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Pokemon X & Y Happy Meal Toys Hitting US McDonald’s Next Month

pokemon_toys_mcdonaldsPokemon X and Y goodies are set to hit McDonald’s stores across the US next month. According to the fast food restaurant’s website, the Pokemon X and Y battle launcher toys will come with one of a set of 12 TCG cards, featuring 11 from the Kalos starter set and one of Game Freak’s mascot Pikachu.

The toys will include fan-favourite Pokemon such as Blastoise, Venusaur and Charizard, as well as the Pokemon X & Y starters, Fennekin, Chespin and Froakie. Each toy will be compatible with McDonald’s McPlay Power app, where you can download and unlock mini-games.

McDonald’s will swap the Amazing Spider-Man toys for Pokemon X and Y toys come May 23, which will continue until June 12. Will you be able to locate them all? Unfortunately for UK fans, you’ll have to stick with the Super Mario toys that hit the branch last month.

26 thoughts on “Pokemon X & Y Happy Meal Toys Hitting US McDonald’s Next Month”

    1. Its still not too late for that. :) I gave up PKMN after the 5th gen game made the series look like shit with oddly designed PKMN like that trash bag one and had lack of ideas. But thank god the 6th gen changed all that for me. :)

      1. This is what pisses me off people hate 5th gen entirely because of pokemon like garbodour and vanillite even though designs like that have been in pokemon since red and green

    1. OH MY GOD, I’m sure everyone knows what the hell they were talking about! Like one grammatical error’s gonna break the internet!

      1. All I did was point out a small typo, since the author of the article probably had overseen it, calm down. Considering the fact that she has answered to my comment, it seems like it helped. No need to overreact, mate.

  1. That looks badass and I’m willing to get one of these and I don’t care if I’m 24 and still like PKMN. Its one of my favorite series and if any braindead douchebag (Sasori) got a singpe dumbass problem with that, go take a hike, kick rocks and jump off a cliff while you’re because I don’t care if you blindly hate the franchise for being “childish” only because its colorful and not have any GTA style violence your twisted ass hormones are stuck to as “entertainment”

  2. The previous Pokémon toys had me actually WANTING to get the happy meals, though I just ended up stealing them while working there. These wouldn’t make me choose a happy meal though, they look stupid. I’d rather have a toy I can actually play with, not ones that involve an app…..

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