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Another Two Rumoured E3 2014 Nintendo Digital Event Lineups Leak Online


With E3 fast approaching it’s no surprise that fabricated leaks are appearing online. Today, two new rumoured Nintendo Digital Conference lineups have found their way onto the internet. Not wanting to be outdone, both leaked documents have Star Fox listed for the Wii U, presumably developed by Platinum Games. You can make your own mind up about the two supposed leaked documents which are posted above and below.


Thanks to the bunch of people who sent these images in.


    1. I know right. Seems like nintendo is really going at it by making multiple games for this “New Franchise” series.

    2. posting at top to say…..BOTH FAKE but I do belive there WILL be a starfox and a f zero.

      1. Jeah. Retro Studios new game could be a Starfox title. I think they would be a good choice to make one.

    3. these lists look reasonable, but star fox has the release date for holiday 2014, unless nintendo has been working on star fox for many years and kept it a secret, i highly doubt star fox on wii u will come out this year. another surprising thing is how, if these lists are real, they list nintendo wii u games coming out this year one after the other, one month even has two wii u games coming out in the same month, but hyrule warriors coming out on june…. there’s just tiny things like this on the lists that make them feel a bit too much to be real.

      1. Sheesh, people we go from game drought to, to many games? Lets say ALOT of games started 3 years ago, (1 year before Wii U came out) that mean they wouldn’t be ready till 2 years into the Wii U’s life, it all balances out…they would all come out around the same time, Nintendo wont hold onto finished games, and lets not forget last November, Mario Party Island Tour, Super Mario 3D World, Zelda A Link Between Worlds all came out on the same damn day, not to mention Windwaker HD was also that month. 4 big hitters in the same month.

    4. Star Fox? Mario Party? Paper Mario? I have never been so excited… if this was official, I’d probably jizz in my pants while crying… god, do I hate rumors! Getting my hopes up if this isn’t real!! D:

      1. I noticed that too except I knew it was fake because it looked way too good to be true.

      2. Ever thought Nintendo did that on purpose so people like you would say that?

    5. I think it’s best to assume Nintendo is doomed. I’d love to be blown away by the fact that they’re not and finally see games I’ve wanted for years. ;)

      1. Another person who shouldn’t be on here, or someone whom secretly likes Nintendo.

      2. It’s no secret how much I love Nintendo. My confidence (as well as the confidence of other friends who are Nintendo lovers) waned with Wii U. Just don’t want to get my hopes up and be let down again.

      3. He means to keep our expectations at a reasonable level. If we get too hyped, we’ll just end up disappointing ourselves. Even now, some people are probably getting overly hyped in thinking that Zelda for Wii U is going to be some “realistic” graphics game similar to Twilight Princess even though Nintendo said it’s going to be something we’ve never seen before. That sounds to me like it’s going to be far from being realistic.

  1. The game cube thing is what kills it – they wouldn’t skip the N64 finally getting onto the Wii U, and they wouldn’t put Melee on it so close to the next Smash Bros coming out.

      1. right off the bat it’s too good to be true. Gamecube Virtual console? Star Fox U? and then “New Legend Of Zelda”? that titles doesn’t sound too professional. But, of course, the gamer inside of me is SCREAMING for this entire document to be true.

      2. Why would TWO different lists that have the SAME games on both of them be rendered false? Either that’s a major coincidence or this is an actual thing.

        Fi:I calculate that the chance of this list being true is 85.9998% in our favor.

      3. actually there is one thing that stands out in between these two making them false. One has Star Fox U listed for TBD, the other has it Holiday this year.

      4. “New Legend of Zelda”, maybe because they don’t have a set in stone title yet? If “Star Fox U” doesn’t sound “professional”, then I guess you missed New Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U. Oh, forgot Wii Party U.

        The first one is probably the closest thing we’ll get. However, BOTH of these explains why Nintendo has been “playing it safe”. By playing it safe, they’ve basically be able to devote more resources to other games while developing the “play it safe” titles.

      5. Granted most games have U at the end. But at the same time, both lists are different. One has Gamecube Virtual Console, the other doesnt. One has Star Fox U for this holidy, one has it as TBD. What im getting at is this is something everyone be cautious about. Dont get your hopes up only to get the smashed. But of course, I myself wish and hope the second list is true.

