It Looks As Though Diddy Kong Has Been Confirmed For Mario Kart 8


It looks as though the Official Spanish Nintendo Magazine has revealed that Diddy Kong will be joining the party in Mario Kart 8. The official scan was posted as a preview of this month’s magazine. Nintendo has yet to confirm Diddy Kong’s inclusion in the game.

Thanks, Miles and Teenchampion

Update: Diddy Kong Unconfirmed for Mario Kart 8


    1. …. Stop it…. my heart can’t take much more excitement… though that would be awesome if they announced that game at E3 this year :D Watch the sales go through the roof.

      1. Oh yeah. Wii U just got itself a holy grail that’ll more than likely turn itself around. Now if Nintenfo plays its cards right offering a MK8 bundle and other exclusive perks for all nations on launch day, it’ll shit on any chance PS4/DOne has to take the month of May and June in sales anywhere. :)

      2. If they make a Mario Kart 8 bundle, likely I’ll buy that one…

      3. True, though I still think PS4 will be slightly a head but by say 0.03 units seeing how Watch_Dogs is out next month on PS4 and other consoles (Excluding the Wii U until Fall 2014).

      4. nintendo didnt even add voice chat or an achievement sysyem to wii u. why would anyone buy game at this uhhhhmm to play another mario kart?

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      7. why does xbox fanboys and sony fanboys have to do with nintendo being lazy, making have asssed retarded decisions and failing soo hard with wii u?

      8. Oh the irony!! You’re the one creating videos on youtube bitching about Nintendo XD

        Also, you look like a typical 12 year old CoD player XD

      9. Explains why the Xbox One is failing in terms of sales and games… Trails Fusion is only in 900p and it isn’t graphically intensive… to the Xbox One it’s like Crysis 3 all over again… have fun with your overpriced DVR ;)

      10. Would you like to have your very own Encyclopedia Dramatica article? You make a very good lolcow.

        He looks like a mix between a 12 year old CoD player and BlackB0ndage XD

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      15. He’s got plenty of that on his face so I think he’s already got that covered. lol

      16. racism of nintendo fans lol. yep as of jan 15th 2014 i stopped being a nintendo fan or nintendo fanboy all together. am just a wii u owner lust like nintendron puppets. you will one day stop being nintenpuppets and move on just like me, i get better gaming console from sony and microsoft. throughout 7th gen was stuck nintendo hardware even the beginning of this gen. am done with being stuck nintendo consoles and watch gameplay vids of gta v and other vids because there barley no third party games.
        this nonsense needs to end especially the rehashing and milking mario games.

        these dumb nintendo decisions need to end and go focus back into competing against sony and microsoft and steam.
        need changed gaming from the 7th gen and has become a joke to the whole industry. i cant even believe as was even a nintendo fanboy. no wounder most of friends laughed at me and were woundering why a haven’t swtiched away from nintendo. everyone knew was going to suck back in 2011 expect N-dub nation and nintendo fanboys. now it april in 2014, and were where all features that should be on wii u?

      17. sasori or whatever your nickname is, do you think you dereve our respect, when you came here to troll, sorry man, but you are an idiot.

      18. The N-dub Nation was a republic, now it’s time for the empire…

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      24. You only increase my power…

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      25. You’ve already exposed yourself, seeing how you still own a Wii U yet you keep trolling people… Also, I’m not going to be racist here but… why is it that the only people starting flame wars now a days are African American?

        BlackB0nd, Hard8, BrokenGamez, Drtre, RXL and you.

        Is it something you guys hate about gaming in general? I just see it more from you guys for some reason… that and most of you are social rejects for going around the internet and finding something to bitch about a company just for teh lolz.

      26. Another chance to play Mario Kart? Well, yes… it’s called a sequel. Don’t know if you’re familiar with the concept, but Battlefield 4, Need for Speed Rivals, Killzone: Shadows Fall and Splinter Cell: Blacklist are also all another chance to play their respective series. I also don’t consider achievements a selling point. Sure, they can be a *little* bit of fun, but ultimately they’re just minor padding.

      27. This guy gets it. Achievements don’t make or break a game, and it’s been 6 years since we got a console Mario Kart. I think we’re allowed to be excited.

