Ubisoft Site Says Watch Dogs Wii U Should Arrive By Fall 2014

Ubisoft’s North American Uplay Store states that the eagerly anticipated Watch Dogs for Wii U should arrive on the console sometime during Fall 2014. Watch Dogs was delayed so the team could concentrate their efforts on the other platforms. The game is still due to come out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and PC, on May 27th.

Thanks to those who sent this in.


    1. Yeah, pretty much anyone who own multiples consoles, will be doing that. If its that long, I will be surprised if it sells anything.

      1. Well I don’t know about you guys, but I’m buying this day one for my Wii U. I’ve bought AC3, AC4, and Rayman on my Wii U as well.

        Even though the delay sucks, I think that this is the ideal time slot to release the game on the Wii U. We don’t have solid release windows for games during the Fall.

        Developers are overlooking the fact that Wii U owners will be in the market for brand new games in between big Nintendo exclusives.

        1. Do you own multiple consoles though? if so, you are in the minority, Ubi fucked up by pushing the date on the Wii U version so far back, at the very least they should offer some exclusive DLC. Moves like these are the reason why the Wii U version of games dont sell as well as the others.

              1. some major ubisoft game has not sold well this year though. Not splinter cell nor rayman. And that’s multiconsole.

        2. I bought AC3/4 On the wii u too, only cos they came out the same time as the other platforms tho. I would of secured watch dogs for the WII u otherwise

        1. Kinect is far worse and pointless from day one last gen in a desparate effort to overshadow Wii’s Motion controls and even ripped off the PSEye mostly.

  1. Dont buy the weak U version its the worst of all plattforms and run like dogshit better buy watch dogs on PcMastaRace420BlazeItfegitz #NintendronesExposedLikeAlways

    1. Your logic… is kind of retarded… how can the Nintendo fans be “Exposed” if most of them are glad that it’s finally getting a release date… Personally, I’ll be buying it on Wii U, PS4 and PC, mainly because I do reviews and I want to see the game in many different angles.

      Wii U – For it’s unique gamepad gameplay
      PS4 – For it’s interesting implementation of the Vita
      PC – For the graphics

      So you’re basically a species below me, PC Pleb. Bow down to me, the Gamer God, we don’t bash over systems just for the “Lolz”. Repent your plebeian ways and join us… or else you’ll miss out on a lot of unique experiences.

      1. you’re going to be playing the same mediocre game 3 fucking times to “review” them, and you’re calling someone else a pleb

        nice going

        1. People do that just to make sure everyone is getting their money’s worth…so Icejudge is (as always) wrong, and this guy is kinda on par with the gaming community…in a way, he’s just like Shokio. But he is also wrong too for calling him a pleb.

            1. And you can’t even take reality as it is that people double or triple dip as means to make awareness for consumers to know what they’re buying and what to expect of the product.

              Grow a fucking conscious before looking like a retarded ape going mad because they can’t have a banana.

        2. Also, how do you know the game is going to be “Mediocre” if it hasn’t been released yet? I’m guessing your butt is burning from all the hurt.

    2. Ya only it well run better then the 360 and ps3 version, and the game pad support is why I’m thinking about the game in the first place. Without it, it would a glorified GTA

  2. This will sell poorly, but you’ve got to like that it’s still coming out on the system.

    Might have to check it out.

    1. Does it really matter if the game sells poorly? I’d rather have 3rd party support.

      If the game sells poorly, then blame Ubisoft for the delay in the game and 2) for 3rd party not putting enough effort in.

            1. #In5YearsOfForcingKinectBundles

              Unless Microsoft grows back their missing brain cell to figure out Kinect aas and always will be a FLOP, expect XBetamax DOne to be in 3rd place just like 360.

            1. …All XBetamax got is Forza 5 (same shit as 4), Deadrising 3 (won’t be an exclusive for long) and Titan of Duty (Titanfall) an overrated, overpriced, single player-story-less COD clone by Infamous EA, the star cancer of the gaming world who destroy and corrupt any gaming community, any fanbase, any games and studios they touch.

              Xbox One is better with bits of DRM left over and more coming back with a new layer of skin on top to fool you morons and forcing a failed NSA Spycam with useless voice command and…TV..? You have Stockholm Syndrome.

