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Nintendo Confirms No New Hardware To Be Shown At E3 2014

Nintendo has revealed to online gaming publication CVG that it won’t be showing off new hardware at this year’s E3 event in June. Rumours from IGN, MCV, and Video Gamer, suggested that new hardware will be shown off. Nintendo says this simply isn’t the case.

“Representatives for the corporation told CVG on Friday that such a reveal is not under consideration.”

111 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms No New Hardware To Be Shown At E3 2014”

    1. ign did it just to get hits on there site since there upset nintendos just streaming at e3 so no need to check there site while everything goes down

      1. That’s exactly why we see websites “against” Nintendo’s digital event, Nintendo Direct’s and other stuff. They are concerned, if every company/developer decided to go this way in the near future then there would be little need for websites like theirs.

    2. pink0crystal0midbus

      It wasn’t just IGN. There were many other news publications who were claiming the same thing as IGN and they claimed they heard it from different people than IGN.

      1. maybe Nintendo is showing it during e3 but not at e3 … right? … cause that’s their styling these days … a Nintendo Direct shortly before e3

  1. Of course not. You think they would opt to not have a press conference if they had new hardware to reveal? You think they’d be readying to push Mario Kart 8 and the Wii U very hard if they were looking to replace it in the next year?

      1. A new handheld tends to come out 2 years befor new home system. So if their is a new handled it would probably be announced next year as that would be 2.5 years that Wii U would be out. And Nintendo has a new home system every 5 years. So next year (2015 or 2016) they will announce a new handheld. And because the Wii U is doing so poorly they well most likely announce the new home system in 2016 with a launch in mid to late 2017

          1. Seeing’s how I’m only 24 and I have lived through GB, GBC, GBA, DS, DSI, and 3DS I can most definitely say its not every 10 years as I am mist definitely not 60. Nor has Nintendo bin making games for 60 years

            1. Its more like

              All the other ones were just better iterations, not full successors, but your right, its definitely not every 10 years.

        1. thenintendoreviewer

          The 3DS and the DS releases were 7 years apart but the DS and GBA releases were only 3 years apart. But 3DS is doing well and yes hand-helds tend to come out before new home consoles. I’m thinking Nintendo will release a new hand-held in 2017 and a new home console in 2018. Or if the Wii U never sells more than the GameCube did we may end up getting those switched with home console in 2017 and hand held in 2018.

      2. Also remember the Wii U literally has none of Nintendo’s big guns. Yes it has pikmin 3 but that has a small fallowing and the 2 Mario games are B class (Fun but still B class)
        Mario Kart 8 well be nintendos first big game on the system (a year and a half later)

        Its next big games well be X, bayaneta, smash. And at e3 they well anounce a new zelda

    1. I, like other people, suspected that if they unveiled any hardware at all, it would be a new model to a console or something… Or they could’ve used the ol’ third pillar trick lol

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Next Gen consoles don’t exist yet. Also Internet is not for everyone including you.

      2. I’d tell your parents to get rid of you and have real new son…of course adoption it’s a good choice.

  2. Nintendo doesn’t comment on rumors or speculation, so the fact they commented on this proves they are going to reveal new hardware at E3.

      1. Oh shut up. My logic checks out, plus this isn’t the first time Nintendo flat out denied they were doing something and then suddenly doing it immediately after. They denied the 3DS was being redesigned, and less then THREE WEEKS later the 3DS XL was announced.


        and this

        Nintendo is impossible to trust when they comment about leaked news, so you have to read between the lines and wonder why they hell they comment about it when their stock response is “Nintendo does not comment on rumors or speculation.” I know Nintendo, do you?

            1. All I can say is that Nintendo is happy to have denying customers like you, who help to ensure their new hardware keeps a low profile until it’s officially revealed.

              So keep doing you, buddy. Keep doing you.

            2. No he right, Reggie came out and told us they didn’t have any plans for a new handheld, and technically he was right. It wasn’t a “new” handheld it was just a better iteration of the old one.

              We have to be very carefully with how Nintendo phrases there answers.