      28. I would im super hyped for mario kart an beating as many players online will be my achievement
        Then there is super smash and im preatty sure it has achivements getting all those trophys and what if i remembered right that game had achivements since super smash melee not sure on super smash on N64

      29. I have a wii u. But I agree with you. Seems like a waste playing games if I can’t chat over it while playing with my peers, or replaying it over game since achievements gives the option to play a game over again, plus its fucking fun.

      30. Yes, because hearing a kids screaming in your face while some guy like you jerks off and makes weird noises over the mic is AWESOME… Also, again you call people “Social Rejects”… yet you care more about Achievements are nothing more than a way for lazy developers to make the game seem longer than it is…

        Sorry but we don’t serve Social Rejects here, please come back when you’ve watched a REAL anime and try playing games for FUN.

      31. A world where achievements are a big deal is a world where gaming loses meaning.

      32. Actually, there is voice chat (just not cross game, however mk8 has in-lobby chat) and instead of an achievement system, there are objectives to collect in game, such as stars on grand prix.

      33. Oh hell yeah the sales on this game is going to skyrocket ! The same with Super Mario Bros Brawl for WII U and 3DS ain’t going to be able to find them when you do the prices are going to be worse than the launch prices!! I paid for my copies already

      1. Grow up. Those that try to prove their masculinity at great lengths are clearly far from masculine and are just immature kids or immature kids stuck in a grown man’s body. Do you feel like a man playing violent video games with blood, body parts, & insides flying all over the place while there is a cuss word getting said every sentence? lol Those games say for more mature audiences but most of the people that care for only those types of games are clearly far from being mature people.

      1. I am hopeful for your return. One of the new tracks has that unmistakable skull as an opening to a cave.

  1. Has Lakitu been seen previously either? He has playable in 7 but this is the first I’ve seen of him in 8.

  2. I can’t wait. Diddy was fun to play as in Mario Kart Wii, and I’d love to see how he looks in HD with fur effects (Smash Bros didn’t really do Diddy in the same fashion as they did DK)

      1. Planes, hovercrafts and Cars.. Also, Diddy Kong Racing was a more different from Mario Kart seeing how it had a story mode.

      2. DKC was more badass than ay Mario Kart can hope for! Sonic Racing transformed is the only Kart game that comes close to it. Its sad that Nintendo chooses the easy way out and puts Diddy to Mario Kart when he definately deserves his own Kart game. If you owned DKC on N64 no one gave two shits about MarioKart and thats a fact.

      3. DKR was the better of the two racing games on the 64, but the biggest issue working against a future title is Rare being owned by Microsoft. If that hadn’t happened, and Donkey Kong Racing had become a thing on the GameCube there might have been a shot at longevity.

      4. Same thing MK8 now has besides the story which for a racing game is irrelevant. Remember Need for Speed Undercover? Nobody cared about it and now they’re doing a movie which is a waste of time.

      5. And it looks boring too…

        I’d rather watch The Fast and Furious again…

      6. I rather watch that Seizure inducing Speed Racer and get a case of seizure.

      7. I like Speed Racer though…

        The music could have had real racing music though…

  3. I thought Diddy was already confirmed for this game? Unless I’m thinking of the new Smash Bros.? Speaking of Smash Bros., wouldn’t it be awesome if the Mario Kart series had an all-star cast as well? I always wondered why Nintendo never made any other games with an all-star cast? Unless they wanted to keep that an exclusive Smash Bros. thing. Personally, I always wanted an all-star RPG similar to the original Super Mario RPG. It would be SO awesome playing an RPG with all Nintendo characters in it. It would be like Kingdom Hearts, only with Nintendo characters instead of Disney. MAN, I’m way off the topic here.

    1. I agree 100%. An action/adventure RPG game with the all-star cast of Nintendo, that would go down in gaming history.

      1. If this kind of game came to be, Link & Samus would become permanent party members as soon as I unlock them if they aren’t tied to a specific world or level.

  4. Good to see that Diddy can do his racin in Mk8 although a new Diddy Kong Racing would be more killer than any Mario Kart.