    1. It also killed it because, it would cost a lot as they would have change the control scheme as GameCube had touch sensitive analog triggers

      1. Which the GC library barely uses. Two games that used it were Pikmin (move the camera while moving) and Sunshine, which they can basically have you press a button to switch between free-spray and fixed-spray. mode, or do away with it entirely. (I mean, what levels actually needed you to use a controlled spray amount?)

      1. prime series ended as a trilogy. They either have to make a sequel to Fusion or a Prequel to Metroid 1 m/o

      2. Or a game in between other M and Fusion… Just to make it more confusing…

      3. have you seen the %100 ending to Prime 3? It’s not over. or most likely it could be a hint at a new Metroid trilogy or series they’re doing.

  2. Too good to be true. It’d be timely to have GameCube games in U’s vc but that’s a lot. Seems unrealistic.

    With yarn yoshi coming in October you’d think we would’ve heard more chatter about this. And star fox psssh.

    This sounds like everyone’s dream list.

    1. “We’ve would have heard more chatter”? Please… This is Nintendo, the super secretive company we’re talking about.

      Also, Nintendo has not openly discussed a GC VC, so the element of surprise is still there.

    2. There’s no way they release Double Dash this close to Mario Kart 8 and there’s no way they release Smash Melee this close to the 3DS Smash Bros. Letting people get their fix without buying the new game doesn’t seem to be Nintendo’s style.

  3. nintendo would have to release a new controller for the wiiu to properly play gamecube games.

    1. Uhh.. no they wouldn’t. There are more buttons on a WiiU controller than a Gamecube one and the layout isn’t that different at all.

      1. the layout isn’t different but the gamecube had analog l and r buttons. the wii u dossent

      2. Have you not seen the gamepad/pro controller? It has the same as a gamecube controller plus more.

      3. the gampad/pro controller dont have analog buttons like the gamecube did

      4. Yes it does. Don’t know where you’re getting your information from. The only time the WiiU hasn’t had those buttons was back before it even released in the original controller design that they announced the console with.

      5. No, he’s right about the triggers. The Wii U does not have analog triggers. It wouldn’t matter for most games, but you actually did use them in Mario Sunshine. I’m sure they could find a way around it, I just don’t expect it any time too soon.

      6. The L button combined with ZR and zl could simulate the full push. Or even clicking in the sticks.

        Just sayin… Can’t be that hard. But I doubt they would skip the N64 and go directly to the GameCube.

      7. maybe they can realese a gamecube controller wireless with battery to the fans from ssb melee

      8. Exactly plus GameCube buttons were touch sensitive while the wii u hasn’t got this. Both lineups are amazing though it’s a shame they’re fake, but who knows some of it might be true.

      9. Are you kidding? The layout (from the position of the analogue sticks to the placement and shape of the main face-buttons) is completely different.

      10. No it’s really, really not. Take the right analogue stick on the right side of the GC controller and switch it’s spot with the face buttons and there you go. And you really think the basic shape of the buttons makes a difference? It doesn’t. There’s still four buttons together and they’ll work just as well.

      11. it dosent matter if the layout is the same. it wasn’t when 64 VC came to the wii so why should it be now. the only thong that matters is the touch sencitive analog that the wiiu dosnt have

      12. OK, zach you are right, but not very many GCN games made analog triggers mandatory, Luigi’s Mansion, Sunshine, and Double Dash utilized them, but as I remember I just mashed the hell out of em any way haha (p.s. I still have my good ol’ wavebird)

      13. ya, not many games did use them. but the ones listed did witch makes it seem very fake. oh and doubble dash didnt use them

      14. touch sensitive? Isn’t it just click one and click two?

        And they could easily use the sticks as the full pushes, or a combination of ZR/ZL with L because the GameCube doesn’t have that one.

      15. No. The triggers on Gamecube controller were fully analogue, meaning it could tell how much you were pressing it in, all the way down to the final “click.”

      16. Really? It only felt like two clicks, but I don’t think it would be a major problem skipping the line between the first and the second click.

        They could also just release new pro controllers shaped like the one from the GameCube and throw in a download code for a game. (All with the weird colors the GameCube got.)