        1. They had to squash the rumors as quickly as possible or it would have had a damaging impact on sales. I know I wouldn’t buy that new Mario Kart bundle, no matter how good a deal it was if I believed new hardware would be announced soon.

        2. They said a REDESIGN wasn’t going to happen. As in, a DS lite kind of redesign that IMPROVES the original hardware. 3DS XL isn’t a redesign, it’s another option. It doesn’t REPLACE the original 3DS, it’s just a larger screen option. So, they were actually correct there, people just interpreted it horribly. YOU LOSE.

          1. Uh what? A redesign is a redesign. The 3DS XL is redesigned hardware, I don’t know what point you’re trying to make, because it can even be argued that the 3DS XL is superior to the original 3DS. Yes it doesn’t completely negate the original 3DS, but neither did the DS Lite.

        3. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          Then the whole, “Again, there will be NO Wii U price drop. I must stress this. It is out of the question.”

          *11 Days Later*

          “We shall lower the price of Wii U to a great value of $299.99.”

          Nintendo lies when they’re desperate.

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              Well OBVIOUSLY they would lower the price eventually. It’s not like it was going to remain $350 USD forever. But the fact that they lied not even two weeks before lowering it is what angered me.

        4. The XL isn’t a redesign, its an evolution of the handheld just like what they did for the DS.

          People wanted a redesign with two analogs and bigger screens with more batterys. The XL is nothing more than an expansion

        5. The only source comes from nintendo’s e3 site where the site has source code saying new nintendo console so that if you search WIi U you can find it on the google search

    1. That’s what I was thinking their answers usually aren’t so direct. Maybe they’ll announce it, but not actually show off the device.

  3. Are you guys that dense? They also said there wouldn’t be a price drop and look what happened

    Obviously they wouldn’t reveal something like new hardware that early because it would ruin the suprise and also make people wait to buy a wii U. Nintendos just lying again so people don’t panic

    1. They said no redesign. The XL model isn’t a redesign, it’s just ANOTHER design of the 3DS that coexists with the original, but it doesn’t replace it.

      The DS Lite replaced the original DS. It was cheaper, it looked a hell of a lot better, the screens were brighter, and the battery life was improved.

      3DS XL may be an improvement to some when it comes to size, to others it isn’t. Others may want a smaller form factor, so they’ll chose the smaller cheaper original 3DS. The XL model, therefore, is not a redesign. It’s just ANOTHER design.

      1. “They said no redesign. The XL model isn’t a redesign, it’s just ANOTHER design of the 3DS that coexists with the original, but it doesn’t replace it.”

        The XL is a redesign of the of 3DS. Do you not know what Redesign means? What you’re confusing Redesign with is Successor.

  4. Even if new hardware was announced it would be a revamped 3DS or WiiU. Different colors or something like that . We saw a patent for what appears to be a 3DS with removable control sticks. Something along those lines.

    1. Pretty much this. I’m hoping its something that replaces the Gamepad so it’ll lower the price of the Wii U.

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  6. Nintendo is my Blood

    As I have said, Nintendo are not that dense that they will let no name IGN writers, make an announcement as big as a new piece of hardware, before Nintendo themselves

    the prophecy has been told

    1. Jose Otero and Peer Schnider aren’t really no-name especially Peer. He’s been big at IGN and in game news for quite a while and has a lot of sources in different places. People hate IGN, but NVC and Game Scoop! are two decent podcasts from them, and 2 people FROM the Nintendo Voice Chat podcast (Audrey Drake and Richard George) went to work for Nintendo recently. Audrey’s been in at least two Nintendo Directs (The news lady “Summer Jacobs” in the Mario Kart 8 Direct is her, and she was the girl in the elevator in one a while back). Although they may not be risking their job leaking info, if Peer and Jose felt confident enough to say so, then at least their sources honestly believed what they told them, and if nothing’s announced at this E3, then that probably just means Nintendo either needed more time before revealing, or wanted the element of surprise whenever they did reveal it.