      1. It does matter. Games selling poorly is why 3rd party doesn’t release for Wii U.

        Nobody should buy a game if it’s sub-par or not enough effort put in, as you say.

        But boycotting a title based on a delay is ridiculous.

        Ultimately, they had to make a choice on where to put their immediate efforts. The Wii U didn’t make economic sense. Honestly, putting it on the Wii U at all doesn’t make economic sense, but it’s good for branding and it’s good for fans on the Wii U, and when launching a new IP, getting as much exposure as possible is always good.

        1. I chose to believe the dedicated team customizing the game pad experience will do a good job, and that if it doesn’t sell, it’s Nintendo’s fault for the poor reputation, and the Fan’s fault for not buying the game.

          1. Not my fault seeing how I’m getting it on Wii U, PS4 and PC for many different reasons… I know… being a Gamer God is hard work

            1. I wouldn’t call that a god. There’s too many unique gaming experiences, let alone other things to do in life, than to want to play the same game three times.

              1. Same game three times but three different experiences, PC has the superior graphics, PS4 has the unique Vita integration and the Wii U has the gamepad gameplay, I would get it on Xbox One but it was too similar to the PS4 version in terms of use (because you can use Smart Glass to do the same thing as the vita) plus, I prefer the PlayStation platform.

                That and I like to promote more devs to come to the Wii U than just running away from it.

                1. Did anyone tell you that we don’t care what platforms are you buying your games for, also, did anyone tell you that if you’re planing to play 3 versions of the game for different platforms and pay for them, you need to find yourself something to do in your life?

          2. I wouldn’t fully blame nintendo I kinda throw book at the fans more then anyone from time to time, but nintendo is to blame for the awful marketing of the wii u

          3. That’s just stupid, Nintendo has had nothing to do with the game, if ubi soft has gained a certain bad rep, it’s because they have shown a lack of confidence in the Wii U, and the games they put on the Wii U, by saying that they’ll put their efforts on the other versions first to polish those, and then worry about the WIi U later(in other words it’s become an after thought) it shows a lack of confidence in that version. When they released that comment I immediately was turned away from the game, especially since the Wii U version was the one I was interested in, and while I do have an xbox and a PS, I won’t be getting them for either consoles, and it’s because of the unfair treatment Ubisoft has been giving the Wii U.
            The fan’s aren’t to blame either, why would they spend their money on a product that has now the image of an after thought, or have a chance of it being gimped(like Blacklist, and Assassins Creed 4).
            In this case it is Ubisofts fault entirely for the rep, that they themselves have created.

        2. “The Wii U didn’t make economic sense” What does that even mean?

          I hardly call X1 and PS4 economic sense, they’re not even BC!

          1. He is sayin that puttin watch dogs to WiiU doesnt make economical sense which i agree with tbh. And Ps4/One seem to do more economical sense than WiiU because they are gettin large library of games from 3rd parties add their own exclusives to list and you have lots of games to play, WiiU just has Nintendo exclusives and lets be honest we buy new systems for new games not for playin old games. I like WiiU but unless Nintendo does somethin to get more support i cant say its more better than Ps4/One

          1. you do realize that masking your name/picture doesn’t really work when your youtube channel picture is the same as your picture on here?
            funny to see you’re self conscious about this however…

              1. Saw a couple of his other vids and he really is some 15 black year old kid…lol he has a a couple of rant vids bashing wiiu and 3ds games, you should really stay in school kid and stop wasting time on the internet..

        1. Says the one who still lacks a penny to his dumbass name for an outdated Xbox 360 with Red Ring.

          How is it their fault for Ubisoft to pull another BS Rayman delay deja vu on Wii U Watchdogs when they have tried that before expecting better results for PS3/360 to sell better than Wii U? And guess what, it didnt plus Wii U still sold more and was named the definitive version and why? Because of GTA5. Its was both beyond stupid and dick move for putting off a completed Wii U game for other over nothing by releasing the delayed game too close to another anticipated game lauch from the same platforms they think they’re gonna see better sales from.

