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Insanity’s Blade May Be Ported To Nintendo 3DS

Insanity’s Blade may see release on Nintendo 3DS. The game, which is headed to Wii U, will be ported to the handheld “if there is big enough demand,” according to developer Casual Bit Games. Insanity’s Blade is an action platformer with RPG elements and an 8-bit style. Featuring 18 stages, the title focuses on a father as he embarks on a journey to save his family.


      1. I hate difficult games. I don’t care how good they are. Too difficult takes away the enjoyment.

        1. Sure if you suck then I can see why you would hate difficult games. For superior individuals such as myself difficult games add to the enjoyment.

    1. You’re right, it doesn’t. Our empire. Good thing we don’t allow filth like this on our next gen console.

      1. Nintendo milking Mario games since 80’s. Fanboys buy Super Mario bros 3 on Wii U for the 6th time. Lol Nintendo scam and get rich off these idiots. I’ll be playing my Xbox One, a real man’s console while they play Mario #75 rehash only on Wii U.

        1. Xbox One is for men with insecurities and small reproductive organs, a PC is more manly than your break down on you for no reason underpowered pathetic excuse for a console.

          1. Is that seriously your comeback? Ok, first of all, Call of Duty has been in HD for almost a decade before Mario. And secondly, CoD stomps Mario in sales too. Your argument is invalid.

            1. I stopped reading at CoD stomps Mario in sales.
              On the contrary, it’s been in HD for half that time, secondly, CoD maybe one of the highest selling franchises, but not THE highest selling franchise, which is Mario and CoD barely even reaches it’s numbers. Your argument is invalid.

              1. There you go again with this shit. Always trying to look at total lifetime sales. Do you know how many fucking Mario games there are? That’s the only reason it’s even made that much. And how much did the last CoD game sell versus the last Mario game? Exactly.

        2. you play xboxone so that makes you a real man lol I never heard of anyone say something that dumb before wow

        3. There’s really only been about 11 home console Mario games which isn’t a lot considering they started back on the NES days. By comparison there were 4 gears of war games and 4 Halo games on the 360, 5 if you want to count the Halo 1 remake. Yes there are Mario Karts and Mario Parties but you have to be a fool to consider them main Mario games.

        4. You can’t bash Nintendo for rehashing and then go on to praise the Xbox One… the number one breeding ground for rehashed shooters.

      2. Yet you allow garbage like DRM, NSA, Betamax constructions and Electrons…

  1. well from gameplay, you’re basically fighting zombies and demons…they even gone out of the way to make it sound like you really died…”AAAAAAAAH”! as soon as your health reaches zero and you become a bloody corps along with the scream.

    1. If there’s any Zombie game the Wii U needs, it’s Dying Light. The trailer was awesome. I don’t even play horror games and I want it. I guess I’ll just get it on the Xbox One. No way in hell I’m getting Zombi U. Too god damn scared of that game. Plus, it looks kind of boring to me too. Lol.

      1. You have an Xbox One. Good. So you joined the Xbox side. We needed more soldiers in our empire for rise of the attack against Nintendo. Yes. Don’t get Zombi U. We can offer you a much better experience with Dying Light for Xbox One…

        1. I don’t have an Xbox One yet, but I plan on getting one sooner or later. There is no need to join you or Nintendo’s army. I accept all consoles equally and I do not pick sides. I am a non biased gamer. And frankly, comments like yours are hilarious and just too stupid to take seriously. Lol.

        2. Nope, PC has a much better experience than your underpowered barebones PC disguised as a console.

          1. Why are you even here if PPC is so much better? Shouldn’t you be in the Steam forums somewhere else? And who the fuck cares about your PC. You spent money on an overpriced piece of shit that gives you 2x better graphics than something that’s a third of the cost and can display graphics almost just as good. Get the fuck out.

            1. Did I rustle your jimmies? Would you like to tell me off with more irrelevant comments even though I speak the truth about how much your underpowered console is pathetic while my several year old computer can ass stomp it?

              1. Your several year old PC will need to be upgraded to beat the Xbox One. Like I said before, no one gives a shit. A gaming PC costs as much as all 8th gen consoles combined. You bought some expensive shit just to brag about it. Good for you. ;)

                1. It doesn’t need to be, because I save money by buying parts. And your telling me to go brag about my PC on a steam forum yet it’s okay for you to brag about your overpriced turd on a Nintendo website?
                  You make me cry…
                  With laughter.

            1. I use a windows 7 a several times more reliable version than that. You exposed your stupidity and your inability to research a subject , therefore meaning all your “facts” about Nintendo and Wii U are most of the time shit pulled out from your ass or over-exaggerated half-truths.

  2. Sigh. Another indie game. I’m trying to love the Wii U, but (no offense) I’m just going to give up if all I ever see is shit like this. Not my cup of tea.

      1. Specially these types…

        We want to see games like the ones the Shin’en Tribe makes…

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    1. Yep. Greatness awaits. And it keeps on fucking waiting. My PS4 is collecting dust right now.

      1. You can’t even afford the most outdated one of the last generation consoles and you assault us…

        You really must love to expose yourself alot…

      2. And xbots can’t afford a superior gaming PC. Also your Xbone is still behind several generations my PC, how much does it hurt that my hardware crushes your Betamax bomb?

  4. in the 90s this game would have 5 from ten points. thats just trash, but there are who buy this crap and never touch donkey kong.
    this game should never come to the e shop.

  5. I laugh at the wars. Can we not just unite and create the most powerfull empire in the gaming world?

  6. as xbox one owners play next gen games , you nintendo fanboys keep on play 25 year old games from vc lol.

                  1. i am an avid supporter of all 3 consels the reason i replied like that to him is that he somehow has an xbox ne and yet cant afford an 360 so he is pretty much lying
                    The xbox one will be a great consel in the future like the wii u is now and will get plenty of good games like halo 5 quantom and dead rising 4 or something
                    i feel we should not have the right to bash a consel we dont own or even played

    1. Next gen games? Nope they still look last gen, if you want next gen get a PC or stay with your Wii U.

      1. Xbox One and PS4 have potential, but nobody takes advantage of their power. Wii U has more developers that takes advantage of power! I mean, look at Mario Kart 8.

    2. Those VC games we play are probably better than most games you Xbots play today on your shitty console.

  7. I have played all PlayStation systems except four. I have played all Nintendo systems. I’ve played Xbox 360. I hate people like Nintendo Commander Quadraxis, Valve Admiral GLaDOS and that Sasoriqhatever dude. All they do is hate on other systems. I wish
    My Nintendo News banned comments from the entire site, because I really can’t stand seeing nothing but blind hate for anything that isn’t what someone’s worshipping. I like playing video games, and that’s final.

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