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Pachter Believes Nintendo Will Have The Most Announcements At E3 This Year

Online gaming publication Gamingbolt has conducted a lengthy interview with famed analyst Michael Pachter which covers a number of topics. Interestingly, Pachter believes that Nintendo will have the most new announcements at E3 this year out of the big three. Pachter also mentioned in the interview that despite Nintendo’s struggles with the Wii U and declining Nintendo 3DS sales he very much doubts they will ever go third-party. Here’s some extracts from the interview.

Right. So, basically, you said that Nintendo will have the biggest content based announcements at E3 this year, especially compared to Sony or Microsoft.

Michael Pachter: Yeah, I think so. I mean, I think we are so overdue for some Smash Bros. and/or Mario Kart, I think we’ll see them, I think they’ll be playable, and I think they have to have them out by this holiday. I mean, if they don’t get these games ready soon, then you can just forget the Wii U. It’s like, come on: how many years does it take after launch to have one of your core, highest selling franchises out?

Personally I do think Mario Kart and Smash Bros. will ignite some interest in the console.

Michael Pachter: Yeah, I do too, and I mean, 5 or 10 million units, yes, but not 30 million units, not 50 million, they’re not going to catch up. But they won’t go third party, so the answer to your question is, no, I don’t think they’ll go third party. I think they’ve convinced themselves, I mean, I think they’d rather pursue their health and fitness initiative.

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220 thoughts on “Pachter Believes Nintendo Will Have The Most Announcements At E3 This Year”

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      1. well he certainly held true with warmongering and spying on innocent citizens, citizens who aren’t even part of his country, while at the same time telling the rest of the world “we realize that you’re not okay with it and are very sorry about it but you can just go fuck yourselves, we’ll just keep doing it”

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        1. Aside from this political talk that should not be on here because it has nothing to do with gaming, but more so to start a fight.

          I would like to see someone like yourself (or anyone for that matter) in his position making decisions he does. I assure you, it is not as easy as you make it seems.

          A person like myself or you have no idea what goes behind closed doors …. so lets keep it to gaming.

          Pachter sucks, but i have to agree with him on here.

          1. ” I assure you, it is not as easy as you make it seems. ”

            where did i make it seem easy? it’s certainly not easy, which is why he’s receiving a ridiculous salary a giant mob of senior staff and the best protection money can buy

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              Well it seems you know who would be best to run this country (Palin maybe, bwhahaha), so I will let it go and leave it in your hands…

              Again, not about gaming…

              Anyway, Pachter is right on this

              1. ” um, ok as opposed to those who play sports and make more than him.”

                what does that change about him receiving a high salary for his position? there’s always someone who earns more, doesn’t change anything about the height of his salary
                he earns over $400.000 a year

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                1. $500 a year??? If you didn’t confuse that decimal with a coma than holy shit is he making peanuts.

                  Hey everyone, I make more than our president XD

            2. @Kehool,
              I don’t care what president we have, there’s always going to be something that someone doesn’t like about them. So therefore, we’ll NEVER have a president that EVERYONE agrees with or likes. That’s just the way it goes. Now, leave the politics subject alone. This is a NINTENDO news site!

        2. You Americans think free health care is a bad thing. Incredible. Best you just not bother talking about politics anywhere, especially on a video game site.

      2. pink0crystal0midbus

        Obama is awful. You do know he has kept no promises and he’s the figurehead of the most law mandate in the history of the US, The Affordable Healthcare Act.

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          1. Ehh, I wouldn’t go that far. I understand the moral argument of making sure everyone gets health insurance, but Insurance companies are part of the private sector and the government has no right to do with them as they please. Some people are born with pre-existing conditions, and I sympathize with them. Yet some people will now wait until they become sick to buy health insurance and then cancel as soon as they can, and that isn’t good for anyone. That is like my wrecking my car then buying car insurance and expecting them to pay for it.

            1. considering that it’s the states obligation to protect their citizens: yes they do have a right to intervene with insurance business.. very much so

              1. This isn’t a state law, but a federal mandate. A state can have certain regulations on businesses, but they can’t blatantly tell them what to do. (I believe Nevada told Tesla, a car company, that they cannot build any factories there. That is wrong, imo.)

