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Mario Golf: World Tour UK Review

With the spotlight on birdies, eagles and albatrosses, Mario Golf: World Tour is stuffed full of content, challenges and tournaments to satisfy the needs of every golfing amateur or pro. While bizarre and vibrant courses jam-packed with hazards and obstacles fuel fun, a heavy focus on challenges dampens the green.

In his first golfing adventure in over a decade, Mario is back and hoping to tee off in style in Mario Golf: World Tour. Developed by Camelot, Mario Golf is visually stunning and a marvel to play. The stereoscopic 3D breathes life into the many vivacious and spirited courses, while the individual character animations of your Mii and the franchise’s characters are amusing both through their elation and in a cantankerous manner; where it really pays off to win against the huffing and puffing Princess Daisy. However, a marginal problem occurs when using stereoscopic 3D, the grass textures – particularly on the standard courses – become blurred towards the edges when moving the camera for an accurate shot, a visual nitpick.

Just as well she’s smiling this time around! What a bird.

Single player mode grants users with a wealth of challenges, classic stroke and match play, as well as speed golf and point play. As such, these modes are great for the casual golfer, where dipping in for an hour or two provides you with enough sustenance, or allows others to hone their skills and learn the pros and cons to draw, fade and straight-hitting characters. But if you’re looking for a slightly meatier dish than the odd bit of greenery, players can opt to dive into challenges, which reward successful players with star coins.

An unfortunate qualm, here, is how much the game relies on completing challenges to unlock new Mario-themed courses. Collecting 100 coins, defeating characters in match mode and lining up your shots perfectly within gold rings while using power-ups, just to name a few, are probably not devilish or cruel enough for avid gamers, but casual gamers may easily get frustrated with the rising difficulty levels.

Since courses such as Yoshi Lake, Cheep Cheep Lagoon and other themed levels are the most fun to play, challenges almost feel forced, and detract from the delightful title. But for those who sleep, eat and breathe golfing challenges, players will find ten different varieties on each course, which keep play light and entertaining without becoming entirely unforgiving.

Make sure you check out the awesome scenery while setting up your shot, just watch out for those pesky obstructions.

Mario Golf: World Tour introduces players to the Castle Club for the first time, providing a unique experience with your 3DS Mii character. The game really comes into its stride here and is immediately accessible to players of all strengths. But the Castle Club’s layout is slightly problematic, where going through a number of doors to get to your desired area can become tedious. And though tournaments offer great experience and bragging rights within the trophy room, once completed there’s a heavy focus on challenges rather than pure golf, making the Castle Club feel little more than a place to change your growing range of banana peel, Hammer Bro and Dolphin outfits.

There’s nothing better than proving your golfing glory – or tee off horror – in online tournaments and modes. Community matches will team you up with three other players as you vie to break in a birdie or that elusive and quite miraculous hole-in-one to secure first place victory. Emoticon buttons are provided here, so you can cheer the other player on when they hit a good shot, even though you secretly wished they hadn’t, or alternatively warn them from obstructions or hazards, ideal for good sportsmanship and community growth.

Time for a power shot, just don’t over do it or you’ll land in the rough, or worse.

In Mario Open tournaments you can go up against regional or worldwide players and compete for bronze, silver and gold trophies on leader board rankings. As such, the online modes are the heart and soul of the game and are truly thrilling to play, unleashing the competitive golfer within.

While Mario Golf: World Tour has its flaws, they are minute in comparison to the game’s vibrant depth and well-designed accessibility. A pick up and play title which will never leave you teed off for too long.




  1. Good review. I kind of want this game, but has neither the money nor the time. Maybe I’ll buy it, or download it from the eShop, in summer!


  2. LoL shitty game now know why ninty is doomed LoL and wiiu games are the worseshiit of the gaming ew.
    -PlayStation The King Of The Gaming since 1994.-


    1. Yet Sony is also most going bankrupt thanks to the TV, tablet and Computer Business… PS4 is basically a life support machine for them while Nintendo is happy and healthy


      1. Again, PS is doing good, but its not the reason why Sony hasn’t gone bankrupt.

        Sony Insurance.

        Get a clue.


      2. happy land of making terrible systems, terrible games and terrible software. the last nintendo game i bought was animal crossing new leaf from august. i will continue to no give my money nintendo what so ever, i would buy there games used, just play a demo or skip it. third party> first party.