      1. There’s a rumor going around saying he might actually be in the Next Super Smash Bros. game.

      2. I HOPE PAC-MAN IS IN THE NEW SMASH BROS. That’s the final character I was hoping for. Mega Man was one, and I got my wish. Now if Pac-Man is revealed, I’ll have both characters I wanted. And Pac-Man is a Namco/Bandai character. And Namco/Bandai is working on the new Smash Bros. So the chance of him being included have never been higher. *crosses fingers*

      3. If he is, they should never ever betray our empire…

  5. This has the potential to outdo even Mario Kart 7. Definitely anticimapating!

    Too bad they had to keep Metal Mario though. The fastest way to tell is someone is a douchebag is if they main MM.

  6. really nintendo… mario kart 8? does mario kart 8 have achievement system or voice chat? why are you depening on a mario game to save your console? at this point i dont really care about mario kart 8 even thou i own a wii u.

    1. You clearly haven’t seen the graphics or the track design, or you’re being a troll, either is possible

      1. He’s a fucking idiot for life since his junkie parents dropped him. Calling Wii U last gen garbage and yet wants an Xbox with ripoff live online play and Red Ring of Death with any generic realism third or first person shooter game #572.

        Achievement system? Who gives a shit besides dumbass tards like him?

        Voice Chat? That’s uncertain in Mario Kart 8 ATM.

      1. you could get stuff from achievements. achievement system are extra task you could do to show off your skills.

      2. Those easy ass achievements are just to make yourself look (NOT BE) pretty like if anybody in Live, Nintendo Network or PSN has the time to look at to give a damn and no you CANNOT use achievements for anything beside wasting time.

        Stop making achievement systems look like its important for any form of gameplay or games itself when its not even being put to use other than showing it off to a peanut gallery like an ass.

      3. achievements are important because they add value to a game. since theres no achievements for this barebonre 2014 racing game , am not buying it.

      4. Dumbass, what value does it offer? Nobody but morons like you on this planets cares about it nor buy any games for virtual achievements that not a damn living soul would care about.

        Cut the crap. Achievements are just as pointless as Kinect.

      5. Yeah I am aware of that…and the only thing I got from the achievements was a dam 360 controller, Why the fuck do I need a controller when I had 2 in the first place…again the achievements don’t give you much shit…so fuck the achievement system…

      6. I know. Its pointless. How I define true achievements is recording your gameplay and literally do the near impossible tasks. That’s achievement. Getting trophies or metals for just launching a noob tube and kill 2-4 guys at once is NOT achievement.

      7. its an achievement task going to you to complete. so yes its an achievement and also an an extra mission.

      8. Of course his stupid ass mind is gonna say he enjoys playing COD for virtual achievements which means nothing.

      9. what”Of course his stupid ass mind is gonna say he enjoys playing COD for virtual achievements which means nothing.” what does cod have to do with this. yep typical nintendo fanboy just mention cod just to damage controll everytime. achievements add more hours too a game and super mario 3d world and nintendo land need achievement system.

      10. Again with the achievements arguement that failed as many times as your ass was dropped on you head and dick..scratch that last part, I bet your junkie mother snipped it off by “accident”

      11. Jesus Christ you’re still going about pointless virtual victory points which you can’t do shit with or unlock anything else. STFU please and BTW, next you do a video of your ugly ass, put a bag over your head for the love of Christ.

      12. your achievement system is a compelling feature and may even motivate u people to finally start buyng third party games. achievement system really needs to have that feature. looks act sony,microsoft and steam… they all added achievement system. you do you people think that anything non nintendo is hell fire while you drones think miyamoto,iwata and reggie are gods. the nintendo mind control from you fanboys.

      13. Buddy, if you don’t like Mario Kart that’s fine, but you can’t say achievement systems sell games. You buy a game because of the content. By what you’re saying, NASCAR 08 is a better game than Mario Kart because you can earn achievements. Just because it has no trophies doesn’t make it a terrible game by default. You’d be vastly underestimating Nintendo by that judgment.

      14. i have been playing mario since gcn and i wanted achievement system on wii u since i had these console summer 2013. if there no achievement system , am not buying game and i wont be buying other nintendo games including x and bayonetta 2.

