Nintendo Minute Team Reveal Their Favorite Mario Kart 8 Courses

The Nintendo Minute team have compiled a video showcasing some of their favorite courses in Mario Kart 8. Among the racing tracks featured in the 16-minute clip include Cloudtop Cruise and Sunshine Airport. In total, the game contains 32 courses – 16 of which are brand-new. Mario Kart 8 launches May 30th in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. Before it becomes available for purchase, players can try out a demo version of the game at select GameStop stores around the U.S. this weekend.


    1. Yeah, it is. Alba probably referes to it only being 16 tracks aviable when the media got to play the game.

      1. Probably. It’s not like all 32 tracks are going to be accessible at the start of the game.

    2. 32 courses is a kind of alot lot. Sonic Racing Transformed had like 20 new tracks.

  1. Can’t wait for this game, it looks so great! Will hopefully get it through the mail the 30th, so I can take my console to my family to play!

  2. So… Why not making a note, just to make sure everyone who reads this article knows in total the game has 32 tracks. It would help, as what is currently written is already causing issues among the readers. I was also upset for a moment.

      1. Why is it that they continue to be bias? I mean hating against a company is ok and all but leave it out for the fans and continue in their way…in other words, You don’t like the game, good, let other’s have their fun and fuck off, right trolls for good?

      2. You say that every fucking day like your user name is creative

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  3. “In total, the game contains 16 courses – eight of which are brand-new.” – Really?! :/ Are you trying to troll your readers?

  4. Lol people lighten up, we all know there are 32 courses and 16 are brand new. Alba was probably tired or something so just leave it at that, he’ll fix it whenever he can :)

  5. I hope he does update this article later when he is less tired or w/e. We don’t need the less informed to think 16 tracks is all the racing tracks in the entire game.

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