      17. True, I believe for example that there are more than a couple Mario Party mini games that used this feature.

      18. In a game like smash, the shapes make a huge difference.

      19. He means the shoulder buttons on the Game Cube were pressure sensitive and the Wii U’s aren’t.

    2. Explain Wind Waker HD then… That was originally a game cube game and that was just fine with the Pro Controller and Pad. I love the pro controller.

      1. Exactly. Not that big into Zelda games, but if Wind Waker can do it, why not the other games?

    1. I can’t believe it. Starting with X? The new Zelda game smack dab in the middle? Hyrule Warriors second to last? The order of those announcements mentioned on the list is odd. Also, no dates? For anything? Q4…. Right.

      1. Its all about hype. Have a meh game lead off to the final fantastic game causes huge hype

    2. Intelligent system does advance wars not next level games the first one is pure baloney

      1. IPS could easily be passed to different Devs, that being said, these list do look more like a fanboys wish list.

  4. These are so incredibly fake. Almost no effort was put into this. It looks like a parody of all the people making fake lists.

  5. Both lists will be inaccurate. As a Nintendo fan I would love to see that first list come to pass, but it really comes off as a fan list. I probably have seen the exact same developer pairings with franchises all over the internet. Just seems odd that Nintendo is suddenly able to push out all these titles in 2014. I applaud the optimism, but it just isn’t realistic.

    1. Agreed. The list comes off has a fans wildest dreams rather than something professional.

    2. Why would TWO different lists that have the SAME games on both of them be rendered false? Either that’s a major coincidence, they were made by the same person or this is an actual thing.

      1. Yeah, something leads me to believe either one of them or both.

        Not to mention, it’s deeper than just the “same games”. They got released at pretty much the same time. So either they’re made by the same person (unlikely) or either one is real. Also, add to the fact that they have been rendered false faster than light makes this whole thing smell fishy.

        Also, people say that the second one is using the old logo? Have it ever occurred to them that Nintendo did that on purpose so in the event of a leak, people would immediately scream “fake”? I guess they also haven’t heard of controlled leaks. Remember the iPhone 4 that got lost in a bar? That was pretty much a controlled leak to create media buzz.

  6. Still no…. Nintendo has more than that coming. These fake list creators really have low expectations for Nintendo’s next E3.

    1. I thought the first one pretty much covered almost everything I’d want.

      New Zelda, Starfox, F-Zero, Metroid and 3 new franchises.

      The only thing missing is Wave Race really.

      I’d be extremely happy if that first list was real.

      I don’t think there’s any chance in hell Nintendo will have 3 new franchises to show. 1 yes, maybe 2 at an extreme push. 3? no way. But it would be fantastic if they did!

      First list reads like a dream.

      Second list is more realistic, and a bit disappointing.

      What’s missing from the lists that you’d like to see? Apart from the QOL stuff.

      1. Nintendo need to announce all 3 of there games at E3 to boost the sales, and yeah, I’d love a new Wave Race game, that shit was fucking awesome!

    2. I’m keeping my expectations really low cause they were high last year and I got burned lol. I’m hoping they will blow me away but I’m not expecting it. I’ll have Mario Kart 8 to play so I’ll be happy.

  7. That would be amazing for Nintendo to have all this, but knowing Nintendo, they just love to disappoint their fans…

  8. Keep in mind guys, they put gba games up before 64 games too
    Gamecube could actually happen

  9. we can only hope! they need to do something huge with software, so why not?? i’m sure they realize its the answer….

  10. Totally fake, you can’t throw to many untouched franchise that way, as much as I would love seeing Starfox and Metroid on Wii U, I really doubt it… This is made, in my opinion by a fanboy.
    I’m a fanboy, and I believe it would be more accurate the other leak. Also the big N has been working on the new Zelda for years, and I’m 90% sure they already have a name for it. :)

    1. The Second list, yep, that was written by a fanboy.

      The First list, not really, it’s too well made to be something a fanboy cooked up and the spelling and grammar are professional. It also has the little * to symbolize a co-company developing one of the games. So really, I feel the first one is real.

      The Second on on the other hand is fake hands down, red text is always a good way to know whether a list is real or fake.

