Check Out This Very Sketchy E3 Leak Floating Around The Web


E3 is fast approaching which means there will be tons of fabricated leaks popping up around the internet. The latest leak found on the NeoGAF forums suggests that the next Zelda title is titled The Legend of Zelda: Shard of Nightmare. What’s interesting about this leak is that a number of titles which will have already been released by the end of the month will apparently be shown during the event. These titles include Watch Dogs on the PlayStation 4 and Mario Kart 8 on Wii U. I’d take this leak with a huge grain of salt.

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  1. That would be awesome and while I’m sure that the leak is fake, I believe that there is a strong chance that the new LoZ will be at E3

    1. It will be. Supposedly they were going to show it off in last years e# but opted to wait one ore year. So here we are one year later. I think it’s almost a guarantee it’ll be at this years e3. The art style will probably disappoint a lot of people.

      1. LOZ: Shard of Nightmare?? Well Nintendo did say that the new Zelda will be dark…sorta like Twilight Princess.
        But I like the sound of mine:
        “The Legend of Zelda: Shadow Link Rises”
        But for thousandth time: I guess well just have to wait and see.

      2. Aonouma never said that the new Zelda would be “dark”. Where’d you get that idea? All we know is that they took ideas from Wind Waker HD development to find out ways of using the gamepad, and that when they were trying out art styles, something surprising turned out. Nothing is hinted in terms of story or theme, just that the game is going to try to be less linear.

      3. I heard that somewhere… that it will be dark but not as much as TP was… besides almost every Zelda game has a touch of dark.

      4. Bad News the next zelda is going to have so much blood in it when you stab a skeleton 50 gallons of blood is going to come out lol just kidding

      5. You mean like Wind Waker right? Look how that game turned out. =p

      6. The art style of Windwaker disappointed me when first released for Gamecube, but after I played it, it was amazing. :p

        people shouldn’t judge a Zelda till they play it! (but you know they will)

      7. On a side note, I bet pokken fighters will utilize NFC figures. Assuming pokken fighters is actually a thing.

      8. I will admit I HATED the graphics of Wind Waker when I first saw the graphics… then I preordered it for the Ocarina of Time Master Quest preorder bonus. Then I watched the Wind Waker trailer on the disc & when that music started & the gameplay started to get shown, oh my god! Still one of the top 5 best Zeldas I’ve ever played! Then I heard Twilight Princess was coming & those graphics had me hyped! Then when I finally was able to play it, it felt like it was missing something as it wasn’t as great as I was hoping it’d be. After these two instances in my life, I finally grew up & realized realistic graphics aren’t as great as some people of today act like they are. With that said, I ultimately want Zelda’s graphics to be similar to Skyward Sword or Ocarina of Time’s updated graphics on 3DS. Twilight Princess has seriously ruined any hype I’d feel for future Zelda games with realistic graphics. But that won’t stop me from still playing it if a future Zelda does have them. Oh & Shard of Nightmare actually sounds awesome! It feels like a name they’d use for a Zelda game, so too bad this part of the “leaked info” might be full of crap.

      9. Hi, i agree with your graphics statement.

        When i first played Twilight Princess more than 5 years ago, it didnt feel as awesome as most other zelda’s.

        However i still found it to be more challenging and fun,with a good storyline than the wind waker.

        Now after more than 5 years, i played twilight princess for the second time.

        And it was more awesome than the first time.


        I odnt know how to describe this feeling, lol

      10. Well Aonuma said that the Zelda U demo graphics in 2011 will likely not be the final graphics. He also said that Wind Waker HD was the testing ground for Zelda U.

      11. They didn’t want the hype it’d get to cannibalize Link Between Worlds hype, so they held off on it for this E3. As for the art style, I’ll be happy with whatever it is. I’ve yet to hate the graphics of any Zelda game so far.

    2. Aunoma already said “we will hear more at E3” meaning the new LoZ is happening this year.

      1. Yes, but it also could have been said in jest ;) lol, in all seriousness, you’re definitely right. I forgot that he had said that and since Aunoma is in charge of this, that’s basically a confirmation

      2. Posibility there will be a zelda but i doubt the picture above as Gears of war is owned by microsoft, so why would they release theyre game of the ps4 aswell?