      15. your really retarded aren’t you. there no such as that kind of achievement on any game. achievement can be like proforming a tricks, dareing things, hunting for items, beating a game on a difficulty, beating a boss on a time and more

      16. That’s why he hate Nintendo games. He still can’t even beat the first level of the original Super Mario Bros. How depressing.

      17. what boss? actull i can beat the first boss on mario bros. what the heck do you mean?

      18. No you can’t, not until an achievement system tells you how…

      19. That’s pretty much how “achievements” are now. Hint you how to do this and that without much effort or challenge involved.

        That’s why this fucker is hating Nintendo. Can’t beat or enjoy a fucking game without “achievements” having to hold your hand to get it. Seriously its like peeking into somebody’s answers for a test.

        He’s just a backward minded pussy who can’t tell what real acheivements is if it kicked him in the ass.

      20. Baby want an achievement system to hold his hand to play games? Awww. How about we give this baby a one hand clapping for earning a “whine like a bitch” Xbox points?

        *one hand clap*

      21. DUDE, you don’t listen do you. Those who played XBOX 360 AND STILL CHOOSE Nintendo means they know what (if not then go back a play the 360 games) it is and what it does. My brother is an xbox fan and HE STILL CHOOSES Nintendo…What’s more fucked up, he’s waiting to play this Mario kart game, Smash bros., Titan fall, Monster hunter 4 and 3 ultimate, etc. And he plays this shit on 360 more than I do…now these days, he just uses it for hulu plus.

      22. well i dont have an xbox 360 yet. and those choose an xbox 360 left the wii. who in this world would choose a wii u over an xbox one or xbox 360 unless a nintendo fan or mostly fanboy that wanted a barebone gaming console. i bought the wii u mostly because i was nintendrone at the time.

      23. “Left the Wii?” You better start showing proof of that. 100 dollars, just to buy the dam system is all you need…but you need an extra 50 for one year of live, and a few more extra for gears and season passes..which is about….ooooh say 30 more dollars. Oh wait…don’t forget about a second player for guests…another 60 dollars unless you can reach your first achievement score on

        I said it once before and I’ll say it again. “A true gamer…PLAYS ALL”

        A true gamer would never leave a system, instead, keep it and play it regardless.
        A true gamer would never talk shit about one system and not play others. (I myself is still learning not to do)
        A true gamer would not play for the scores only and call himself the best. (I got a saying for that too, I’ll say it after this)
        A true gamer will play anything for fun, rather for achievements or not, and still don’t care for anything else, just to be in it for the fun only with family or not.
        A true gamer will play all the systems and game if he/she can get their hands on them.

        I got more but I think you pretty much understand by now…and if you still don’t listen, then you can listen to this…

        “YOU ARE TRULY NEVER THE BEST…because there is SOMEONE who is better than you”.

        That goes for anyone and anything…including Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox 360.

        Heed my words sasorideidaraobi, You may continue to hate Nintendo and shit…but, you will never convince a real (true) gamer in what you say about the makers of the gaming community or fans of gaming.

      24. a true gamer damage control 24/7 on nintendo forums? ook wheres you xbox one or ps4. i dont frickien any other consoles from others and i want the features on wii u. besides owning all consoles doesn’t give you an credibility or make you a true game. the word “true gamer” doesn’t exist unless your the nintendi fan that brag about owning multiple consoles.

      25. So you want proof is that it? Then look for Snowman009 on xbox…and I did SAY and I quote.

        (A true gamer will play all the systems and game if he/she can get their hands on them.)

        if he/she can get their hands on them.

        LISTEN dude!

        That said, you don’t need to own them to know you played them. DAM THE FANBOYISUM IS STONG ON YOU! READ MY POST AGAIN!!!

      26. soo because i dont have an xbox 360 or ps3 that makes not a true gamer. am done playing nintendo games alll together. when i finally get my xbox 360 in june my wii u be irrelevant to me. am done with nintendo for good. sony and microsoft are better companies than nintendo in every way. playing nintendo games at this point makes me look like a manchild and drone. after wii u am not buying any other nintendo console EVER again not even a singal nintendo after how bare bones super mario 3d world was? am done with nintendo games.

        what a pathetic company i kept trust in. all they do screw up wii u owners like all the time. F****** DONE with wii u and 3ds. nintendo is a disgrace to the gaming industry and console market.

