Square Enix Says Next Dragon Quest Game Is In Development

Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii announced at the Niconico Super Conference 3 in Chiba that Dragon Quest XI is in currently in development at Square Enix. An interesting thing to note is that when Horii announced the news at the conference, Dragon Quest X producer Yosuke Saito and chief planner Anzai Takashi look visibly surprised, like he wasn’t actually meant to make the announcement.


  1. “Let’s have a game for an entirely new system and not gauge how well it sells outside of Japan” They took forever to localize Bravely Default, even if they do come out with another DQ which likely won’t be for Wii U, they won’t bring it over to the US.

    1. But Bravely Default sold way better than expected in the west so maybe that will light a fire under their ass.

  2. As long as Square release Rocket Slime 3, Dragon Quest Monsters 3D Terry’s Wonderland, Dragon Quest Monsters 3D 2, Dragon Quest VII 3D and Dragon Quest X (Wii U) in Europe I’ll be happy.

    1. Preach it sister! Or if 3ds region lock ever gets cracked, games like Rocket Slime I’ve wanted to play for three years now. :/

    1. Yeah, I’m sure that’s why Blue Dragon is presently a dead series while Dragon Quest continues on. Some gamer you are.

    2. Hey idiot, you commented on the meme page…you’re such an idiot, you’re exposing your profile again. you’re such an asshole and never learn the lessons, no matter what you do in the eyes of the gaming community you’re a big fat ugly fag crybaby and nothing is going to change it, do yourself a favor and grow up it’s time for you to change your diapers and experience the real life.

  3. I really would like to see them localize like the 4 other dq games first. It’s my personal favorite games up there with ff and b persona series.

  4. WiiU and 3DS games beginning to gain traction and exclusive increase. Dragon Quest IX and nintendo haven’t even shown us Zelda WiiU.

    At e3 this year :

    1) Zelda WiiU from Nintendo
    2) The Last guardian from Sony

    This is my dream of an ideal e3 2014.

  5. Dragon quest XI WiiU even if it’s initially only for Japan is a great thing. If it is an RPG that is standard and not an MMO then e-shop could make it world release possible.

  6. and confirmed by the supermariogalaxy team in develpment it is a true hd supermario game for the wiiu

    1. DQIX was my first of the series and ever since then I’ve been hooked. Really great game!

  7. They’ve been raping the Dragon quest/Secret of mana games for ages now. I’d just like to see them retire the series and quit dragging it through the mud already. I’m so sad about this… I played Som snes games for years and years but the newer ones… Riding coat tails much?

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