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The Game Boy Is Now Officially 25 Years Old

Today marks the twenty-fifth birthday for the original Nintendo Game Boy. The innovative console was launched 25 years ago today in Japan on April 21st, 1989. The handheld went on to sell a staggering  118.69 million units along with its successor, the Game Boy Colour. Nintendo’s handheld was redesigned in 1996 as the Game Boy Pocket and then in 1998 as the Game Boy Light in Japan. Which is your all-time favourite Game Boy game?

143 thoughts on “The Game Boy Is Now Officially 25 Years Old”

    1. I had Supervision Watara instead of it !
      I never really admitted it …
      Now I have the best console of all Time :-) the Nintendo 3DS !!!
      Took my revenge many years after !!!

      Now Ill wait for E3 ! Cause there not enough games on it :-(
      But Well see :-)

  1. The Game Boy Pocket was my first ever Game Boy but the GBA was when it got serious! I remember buying one with Pokemon Sapphire and I was blown away. I currently have GBA SP so I can play the classics :D

  2. my favourite gameboy was gameboy sp. 2004-2006 was great era for the ds, after that shovleware killed the ds like the wii. the ds even had way more shovleware than the wii.

    1. You playing anything Nintendo is just as believable and sensible as Twilight based on a true great story..which is not.

      Anyone with your type of twisted mentality would believe that shit.

    2. DS had the most shovelware..and it managed to sell just as much as the PS2 did in its lifetime…

      Try again dumbass. Yes Wii had a lot of shovelware since I’ve seen it..actually had way more than DS but you only talk out of your ass over Wii U somehow pissing you off of being “weak” when its architecture is clearly more advanced in generation than x86 in PS4 and no one believes a single dogshit you spit out.

      1. (Excluding Smart Phones) PS1 had the most shovel ware, even games that were suppose to be decent were shovel ware. Remember how bad X-men Vs. Streetfighter was on that system. I thought Wii did of that generation, until I went into a Gamespot out of curiosity and went to look at some possible Xbox360 games, holy… it beat it hands down. I think the Xbox360 also has more games in general than the Wii.

    3. Glad my DS & Wii libraries are free of shovelware. I’m not going through the trouble of listing my DS library, prolly shouldn’t list my Wii library, but:

      –From Ninty (obviously not shovelware):

      Wii Sports (by default, of course)

      Zelda x2 [TP & SS]

      New Super Mario Bros.

      Super Paper Mario

      Super Mario Galaxy x2

      Link’s Crossbow Training (the main reason I bought the Zapper)

      Metroid Prime Corruption

      Metroid: Other M (co-developed by Tecmo Koei but a Nintendo IP published by Nintendo)

      Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

      Animal Crossing: City Folk

      Wario Land: Shake It!

      Mario Kart Wii

      Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

      Donkey Kong Country Returns

      Xenoblade Chronicles

      –3rd parties:

      Red Steel x2

      Rayman: Raving Rabbids

      Resident Evil Chronicles x2 [Umbrella & Darkside]

      House of the Dead x2 [2 & 3 Return & Overkill]

      Mad World

      No More Heroes x2

      Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

      Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

      Sonic x3 [Secret Rings, Unleashed, Colors]

      Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz


      Transformers x2 (shovelware?)

      X-Men Origins: Wolverine (shovelware?)

      NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

      Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars

      Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

      The Sky Crawlers

      Epic Mickey

      Sonic and All-Stars Racing

      Sega Superstars Tennis

      Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

      Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

      Muramasa: The Demon Blade

      The Conduit

      Dead Space

      Castle of Shikigami III

      Rygar: The Battle of Argus

      Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

      Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

      The Last Story

      I even bought 3 titles @ launch: Zelda: TT, Red Steel, & Rayman: Raving Rabbids. The vast majority of those games are hardly shovelware, or casual for that matter, & there are quite a few quality games I don’t have or even want (SSB: Brawl, Monster Hunter, Phantom Brave, Rune Factory, Pandora’s Tower, Arc Rise Fantasia, Final Fantasy Fable, etc.). I do plan on getting Klonoa @ some point, though.

      1. Dude Arc Rise Fantasy is so good, I know it gets heat for the Dub but all you have to do is Lower the volume for the voices and youre good. Not only is the game an actual challenge but it did RPG’s on the Wii the justice that Dawn of a New World failed to deliver on.