      1. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you want it to be real so badly that you’re telling yourself it is. If you actually believe it, especially for the reasons you stated, you’re a complete dumbass.

      2. The thing is that they are making the digital event, No one knows for sure accept god and Nintendo of what they are cooking up…so we could be looking at the real list and never know it. Though I will agree, this seems farfetched to me.

      3. I love your trolling skills, makes me laugh ;)

        If you notice from my last comments I say it SEEMS legit, I never said it IS legit. Sorry if I made you butthurt.

      4. “So really, I feel the first one is real.” – Trolls for good
        Oops! Should have proof read. Now you look even stupider :(

        ANYONE can whip up something that looks like this in less than 10 minutes. There is literally no reason to believe it to be real.

      5. Mate, that wasn’t me, finally got my account back. Fucking Sony Pony got into my account and just started acting dumb so just don’t listen to him.

      1. …. That’s because that’s there official name…. if it just said “SEGA” then it would be most likely fake…

      2. Notice, when I use the word “Derp”… I never say it so yeah…it’s a joke… Just saying

      3. You’re really proving the trolls right when they say Nintendo Fanboys are immature.

      4. I don’t see any Nintendo fanboys here, just a guy trying to cover up his mistake.

      5. He wasn’t me, that’s was the fucking Sony Pony that got into my account thinking it would be fucking funny to hack me. Dealt with it though, yeah he did say some stupid things didn’t he.

      6. I’m pretty sure that their official name is Sega Corporation and not “Sega COPERATION”

      7. None of us will know you are joking if you don’t make it obvious.

      8. Don’t fucking believe him, he’s just an asshole hacked my account last night..

      9. Got it back, but yeah I should, but I have no clue how to set one up.

      10. Soooo, you don’t know the difference between a joke and seriousness….

      11. I do actually, but if you read back what you said, no one would of thought you were joking, just because their is a “derp” at the end doesn’t mean shit because naturally everyone would of thought you were calling anonymous a derp so no one can tell if you are joking if you don’t make it seem so.

      12. Don’t believe him, some asshole hacked my account and now I’m having to use a new one… Must be someone butthurt.

      13. No, the correct way to spell corporation is with an o, not and e; the first list spells it as “Coperation” so it’s fake. It sucks, but it’s true.

  11. majora’s mask 3d makes sense since ocarina of time 3d is still the best game on 3ds so far.

    1. …..no it’s certainly not lol. Mario Kart 7 is better, as is Super Mario 3D Land. AND Link Between Worlds.

    1. If they did that, I would hop on a plane, fly out to LA, and personally hug Reggie.

  12. It’s too good to be true. I mean, 2 Zelda games at once? F-Zero, Star Fox, and Metroid at once? The only one’s I can believe is Paper Mario and Mario Party U. (Mario Party U? Wouldn’t it be MP10?) But, this all looks fake.

    1. To be fair, Wind Waker HD and Link Between Worlds came out just a few months apart. Still think both are fake but just pointing that out :p

    2. If they were to make a Paper Mario on Wii U, they sure as hell better clean up the shit-fest that was Sticker Star.

      1. When I heard that game was going to use stickers instead of a level up system to make Mario stronger, I quickly said to myself no, especially considering I played Super Paper Mario which ultimately sucked. If it’s not a true Mario RPG game, I’m not buying it. Speaking of, I wish they’d hurry & release Paper Mario for Wii U along with OgreBattle 64.

  13. Sunshine cant work on the wiii u…
    It doesnt have sensive l and r triggers like the gc controller

    1. Umm, yes it can. Wii Classic, Wii U Pro Controller and even Gamepad has dual shoulder buttons like GC.

      1. it could work just not like the original due to the lack of analog buttons

  14. LOL a A4 bit of paper with a list on it and a nintendo logo FUCK NOT DIFICULT NOW TO PRINT ON ANY PRINTER so fucking fake

    who does this shit

  15. Even if this was real, why would they do Star Fox before Animal Crossing or something? And why not a Mario Sports game? (Also, seriously, 3 new franchises, and 2 on the Wii U) way too good to be true.

    1. Because Star Fox is the most long awaited franchise by fans AND my retro gamers for years now, so Nintendo would be dumb not to do it.