          Get the picture of why Wii U fans are pissed off and turning away now moron? Third parties still insist on doing this BS routine to sabotage Nintendo’s 3rd Party support credibility and Wii U’s reputation. They’re too cheap and chickenshit to take a dive and actually work to make Wii U 3rd party games fly but instead take the easy way out with PS4/One’s x86 architecture (which is much older tech than Wii U’s custom and efficient PowerPC) that these drones hate to work on Wii U because it takes more effort and that means they’re fucking lazy and wanna feed BS after BS to hide that truth. Nothing’s wrong with Wii U’s tech and low 3rd party sales aren’t mostly the fault of consumers. Its those lazy motherfuckers who hate to work and take risks that are more than assuring than they think.

          Get your bum ass out of that fucking couch and desktop chair while drinking the usual koolaid from the pathetic and get outside to explore what true reality is lie. You wanna continue living in fantasies of lies like that which made you sound nothing more than a stupid ass drone eating up any crap these companies wanna feed you for your wallet? That’s your loss.

    1. But good luck to Ubiliars of selling this Rayman delayed Deja vu BS all over again.

      Because I ain’t buying it. WTF they turn down a 3 day window opportunity of releasing this game for Wii U to compete its next huge game Mario Kart 8? I would’ve bought both anyway and maybe forgive Ubisoft after what they did to Wii U with Rayman. But this is now becoming apparent that Ubisoft is the next BS-ing Wii U 3rd party to go on my shitlist and I ain’t wasting another dime for their ass to continue pulling this off for the next Wii U game and then another after that.

      When its on sale for pre owned, I would pick it up knowing that money won’t be going to their pockets.

  3. Well then I expect a game just as good as the other platforms. If they fail to deliver then Ubisoft are just plain stupid.

      1. But the hardware is weaking you fucking idiot.

        Do you know anything about its hardware or are you just some 15 year old kid?

          1. If he is damage controlling and being butthurt…. then why do you keep replying to him?

            You must be getting annoyed by him if you wish to continue arguing with him.

          2. “But the hardware is weaking you fucking idiot.

            Do you know anything about its hardware or are you just some 15 year old kid?”


            Here’s your sign…by the way icejudge, you forgot a hashtag.


            There you go, and I’ll pin it on your shirt.

      2. nintendo fucked soo hard that even kids and teens would buy an xbox one over wiiu any day. most people in my school dream just to own a ps4 or xbox one and really want. what does wiiu offer……nothing innovative but same old mario,zelda and pokemon.

        1. Sir….
          Ahem, sorry, your young.
          Little boy, can you please sit down and have an intelligent conversation instead of attempting to piss people off and fail only to make yourself more pissed off than the people you are trying to piss off?

      3. x86 (PS4/One): 11 year older computer architecture than PowerPC (Wii U)

        Tell me again which of these consoles is actually inferior?

    1. Yes, but if Ubisoft DOES deliver, and people don’t buy it, then Nintendo and it’s fans failed, and Ubisoft is justified in not pumping money into games on our system. I loved ZombiU. Rayman was High quality. They claim they are dedicating a team to build a great WiiU version. If it doesn’t sell, I’m siding with Ubisoft. They’ve given me a reason to play my WiiU. (I’m not a Mario or DK fan)

      1. I will believe that when I see it. Right now, Ubisoft need to learn to optimise the games. At the moment we’re getting nothing but buggy ports. If Watchdogs is like that, then I won’t be getting this.

        So for me, they’ve got to make this work, otherwise my faith in Ubi will plummet faster than an anvil falling out the sky.

            1. Even then, eventually every object hits terminal velocity!
              WiiU can’t fall any faster at this point!

        1. You just called some of my favorite games buggy ports you fuck’in bastard!! D:<
          (ok. You're just a regular bastard ;) )

      2. I’ve bought zombiu(not a bad game but melee was horrible, and no online multiplayer) actually liked it, and I have rayman legends as well. Only game i didn’t buy from ubisoft was spliter cell, never cared for the series. I’ll most likely get watch dogs, if it does cool things with gamepad. Pikmin 3, smash bros,zelda, wonderful 101 and mario kart is why I got my wii u

        1. Granted, splinter cell launched with shit online (so I read, I never played online much) but campaign mode was fantastic (if you’re a fan.) So that was another +1 from Ubi I bought and enjoyed. :D

      3. nintendrones will pay $60 for a quick cash grab nintendo rehash but not for a innovative third party game. third parties dev cant compete nintendo rehashes.