                But even still, this goes way beyond the state level.

          2. Bullshit, I don’t want Healthcare so why on earth am I beign forced to get it? Gives us Universal Healthcare or the option to opt out.

        1. Lol I was just thinking about that shit. He brainwashed all the hispanics, got their votes, then turned his back on them. Twice.

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                If you use “*” at the end of a sentence, it usually means that you are correcting someone but clearly you’re not.

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          1. that’s not hard to do

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        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          That’s what I think too…

          But it’s still better than the warmonegering hypocrite McCaine…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I don’t hate Obama but he certainly does not deserve the Nobel-Prize of Peace…

        (21 of Obamas blatant lies.)
        Sorry dude but just calling someone racist because of their beliefs is discriminatory and rude. You clearly are someone who doesn’t have a firm understanding of political policy, I feel like all you talk about are social issues. I am a moderate and believe the republicans have problems, but you literally have no argument here besides calling your opposition bad names. Unfortunately even though fox news is hot street trash, you have to understand that the reason they do what they do, just like all TV “news” including fox, CNN, etc, is to get views. To complain about fox news is like complaining about the opinion of any other TV show host whether that be news, comedian, sportscaster, they are all in it for the money. Obama has been a below average president and a bad politician who is getting sympathy from the race card even though the media is covering his back while he lies, which has only caused tension in America.

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        1. Enough of you lot trying to pretend you know anything about politics. Outside of America Obama is considered great, a fantastic leader and (unbelievably for a politician) cool. Obvious not to everyone (sure terrorists don’t agree) but the majority of people do. In America he’s considered a twat because of your own stupidity and believing you’re allowed to have an valid opinion on something with little to no knowledge of what you talk about. You even criticise free health care as you’re that thick. “He’s black!” is the real reason you want to say for hating him, it’s that simple. Grow up, talk about video games or fuck off.

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          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            It’s funny how we went from gay issues to politicians…

            Personally I’d choose Obama over bush anyday, but at the same time, Obama is not much better…

            If he truly has some intelligence left, he should give back the Nobel-Prize and give it to someone who deserves it…

            Like people who helps others regardless of what they are…

            1. I know. I’m just saying that Bush can’t deliver a speech if his life depended on it. Obama hasn’t done much to improve America.

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                    Probably was his idea too in cooperation with Osama…

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                        1. He had nothing to stand on and we as Americans knew it was bullshit when he tried to declare war on Iraq, he wasn’t allowed to and that idiot found a way around and declared war on “terrorism”.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  And I think Americans are fools for not wanting to have healthcare…

                  It proves just how selfish they are…

                  But I also think it was somewhat unprepared…

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      As far as I know, aren’t you all able to choose whether you want to pay for or not?…

                      We have Healthcare in Sweden, well for as long as I can remember and we are doing just fine…

                      Although this current goverment is trying to make us pay fees and other nonsense to keep us in helathcare while at the same time lowering other income…

                      1. From what I know you need to pay for it unless you are extremely poor. There are ‘”tiers” that you can choose from. I’m not sure how much the cheapest one is but it isn’t that much cheaper than regular health insurance was before. For example I’m 26 so the cheapest health insurance for me, at least from the little research I did many years ago, would of been around $100 a month. From what I heard on television when obamacare had barely passed a person my age would pay around $90 for the cheapest option. If you don’t get insured and make less than $19,500 a year you will be fined $95. If you make more then you will be fined either the $95 or something like %1 of your total income, whichever is more. The second year the fine gets much bigger. Look I understand that in reality everyone should be insured because, God forbid, you have an accident and get seriously hurt the insurance will pay for itself. There have been point’s in my life though were I’ve wanted things that at the moment I couldn’t afford and $100 goes a long way. Worst yet there are people living from paycheck to paycheck, Idk how they’re gonna make it.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Hmmm it sounds too expensive…