    2. Why would they do Star Fox before Animal Crossing or something? Are you joking? Seriously, is that a joke? Star Fox or Animal Crossing? Animal Crossing is great and all, but come on. And they just had a 3DS one not too long ago. Star Fox needs a PROPER new entry in the series (sorry to those who like the ones post Star Fox 64, 64 WAS the pinnacle of the series) and Wii U would be perfect for it.

    3. I would want Star Fox over Animal Crossing. Played New Leaf and my god it became dreadfully boring after a couple of weeks.

      Star Fox > Animal Crossing, no debate.

  16. To be honest, the first picture looks more believable and I would expect Nintendo to show it but the other one… I could do that in MSPaint with my eyes close and using one finger it’s that terrible looking.

    1. First most likely isn’t but yeah, the Red Logo is always a flash warning when something is fake.

      1. It’s funny I’m sure I’ve seen that change yet never made the connection. I’m sure I’ve seen the red one around still lol. Well either way the logo will always be red to me.

  17. My dude if these release dates are true nintendo wins this year no lie X, bayonetta and smash for 3ds all 1 month apart lol AWESOME! looking forward to E3 2014! what game u most wanting this year bro.. for me ts X gonna be so fun online like phantasy star

    1. Phantasy Star Online was awesome. Played the GameCube version, friend had the Dreamcast.

  18. Guys it can be real, cause Iwata say a couple month ago, that there are a couple unanouced games in the make, and a couple games are new IP….

    This is what Iwata saying
    New consoles have always produced better graphics, but the work required may not be related to customer satisfaction. There are more unannounced Wii U titles coming by 2014. There was more info than could be released at E3. Wanted to ease owners’ fears. Don’t want to leave a long gap between announcement/release of new game types that would lessen the impact or allow competitors to copy.

    Read more at http://nintendoeverything.com/iwata-more-unannounced-games-coming-to-wii-u-by-2014/

  19. O god so incredibly fake. Both

    Nintendo is having 2 Conferences, these are schedules for everything in 1 schedule, ergo both are fake

    1. Not really, this could be the first half while the other half is mainly Tree House games focused.

    1. Maybe just maybe he said that because they were already done making it and want to surprise everyone in E3.

    2. Sakamoto, a co-creator, said HE won’t be involved with another Metroid as he’s moving on to something else, so a Metroid for Wii U is still in the realm of possibility.

  20. Second one’s fake, don’t know about first one. The second one sounds like something we aml want from Nintendo, which is okay, but GCN on VC before N64? No way.

  21. Probably fake, but more logical than the previous one, they wouldn’t leave Pokemon ORAS out.

  22. A new StarFox would be so EPIC on the Wii U. Rumour or not – sure would be awesome***

  23. 1st pic has no release dates at all, fake

    2nd pic has nothing but release dates, way too close to E3 (multiple games in June, too close to E3) so fake

    And ummm Nintendo will be releasing the Digital Event via youtube, which means its basically pre recorded, why is there even a schedule in the first place? Fail to both these fake pics, just b patient ppl

    1. …… Most of the games they show on the list don’t even have full release dates…. so yeah, you kind of screwed the pooch on that one there.

  24. I kinda hope it’s not real, because I wanted E3 to be full of surprises, and I was unable to not look at the leak :S

  25. I actually want to believe that first one. Although I have a feeling we might get more than four new franchises. With Retro’s new game, Miyamoto’s new IP, Pokkén Fighters/Pokkén Tournament & any NFC-related titles. I like that Platinum’s new project could be Starfox, I like that idea. But I do want to believe, lol.

    1. Miyamoto’s new IP is starting to piss me off lol. It’s been like 2 years since they mentioned that he was working on something new and NOTHING about it since. I’ve starting wondering if they canceled that.

      1. What if its kept as a surprise though? Maybe there’s more that Nintendo isn’t telling us just to give their E3 conference a big boom.

      2. That’s what Nintendo has usually been known for, but the last 2 E3s have made me lose faith lol. I am keeping my expectations low this year, but hopes deep down are high lol. I would love for his IP to still be in the works, and what you said about keeping it a secret was how I felt for a while but lately without ANY word on that for so long, I just started worrying that they ditched it after the Wii U was shown to be in trouble.