        1. I wanted Arc Rise before it came out, but it was either sold out or never stocked where I went (online wasn’t really an option @ the time). Gamestop is really the only meatspace store I can go for uncommon games, & they usually don’t have much of what I want in stock (I usually have to settle for display copies).

          Now, its priced between $70-$130 (NEW) + tax & S&H via sellers on Is the game worth that price? Also, I avoid buying used anything like the plague.

    4. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Interesting a 15 year old has memories from 20 years ago. I can see why your stupid, your proof that reincarnation exists, because someone like you cannot be this stupid in one lifetime. And shovel ware? Bitch please, PC had more shovelware than the Wii and it still ass stomped your Xbomb in both terms of games and hardware.

              1. Yeah I remember when Pokemon came out I went to the store, walked past the case full of Nes/snes/sega games, and bought blue version. I was just thinking about that yesterday when walking through walmart. Those of us old enough to remember the day of cartridges on the shelves. Weird man.

                  1. I got Blue for X-mas one yr. (same time my brother got Red). I later got Yellow, but the only other Pokémon game I’ve gotten since is Conquest.

                    Anyway, I recall when I got the GCN @ launch. But looking for games, all I saw were N64 boxes. By that time, N64 was R.I.P. to me (Ogre Battle 64 being my last N64 game). I had already been playing the PSone I bought soley for the yr.-long wait ’til GCN & the store didn’t have games?! I even asked an associate. Luckily, I decided to look @ the games more intently (sadly, there was plenty of time & there were 4 GCNs late on launch day as if that’s the stock they started w/). Turns out GCN games were displayed on their sides & blended in w/ the N64 games. *sigh* That’s when I started to feel that retailers didn’t want to sell Nintendo products. But I bought Luigi’s Mansion & a Memory Card 59 (then Wave Race & Super Monkey Ball shortly after).

                    For me, GCN was the last system where gaming felt special. Although I did miss the colored carts of previous systems (Majora’s Mask & DK64 for me), @ least Wind Waker had gold disc art [as did Twilight Princess on Wii, which I put in a gold DVD case]). I think the mini discs helped keep the medium from feeling like ordinary entertainment. Of course, the games themselves did retain that magic, but the tangible aspects are important, too.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                      My best memories comes from both the N64 and GCN…

                      I felt such a joy when I got MM and my brother got Perfect Dark one christmas…

                      One of the best days ever aswell as the days when I stood in line at midnight to buy Metroid Prime and Starfox Adventures…

                      I mean it was such a special moment that the Xbots and Sonyans will never experience ever…

                      Resident Evil 4 is also one of my favorite gaming moments ever…

                      But I agree, after the GCN, gaming became more generic thanks to the Xbots and their introduction of Hardcore/Casual and other nonsense…

    1. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
      This makes me feel young and fresh like beautiful princess heir to the throne ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  3. We had Pipe Dream and Super Mario Land… Oh! And that game with the 7UP… red thing (?) as the hero. Mario wins, but yeah, it had a lot of games.

  4. My favorite gameboy game is Metroid 2 the return of samus. That game is so awesome and I think it was ahead of its time. The graphics and everything were so superior to the NES game.

  5. I still have my Gameboy Advance ,It Was a gift from my grandmother , i remember crying when i got it didn’t believe it

  6. I couldn’t afford the Gameboys when I was younger. So I focused on console gaming in my NES’.

    I’m making up for lost time now. ;D

    1. Oh. That said, my first gameboy (and I bought it myself) was the GBA. I loved that thing.

      Then the GBA SP.

      Favorite games were Advanced Wars, Jurassic Park Builder, Final Fantasy Tactics, SMB3/4, and all Metroid / Zeldas.

          1. Here I will make you feel young again, my first portable was an Atari Lynx…..I saved up working on a strawberry farm to get it.

            Your welcome.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  I’ve never played any Atarian device but I’ve played several others but I can’t remember their names…

        1. I am indeed. However, I was in a movie theatre about 6 months ago, some kids were playing MK7 on their 3DS. I was like, “Hey, Mind if I get in on that?” pulled out my DS. They totally laughed at me!

          The laughing turned to Cursing when they got their asses handed to them by an old-schooled. Lol. It was a good time.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            You’ll have to excuse our Nintendolings, they don’t have a higher level of reason…

          2. Nintendo is my Blood

            You are a grown up… and when you saw a group of kids.. you proceeded to talk to them… and you reached into your pants… and no when said anything or tackled you?

