New Nintendo Patent Shows Portable System With Interchangeable Controls


A Nintendo patent has been discovered which shows off a portable system, but with interchangeable controls. The diagram shows that buttons can easily be switched and replaced. Being able to easily replace the controls with other parts means that you could quite easily add a second analogue stick for a game that utilises two, such as Monster Hunter or Resident Evil. You can read more about the device here.

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  1. This is 3DS prototype stuff, they discussed this idea in an Iwata Asks years ago.

    1. It appears they may be doing something with it now.
      Probably going to be the next handheld, they well probably announce it next E3. This would just be so developers could get hardware early so they can make games befor it comes out

      1. The 3DS will only be four years old when E3 2015 happens. They won’t announce a successor that early unless its hardware and software sales start decreasing. I’d guess they’d reveal it to the public in 2016 at the earliest, but they’ll probably start sending out kits to developers in 2015. It all depends on when they plan to release it and how well the 3DS is doing.

      2. This may be true… Nintendo has yet to make a 3DS with 2 joy sticks…and this removable stuff may work for a second one. But i think its still a 3DS upgrade (like XL) or even a new wiiu controller.

    2. While it looks EXTREMELY like the regular 3DS, this patent was filed October 21, 2013, and published today, so it can’t be for the 3DS.

  2. Wait so after me mentioning it you aren’t going to say my name in the article? I’m sorry, I’m not an attention whore or anything, just curious

      1. Sorry guys, I get lots of emails and they go directly to me. So we can’t always thank everyone individually. Thanks for the tips. @gamingcomesfirst please use the contact form for tips :-)

  3. It’s a good idea, you can change your favorite control method and also replace broken parts. My first 3DS’ Circle Pad got bad and I had to buy a whole new portable

  4. i just want duel screens. the gameplay in something like kid Icarus felt so good using the touch screen

    1. I’m pretty sure duel screen gaming on both the handhald and home 🏠 system are here to stay.
      That said I think the next 2 systems are going to focus on being modular, upgradeable, and well most likely be more future proof. As well as all new versions of the viewpad, remote, balance board, nunchuck, and classic controllers

  5. And we all know that the Sonyans ans Xbots will now copy this idea for their next generation of consoles or versions of their current ones…

    But hopefully the Xbots are destroyed before then…

  6. Pure stupid. I don’t know who in their right mind could think this is a good idea. Think about it; all the interchangeable buttons would be sold separately, meaning the use would be limited and BAM, another classic gimmick from Nintendo.

    1. I’m sure there would be atleast some extras included when you buy them…

    2. Whether stupid or not, it’s often best to patent ideas. 1: to protect yourself from patent trolls, 2: just in case the idea can be of use in the future, 3: to make sure you have first dibs on the idea, i’m sure there are more reasons.

      Suppose, if Nintendo made a flat device(smartphone/tablet) form factor. They can keep the sleek thin design while having the options to add various controls if needed. Play touch-screen only games when on the move with a flat pocket-friendly device, then switching to dual-stick shooter for home use.

      1. ^This.
        Imagine you could also put in analog sticks? I doubt they’d be clickable, but who knows? That’s a huge problem for mobile gaming; they lack buttons and control sticks. There are now controllers for Android phones, but they’re expensive and not the most convenient thing. This would work really well, and could even be how Nintendo gets in the phone business if they decide to.

  7. Im kinda worried.

    this looks a bit too gimmicky IFFFFFFF its the successor.also does NOT look like the FUSION DS. however its a awesome concept but I don’t think it will execute as well as it does in theory.

    it could also be part of QOL or part of a new type of market……….it could be neat if this played other stuff…….maybe it wil be a video player too? O_o.

    NO TWO SCREEEENNNNSSSS!!!!! *WEEPS*…..ok maybe it will be good and its still years before it will release(if its the successor.)

    1. U dont need two seperate screens with todays tech… just a split screen would be sufficient.

  8. This might tie into the whole new nintendo system leak
    Fusion? idk hopefully but again idk

  9. Everyone saying “Oh no, it’s not dual screen!!!” calm down, it could really just be a picture of the bottom half of the system.

    1. Exactly. I’m pretty sure this is how they designed previous consoles with a clam design. Not to mention laptops & flip phones were probably also designed in this way.

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  11. To me, 3DS still feels new. Its not but what 3 years old? Why come out with a new one this early in the game, unless its a successor to Wii U… But I don’t see that happening either regardless of how bad Wii U sales are. Nintendo seems to be determined that it magically start selling well based on the assumption that Smash and Kart will drastically sell Wii U’s… Don’t get me wrong, the games will boost it, but only short term, like Skyward Swords 2 month sales boost for Wii. After the 2 months, sales were back to horrid. I will wait till E3, but if all they show is Smash, and NO Zelda, then consider it Game Over for Wii U.

    1. They already said Zelda will be at E3 as well as the other games we know nothing about like X, Bayo, FExST, Smash and a few other titles we might not know about

    2. “magically start selling well based on the assumption that Smash and Kart will drastically sell Wii U’s”

      Ps4 sold with just a Graphics Hype train and with BARELY ANY GAMES and still up to now has barely anything and its still selling. You have to look at the bigger picture here.

    3. By the time Skyward Sword came out, everyone and their mom had a Wii, and it still boosted sales. That’s also dispite the fact that LOZ has never really sold consoles before.

      Now, look at the Mario Kart Wii sales for the Wii. If even HALF of the people who bought that game get the next one too, it’ll mean about 17 million Wii U sales without the incentives of SSB4 et all. pushing too. We could very realistically see a big jump in WiiU sales into next Spring considering the games coming.

  12. The last thing we need is more peripherals. The 3DS proved that it’s not the gimmick or unique mechanic that sells units. It’s the games

  13. Nintendo rocks! Always coming out with something new and exciting. They should beware of those trolls at Sony and microsoft. Gonna get ideas jacked! Those voltures!

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