                          That’s why the US needs to spend more resources on Healthcare and education than wars…

                          Thats would solve alot of problems in your country…

                          But 90-100$ for normal people who barely makes 8-9$ an hour is too much…

                          What is the most ridiculous thing ever is when you have to take out Money and it automatically takes a fee…

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                          1. Yea, now don’t take my word for it because I’m the least knowledgeable person when it comes to the whole obamacare thing. It might not be $100 or even anything close to it, but that’s what they said on tv after it passed.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Oh ok…

                              I’ll take a look at it later then and see how it is…

              1. LMAO!!!!! He sure is “better” at giving speeches!!! As long as his TELEPROMPTER IS WORKING!!!







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                    1. … and here ends the comment chain resulting from some guy saying “Fuck Pachter he talks more shit than Obama”.

                      1. Conservatives are Smarter

                        Wait, not yet! I haven’t had a chance to say say how much Obama sucks yet! Obama sucks! There, I feel better now. Thanks!

            2. Congratulations, you just turned this into a political debate, asshole! All the Republicans and racists blaming Obama for everything and not their Congress, and comparing him to Hitler. And funny how the Democrats or people that are ok with Obama are the ones that talk sense and don’t make stupid comparisons and say crazy shit!

              1. How does that work? I figured that they were doing another Nintendo Direct, just around E3 time this year. I wouldn’t count that as being “at E3” since they’re just celebrating. It’s like being in the Thanksgiving Day Parade or just staying home and celebrating it

                    1. There’s a big difference between being at E3, and having a press conference… Being at E3 means having games available to be played, and maybe a Fils-a-Mech or two…
                      A press conference is just a live Nintendo Direct…

                    2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                      There are tons of booths to play games and stuff. At E3 last year people could play Wind Waker HD and Mario Kart 8, and I think Zelda: ALBW. They had tons of playable games.

                      Also, there was no press conference but there was still some news being delivered on the ground floor. If I recall correctly, Sakurai gave out some Smash news on the floor, like the inclusion of the Wii Fit Trainer.

                    3. Fun fact: E3 press conferences actually aren’t *really* part of E3. They are just traditionally tied in to the event.

                      Example: This year, all of the conferences are on Monday June 9th. The E3 show floor and actual event date is June 10-12.


                      So yes, Nintendo, like every other year, will be at E3 on the show floor. They just will not be wasting time and money with a large press conference.

                    4. The stage presentations are called “pre E3 presentations”.

                      A bit like a press release. However E3 itself is almost a week long. It’s a chance for the media, but also publishers, devs, investors to spend time on the ‘show floor’.

                      This is where developers can show people the demos and network.

                      E3 2012 Show Floor Tour:

                    5. So, Sakurai showing new Smash Bros. characters at E3 ’13 and even playing with fans was “not being at E3”? They did not a LIVE conference, but they surely were at E3. Wii Fit Trainer was revealed while Sakurai was showing the demo, not in the conference itself.

              2. exactly

                they’re not doing a press conference because they don’t need one thanks to the nintendo directs

          2. Again messing up again, Pachter?

            ”We’re due some Smash Bros and/or Mario Kart”

            Mario Kart 8 comes out May 30th.

            1. exactly … i remember patcher predicted an HD Wii once … and when E3 came nintendo had no announcements.

              of course smash bros. and mario kart are coming out this year … mario kart comes out in a couple weeks.

              patchner is master of the obvious … and his predictions are anyone’s best guess … all my predictions are just guesses too and i’m wrong half the time as well … why do we listen to his?

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          4. why mention mario kart? it will already have been released by then (yay)

            does pachter even know that?

          5. Mario Kart 8 will be out before E3. Pachter doesn’t know this. He gets paid to be an analyst. None of this adds up.

            1. pink0crystal0midbus

              He’s talking about Super Smash Bros obviously. Also, he said this a while ago so what we know today, right now, he didn’t know at the time.

              1. He spoke about Smash Bros AND Mario Kart. The release window for Mario Kart 8 has been known for ages, there’s no excuse. Stop trying to make excuses for Michael Pachter, a guy who has proven himself to be an idiot and not fit for his job time and time again.