          3. Dam…I can relate though…on Mario kart 64. There was these kids that thought they can beat me because I never played the Mario Kart 64, they even brought their nifty colored controllers. Me and my little sister took those fools to the cleaners and we liked Bowser’s castle the most…my personal favorite race track is Toad’s turnpike…the most dangerous stage ever if you play in mirror mode (extra).

  7. Happy birthday to the legendary Gameboy that started and owned all that is about handheld gaming. Smartphones aren’t even close to comparison of the Gameboy and DS’s caliber of portable gaming fun and memories.

  8. Favorite GB game (& 1st-ever Ninty game) was Link’s Awakening (which was bundled). The GB was also the 1st system I bought myself, albeit w/ Xmas $ & after returning 2 SEGA Pocket Arcades [Eternal Champions & Ecco]).

    GB & GBC are the only Ninty platforms I have w/ more 1st party titles than 3rd, & not much @ that. Being I was pretty young, from a small town, didn’t have any gaming mags, & before the internet was mainstream, my libraries were quite slim. I think Metal Gear Solid (Ghost Babel) & Azure Dreams were the only 3rd party games I have (& still have) in those libraries (& they’re both GBC).

  9. Nintendo is my Blood

    Ah, I still remember playing Pokemon Red on my yellow Game Boy Color, such a wonderful part of my childhood, in fact I recently found my old Pokemon Red cartridge with my original save file still on it, I was so surprised that I cried

    Good times, good memories

    1. Used to know that game inside out, had all 151.
      I still had it when I started my military service, army buddy of mine loaned it almost every night.
      Though I only got to Gold on those games, then I kind of gave up on handhelds.

  10. Nintendo is my Blood

    I even remember this one time, I was surprised to get Pokemon Jade and Diamond versions on my Gameboy from my father, didn’t realize it till years ago that Pokemon Jade and Diamond were notorious fakes of a Japanese game that was translated and named Jade and Diamond versions

    My dad, buying me bootleg games… I miss that cheapskate

    1. Kurisu then found out the secrets of pocket pikachu and proceeded to violently shake the thing until she had problems with her wrist and had to seek medical help!

  11. Donkey Kong for the Super Gameboy and Zelda – Link’s Awakening are timeless classics that I still play today. Kirby’s Pinball Land, Warioland and Super Mario Land were also good. I also played Batman and Fortress of Fear to death.

  12. I got my first gameboy (the original one) in 1991 when I was 9 years old, it’s probably still my favorite handheld. I own now over 50 Gameboys, they’re so much fun to collect cause there are several color variations and beautiful limited editions.

    Favorite Gameboy games: Ducktales 1 & 2, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2, Super mario Land 1 & 2, Wario Land, Darkwing Duck, Batman, Adventure Island 1 & 2 and Bonk’s Adventure. There are so many great games for that system it’s hard to choose just one favorite.

          1. I forgot one part of the story!

            After i got help with my wrist i found out that the pocket pikachu was infact a Pedometer and that you were meant to walk with it in order to charge it. Obviously Kurisu was a fat bitch and so she used to ask her parents to charge it for her :/

            1. My first handheld was the ds lite which I got from my aunt. When I became older i wanted to try a previous gen console and manged to get a cheap GBC at a yardsale. Its primtive now, compared to other consoles, but it has a solid library which is good.

            2. Which officially makes me and old fart.

              Metroid 2, Cutthroat Island, Adventure Island, Star Killer, Mario Land, Tiny Toons, Power Rangers The Movie the game, Kirby’s Dream Land, Kirby’s Block Ball, plus this one cartridge that had a bunch of Japanese games on it.

              Man…so many hours spent on my GameBoy, still sitting there without its battery cover

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            4. I am officially 20 days older than gameboy… haha… my first game I ever had was a giant original gameboy in brilliant pokemon red color, of course with pokemon red in it. Four A A batteries for about 6 hours of life in that nearly indestructible hunk of beauty. Stuff like this that makes me remember why I help staff retro gaming events.

            5. Game Boy was my first along with Mario Golf, Tetris, and Super Mario Land. I loved Super Mario Land! Game Boy Advance SP tho!

              1. Lol I like that joke you put up relax come chat with me that’s funny shit lol was that for kurisu and Nintendo commander

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            7. Drill Dozer omg. It was made by GameFreak, the creators of Pokémon, and although it was an amazing game with a cute storyline and soundtrack, it didn’t sell well :C . Possibly because of the female protagonist and therefore it was probably more appealing to girls, though I loved it. Most underrated game ever, in my opinion.

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