      3. That says god of war. I’m also not entirely sure that microsoft own gears of war. Either way that’s one of the worst games I have ever played.

      1. Watch the nintendo direct. He clearly says it. And many other times its been confirmed.

      2. Cool!I don’t see how the hell I even missed that I know he had said something about that he waned to show it at last e3 but I never knew he had actually confirmed that it was going to be shown at this e3.

    3. this list seems reasonable but at the same time fake. every legend of zelda game has had better subtitles than “shard of nightmare”. shard of nightmare as a subtitle just seems too simplistic for a zelda game. but then again, ocarina of time as a subtitle wasn’t exactly very elegant… so i could be wrong.

    4. It’s probably less informed or fake by one major missing factor… There’s nothing new Mario when supposedly there’s atleast something new in the works and there’s always something Mario to show off.

    1. Yea that’s what I was thinking too. Xenoblade 2 will be showed at this years e# stream though

      1. It’s not xenoblade 2. If it was, don’t you think it will be similar to Xenoblade with the mechon, monado….ect. All we been seeing are fighting big animals, dinosaurs while you can use a robot. Nothing like Xenoblade.

      2. You fight animals in xenoblade too.They are have shown story details anyway so who know it could be the mechon agian?

      3. It’d have to be a prequel in order for there to be Mechon as the enemy.

      4. Maybe your fighting a renegade mechon and his army in the new world that disagrees with humans and mechons living in peace?

      5. It’d have to be led by a Face Mechon then since the actual Mechon are just mindless machines. Too bad it can’t be Metal Face, aka Mumkhar. Then again… We never know. That psycho could have survived somehow.

    2. Yes, Square or rather SquareEnix does own the rights to Xenogears, which is why Monolith Soft never made another game called Xenogears.

      They do not however, own the rights to Xenosaga or Xenoblade. These are spiritual sequels that are owned by Monolith Software, an independent company which was once funded by Namco. Monolith Software was later bought by, and is currently owned by Nintendo. Nintendo owns the rights to both Xenosaga and Xenoblade.

      Do your research!

      1. Doesn’t work like that. Xenogears was made while the Monolith Soft team was apart of Squaresoft (err SquarEnix). When they broke away to form their own studio, they don’t get to take the IPs they made with them.

        None of the development team in Monolith Soft owns any of the IPs they made while under SquareEnix.

      2. What Unknown said. In order for Monolith Soft to make a new Xenogears game, Square Enix would have to be willing to either co-develop a new Xenogears game to be exclusive to a Nintendo console or sell the franchise of Xenogears to Nintendo. Sadly, both of those are quite possibly never going to happen. I mean, you could hope for it but I suggest not holding your breathe.

    3. There is no way to find out who has the license right now, but the creator of every Xeno game has never had a problem continuously putting out ALL of the games.

    1. No, if they have DLC ready they should reveal that after a month or so. I would feel ripped if they announced it nine days after the release of the game, that would be way to EA to do.

  2. Okay, sure is a strong word. I’m doubtful that the leak is real, but it would be pretty cool. I’m hyped for a new LoZ game and the title is epic. I have to say that Microsoft’s panel looks like it will beat Sony’s if this leak is legit. Hopefully Sony has a secret weapon on the back burner that they will unleash. E3 is going to be pretty epic! Although I still wish that Nintendo would have a conference. That’s where all of the fun is! I still watch the bloopers from previous E3 Conference years

  3. Hmm….
    The lack of Yarn Yoshi and SMTxFE is a bit suspicious, but this does seem possible.

    1. Yea except that this list is supposed to represent nintendo’s games at e# not what their “e3 direct” will show.

  4. I don’t trust those kind of leaks.

    But if it’s true, then it means Sony will cover nothing about persona 5…bummer :(

    1. Lol, I’d be pretty skeptical of the title even without that bit of information. A name like Shard of Nightmare seems out-of-character for a company that prides itself largely on fun, family-accessible games.