              2. he’s talking about both… and this interview is one month old.. the released date of mario kart 8 was known in february

            1. it’s sorta hit and miss with him
              about 50/50 from what i hear

              he has been correct with some sensible assumptions in the past.. but some of the stuff he utters is just completely ridiculous

              1. If he is rated as 50/50 with his predictions then this job is not for him. That’s piss poor quality. At least we know when he’s being smart with his predictions and when he’s being stupid.

                1. he doesn’t earn his money with public announcements, that’s probably just for funsies

                  most of what he actually does never reaches the public

          6. Mario Kart comes out before E3, how is it even remotely “overdue”?
            Why can’t Pachter get anything right?

            1. well considering it should have been a release title it’s sorta overdue… mario kart is just the title to kickstart a console launch with

          7. I think anyone could have guessed that, it makes sense for them to announce as much new games and ways to play because they are in such trouble right now.

            This can either go two ways, or they will surprise the shit out of us, or they won’t and dissapoint us. Even as a fan, I can guarantee you I’ll be pissed if they don’t show me why the gamepad matters. I gave to much money for my fancy Wii U with Fancy tablet controller for the last one to not be used properly. I’m not a big games so I don’t care to much for third party but I do hope there are some fun announcements about those to.

            1. Wii u was a quick cash in to begin with, Nintendo really deserses all this shit they’ve gotten themself into. The reason wii used to its full potential cause it was essential for the games they wanted to make , I remember reading somewhere it was made after a desire of miamoto wanting to make a Zelda where you could control the sword. so the console was built around the idea, and it started spanning off onto different games and made from the ground up based around the idea of motion control.

              Now if you look at Wii u its clearly seen that it was when Nintendo was cocky as shit as they sold so many Wii’s, they thought, ‘hey why bother research what’s best for our games and put whatever is popular in the world and implement it in, boom Wii u was made and because they were so sure the consumers anything they slapped in rehashed bros u and some party game, it didn’t work and now they have to suffer for the shit they got them self into, and with what they have left, a clunky tablet, and a half baked console.

              (Soz for the errors I’m on my phone)

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                If it was a “quick cash” then I’d say they failed even worse…

                I don’t think it was a quick cash…

                But I do believe that they had not thought it through as much as they should, starting with the name…

                The -U- should have been enough…

          8. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Further proof that this creature doens’t have the minimum intelligence to even find out what most gamers already know…

            The release date for Mario Kart 8 for example…


                1. You were defending the rights of gays on that other topic and now you are acting like a phobic yourself, what has Xbots ever done to you? What does it matter what system people use to play, its all the same people are just staring screen after all. You are no better than homophobics imo.

                    1. When it comes to games? You are the one taking things way too far acting like a robot and a commander for a company that doesnt care about any of us here. Please go and get a mirror and stare that for a while instead of your screen.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        The amount of blindness in you…

                        Maybe you should look up the definition of “acting”…

                      2. One, he’s acting as his own fan character; ever heard of “role playing” dumbass?

                        Two, you’re one to talk about people without actually knowing them. So who’s the blind idiot here who doesn’t have a mirror?… B/

                  1. And you call yourself the “predicter”? Can you predict what a complete dumbass you are by mimicking another ill predicting dumbass Michael Patcher?

                    Get real and be more creative than that because its sad to see someone on the net pretending what they’re not and never gonna be.

                    And speaking of homophobic, I can tell you are one or in your case, “predict” it.

                1. Your comment makes zero sense, you can admire a console even if you don’t have one. Oh wait, you do the same thing with your invisible Xbox One. Lmfao

                  1. His IQ is comparable to a sea sponge. Its unbelievably laughable to see this monkey keep dancing around just to get hated for no reason. He deliberately made himself socially retarded for God knows what.

                2. Says one who owns one and stupidly hates it because your poor ass gorilla mother can’t afford nor want to buy a shittier toybox for you.