      All that said it could just be the Quality of Life platform, or a new version of the 3DS (maybe just a special edition 3DS for Smash Bros. or one that has different input kinda like the recent patent filed. The 2 circle pads would make sense for those C-Stick-ers.) Although a new main console altogether could happen, i’d bet on an updated SKU of the Wii U before that.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        Rich actually went to work for a company that has relations with Nintendo IIRC. He doesn’t work directly for them, I don’t think.

        But yeah, Peer and Jose are very good sources in my book. I listen to NVC every week as well.

        The only reason I doubt a new model for Wii U is because of the Mario Kart 8 bundle that’s releasing only a week and a half before E3.

        1. Yeah I was just saying they’d probably do a new model of the Wii U before they’d abandon it altogether for a totally new home console. I say if we see something it’d probably be QoL or a new 3DS though.

          And yeah I hear he’s a Senior Director at their Communications & PR firm; Golin Harris. Either way congratulations to the both of them but I was sad to see them go. I liked their NVC but the new group is still good to me.

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            Yeah, I think it’ll be QoL if anything. It could be a huge change in direction for them, and if they’re planning on revealing something like that, it’s best to pre-record it to get rid of all the hiccups and keep the reveal going smoothly and without awkward moments, which might be why they’re opting out of a live show.

            If it is a 3DS model (which I doubt because there’s a 2DS and an XL), it’s probably to keep the sales coming in.

            I only managed to start watching NVC after they both left :/ And I didn’t know Audrey was in a couple of Directs. I need to go rewatch those xD

  7. Listen to the words carefully. Nintendo said they would not “REVEAL” new hardware.

    I think they are going to show hardware to developers behind the scenes, but not reveal it publicly.

    1. Exactly, it’s just some people don’t get it

      Just expect new hardware to be shown @e3 no matter what

          1. I know how he feels. The second guy. The first video actually defends the WiiU, and was legit at launch. The second guy is where many of us are at over a year later.

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  What’s even sadder is he’s not even a troll, he’s actually serious about everything and he has a chance to become part of Encyclopedia Dramatica’s lolcow section.

  8. This rumor had me thinking about how iterations are expected everywhere else in tech but not appreciated in the videogame market as much. Apple has a new version of their phone every year, almost like clockwork. Consoles have different versions for sure, but they don’t seem as celebrated.

  9. Nintendo: “Yeah, we won’t have any hardware to show, we promise!”

    *2 weeks later*


    I’m sorry… I had to lol

      1. no..I think these people get their news from ‘The Daily Show’. Ever since that show got popular that generation hears snippets and one sided opinions and regurgitates them as facts. Then they go around talking as if they are somewhat informed. Of course one or two probing questions shuts them up real quick.

  10. pink0crystal0midbus

    It depends on what Nintendo believes new hardware is. Maybe they think new hardware means successor to their current consoles. Perhaps they don’t count new models of current consoels as new hardware?

  11. Aww man, it would be a perfect time to announce an ACTUAL home console and discontinue the TitanicU…

    1. Damn. You’ve got some real shit for brains. Name one home console that was discontinued, replaced with a better one, and the company didn’t go belly up?

      This is not an option. At MOST, there could be a “DSi” type upgrade…but even that would finish destroying any consumer trust they still have left.

      If you’re going to troll, try not to act like the Darwin troll that’s obviously too stupid to carry on the troll gene pool

  12. PinkCrystal,, I agree with you.. This can be translated as no new next generation hardware specific to the wii u and 3ds but does not rule out a revision or variation (new color, hardware upgrade, ect) to those existing platforms.

  13. They said a reveal was “not under consideration.” — SO, they HAVE new hardware, but are not revealing it…right? Yes. I believe I am!

  14. No one cares about new nintendo hardware until sony and ms steal it without nintendo sony and ms wouldn’t even have controllers.

    2 boxes fighting over time exclusive dlc its a fucking joke pc rips sony and ms all day and night nintendo on the other hand always doing something different that stands out

  15. Duh, course they aren’t just cos others think the Wii U is crap. It’s probably the quality of life project which isn’t necessarily a new console or successor to Wii U

  16. I’m actually happy about this. It shows that the gaming media needs to be more careful about what they say.

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