Here’s A Closer Look At Nintendo’s 2014 Company Guide


Nintendo themed blog Before Mario has posted this year’s Nintendo company guide that is given to recruits and new employees. The beautiful book is a hardcover with 64 pages beautifully illustrated and designed like a pack of Nintendo hanafuda cards.  Be sure to check out all the lovely illustrations at the link.


Thanks to those who sent this in.


      1. So? Based on your comments, you most likely don’t have one either so welcome to the club dickhead.

  1. It’s beautifully designed. Any other company’s guide would be dull and very formal. This one is intetesting from front to back. Good old Nintendo.

  2. AMAZING!!!!
    plus it gives you the hierarchy from iwata to downwards, profits and also stuff about studious ect and about them like how much they earn ect.

    LOVE the hanafuda style……they MUST continue making hanafuda cards….but…..more modern and Nintendo-ish. (perhaps add a little triforce somewhere ect)

      1. Beats better than struggling to make games run at 1080p or pass 900p on some Betamax cablebox.

  3. 64 has become a very popular number and its a nintendo guide book for employees that happens to have mario on the front cover. if it had been a different number then it would have been less appealing. i want one too even if i dont know japanese, still cool

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