      3. I swear, if it ends up being something resembling Wii music or Nintendoland…

      4. Then nothing…

        Everything will continue as normal…

  26. They’re both fake, point blank. Metroid AND Starfox would be too much for one e3. Gamecube VC has never really been talked about by Nintendo. Majora’s Mask may be coming, but that would mean three Zelda titles in one e3. Everything else on the list makes sense, but there are a couple of far-ferched things on both lists.

  27. It would be really cool if Nintendo could use a Dolphin – like emulator to upscale GameCube graphics to 1080p

  28. If all of these games are legit and revealed in E3, Nintendo will definitely destroy all hopes for Sony/Microsoft taking 2014.

    New Star Fox, Metroid coming to 3DS at last, F-Zero’s return and more?

    2014 now belongs to Nintendo bitches. :3

    1. Nintendo would definitely have a big chance of taking 2014, and the many Nintenhaters & Wii U doomers would quickly lose some of their confidence in the stuff they’re saying.

  29. I doubt it. Legend Of Zelda and a new franchise will be the only thing Nintendo announces for this years e3 for Wii U. But if I’m wrong…. Holy shit..

  30. If that rumor on Bayonetta 2’s release date of August 15th is 100% true, I’m buying it on the spot. If not, it’s all good. We’ll just wait until the end of this year.

    Secondly, that rumor of Monolith Soft co-developing with EAD on Zelda U is 100% BS. We all know that Monolith Soft is still developing the rumored title “Xenogears: Origins” (Xenogears is a trademark of Square Enix). But of the release date after Patriot’s Day (September 12th) is legit, expect X to be one of the top selling Wii U titles to buy this year.

    1. Miyamoto: we don’t think we can add anything new to the F-Zero franchise. Incidentally, here’s the eight installment of Mario Kart.

    2. Metroid is possible. It’s true that the last game was released 4 years ago and only sold 600 000 copies, but there’s still a small chance. Some titles in the Fire Emblem series only sold 500 000 copies and its still going.
      But I agree that Star Fox and F-zero are dead as dead can be.

  31. Nintendo brand logo has stopped being Red after the N64 era, now it is Gray I can defenitly say the second one is fake for sure.

    The first one has a better chance but I prefer to wait for E3.

  32. Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem in August?

    Yeah, to me, that settles those leaks as hoaxes. That’s WAY too soon for the game to be released considering we haven’t heard about it in more than a year.

    1. Well I assume they’ve been working on it since it was first shown, meaning it’s probably mostly complete

      1. aren’t you one of this site’s top fucking idiot. your comments have given me some good laughs.

      2. Not really, I’m actually the well respect guy who pwns noobies.
        That you see right there my “friend” was a Sony Pony posing as me because I owned his ass at Killzone yesterday.

        But he does have a point, but not a great on. New Franchise can mean a new IP but about 89% of the time it’s not.

  33. it’s that time of a year again.. when everybody knows what is to be expected and then instead of waiting 22 days until it starts they start creating this fakery. i cant believe someone just goes on typing this bullshit, then posts nintendo logo on it, takes a picture… lol

  34. Sadly, the first is fake.
    “Saga Coperation”. If you can’t spell “Corporation” properly, especially for a professional document, obviously a fake.

    I do like both lists, though.

  35. A Legend of Zelda Title with MONOLITH as a co-developer… this is going to be AWESOME… if it turns out to be true

      1. And they helped develop Skyward Sword. Although that was just textures I believe.

  36. These lists are both too good to be true. As for the first list, if this was Nintendo’s own schedule, why would they say to themselves that a game was a “new title” or “new franchise” and not the tentative title? Also, the VC for Gamecube titles has been severely underused. I would not expect them to bring in games now. I would love all of this and more to be revealed, but we know that’s not gonna happen.

  37. First one is fake because it says Nintendo Wii U, its supposed to just be Wii U. The second is fake because Nintendo does not use the red Nintendo logo anymore.

      1. Not what I was talking about. “Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Wii U”… Wii U isn’t supposed have Nintendo in front of it like the Nintendo 3DS does. The Digital Event IS Nintendo’s E3 so of course it will involve the Nintendo 3DS.