            1. oh yes those people i love.. actually making *videos* about completely irrelevant crap and flooding the internet with that junk
              just so you can “give it” to some idiotic fanboys? really?

              i can’t decide which is more pathetic.. being a fanboy of one or the other manufacturer or .. this

              1. thinking about it again there’s a distinct possibility you’re actually guilty of both
                so i guess i won’t have to decide

        1. So what’s so innovative about the same gameplay as every previous incarnation of Splinter Cell, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, etc? Not that this is a bad thing, to be honest. I like it when some game series stick with the same gameplay as previous incarnations.

      4. Guess you obviously missed the “countless 3rd party delays, gimps and late ports” Nintendo fans have been feed instead of legit and fair quality games.

        You still blame the consumers for their deliberately shortsighted decisions that ONLY happens towards Nintendo side?

        1. And even if it truly is our fault, GOOD!! I’ll be happy in the fact knowing I helped run off another 3rd party for their bullshit treatment of Wii U! Good riddance, & they can join EA on the 3rd party shitlist. Besides, a used game of Watch_Dogs for Wii U will most likely be cheaper anyway.

  4. i’ll mark that in my calendar right no… oh wait, i won’t

    by this point they might aswell not bother to release it at all because hardly anyone will actually wait til fall…

    1. rayman wasn’t released on other platforms first though

      and rayman still failed to sell well.. but for other reasons
      but the guys at ubisoft simply love to make questionable, and often outright stupid, business decisions

          1. The only thing that Rayman delay and late release proved was how fucking Stupid Ubisoft was for delaying and then releasing the game too close to GTA5 which explained why it failed in those intended platforms and thanks to Wii U version selling more despite the delay pissing off Wii U gamers, further showed their Wii U underestimation was dead wrong. But this game just solidify the facts that Ubisoft has gone off the deepest end of making the same mistake twice but deliberately destroy whatever’s left of Wii U’s 3rd party trust just as means to stop making games for the platform for clearly dumbass backwards reasons.

  5. That’s good, the PC and PS4 versions will keep me occupied until then. Who knows, maybe the Wii U version will turn out to be the definitive version like Rayman Legends.

    1. I highly doubt that and at this point, anyone wouldn’t care since all platforms have their game while Wii U is shoved so far to the backseat of the gaming world that its fucking depressing and frustrating at the same time. No Wii U owner besides soft dimwits who would be so dumb enough to forgive Ubisoft delaying another game (probably already completed like Rayman for all we know) they wish to have an equal.opportunity to enjoy like everyone else.

      I’m so done with Ubisoft after this. They just fucked up their last chance to redeem for forgiveness out of me and millions of others.

  6. I’ve already changed my order to PS4. If the Wii U port is good enough I might get it when it’s in a sale this time next year on the eshop

  7. I’ll buy it since almost all the other Wii U games I had are from ubisoft (zombiU, splinter cell black list, assassin’s creed 3 and 4) i’ve been waiting for this game since what the end of 2012. And i’ll still support ubisoft especially since there will be more buyers in the wii u by the time mario kart 8 comes out. So i hope more people buy it.

  8. Its sad that Nintendo fanboys are hatin the only decent supporter of WiiU besides Nintendo just because they get their game little bit later, i mean would it be better to not get the game at all? Fuckin fanboys lack common sense

    1. Yeah haha fan boys do definitely lack common sense.

      it would have never sold even if it came out on time with the same features as every other version. just accept that nintendo fan boys are dumb, (all fan boys, but nintendo fan boys take that spot right now by far) ive stupefied at least 30 grown ass men of off one video haha and not surprisingly…… they were all nitendo fans.

      also i’ve stupefied over half this website thinking that i got banned haha!!
      sometimes it hurts.

      1. You should go crawl back to your YouTube account… oh wait they don’t even care about you there either. i have seen your “reviews” on your videos, they suck just like you…

          1. Ice, Although we don’t usually meet eye to eye, you have a valid argument against anyone who wants to challenge your YouTube.
            You showed your face and that takes balls. A worthy challenger would do the same. And it might just be me >:D

            1. Not only that, but it seems he’s back to his old self…glad he is too…I’m seeing better talk out of him even though its against Nintendo…I wonder if zeama made any reviews about the other systems.

