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Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball Trailer Highlights Nontendo 4DS Games

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. The video showcases the “Nontendo 4DS” and highlights the games available for the virtual system. 4DS games are featured in Rusty Slugger’s ramshackle sporting goods store, which also contains balls, bats and gloves. Nintendo 3DS owners can download Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball for free from the Nintendo eShop, but they’ll need to pay in order to play the title’s individual baseball minigames.


  1. Is the Non-tendo 4DS a reference to be Wii U and its failure by placing 4th behind PS4, Xbone and 2/3DS?!? Hehehekekekelulul

    1. It’s probably a reference to the PSV and it’s failure by placing 5th just behind all those systems

      1. How can “Nontendo 4DS” be a reference to the Vita placing 5th? Makes no sense. Besides, just because the Vita isn’t selling well in the US, doesn’t mean it’s not selling well at all. It outsold every other console, including the 3DS(XL), in Japan last week, placing 1st. So, what’s your point?

        1. But only last week. The 3ds has outsold the Vita in Japan countless times before on a week-by-week basis.

          1. Not only last week, on other rare occasions the Vita has been at the top. It isn’t the first time.

  2. Very funny name: The Nontendo 4DS. To be honest it would also by physically impossible to design it.

      1. You put that comment and made it look as if I thought it was.

        I was being very sarcastic?

  3. Is… is that headline a sentence?
    Seriously this looks balls (lol pun). Micro transactions to play shitty minigames. Just play Wii Sports Baseball.

    1. Actually, they aren’t shitty mini games.

      I was honestly kind of weary myself of supporting something like this, so I just decided to try one game B&S. Which I only payed $2 for, there are already guides out there to get the cheapest prices, but anyway I was very surprised at the quality and content of just one of the games.

      You honestly don’t really need the guides either as haggling to the lowest price is pretty easy, more on the topic of the games though they are actually quite meaty in terms of content and they are very challenging at times. Then they each have endless modes for reaching high scores which adds more replay value and a different experience.

      I have already put 13 hours just into the B&S game, no lie, and I still have not finished it all. I bought Cage Match also for $1.90 but barely got into that yet but it was also very fun what little I played, I just want to finish B&S first and A rank everything. Based on that, I am definitely going to buy them all when I get around to it (just playing so many other games right now). They are good games, I thought the same and said to myself they are going to be these cheap little games but they actually aren’t anything like that.

      Bottom line it is actually worth every penny, now I won’t say $40 dollars worth but it is close and could be considered its own game when you put it all together, but if you haggle each game to the lowest it only cost about $16 dollars and in my opinion it is well worth that, with all the content it offers and the amount of hours you will put into it.

      It also is not meant to be a serious baseball game, Nintendo has said this numerous times. The game was made to capture what is fun about baseball, not necessarily just playing the game baseball. It does that very well I think because the game is just all around fun, even me not being into sports games that much.. I really, really enjoy this game.

      Maybe you just didn’t like it but if you are just judging it based on the episodic content, you really should just give the game a try and buy at least of the games to see for yourself. Like I said, I assumed the same before actually trying the game.

      1. I was just going off the trailer, but everything you just said indicates strongly that the game is just a series of mini games each requiring micro transactions. So nuts to this.
        “It’s not mini games but Nintendo said it’s just mini games”… k thx.

      1. Just because some people complained about killer instinct doesn’t mean every Nintendo fan did, I never complained about the pricing, what people complain about is when you pay $50 on a game and it makes you pay for other modes, and not just Nintendo fans complain about this, I seen just as many people complain about it on playstation and Xbox news pages

      2. just because some people complained about killer instinct doesn’t mean every Nintendo fan did, I never did, and the people who did complain about are complaining about this game, but what you see people really complain about is when you pay $50 for a game and still have to pay more for the other modes, and people complain about this on PlayStation and Xbox news pages too, which I know because I play all systems, so stop acting like it’s only Nintendo Fan Boys

      3. oops sorry, my phone said it didn’t send the post but it apparently it did, if you are wondering why I responded twice

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