      1. But a game as f*cked up dark as Majora’s Mask is right in their wheelhouse?

      2. If Majora’s Mask was made today, you’d have a point, but the Nintendo I know today is more interested in families.

      3. Have you played Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem? Family friendly my ass(in general I mean).

      4. 1. I’m not talking about what they publish. If I were, you’d have bountiful examples such as Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem to use against me.

        2. That’s pre-Wii Nintendo anyway. Even if they were the actual developers of ED:SR, I can’t think of a single example of a video game developed by Nintendo targeted specifically at a non-casual audience after 2005.

      5. They published it yes, but they also co-developed it. So therefore it can be used against you either way.
        Also you never specified the time or era, also the term casual and hardcore gamer never existed prior to 7th generation which was where these idiotic “dudebros” came from, therefore there isn’t really much to back up your claim.

  5. Am I being dumb or is everyone missing an elephant in the room here? Nintendo Treehouse?

    Also, it’s probably fake, but it’s a good fake!

    1. Nintendo Treehouse is a division at Nintendo,they are often involved in localizing games. It seems this year they will be covering e3 Live.

      But why would Treehouse be on this paper? And why only Treehouse and omit Nintendo’s Digital Event? “Digital Event” is Nintendo’s replacement for a press conference.

      1. I believe that Nintendo’s Digital Event is at the same time as the E3, but it’s not technically part of the E3. So that’s why it is not mentioned on this paper (which is probably fake anyways).
        And the Nintendo Treehouse being live at E3 is way better, they are native English speakers and they know a lot about the games as they do the whole localization process.

  6. Its called LOZ..Rise of the Desert Prince….time travel and time OOT/MM. You have to go back in time to kill of Gannon while he is a new born…..if you dont beat the time, gannon rise will be foreverrrrrrrrrrrr….its all about Gannon, play as Gannon and Link while travel the light/dark world of Hyrule… Very deep stroy about Gannon the desert prince

    1. nice story bro. (not being sarcastic) its cool.

      also, I miss Neutron, Bill, Aeolus and the other trolls.

    1. I hope to God that’s not so. The day Zelda is compromised by an “adult” theme, I’ll find something else to play.

  7. Lawl, fake or not, those Sony/Microsoft lineups kinda suck. And the real ones’ll be even worse.

    1. Just because it’s uninteresting to you, doesn’t mean it’s uninteresting in general.

  8. Mario Kart 8 playable at E3? How’s that even possible? The game will be released May 30th, how come you can play a demo of a released game?

      1. Last of Us was not out at that point in time; it was coming out that Friday.

  9. The list is fake, because Nintendo has WAYYYY more than that to show. Yarn Yoshi? Fire Emblem x Shin Megami? QOL products? The new Wii U titles that utilize the gamepad that Nintendo has been clamoring about? Plus other titles that are surely being kept hidden like the new Metroid and F-Zero or Star Fox game they might announce.

    MIYAMOTO’S NEW IP!?!?!?!?! It is a must that they show that off this year… he’s only been working on it since the Wii U was announced…

    1. I have been asking about Miyamoto’s new IP. I wanna know one thing, is that game they have been talking about since the Wii U was announced like you said something entirely different than these games that take advantage of the gamepad (which Miyamoto has helped develop) or are these games what they have been talking about all along. I hope that his new IP is separate, and I hope it’s still coming and not canned.

      1. I’m pretty sure Miyamoto’s new IP “should” be separate from the new IP’s that Nintendo has been talking about lately. I think Miyamoto has just been giving a helping hand (and is probably why his personal new IP is taking forever, because they ask Miyamoto to add his input in EVERY stinking Nintendo product…) <This is the price you pay when you are the legendary Nintendo game designer.

    2. And let’s not forget about a new IP from Nintendo of America’s developer Retro Studios.

      “Xenogears: Origins” or Xenoworld”? 25 pounds of salt please!

    3. The paper says specifically “Playable on the show”, those games that you mention would be announced at the Digital Event, but won’t be playable at E3. I believe this list is fake anyways.

