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Zero Suit Samus And Sheik Join Smash Bros Wii U And 3DS Roster

Nintendo has today announced that veteran fighter Zero Suit Samus is joining the Smash Bros crew for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The company also revealed that Sheik will also be a playable character in the game. Super Smash Bros launches on Nintendo 3DS this summer and Wii U in the winter.


    1. The roster is still going…don’t think we have seen everyone. Probably 1 more “New” character for E3, but still got Jigglypuff, Ness, Captain Falcon, and Ganondorf to bring back.

  1. That’s stupid. They took away Transformations… Which really made Zelda a more balanced character. The more I hear, the more I say Wii U is doomed.

      1. And you do? Admits whatever you want but the game is starting to look rushed.

      2. Nothing looked rushed in this direct so idk what your definition of a rushed game is

        This smash has had the biggest development cycle so yea… its not

      3. Looks fine to me . If anything transformations were a hindrance. There are changes to all the characters so lets not jump to conclusions

      4. Rushed? 3 years in the making is rushed? While they are making yearly Assassin’s Creed and COD games. And this is rushed? Another ignorant/troll comment in My Nintendo News.

    1. Two very different movesets should not be forcefully conjoined. Taking Zero Suit Samus out of Samus and Sheik out of Zelda that they may be separate characters (because players are going to want to use only one or the other anyway) is a very wise move.

  2. english is not first language…
    samus… uhhh sexy… roster?
    samus its in red roster.
    i dont catch that… maybe i should go to sleep :-)

    1. I somewhat agree, it should have been playable…

      My only hope now is that Sylux is playable…

  3. YES Zero Suit Samus is back or what i would like to refer her to as, “The long lost twin sister of Virtua Fighter’s Sarah Bryant”. :p

  4. I always have a hard time picturing Zero Suit Samus being the same person as regular Samus. She’s too……..uh, hot. Hehe. *sigh* I need a girlfriend. Oh the shame.

      1. You have a candidate right here who tops tops…


  5. I swear I once read a statement from Nintendo that Samus was never intended to be a sex object. Looking at Zero Suit Samus’ new look, it seems they just couldn’t help themselves. Sure, her jumpsuit no longer has SEPARATE POCKETS for each breast, but at the cost of making them larger, and having the appearance of bursting out of her suit, and making her suit extra shiny so you will not miss the passing of a single curvature. Assdammit, Salem (unofficial best Zero Suit Samus user in the world) shouldn’t be able to win THAT way!

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