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Diddy Kong Unconfirmed For Mario Kart 8

The Spanish counterpart of the Official Nintendo Magazine recently reported that Diddy Kong is a playable character in Mario Kart 8. The supposed reveal was followed by a tweet from the publication’s director, Juan Carlos Garcia, who stated that the character’s inclusion in the upcoming racing game can only be confirmed by Nintendo. The publisher previously revealed that the red-clothed chimp is featured in the roster of fighters in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

57 thoughts on “Diddy Kong Unconfirmed For Mario Kart 8”

    1. What’s good about these first posts is that u can reply to the original post and stay on top instead of being on the bottom. I think it’s curios because that list of characters does not include Donkey Kong, which makes me believe it’s a mistake

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      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Blackbond: “You are not a real gamer if you are not a graphics-whore”

        And we should listen to that Sonyan why?…

      2. You mean the guy who gives baseless arguments with no foundation or evidence to back up his claims while his better counterpart ThaBlackBaron kicks his ass in any debate possible? Thanks, but no thanks.

  2. Where did you get your biologist degree mynintendonews? Diddy is NOT a chimp, it’s a monkey; Dixie Kong is the chimp.

    1. Nintendo Or Nothing!

      I always knew that Diddy wasn’t a chimp. Because chimps have no tail. I always figured he was some sort of spider monkey.

      1. Did you not see the tail in Diddy huge pic on the top of this post or you know, in every pic or video he has ever been shown? He is a monkey

      1. Actually they have because they said they will be showing the new Zelda for Wii U. But it will be a Nintendo direct for a presentation and the show floor well be a test area for games. No on stage presentation

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          I cannot wait for Nintendo’s E3 or E3 Direct, here’s what I am hoping for

          Pokemon Z
          more info on Zelda U and basically any new Wii U games

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Why Pokemon Z?…

            It’s really nothing that new…

            I’d rather see en entirely new entry…

          2. I’m STILL waiting for a new F-Zero game- I don’t care if it’s for 3DS or Wii U, I just want one. Twelve years after GX is WAY too long.

            Make it happen, Nintendo.

      2. Yes they have Carlos. E3 is in June and Aonuma previously announced that Zelda U is going to be there. Also gives them the perfect opportunity to show other stuff as well.

        1. That still could be referring to a Nintendo Direct E3 presentation, after all the one that make the call is Iwata not Aonuma.

    1. Last year we knew by now that they weren’t. That leads me to believe they are, and have something big to show.

      1. Didn’t they already say they were gonna show zelda wii u at E3 this year meaning they will most likely have something

        1. That still could be referring to a Nintendo Direct E3 presentation, after all the one that make the call is Iwata not Aonuma.

          1. I don’t think they’ll do another direct, I think they did it last year cause they didn’t have alot to show but now they need to drum up some hype

            1. Doing a direct is better, they can take their time, costs less, they can send it out to Wii U, and 3DS devices as well as YouTube. They can also upload all their videos at once. All they need at E3 is a few playable demos on the show floor

                1. Well if they can find a way to make it lag free it’ll be fine but I guess it just depends on how much they have to show

                2. Everybody is watching the directs too, so what’s your point? You act like more people see the E3 conference, but that’s not true, because anyone that goes to E3 are gamers anyway who know what is goong on in the gaming world already.

                  People who go to E3 who are interested in Nintendo will look up the information later or will find out about it just by browsing online in Youtube, gaming websites like this one and many will probably watch the direct itself.

              1. doing a direct will just show how nintendo how nintendo is joke to the gaming industry. what there already are a joke at this point.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  The only joke in the gaming universe are all others…

                  We created the pinacle of gaming and will also destroy it if we were to fall one day…

    2. all nintendo is going to is show milked franchises over and over again. i wont be paying full for any nintendo game wether is mario,zelda,metroi or x and bayonetta 2. there going to show 5 mario games,2pokemon games, miyamoto new ip(which is going to be kiddy and lame) and another zelda game.

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  4. So Juan Carlos Garcia broke Nintendo’s embargo (probably unintentional) and now he is doing some damage control.

    Diddy Kong is in Mario Kart 8.

  5. So Juan Carlos Garcia broke Nintendo’s embargo (probably unintentional) and now is doing some damage control.

    Diddy Kong is in Mario Kart 8.

  6. i didn’t really care about mario kart neither wlll i buy it. i will just get it at 15-20$ like every other milker rehashed nintendo game.

    1. Mario Kart 8 will never be $15-$20.. so good luck with that. Also, if you don’t want MK8, why would you own a Wii U? MK8 is any Wii U/ Nintendo fan’s dream game.

      Perhaps you should sell your console and get one a little more casual.

      1. it will just like any other xbox 360 and ps3. sooner or later nintendo will stop pricing there atlame value.

        1. as a sony fanboy visitng a Nintendo related site i am telling u this: this son of a bitch (sasorideidaraobi) gives a bad name to the gaming community. This faggot is from the “black gay-mer community”. Eat shit and leave Nintendo fans live in peace

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