      27. AGAIN you still did NOT listen…sigh whatever man, you just declassified yourself as a true gamer…by your own words.

        “playing nintendo games at this point makes me look like a manchild and drone”.

        This alone tell a lot about you. This tells me, that you don’t care what your called, your still gonna hate and still be blinded to the truth of being a real gamer as you already are and still not getting the full point of my sayings.

        Here’s a tip then…if you’re so called “done” with Nintendo, you do realize you can trade them in for an xbox…right? Why haven’t you done so yet…in fact why are you still even here is you’re “done” with Nintendo? To make more hate videos that no one is watching?

        I don’t understand you at all I guess.

      28. Please teach your brother a lesson…

        You can’t have Xboxes in your house, it is defiling your home!

      29. Anyway, do you have a favorite character in Smash Brothers?…

      30. Me?

        Well…at one point I did…but no more after becoming a real gamer. Though I suppose using characters like toon link to my advantage also counter attacking characters too…

      31. XD lol “Xbox defiling homes” You pretty much nailed that truth even Xbox One when it blows up in someone’s living room.

      32. You’re a guy who comments 80+ times in every article in this site. Sir with your horrible lighting, do you have a life? Do you just sit at home with your fat inconsiderate self coming here and posting your videos that nobody cares about? Do something with yourself.

        And with the whole achievement issue, unlocking a new racer, a new part of a kart/bike feels great. Better than getting worthless points for doing something as simple as walking for 10,000,000,000 feet in a game.

      33. If you dont plan on buying any wii u games and hate the damn thing I have a solution for you Sell it move on with your life …oh and get off this blog yoy just come off as a little cunt/troll there is no reason for you to comment other than to get others mad ….you are just a troll get a life and gtfo

      34. Wtf. Why am I the only one who thinks adding achievements to Mario Kart will make it 10x as fun! :-)

      35. Exactly. He’s just an Xbox ass kisser and cum licker every time it gives off the Red Ring (Fuck You in Xbox language) so his retarded mind can worship it in his closet shrine like a no life.

      36. yep keep on calling my face ulgy over the social reject confirmed.

      37. Who posts irrelevent hate videos on Dailymotion on a regular basis?

        That’s right. The real social reject I’m looking at..and barfing inside.

      38. are you even a wii u owner? most of drones pretened as if you on a wii u like nintendo commander

      39. Maybe not but you should consider stop producing “craters” on that Brokeback Mountain face of yours.

        That alone is scaring the world more than all of world’s terrorists put together.

      40. Coming from the guy who masturbates to a horrible Anime…. Watch some Attack on Titan you FAGGOT!

      41. My god. XD Your grammar speaks for itself. And I’m an idiot? Check yourself first before making a hilarious recording of your damnation face that’ll even scare the most hardcore pitbull to death.

        And like what Mr. T always says: I PITY A FOOL!

      42. -Unable to process sentence…-

        -Further identification required…-

      43. You are the biggest fanboy on this site. you have no life outside of trolling the comment section. the only use a piece of shit basement dweller like you has is for us to be able to laugh at your pathetic life.

      44. Is that why you comment this as “anonymous”? You’re such a pussy and yes we also laugh at pathetic likeforms like you too. So join the club.

      45. Is that seriously the ONLY best comeback you got?

        Sad just like your existence.

      46. You’re not “Xbox fanboys” if there’s only one of you retard..or is there a twin which I don’t wanna know about. XP

        “Am just a human..look you idiot” You sound like some fucked up android from that I.Robot movie.

      47. No you’re not… however, you’re a Xbot who gets pounded by Microsoft on a daily bases and you get a red ring every morning

    2. Why the fuck are you still talking shit if you don’t care or blindly hate Nintendo moron?

      Hope off and get a fucking life already.

      1. Its the definitive Kart game that inspired many like Mod Racing or Little Big Planet Karting.

    1. …Sorry for what exatly?

      lol I gotta hear what fake ass “EA Apology” stunt this creature is gonna pull out of his brokeback ass.