  10. Whoever made this forgot that Mario Kart 8 releases on the 30th of this month, not next. Yeah this is fake.

  11. Obviously fake. But if it were accurate, that’d be incredibly disappointing for everyone. Sony’s and Microsoft’s listings are both pretty awful. And Nintendo’s is missing too many games we’ve already heard about or are expecting.

  12. There’s no way this is real, who would put the big reveals of every one of the big 3 on the same piece of paper? Especially when the people that these 3 want to keep secrets from the most is each other.

    1. Yer darn-skippy! Looking at that title, I’m already missing the “Twilight Princess 2” predictions from before Skyward Sword’s announcement.

  13. For the writer of the list to refer to the new Smash Bros entries as “Super Smash Bros. U (Wii U) ” and “Super Smash Bros 3D (3DS)” is either very unprofessional, or indicative of title changes for the games (which, honestly, I’d welcome).

  14. Totally sketchy, but could you imagine Symphony of the Night 2?! If there was any worry of the 3DS sales dipping, this is the game that would ensure sales.

    Plus a good Pokemon game on the Wii U would sell consoles. It would have to be a good Pokemon though, something that attracts all those fans who eat it up every year, then all those fans would have to buy the U to play it. I’m sure Nintendo knows that though.

  15. Alright, we know they are going to show Zelda at e3 this year. However just the fact that there are no surprises on any of these lists makes me suspicious. I’m going forward with the assumption that this is a fake and I suggest the rest of you do to. Besides this, I have a hunch that nintendo will kill it this year at e3 just with announcements. It seems like a bunch of stuff has been lurking on the fringe for a while. Just a hunch though.

  16. This is my list from the start of the show to the end:
    -SSB4 3DS + Wii U
    -DLC for MK 8
    -Yarn Yoshi U
    -X (name and release date)
    -Bayo 2 (release date)
    -Miyamoto’s new IP
    -SMT X FE
    -Hyrule Warriors
    -Metroid U (sneak peek)
    -Pokken Fighters (or whatever this – was)
    -That Pikachu Investigator game for the 3ds
    -Zelda U
    -Starfox U (sneak peek)
    -F-Zero U (sneak peek)
    -Pokemon Snap (sneak peek)
    -Punchout U (sneak peek)
    – (U)r Mama (Mother 4 sneak peek)
    -Nintendo wins E3.

      1. Personality cores are unable to sustain this much damage! Error 404!!!!
        Warning: Reboot!!!!

    1. 1080 snowboarding better appear, that series is so begging a revival, it showed the power of both the n64 and gamecube, c’mon Nintendo you brought back punch out why not give 1080 one last go

  17. Keep in mind that this is a List of Games that are meant to be playable at E3. New Titles to be announced on Stage, at Events Stuff or whatever are not included because Nintendo does no classical Press Conference this Year. Just saying.


    also bear in mind these are just DEMOS not every game will be a demo.

  19. If this was real, it would say “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS”, not simply “Super Smash Bros. U”.

    1. Or if they’re referring specifically for the Wii U version, it would be “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U”.

  20. This list is just the games playable at the show.. They will most likely announce more not playable in the direct.

  21. Sounds like a TP sequel to me, considering the mirror of twilight which was broken into shards and the nightmare would obviously rfer to the twilight realm

  22. This list is more than likely fake but if it is true, it appears Nintendo has the better line up of games to be played at the show floor. Hell, based on their show floor presence alone they have better announcements than Sony and Microsoft. I nearly jizzed when I saw Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2 for 3DS. Only nice announcements from Microsoft and Sony were Gears of War 4 (no ones tired of it yet really?) and God of War 4 (I hope it’s a new character besides Kratos this time), and Uncharted 4. I’m definitely up for some more Halo 5 footage though. Anywho, Nintendo would definitely be bringing it this year at E3. Two Zelda games, Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade 2 (?), possible Symphony of the Night 2 game, and possible Pokken Fighters game. Yeah that would definitely peg them the winner of this year’s E3 even without their stage presence. Well true or not, can’t wait for E3!