            1. He’s never right and even if he is about this one, just remember that anything can happen and not all speculated nonsense comes true and knowing this big mouthed idiot Patcher, don’t even think about believing in a single word he says. He’s all about playing guessing games without trying to see a more realistic bigger picture just to have fools fall for him and say he’s the smartest person since Steven Hawkins.

          9. Patcher is like Sasori the brokeback gorilla troll.

            Both need to STFU and get outside for once to see reality as it is and stop talking out of your asses like you’re a prodigy who can read the future being paid by Microsoft to spread “Fox News”-like propaganda crap.

              1. No one needs die, we need to give chance for everyone to behave and learn from their mistakes. My point is that none of us has the right to decide who lives and dies.

                1. Dude, don’t even start that BS. You too are another one playing smartass on some people based on what they want to “roleplay” as when commenting.

                  Go find a mirror and tell me exactly what it looks like before telling somebody off to do the same without knowing the meaning.

            1. Patcher talks about nintendo,microsoft or sony. no bais or imo’s. dont get mad over someone who smarter than you nintendoggys

              1. So you are saying he is smarter than you? Because he seems to be less bias than you and he doesn’t really constantly bitch about Nintendo like you do. He even thinks Mario games aren’t rehashes so really you’re saying he is basically smarter than you.

              2. Sasori has a black dick and drinks white coffee while licking on his surgical pussy and doing a handjob on Bill Gates

              3. He’s just like you, talk shit one minute and then look royally stupid in public by the next when his so called “educated guess” gets proven usual.

                Stop sucking off his crystal balls because he hates and is biased against Nintendo..just like you which explains why he’s your idol and why you’re currently dubbed the biggest failure of humanity. Dumbass monkey sees, dumbass monkey do.

          10. DAMMIT!

            Since the opposite of what Pachter says is what actually happens, I guess Nintendk will have a terrible E3 with little to no announcements :\

            1. I guess this big mouthed fucker is trying to jinx Nintendo to screw up by talking positively out of nowhere.

              Either way, he’s a fucking waste of time.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              It will…

              Just take the surprise Nintendo Directs we had the last weeks…

              First Mario Kart 8 followed by a surprise announcement of a remake/sequel Pokemon R/S…

              With that in mind, it would be foolish not to reveal even better games at E3…

          11. I agree with Pachter on this. I think we all should expect lost of announcements from Nintendo since they need lots of must have games out for WiiU. They need to go on full force mode like in GC era when they had almost every ip used for their system.

            They need to announce 10-15 big exclusive titles we havent seen. And they need to show a trailer for new Zelda.

            1. Bit like Lego City Undercover, I never saw that coming and it turned out to be a pretty awesome game :)

          12. Didn’t he say a few months ago that they should temporarily port their games on PS4/Xbone while making a new console?
            Pachter is full of shit as usual.

            1. If we are social rejects, then why do you spend your time coming up with new nicknames for Nintendo Fans? That is the sign of a social reject.

              Exposed much?

          13. For once, I can agree with patcher when he says Nintendo will have the most announcements… other than that, he’s bullshit and liar.

            1. Then why believe this random positiveness bullcrap? He’s a complusive, biased bullshitter pretending that he’s the human Oracle who can read the future by not actually reading it, in other words, RESEARCH.

          14. They must have a shit ton of games to show then because Sony and Microsoft say they have a few games to announce as well.

          15. Is everyone not intitled to their own opinions??
            Patcher “Thinks” Nintendo will have the most content at e3. No one actually knows except Nintendo.

            1. Exactly. He talks out of his ass all the time and apparently, he shouldn’t have the privilege to speak without doing his own homework first.

              But regardless of that, nobody fucking believes nor likes him.

          16. How long does it take for a core franchise to come out? Pachter thinks that Nintendo franchise are created like CoD or AC or those yearly sports titles from EA… Nintendo makes sure of game quality… and as the saying goes “Better late than never”.

            And to whom does Nintendo has to catch up to? Selling consoles is not a race. And it’s a known fact that Nintendo dont care who sells more, they managed to break even after all.

