Mario And Wii Fit Rank Among The The Best-Selling Franchises Since 2005


Sales data recently provided by Ubisoft shows that the Mario series is the second biggest-selling franchise since 2005. Unsurprisingly it’s Activison’s behemoth Call of Duty which is the best-selling video game franchise in the world. Wii Fit for the original Wii comes in at number six. Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed is placed at number four and the Just Dance series is placed at number thirteen. You can see the best-selling franchises in the chart above.

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      1. Nintendo has exclusives
        The majority of those games are 3rd party
        So nintendo > Sony and Microsoft

      2. Shooters don’t require any talent to play… It’s walk around and shoot shit. This list is indeed depressing..

      3. it requires alot more skill than your generic pokemon game. barvely default > pokemon rehash.

      4. Pokemon actually requires strategic planning, while cod is mindless press R1 R1. While I don’t play pokemon that’s the truth.

      5. Aaaand Bravely default’s a Nintendo exclusive, too.

        Your comments are laughable.

      6. Jeez guys they both require a certain amount of skill. People can like whatever the hell the want. Look, nobody is gonna be some bad ass at playing CoD as soon as they pick up the controller. And nobody is gonna be some bad as soon as they begin playing Pokemon. Both are have that core that makes them look repetitive. So just chill the fuck out, and enjoy playing the fuck you want without having to rip on the other franchise!

      7. Because this guy completely hates Nintendo. Just look at his past comments on this website. So when he cites Bravely Default as being a better game he’s actually admitting that there’s actually a good Nintendo game out there, and it’s just plain hilarious

      8. I haven’t seen anything like Pokemon at all, so how can it be “generic”? Now Forza 5, now THAT’S generic..

      9. Actually…… it doesn’t, You do just shoot, unless you call camping a skill then yeah, a laughable and pathetic way to win…Gears of war has more gameplay than CoD because it DOES require a little more skill from the lancers and frag grenades…but its also the same, point and shoot.

      10. But it has Chest High Walls and Big Muscular men that Sasori would love to have a gangbang with…

      11. Haha, I dominate Battle Field: Bad Company any given day. I’d mop you so hard you’ll rage quit. Point of it all is that most shooters like cod are walk around and shoot shit. Not all are like that, but most are.

      12. Xbot confirmed right here^

      13. You must be my other new assistant right?…

    1. there´s something definetely wrong in this list. Where is the pokemon franchise?

    1. Zelda sold more than your precious Last of Us. How does that Butthurt feel bro?

    2. Still better than all one of the games on the PS4 that are actually good….

  1. Wow, no Pokemon? So much for that persistent belief that a Pokemon RPG would end Nintendo’s money problems…

      1. Pokemon XD, Pokepark 1 and 2, Pokemon Battle Revolution? Your point is valid, but still kinda gotta stand by it.

      2. Colosseum and XD were pretty good. Not as good as the handhelds but they didn’t suck. I never liked Pokemon Battle Revolution though. I would like it if Nintendo made another Pokemon Stadium or Colosseum style game instead of another Battle Revolution. That game brought nothing new to the table and got boring after a few plays..

    1. They didn’t include handheld games sales in the list, idiot. Try to actually READ the article first before making yourself look like a total retard.

  2. Wow. Mario still beat out everything but COD when it was only one Wii and Wii U. That says a lot.

  3. sony ponies and nintendrones are mad at the list microsoft exculsives > nintendon’t.

    1. How will sony ponies be mad that Nintendo exclusives are worse? You seriously just contradicted yourself. Troll harder.

      1. He can’t, that’s the hardest he’s ever going to get…

        I own the PS4, Wii U and a Gaming PC, I’m also going to be getting an Xbox One in June for Sunset Overdrive. This kid is nothing more than a Faxbot. Really, he’s just angry because Mario Kart 8 proved him wrong on all levels so he shat in his diaper.

    2. Except I see no Xbox exclusives on the list besides Halo and Gears which Mario beats both of them. Gears at all time low and Halo is dropping even further.

      Why you think Microsoft became desperate by announcing re-releasing 10 fucking halo games within 12 months which 7 are old ports and speaking of that, what happened to the “5-7 Mario games in a year” troll theory? Oh yeah. Microsoft is the only one doing it now so you’re just in butthurt denial.

      Keep talking hater because it’ll just make us enjoy blasting your dumbass even more.

      1. Sunset Overdrive is the ONLY exclusive on the Xbox One worth getting… Titanfall is ugly and buggy as hell on the Xbox One, Forza 5 is a bugged up mess and is dull within the first few minutes, Ryse has a good story and amazing visuals… too bad about the horrible gameplay, Dead Rising 3 is fun… for like an hour then you’ll want to go back to playing Dead Rising 2 on your PS3 and Halo 5…. just a generic rehash with a different name.

        Wii U and PS4 have far better exclusives in my opinion… nope, that’s actual fact.

    3. Funny, because aren’t Microsoft rehashing Halo with countless remakes on the Xbox One? I’m sorry but Quantum Break is most likely going to be on PC (and superior) and Halo 5: Guardians is going to be another generic shooter. Well you guys do have Sunset Overdrive which I’m excited on getting… that’s about it.. While on PS4:

      Order 1886
      Uncharted 4
      LittleBigPlanet 3

      Wii U:

      Mario Kart 8
      Super Smash Bros. 4
      Bayonetta 2
      Monster Hunter Frontier G

      Whilst on Xbox One:

      Sunset Overdrive

      Yeah, because Gears of War prequel is TOTALLY going to be great and TOTALLY not a rehash…. I’m sorry but you make it hard for people to like the Xbox One. PS4 and Wii U For Life.

      Also, if your PC is “So powerful” then why bother with the Xbox One? It’s already a weak system yet you suck off Microsoft’s dick like they haven’t done anything wrong.

      More reason why you are a fake PC gamer ;)

    1. Understand that whilst CoD has sold on every single platform on that list, Mario has only been on Wii and Wii U.

      1. Exactly. I’m sorry to the Call of Dooty fans but Mario just proves it’s bigger by that fact alone. Mario is more recognizable than even Mickey Mouse, after all.

    1. Infamous: Second Son… just saying… Xbox One?…. Zero…

      Just saying, Xbox One so far has the worst line up. Titanfall was a disgusting mess on Xbone, PC version was more superior.

  4. I find it so ironic that Guitar Hero sold more than Rock Band since the former died earlier than the later.

  5. I’m surprised that Wii Fit, Just Dance and Call Of Duty is on ANY Best Seller list. I’m happy for Activision being so successful with Call Of Duty (since I have great respect for the old-school companies that’s been around since the Atari 2600). But seriously, Call Of Duty? Ugh!

    After looking at the full list, I’m surprised that ANY of these games (aside from Mario, Sonic and Assassin’s Creed) are Best Sellers. It’s disturbing.

    1. lol!!!!!!! Why would you be surprised? Why would companies be making these games every year if they didn’t sell?

      The games sell and they sell really well. That is why they are released every year.

  6. *and people wonder why Wii Fit Trainer was added to Smash Bros…* *sigh*

  7. Lame article. Mario #1 since 1985. Why choose 2005 as a starting point? Oh ya, because Halo 2 was released in 2004?!? Maybe or wait Halo 1.. #1 game since 2001. Lol suck it!! Wii know who the real winners are., whats sup with that random survey

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