Bandai Namco Announces Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures 2

Bandai Namco has revealed that Pac is certainly back with a sequel to Ghostly Adventures. In a special announcement trailer, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 – a simple, yet effective title – will be gracing our console screens at some point in 2014. The first Ghostly Adventures title released in North America last October, though only reached European shores last month.

The sequel will feature Pac, Spiral and Cylindria as they defend PacWorld from Lord Betrayus in a captivating, new storyline. Check out the trailer above to get a feel for the next instalment in PacWorld. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 will launch in North America on the 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms.



  1. I thought the first game looked like garbage so i didn’t even give it a shot. but it warranted a sequel? Have you played it? is it worth it?


      1. You just have those symbols so you can get attention. I bet in reality you have a hard time getting attention so you have to claw your way onto here so you can get all the attention you want. Must suck being you.


  2. I never actually played the first one I seen some game play of it on youtube didn’t look that great to me but maybe you will like it


    1. Hell, the Pac-Man World trilogy was more creative and fun than this new POS reboot series.

      The level designs are repetitive, there’s no Namco arcade in the game itself which is why I bought it and the general premises of Ghostly Adventures is so dull. Wish I haven’t spend $20 on this shit.


  3. I avoided the first game cause I heard it had some control issues and was just overall uninspired, except I heard the 3DS version was pretty decent, Ii think I’ll give this sequel a shot but I’m just curious why it’s releasing on last gen platforms, and the wii u and 3DS of course


    1. I rather have Pac-Man playable in Smash Bros. then spend another dime on these lazy ass Pac-Man World knockoff games that doesn’t have build in Namco arcade games like before.


    2. I’d rather get Pac-Man in the new Smash Bros than Snake. After all, we have more Pac-Man games on Nintendo consoles than Metal Gear Solid.


  4. Great. Another annual game series. The first game didn’t even have the Namco Museum arcade games like the past Pac-Man console games like the World trilogy and the level designs are fucking piss poor and lazy.

    Regret spending on this but thank god I got it half price instead of $40.


  5. MAN! I thought this was going to say that Namco/Bandai announced that Pac-Man will be in the new Smash Bros. game. Imagine my disappointment when I realized what it REALLY said. *sigh*


  6. I think this game does well enough with the young ones, purely because this game is based on a cartoon series :) so a sequel makes all the sense in the world.


  7. I don’t really remember how Pac Mans voice was before or if he ever had a voice but it’s really annoying how his voice is so kiddy, I mean his name is Pac Man and not Pac Boy so that means he is a MAN who is suppose to have a decent manly voice.


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