            And didn’t Pachter announced that Nintendo should go third party as well? What happened that he changed his stance? Oh yah, Nintendo is going to profit for every Wii U sold now… and the company is buying instead of selling properties and parts of its company like one other company has been doing recently…

            1. The “predictions” that this moron is usually right on is the ones that are the most foreseeable, even a toddler can see it coming.

              Again, Patcher is speaking in ass language as means to keep his debunked, Nintendo-biased guesses in the dark, ala “Damage Control” and somehow for some reason, talks more positively towards them…This is all too easy to guess why he’s stepping out of his usual negative comfort zone.

              Patcher needs to STFU FOR LIFE.

            1. That 1080p-less DRM Betamax is still stuck at 4 million rejects sold bending over for Microsoft’s obvious lies and cons while Wii U is about to sky rocket past 7-8 million with Mario Kart 8 hype, going toe to toe with PS4.

              Patcher is an idiot who can’t STFU for two seconds without getting debunked afterwards.

            1. I just hope Nintendo delivers this time but this time, deliver an ATOMIC BOMB *no WW2 pun intended* that’ll surprise everyone and make them want a Wii U and understand what it is and that it does exists and has the right to be called “next gen”. I hope Sony delivers to while Microsoft can shove that DRM I.E.D Betamax “Xbox-Not-All-In-One” straight up its ass and says hi to Don Mattrick in hell.

              1. Yeah hopefully Nintendo pulls out the big guns. They need to. Zelda for sure is going to be revealed probably at the end of the presentation. I’m hoping to see Metroid too.

                Hopefully Sony shows off the next Uncharted because that’s what I’m waiting for, as well as KH3.

                MS can fuck off.

          17. So with the patent about switching parts out/ rumor about a console with a portable handheld controller, what if the joysticks and triggers etc. could be replaced. like for portable slide pads on the 3ds to home controls with full joysticks?? Could this be the future of nintendo. who knows. just an idea..

          18. While Nintendo will be showing off several Wii U games at E3, including Super Smash Bros U, company president Satoru Iwata confirmed in a recent Q&A that they’ll unveil a bunch of brand new Wii U games to E3 as well.
            Iwata did not go into specifics as to what those Wii U games might be, he only said that the games are “designed to introduce players to the value of the Wii U GamePad”. Some of the rumored Wii U games for E3 include a new Zelda and Metroid game.
            He added that all of the new Wii U games are developed in-house at Nintendo with their first party teams, and all of them are overseen by Shigeru Miyamoto. Iwata said that the Wii U titles at E3 will represent games that are “near completion” and games that are also “in early development”.

          19. I'm not

            While Nintendo will be showing off several Wii U games at E3, including Super Smash Bros U, company president Satoru Iwata confirmed in a recent Q&A that they’ll unveil a bunch of brand new Wii U games to E3 as well.
            Iwata did not go into specifics as to what those Wii U games might be, he only said that the games are “designed to introduce players to the value of the Wii U GamePad”. Some of the rumored Wii U games for E3 include a new Zelda and Metroid game.
            He added that all of the new Wii U games are developed in-house at Nintendo with their first party teams, and all of them are overseen by Shigeru Miyamoto. Iwata said that the Wii U titles at E3 will represent games that are “near completion” and games that are also “in early development”.

          20. Imagine if Nintendo announced a new Earthbound at E3. Whether it would be about bringing Mother 1 and 3 to North America (Virtual Console or new remastered versions) or a new entry in the series for Wii U. That alone is all I would need to satisfy me. But alas, I know all we’ll get is Mario Kart and Smash Bros. etc. Which are good, but still….

            1. That last Earthbound comment I made was a brand new comment, not a reply to anyone. So why did it post several comments before the last? It should have been the very last comment on here. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Strange.

          21. For once I actually agree with this guy about Nintendo will have more anouments than Microsoft and sony

          22. More Wii U announcements less 3DS announcements. The Wii U needs more publicity than the 3DS and THIS IS THE TIME!! 2014 WILL BE THE WII U’s YEAR! DIE PS4 AND XBONE!!! DIE!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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