Atlus Confirms Conception II DLC For North America, European Release Due In May

Atlus has uploaded a brand new trailer for the launch of Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars for the Nintendo 3DS. The breed-to-survive RPG is now available from retailers and the Nintendo eShop in North America, so if you’re a dungeon-crawler fan make sure you check out the trailer above, which details all the glorious features of the title.

The publisher also reiterated the game’s Q2 release date for Europe via press release, specifying a launch some time in May. However, Conception II will only be available as a digital download in the Nintendo eShop.

Along with its launch trailer, Atlus confirmed free DLC for Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, which gives you a bunch of new quests and items for your journey. The details of when the DLC will be available in North America are listed below.

  • Warrior of Sadness – Available from April 15
  • Fallen Disciples – Available from April 22
  • Overlord’s Return – Available from April 29
  • Monokuma Strikes – Available from May 6
  • Monokuma’s Revenge – Available from May 13


  1. i wanted to try the demo of this game on my 3ds but i couldn’t because the title is age restricted on they eshop. i cant log out of my nnid on my 3ds very some strange reason.
    i need help, is there a way to log out of a nnid on the 3ds, because it seems like there’s no way. i really want to try this demo badly.

    1. Lol no. You have to be 17+ in order to play it. Which sucks because I am 16 I have to wait a year just to play it. XD Or you could just get it from the store which I am probably not going to do. Looks interesting but not interesting enough yet until I play a demo.

  2. i want to play this game(EU), but im sort of. thinking.. it’s a lot about making children or something ? I dont actually get the point of this game. It’s a jRPG but what’s the point with that babies making ?

    1. Have you played Fire Emblem: Awakening? It’s quite similar when it comes to creating and building relationships with characters. In Conception II there’s a relationship metre and it increases as time goes on. The idea is that you’ll create lots of “Star Children” and they will then be added to your character roster for dungeon-crawling. Hopefully the demo will come to the EU! :)

    2. It will make sense if Atlas can get you the Demo! (JK, Atlus)

      But yeah, not as AMAZING as Fire Emblem, but similar like Shadowfly said!

      1. I was tempted to let a typo slip in there, but the perfectionist in me simply couldn’t do it. Next time I publish an Atlus post, look out for heavy references to maps! :D

  3. Noen ganger så blir man den neste i rekken av ofre for industrien regjert av fandens hipstere og rasshøl som tror de kan noe om denne høyest uprofesjonelle industrien.

    1. The game uses a “classmating” system where you make star children. This system is sort of sexually themed where the male and female protaginists “touch” one anothers auras to make children and then exhausted afterward XD. The game is based off of making relationships and making stronger star children. The dungeons are very easy if you have a good realation with your girl friends and make strong star children. Relationships are the main theme of the game and are more important than any real battle strategies. Great game overall, but it’s nothing like Persona if that’s what you are looking for.

    1. One fictional video game made by one team of japanese developers, and you make that generalization.


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    1. Shut the hell up Goddamn it.
      1.) This is not the place for those comments.
      2.) You are not even sincere, so you could offend people who do care about those topics.
      3.) You’re not funny. At all.

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  6. Great game overall if you like making relationships. The dubs are pretty ear grinding, but you get use to it and the cutscenes are a nice added touch. The dungeons are pretty easy, but there are unlimited strategies you can come up with due to the mass number of star children you can create, though like I said strategy is not really needed. Great game if you like relationships and dungeon crawling.

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