  23. The Xenogears name sounds reasonable, but I’m pretty sure X is related to Xenoblade. Pokken Fighters would be a terrible decision, as they wouldn’t have the Pokemon brand name to get people’s attention. The Zelda title sounds too Western.

    1. Except that Xenogears is owned by Square, and I don’t think Nintendo would care to pay them for the name, X is probably an all new game based on Xenoblade’s engine, nothing more, nothing less.

      1. Oh really? That rules out Xenogears then.

        I have a sneaking suspicion it’s related more to Xenoblade than people think. I have my own theories about it.

      2. There is no way to find out who owns the license. Video game licenses might be shorter than music licenses (25 average years). Xenogears came out 16 years ago.

    1. If they are indeed making MM3D (which they HAVE to be doing right now), they’re probably saving it for next year’s E3. Besides, ALBW came out last year and OoT3D came out in 2011. Not to mention we’ve received Skyward Sword in 2011 and Wind Waker HD last year. They need to space this stuff out a bit. If Zelda U comes out this year, or even early next year, MM3D might not do so well.

  24. Helloohooooo…again…Castlevani Symphony Of The Night 2 for 3DS! Please be true!

  25. I hope this list is Fake I wanna buy a PS4 but I don’t see Star Wars BattleFront III on the Sony Section also if SWBF3 is a MS Exclusive man am I gonna be so mad :/

    Also I’m pretty sure it’s Fake I could of easily made something like this on Microsoft Word lol just make columns put the 3 groups in there and get a photo from google of a black and white E3 lol go or make it black & white in word and paste it on the sheet.

    This looks porly made in my book I can make a more realistic Fake E3 Sheet if I wanted too but that would be just a waste of my time.

    But anyways I expect Nintendo E3 2014 to be better then last years E3 :)

  26. I heard the next zelda game will use mario as link and peach for zelda and the new f zero will have wheels!

  27. It’s fake….I can’t speak for the Nintendo portion but I work for a very large game company and I can see some discrepancies in the other two conference line ups

    1. New Zelda game – As they said, Nintendo will finally show us brand new Wii U Zelda. They gonna show us CGI trailer, and also a few minutes of gameplay. It will be true open world Zelda (Elder Scrolls style). It will have two regions, one dark and edgy. Second more colorful, just like Skyward Sword. Game will be playable at E3. Release date: 2015.

    1. It could be advertisement, and just getting the word out there. And these are suppose to be playable games. Smart move I say.

  28. Its definately fake Gears of War 4 on PS4… even tho microsoft bought the rights. FAKE**

    1. That’s just playable games. Not games they’d reveal in their Direct (Metroid perhaps?).

  29. LOZ: Shard of Nightmare?? Well Nintendo did say that the new Zelda will be dark…like Twilight Princess.
    I like the sound of mine:
    “The Legend of Zelda: Shadow Link Rises”

    1. ‘Sounds very original. Let’s see…

      Dead Rising
      Hannibal Rising
      Rise of the Guardians
      The Dark Knight Rises
      Metal Gear Rising
      The Wind Rises
      Ryse: Son of Rome
      Rise of the Planet of the Apes

      and now you propose “The Legend of Zelda: Shadow Link Rises”?
      *claps slowly*

  30. It’s fake, Pokemon OR/AS are their trump card, and by that point Mario Kart will have already launched so why have it?
    Plus, X is not Xenogears, Platinum can’t use that name without shelling out an amount of cash they don’t have.

    1. Shit I meant Monolith, damn my fucking dyslexia.
      Platinum will probably have a Bayonetta 2 trailer and launch date, but that’s expected by now, so no news there, a complete lack of new announcements is also absurd,

  31. It’s FAKE!
    -Why only those 3 companies?
    – Ubisoft and EA are also doing a press conference
    -1st rule of Faking101, make it blurry to make it seem more real
    -faker mixed Digital Event for Treehouse
    -Nintendo doesn’t normally reveal a full game Name/Title when unveiling games , for example: X, Mario for Wii U, So why a Full detailed name for Zelda?
    – Xenogear is a Square-Enix Trademark

    1. Of course it’s fake, first off, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire not appearing is ridiculous, they’re Nintendo’s trump card for the holidays.
      Also, Mario Kart 8 is launching more than a week before the E3, so that one’s pointless to have.