  38. I believe the first one is true. Keep in mind that typos and missing games/release dates is normal since it appears to be the first document will be updated.

    1. True, typos can come up during the first draft so we could see more games announced.

  39. Fake, Retro wont be at E3. They went 3 years before revealing DKC TF, people actually think Retro will be there just 5 months after starting their next game? HA. Also they don’t do new Ip’s.

    1. Do you actually think they worked 4 years with more than 120 employees on a Donkey Kong?

  40. The second one is an obvious fake. The first one at least look realistic, though the chances are next to none.

  41. Unfortunately given Nintendo track record of doing things that actually make sense, I’m calling fake. However, if these turn out to be the real deal, I would gladly eat my words. F-ZERO and StarFox for WiiU would be so much WIN

  42. both fake especially the second one. the first one looks believable but Corporation is spelled wrong for Fzero

  43. Mario Party U had me the most excited. Except calling it “U” is so retarded and uncreative. I want it to simply be Mario Party 10. Though I don’t know why I’m excited, since I never have anyone to play with anymore, and I never even played Mario Party 9. : /

  44. If that were true, I’d buy a Wii U.

    But it’s obviously not, so I’m not buying a Wii U anytime soon.

  45. YES!!! I hope this is true, but I’m doubting it. Just need to be safe and put my expectations low, but its hard not to.

  46. It’s funny though. You can see the Wii U in the background, do you think they put that there…

  47. i do believe retro might show what they are working on and i would not be surprised if platinum games shows off starfox despite the fact they said they changed their minds a.k.a. pulling a gamefreak, as in they said they wouldnt or had no plans for ruby/sapphire remakes, kept it hush-hush and bam, they announced it

  48. STAR FOX BETTER BE AT E3! I wouldn’t mind an FZero game and I’ll probably get GX on the virtual console. Something tells me that this E3 is going to be very different from the previous 3 years and that 2014 willl be the Wii Us year. PS4 and XBONE? What are those?

  49. I know this is fake because we just got Mario Party Island Tour and its too soon for another Mario Party game. But I hope they reveal a line up like this, but with a bit more 3DS as well

  50. For people that are hating the GameCube VC and saying that it wouldn’t work on the Wii U because “the controllers are different” look at Wind Waker Hd and play it.

    Argument shall be invalid.

    1. I haven’t played either version of WW. How did the Gamecube version make use of the analog triggers? The GC games for VC is what makes this list sound fake for me, since Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion used analog.

  51. GameCube VC Sounds fun. but some of these release dates sound a whole lot too soon. i’m positive they would have said Hyrule Warriors would be out on 6/27 already…

  52. i won’t even bother to go over these lists… in a couple weeks we’ll know for sure and that’s good enough for me.. no need to go all crazy over something that may not even be true

  53. The first list is too vague and anybody who follows Nintendo could guess that Metroid is coming at a TBD date. Perhaps they could dust off Star Fox too (also TBD).

    The second list is too specific for Nintendo. Really, we’re going to see two niche games for the Wii U within two weeks of each other with Bayonetta and SMT x Fire Emblem? Then 2 weeks later, we’re going to see X from Monolith Soft? Chances are, if you’re going to play one of those games, you’re going to be interested in all 3. Nintendo is not going to ask you to spend $180 on their games within one month.

  54. I highly doubt that they will release Melee on the Wii U virtual console especially with the new Smash Bros right around the corner.

  55. Both lists are fake. The first has way too many new franchises on it, and the second’s virtual console lineup is nonsense considering they haven’t even gotten N64 out yet. And if they were real I wouldn’t live to play the games because I’ll have died of shock at E3.

    1. Same… unless it’s another Sticker Star or Super Paper Mario. No thank you. If it’s not a true RPG, I’ll pass.

  56. Does anyone realise that if the first leak is true, there could be a chance of Shulk joining SSB4?!

    See how SSB4 is right after Monolith Soft’s X? After showing the new X trailer, wouldn’t it be cool if they said ”Hey Xenoblade fans, did you enjoy the trailer? Well, we have something else that you might like!” and start the SSB4 video with Shulk’s announcement.

    I would cry.

  57. The new Zelda is by Nintendo , like they always did for all 3D Zelda.
    Fake but 4 days remaining :)

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