Here’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Launch Trailer

Beenox and Activision’s open-world action-adventure gets a new trailer featuring Carnage, showing off the various villains Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man will encounter in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. There are plenty of antagonists to make our webbed hero’s life difficult, with Green Goblin, Electro, Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk, Kraven and the beautiful but deadly Black Cat among them. 

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    1. You really think so? Devs know how hard it is to impress Nintendo fans, we’re all starving for something new to play but at this point not just anything will suffice. The gameplay here looks just alright. One of the main reasons why I love Nintendo is that they put a strong emphasis on innovation and it always shows. Perhaps there’s something I missed but all I could think about while watching was is this the PS4 version because if so… I don’t even want to see our version.

      I’ve simply grown tired of playing lazy ports that don’t utilize the Wii U’s hardware and with MK8 just around the corner I know I’m not alone when I say: “The wait is almost over.”

  1. I just hate these games…

    They only sell because they have the same name as the movies but in reality has nothing whatsoever in common with them…

      1. Amazing Spider Man 2 looks like an “Amazing” movie though….cheesy pun intended.

    1. I don’t have a problem w/ coincidal releases, but I actually don’t like playing the movie, especially if I’ve already seen it (not that I’ll see this movie). & in the case of comic book movies, I want a faithful, comic book story & visuals, or simply something that differentiates game from movie beyond having gameplay. Hollywood has bastardized too many comic book stories, & I wish games would be that antithesis, like animated features.

      Also, it’s so annoying seeing CGI versions of real people, let alone in a game based on a movie (Lord of the Rings: The 3rd Age was so messed up, & even recycled scenes & voice-over from Extended Edition material). I mean, even Street Fighter: The Movie game was weird, & that used actual, photographic likenesses similar to the way Mortal Kombat used to.

    2. That’s not why they sell. These games have a huge fanbase and many people including myself even like to read the comics. I actually got into Spider-Man with SM: Shattered Dimensions on the Wii. It exceeded my expectations and I’m definitely glad to have pre ordered this and pick it up on Tuesday. You have to play the game or you wouldn’t understand.

      1. all three will look bad either way, but if the gamplay is good I’m okay with that

  2. How is asesosiri going to play this game, it is not on the Xbone and he does not have an xbox360?

  3. Well, I have to admit, I really never was one for movie games or comic book games…closest I ever got to one was Spider man and the X-Men, Marvel super heroes vs. Street fighter, X-men vs Street fighter, Mavel vs Capcom, 2, 3 ultimate, and the X-men beat em up arcade.

  4. I want everyone to know lmfao this is amazing spiderman 2 for MOBILE! This showing was for mobile graphics! how amazing does it look for mobile. Wait till they show of ps4.

    1. Very funny..for the most gullible. I’ve seen the mobile and it looks absolutely nothing like this game and besides, who are you fooling? This trailer reuses some scene cuts from the previous trailer.

      So I guess you’re another failed troll to be.

    2. It was the console version up until it showed the game loft logo, after which, it was the mobile version. Also, this can is not coming to Xbox One.

  5. Does it have any story elements from the first one, or can I pick it up without knowing what happened previously?

  6. bigfoot6463
    May 2, 2014
    THIS MOVIE WAS AMAZING ! Once again the critics are so far way off base as you will find out when thousands of people flock the the big screen on Friday nite. top notch story line, off the hook effects that will blow you out of your seat and wanting more which you will get, acting was superb and the ending was asum and did not leave you hanging like most movies. So satisifing that I would compair it to an orgasum. You will gasp, you will laugh, you will cry, it has it all and all at the right moment. Your fingers and toes will hurt when you leave the theater because its a white knuckle ride from start to finish. Dont leave right after the movie, there is a surprize clip. Im going to go and see it again tomorrow nite { Friday Night } in a packed house.

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