            2. Actually Jaded that’s a really good point and that reminds me of a business proposal for you I’ve been throwing around. I remember all your old reviews of games on swapnote and I thought they were pretty good. What I had in mind was that you and I could open up a youtube account and maybe get Michael in on this and do video game reviews and commentary on news articles. Nothing too serious but just something fun. If it all possible we could could skype or use google+ to communicate.

            3. if you do please don’t make a fool of yourself like isreal slayten did in that video response. haha it was sooo funny.

              if anybody wants to make a video response think twice before i embarrass you. the only reason im here because i made a video about the whole point of the video and how people on this website pretty much got mind fucked by me haha. i did that and put a certain obsessive user from this site in a good part of the video, backing up my claims with facts and everything. if i put it up he will be destroyed, look like a loser, and he won’t be able to show his face here anymore.

              unlike him though, im not a loser, so ive been thinking about not posting it just not to destroy his possibly only life (nintendo and this website) im not kidding either about this, he will get the living shit exposed out of him and sadly it will probably destroy his life, so ive been thinking if i should post it here, publicly embarrass him, i ask for a video response, to show his face, no bullshit so everybody can see it.

              don’t know but if any further bullshit occurs i will post it.

    2. what i’m criticising, is that they’re delaying it only on the wii u and when all is said and done i’m almost certain they’ll, once again, complain about the terrible sales on that platform
      in that case it might actually be better if they didn’t release it at all.. not for the gamers of course, but for the already damaged image of the wii u

      if i didn’t know any better then i’d think this is just a strategy to get their foot out of the door that is wii u support, without pissing off even more people

      but maybe i actually don’t know any better
      guess we’ll see this time next year if there’ll be any more games by ubisoft on the wii u

    3. Yes. Decent is the right word for Ubisoft. They support the Wii U… by not fully supporting it. So yes. Decent is definitely the right word.

    1. Pikmin 3, Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World, Rayman, do we have to explain your dumbass again that you’re clearly wrong.

  9. I can wait, until its sold for -50% on steam.
    And by the time Wii U version is out, it most probably has been.

  10. Once again, Ubisoft delayed a possibly completed Wii U port of another anticipated game without much explanation besides putting it aside for every other consoles, then stupidly believe Wii U version will sell after so many Nintendo 3rd party ports being gimped or delayed and then gimped pissed the majority of fans off to no end and of course use that as their ONLY BEST EXCUSE to cease Wii U support even on 3DS despite that system selling off like crazy.

    And guess what else? Morons believe Wii U’s power is pathetic just by only looking at its book cover (ever heard of that old saying before) when the opposite of that truth is 3rd parties have proven to have gotten lazy and only side with PS4/One because its easier to program or in this case, “rush” games for easy money plus fooling people to think its raw power is unmatched when its actually using older and more demanding tech than PowerPC which proven to be as sufficient and ecomonical.

    To them, there’s no such thing as “hard work” or “creativity” in them anymore and all ya care about is endless spawns of mediocre shooters and hollywood-like interactive movies.

    Doesn’t matter. This game now means nothing to me and I’ll only get it when its super cheap and used so that Ubisoft won’t be seeing my money for treating Wii U gamers and Nintendo like dogshit over a quick minute estimating judgement call from their other lazy ass and greedy friends from EA or Capcom.

    By the end of this year, its not gonna be about Watchdogs anymore since Smash Bros. 4 is coming to fuck shit up and bring Wii U back to its respectable form plus Mario Kart 8 rising to take Watchdogs out anyway.

    1. even when devs worked with wiiu , you nintendrones didnt even buy their games. the drones bought a nintendo rehash over innovative third party games. why would dev want to compete against nintendo kiddy rehashes.

      1. “innovative third party games”
        You love to play button mash Naruto games.

      2. Oh wait I’m sorry, maybe I was being to general. Technically some third party games are innovative, too bad you play the ones that are part of the latter of unoriginality.

      3. …you’re an idiot. What part of “3rd parties always gimping, porting 1-2 year old titles and delaying games without even trying before the after thought thus pissing off fans consistently” didn’t you get?

  11. nintendo will not be reserated nintendo will not be born again iwata is going to leave nintendo nintendo is not the way to god or the way to mankind nintendo is died and was beried and not coming back

          1. Your the only “seemingly anti-Nintendo” person that argues with logic here with actually legit arguments. I wonder why sasori can’t do the same and have a civil conversation.

