed. We’ll be on hand to divulge all the new and juicy information, character reveals, or mechanical changes here on MNN as soon as it airs. You can catch the live stream from 3pm PT, 6pm ET or 11pm UK time and 12am CEST on the official Smash Bros. website or on the Nintendo website.


    1. I hate Final Fantasy 7, but that’s not my reason why he should be in, reason is, he doesn’t deserve it.

    1. Titanfall, best game 10/10 would buy again. GOTY!!!111!! Now let’s play Titanfall without titans AKA Col of duties!1!!

      1. Actually I’m having a lot of fun with second son. It will hold me over till mario kart comes out.

    2. Yeah..for next ten minutes realizing the hype was a waste knowing its only a COD clone with mech suits we’ve seen in many sci-fi adaptions already. Not to mention its $60 for one fucking mode and published by that damnation EA.

      So go have fun with another overhyped garbage. Even Ghosts is better than that shit.

  1. MAN, I never know if Pacific Time is an hour earlier or later than Mountain Time (which is where I am)? I know it was one way or the other when I tried watching a live E3 once. But I can’t remember?

    1. It’s earlier, so add 1 hour for your local time. I’m CST (central) and it’s +2.

    1. My thoughts exactly … WOW that looks a lot like a Companion Cube. Not EXACTLY, but … Wow.

      Now wouldn’t that be an Internet-Exploding reveal if somehow Chell was a playable character in Smash … which in turn would suggest some version of a Portal game was coming to a Nintendo Platform.

      There is probably only about a 00.9% chance of that happening, but still …

    1. And then Microsoft announces full DRM will return to Xbox One and fuck you wallets and your capitalism market freedom over by restricting you to resale games and monitor you and your consoles like parole officers treating you like a copyright criminal.

      And you think Nintendo is worse? lol

      1. …. I never said they were… also, if you did some research you’d know…. I HATE the Xbox One… just sayin

  2. This is box from Shenmue !!! When Ryo transport them in the harbor ! Ryo Hazuki is in this box !!!

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