      1. Mario Kart @ e3 is not really that pointless, they could showcase it for marketing reasons.

    2. I’m not saying this is real, but there are some contradictions to your points…

      -Maybe only three companies can fit on a single page?
      -Read the top: “FIRST PARTY – ON TOP”. Last time I checked, Ubisoft and EA are third parties for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.
      -The name of the digital event is “NNTENDO TREEHOUSE LIVE @ E3”
      -We’ve known about Zelda Wii U for a while now. It’s not a sudden announcement, it’s just getting a name and some gameplay footage (perhaps).
      -That’s true, but we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Maybe that’s why the Wii title was titled Xenoblade? Maybe Monolith Soft asked for the rights to use that name for this installment? Who knows? It isn’t too farfetch’d that the director went back to Square (Square Enix) to ask for the rights to use a name.

      1. i tried to make it my original post short ‘cus it would have been too long

        -I’ve thought about it, if only 3 could fit on to a single page, it’s not professionally sorted, not by name, if by time Ubisoft and EA are inbetween MS and SONY
        -fair enough, I didn’t think about the ‘FIrst Party’ part, maybe that’s why Ubi and EA aren’t listed, but that begs the question why only first party? and why even list third party games in there?
        -from what i understand Digital Event, Treehouse, and the SSB tourney are each seperate/unique, atleast the way IGN describes them
        – Zelda Wii U hasn’t officially been announced, sure we know about it, but that chances it’d be release this year is slim to none, Nintendo in general don’t announce a name this early, when they announced a 3d Mario game back in Jan’13, it had no title, just ‘Super Mario for WiiU’, I believe 3D world was unveiled at summer ’13, (same for pokemon remake), it’s usually a good idea to choose a name/title much later like when one writes essays, research, books, etc
        -it’s possible, but there’s usually some licensing involve, perhaps SquareE are kind enough to “lend” it for free, if not I doubt Nintendo would pay for licensing fees, especially after they already invested money on the Xenoblade trademark

        -also no Pokemon Remakes list as ‘cum’ (above) mentioned
        -the leak is not too far-fetch, a lot of it we already know or are expecting, but that’s partly a reason why i think it’s fake, it tells us what we want to hear or close to what we expect
        A few more week ’till we know for sure, parts of me wants it to be real, the Zelda title sounds dark, a nice change of pace. Also, I think one of these 3 will be at e3: StarFox, Metroid, F-Zero.

  32. just did a poll on vgchartz for most hyped game out of the big three(between zelda u, uncharted 4, and halo 5)
    good news for nintendo zeldas winning by a huge margin

  33. Do they even try with these “leaks” anymore? I could make this in Microsoft Word. Also, why would they just have a tech demo of Halo 5 (a game that has already been announced) but a gameplay demo of Gears of War 4 (a game that just began development)?

  34. Most of the Info is fake. Xenosaga is owned by Square, Watch Dogs and Mario Kart 8 gameplay should not be possible since the games are coming this month (probably DLC). I’m hoping Nintendo does not touch detail into the games that they already discussed like Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros. 4 (possible character but probably not). Nintendo MUST announced details of the following games:

    Yarn Yoshi
    Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
    Monolithsoft’s X (The official title)
    The New Legend Of Zelda
    The New Fatal Frame
    Beyond Good and Evil 2 (probably Ubisoft will unveil this at their conference.)
    Hyrule warriors probably?
    Sonic Boom
    Miyamoto’s New IP.
    I would scream for a new Metroid (or a F-zero)

    1. Nintendo has shared info from recently released games in the past during E3. I can’t remember which specifically, but I do remember the feeling of “C’mon Nintendo, that game is already out!”

  35. “Shard of Nightmare” sounds kinda generic for a Zelda title. This is probz fake anyway.

  36. What makes me the most excited, if this leak is true, is all of those nintendo games listed will be playable, meaning there should be even more games announced during the digital event

  37. All I know is that if I don’t get some information about Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem…I’m gonna flip shit! Even a screenshot would satisfy me. But something! Come on!