            1. Haven’t said anything negative on this topic. Also, look at the top of the comment section.

  12. I live in Chicago and I am looking forward to a digital playground version of our city – but if the Wii U version makes innovative use of the Gamepad, it will be worth the wait.

  13. i would love to buy watch dogs for wiiu but cant because i need money for an xbox 360 with 10 games and 120gb hard drive.

    1. Don’t forget to buy a fire alarm. One that detects carbon monoxide and bullshit is safest!

    2. …dumbass hypocrite EXPOSED.

      Hate a console that never caused any major problems and wantes to go for another consolw that does cause problems but openly said it wanted a Wii U game? lol Double Standards are great isn’t it?

  14. This was a wise move by Ubisoft, it is actually greater for us a Nintendo gamers. After Mario Kart 8 has boosted WiiU sales even more, Ubisoft might actually be pursuaded to add extra features on the WiiU game pad. guess what we might receive DLC for free. Am I one of the few that sees the goodness in this :).

    1. I see you reasoning, and I won’t deny that it’s logical.

      When MK8 is out and boosts sales, people might say “Oh this is awesome, I know Watchdogs is out, so Wii U would be great to play it on!”

      I definitely would be like that.

      1. I’m not disagreeing with you, but let’s not “jinx” ourselves… We HAVE kinda been saying that with every 1st party release and only saw temporary spikes.

        I do think with online play, there is a chance. :)

        1. Temporary spikes is what I’ve always said though so on my part, I’m always right…

    2. No it won’t help itself or Wii U sales anyway. Why you ask? The logic is so damn simple: EVERY CONSOLE ALREADY HAS THE GAME. So when Wii U gets it, not only it’ll be an after thought but Wii U owners will be busying playing Mario Kart 8 and also are royally pissed at Ubisoft pulling off another Rayman delay stunt with an opposite effect.

      So you still think these idiots doing this is a wise idea or that it’ll guarantee adequate sales on Wii U’s part or is it gonna obviously fail and then you’ll hear these backward minded fuckers , once again, blame Wii U consumers and Nintendo for its own stupid ass mistake done twice?

      1. If you’d like to leave your name, phone number and social media tag, He will be happy to … have all of us stalk you. ;D

        1. I don’t remember ever appointing you as my secretary…

          Oh well , appointed you are then…


  15. I hope it will be a good game, but even then it might not be good enough for me…I havent bought splinter cell U yet although its apparently a great game and pretty cheap. Same goes for all other Ubi games except for ZombiU and Rayman. I guess I’m just not into third party games if they arent universially praised master pieces like RE4 or Deus Ex HR, which I found on par with Nintendos best offerings :/

  16. Who cares i’ll be playing Smash Bros. You know you could always buy it on another platform if you’re really that eager to get hold of it.

    1. Thats sort of inevitable the wii u version I said to look closer to the 360/ps3 then the one/ps4 and its cute some people have faith in the gameplay as a game changer fir watchdogs…..they put wii u on the backburner to focus on the versions they feel will sell…thats the truth.

  17. LOL
    everybody who has a second console buys it on that one.
    ubisofts is wondering, why the game dosent sell on U.
    because almost everybod has finished the game before it comes to the U.

  18. Wow ubisoft really wants to hurt themselves, by the time watch dogs come out on wii u i’ll want a newer game. I refuse to buy any ubisoft game but assassin creed because of their poor support to Wii U.

    1. I love when our enemies are traitors hurts themselves…

      I will only buy ZombiU from them because it was a game that was developed prior to their betrayal and it would only cost me 5 euros…

        1. yea yea yea excuses from a nintendrone. i can simplify your statement:
          whaa whaa wii u has no games so i have to get the only third party game ever made for it

          1. I will only buy ZombiU becuase it interested me long before the Wii U was even out…

  19. What a shame. IMO the Wii U version could’ve been the best due to the gamepad. This insane delay guarantees it wont sell.

    1. Amen. I’m tired of these assholes putting Wii U aside thinking its irrevelant for making money and fans when they don’t even try hard enough. To them now siding with PS4/One, its all about the easy way out for profir instead of dedicated work to make a lasting good impression that’ll score them more money and fame. But fuck it. Let them be greedy and stupid thinking taking shortcuts is gonna help them survive.

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