    2. Sorry you aren’t as sexy as Naruto-Chan who is sexy kawaii? Because it’s true. You look more like Sausage, dat gay as motha fucka.

    1. Highly likely…

      Specially since he already is in Smash Brothers and DKCTP…

  7. wellllllll

    HE WAS GOING TO BE IN ANYWAY BUT NOW I WONT BE as excited to see him in a trailer with hopefully Dixie and CRANKY

    1. So. Got run and cry to Xbox and its Red Ring. Hope you enjoy the shallow and empty life of earning “achievements” that achieves nothing for you.

      Nobody here is gonna miss your brokeback ass face.

      1. He’s just a bitch whining over imaginary shit like Nintendo sucking or has no achievement system and claims its THE ONLY MEANS TO PLAY GAMES.


  8. These comment sections are like an endless buffet for trolls. They eat good around here smh. Anyway Mario Kart looks great, day 1 buy.

    1. It’s just one particular asshole who has an extreme case of Anti-Nintendo fetish and shits on anything Nintendo related to feel so superior on a damn PC screen raving about Xbox 360 this and achievement/Kinect that.

      The kid’s got very poor taste in gaming and human intellect needs a weekly CAT scan routine.

      1. ” The kid’s got very poor taste in gaming and human intellect needs a weekly CAT scan routine.” sorry but am no kid.

      2. stranga….. keep on living in delusional kirby dreamland. i cant understand you nintendo fans defended wii u since day one. how is nintendo suppose to improve wii u if all you drones do is damage control. look at sony and microsoft and value. they listen to there fans but nintendo doesn’t because they think were all kids.

        just admit that achievement system would be great on wiiu :D

      3. The irony is that anybody is allowed to create achievements for their games as they wish and yet they still don’t…

        So if anything, blame the lesser Life-forms like the Electrons…

      4. Just go enjoy maturbating to your dumbass Xbox achievement points or PS Trophies that offers, demonstrates and means NOTHING just like you.

        Do you hear anyone beside your retard ass brag about achievement system on Nintendo consoles? No. So it doesn’t matter either way if we have meaningless achievement metals or not. Nobody is gonna care about it in the end anyway.

      5. “Keep living in delusional Kirbyland” I know you are but where am I? Oh yeah. LIVING A LIFE. You should think about trying it one day you basement dwelling, Xbox shit eater.

      6. Yeah, a system that forces you the play the same game all over again just for digital points that mean jackshit in the real world :D


      7. i just wish wii u had achievement system and if it did, you fanboys would not hate on it. if there were ea games on wii u, who people wouldn’t even be hating on ea. the hypocritism of fanboys.

        before wii u launched you people were hyped to see wii u specs, now that everyone knows the specs you people are like ” graphics dont matter, if i want i go outside”.

      8. Yet you waste your time online complaining about the “Fanboys”… And again, I’m a I play on PC but do I give a rat’s ass about achievements? Nope, PS4, do I care about trophies? no, Xbox One? Nope. Achievements are there to keep social rejects like you happy, showing off your e-penis to all of your friends.

        Lets face it kiddo, you aren’t going to be getting anywhere in life if you keep trolling and focusing on Nintendo… There’s this magical place called the “Outdoors”, I’ve been there many times, every day actually and it’s amazing, you should try it some time instead of wasting your life online being a dumb Narut-fag and you’re not sexy kawaii like Narutoe!

      9. you no what keep on defending nintendo all you want. one day your going to regret doing this. keep on buying the same old nintendo games if you really want mario games. i had enough with nintendo at this point.

      10. But I can never get enough of those 20 dildos up my ass pleasuring my extreme butthurt and my thirst for my mom’s period blood, but what I love most is taking it up the ass from Edward Cullen and Wow wow Wuzzby.

        Did I also mention that I also eat my shit? It’s because my head is really that far up my ass.

      11. Hmm… yet you are bitching about Nintendo and spending most of your time only “trolling”… And you’re saying these Nintendo fans are “Social Rejects”, you’re just as bad as BLACKB0ND.

  9. Too bad it’s not true. The Director of ONM confirmed that it was a “typo” on Twitter. I still think he’s going to be in though.

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