  38. Oh my god did I just read that right Symphony of the night 2 3ds man if that happens I am going to have a heart attack

  39. This information comes from person, who works at Nintendo Europe in Germany and prepares few elements for upcoming show. Sorry for my English, it’s not my native language.

    Nintendo Digital Event will be something between Nintendo Direct, and classic E3 stage show. This will be something like TV Show hosting by Nintendo executives (Iwata, Shibata, Reggie etc.) and with live audience (most of them will be Nintendo employees).

    Nintendo knows, that upcoming E3 is the last moment for saving Wii U, so most of the time, they gonna tell about Wii U games, but of course there will be time for 3DS games too.

    They gonna be two biggest stars of the show: new Zelda game, and Smash Bros (especially for Wii U).

    WII U

    New Zelda game – As they said, Nintendo will finally show us brand new Wii U Zelda. They gonna show us CGI trailer, and also a few minutes of gameplay. It will be true open world Zelda (Elder Scrolls style). It will have two regions, one dark and edgy. Second more colorful, just like Skyward Sword. Game will be playable at E3. Release date: 2015.

    Smash Bros Wii U/3DS – They will reveal release dates for both versions (SB Wii U in November). Show more gameplay, and presents all fighters and stages. They will also talk about Smash DLC and NFC Figures.

    Monolith Soft X (Xenoworld) – Open world jrpg with story mode and cooperation similar to Monster Hunter Games. You can play it alone with AI companions. Release date winter 2014 in Japan and march 2015 in the west.

    Bayonetta 2 – Trailer and release date (fall 2014)

    FExSMT/Yarn Yoshi – first trailers and release dates (first half of 2015)

    Hyrule Warriors – first trailer, release date is October 2014. Hyrule Warriors is final title.

    Fatal Frame/Project Zero – first CGI trailer, “coming soon”

    Retro Studios Game – New IP, sci-fi action adventure game, first CGI trailer, “coming soon”

    New Miyamoto’s game – Lots of Gamepad and NFC gimmicks.

    Mario Party U – Nintendo’s holiday game for casual gamers, classic Mario Party, but with NFC figurines.

    Pokken – first trailer, Pokemon fighting game from Namco, 2015


    Smash Bros – more details about 3DS version

    Pokemon Omega Ruby/Apha Saphire – trailer, details about game

    Tomodachi Life – trailer, details

    Yokai Watch/Dragon Quest VII – west release announcement, trailers, details and release dates (autumn-winter 2014)

    Metroid 3DS – developed by Next Level Games, classic 2.5D Metroid, trailer, release date: December 2014


    Star Fox – reboot of the series, developed by Platinum Games. First trailer, CGI and gameplay. Game is mix of Star Fox Adventures and classic Star Fox games. Release date: 2015.

    1. Yeah sorry, but not falling for this.

      If something sounds too good to be true, it’s often because it is.

  40. if sqaure give up the right of the title and sell it back to monolith then it’s a big and happy news. Was not trilled on X as a title but will be great to have an explanation as to how the all zeus started (1-4) and maybe the conclusion of xenogear (6). I read somewhere xeno saga was the prequel as the director wanted to and he never was allowed to complete his work cause namco did not want to and ask him a 3 part game instead. can’t wait for X

  41. are you all so prepubesant that NO ONE is going to mention the pink elephant sotn2 the gaming community is gay.

    1. Sorry, I meant to say, you mention everything else but Symphony of the Night 2, really?

  42. Might be fake or not, I’m just happy to see titles I’m hoping to play soon.
    Wait for E3 and Nintendo to confirm those titles…

  43. That actually sounds legit, can’t wait for E3, but I won’t get my hopes up. 😃

  44. Shard of Nightmares? That actually sounds like a cool nam… wait a second, wasn’t the Mirror of Twilight smashed at the end of Twilight Princess? Couldn’t there be a… shard maybe? Ooo this is getting interesting

  45. I hope the new Zelda uses the same art style that the tech demo used. That looked so awesome

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