    2. 1. The “doomed” joke has burned out since 2003 and 2. PS1 wasn’t released until 1995-6 retard. Check the fucking dates and yourself.



    3. Speaking of who doomed, tell me how near pennyless Sony is doing right now if it wasn’t for PlayStation and its movies?

      Sony would’ve been fucked long before the new millennium. So tell us again who’s really “doomed” moron?


  3. Had it since day one and it’s pretty awesome. I’ve never been into golf, but this game really does make it fun. It’s nice and relaxing to sit back and play a few holes as Toadette (yes I bought the season pass xD) every once in awhile. It’s not the best 3DS game there is, but it’s certainly not not a bad game at all. If you don’t plan on getting anything else, I say try this out. Surprisingly, I’ve played this alot more than Kirby Triple Deluxe and I got both May 2. Weird…


    1. Which is why its wiser to hold it off until it gets better games. Arkham Knight is a good place to start for me. Watchdogs and Ubisoft can kiss my ass after 2nd Rayman Legends delay stunt on Wii U.


    1. For what I want it to do, not really. If I get a PC, I want it to do 30-60fps on Medium settings. No way I can afford that. The only option for me in terms of power are PS4 since it’s the only console we have that’s closest to PC. (Sorry Xbox) :/


    1. I would hate this game to no end if I had to use motion control! Some of the courses and stuff in this game require literally perfect shots and I couldn’t imagine foolishly swinging the Wiimote and getting in the bunker just because I didn’t swing my hand all perfectly. No motion control is literally the #1 reason I bought this game. And it probably would’ve sold way less on Wii U because it would’ve taken more money to make because of HD and many more people own 3DS. That’s my guess.


    1. Lego The Hobbit – 7
      Yoshi’s New Island – 6
      Wii Sports Club Golf – 7
      Mario Party Island Tour – 5.5
      Wii Party U – 6.5
      The Wonderful 101 – 7


    2. Are you dumb or something? if the game is good then it will get the rating it deserves… Yoshi New Island got a 5 or 6 and it deserved it. Nintendo is known to publish high quality games, just look at the top 10 on metacritic, 75% are Nintendo games.


      1. Yoshi’s New Island (Yoshi’s Island 2.5 based on its storyline) was a huge disappointment and I rather play DS and the original YI game than New Island.


      2. Oh wow, is he your boyfriend?

        Seriously dude, you’re damage controlling so hard right now it is unbelievable after the beating I gave you on Youtube XD


    3. only nintendo games get high schools, just watch how sickr and the others trash the heck out of third party games by giving it an 5 or 6.


      1. Maybe because some third parties aren’t optimized for the Wii U… Oh wait you’d never think before making a comment I remember XD


  4. I wasn’t expecting this game to get an 8.5. Nice going Mario Golf! I guess you ended up a good game after all!!


  5. meh not buying this game , wish it was 15 bucks. no nintendo 3ds game desevers to be $40. not even paying $25- 30 for this.


    1. Well then no Vita game should be that price. Also, you wouldn’t really be able to afford it seeing how you got your monitor and PC from the Thrift shop.


  6. I was only playing for about 3 days (only an hour or so each time), and I already won the Forest, Seaside and Mountain tournaments. I felt like a professional golfer right from the start, seeing as how I’m a veteran of the series. I didn’t need to learn the rules.

    However, I’m already having trouble finding any tournaments etc. that’s as fun to play as those three I won. But I’m still new to this game, and there’s a lot I haven’t yet discovered.


  7. how much single player content does this look to have? Absolutely love the demo, but I don’t want the online to be the major aspect of it (I tend to really suck at online multiplayer)


    1. The only online modes I’ve played so far was the Americas Tournament and the World Tournament. Both of which I didn’t see any real point in, except I think they unlock more items to buy in the boutique. You don’t actually SEE other players playing either. Except just their faces on little icons. It would have been more fun if you could play a full 18 holes against someone. I wonder if this has local wi-fi? Hmm…

      I still haven’t seen the Yoshi course or the underwater course. They must be unlockables.

      I’m disappointed about not seeing certain modes that I enjoyed in past Mario Golf games. Such as Mini-Golf and Ring Shot. Though I don’t really know what things are unlockable?


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