Here’s Some More Hyrule Warriors Details, Including Impa As Playable Character

The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu contains some new information regarding Hyrule Warriors for Wii U. We already heard yesterday that the game is due for release on August 14th in Japan, but what’s also come to light is that the game will be playable at next month’s E3 event in Los Angeles. Here’s some of the interesting details that were published in Famitsu and screenshots.

  • August 14th
  • Retail – 7,980 yen, eShop – 6,980, Premium Box Set – 11,664
  • Premium set comes with a Triforce shaped clock, and serial codes for 6 special costumes.
  • Will also be a ‘Treasure Box’ version available on Amazon and Tecmo Koei’s online store ‘GAMECITY’, but no details yet on what it includes.
  • Developed by ωForce, Team NINJA, supervised by Aonuma.
  • Story is Link an in-training soldier must rescue the Princess Zelda from the witch Shia who has been turned evil somehow.
  • 2 player mode where one person is on the GamePad, while another is on the TV. When playing alone the GamePad acts as a menu.
  • Equipping different weapons onto characters will change the way they fight, including speed focused one-handed swords to heavier weapons that focus on damage.
  • Weapon upgrade system and character growth/improvement
  • Musou action combined with the Zelda series’ Z-targeting means you can avoid attacks and focus on enemy weak spots.
  • Zelda series’ spin attack appears instead of the Musou Ranbu (?) of the musou franchise.
  • Bombs make an appearance, won’t just be used for throwing at enemies.
  • Impa, a captain of the Royal Army, appears as a playable character wielding a giant long sword.
  • Several other characters are playable too. Aonuma was surprised by how many.
  • Playable at E3.
  • Development is 70% complete.


      1. Online isn’t the answer for all your problems. The game may be awesome on its own, but the inclusion of a half-hearted online mode may only lower its value (see The Last Story, for example, where the online mode seems more like an afterthought). If they’re putting online modes on it, I want them to be put because the development team can give us the best of the experiences, not because it’s a trend.

        Don’t judge a game for having or not having online modes, instead judge it for its quality

      2. It’s a multiplayer game, it should have online, you dumb fuck

      3. Just because it has multiplayer doesn’t mean it should be online, you dumb fuck.

      4. Online isn’t mandatory, it has never been. For some people, it can make or break the deal, and that is understandable considering their needs as a gamer. However, a lack of online mode doesn’t make it bad automatically. In this day and age though these kind of games deserve online multiplayer and can easily have it.

      5. Quit being an ignorant cunt-dopple, that’s what he’s talking about.

      6. I thought this was an article about hyrule warriors, not about me

      7. Listen, what’s the harm in having online? Nintendo needs to add online more often! I got friends living almost 3 hours away from me.

      8. My problem isn’t online, it’s that asshole. I agree with you about the whole online thing, I’d rather play online too.

      9. Oh really? Must be as multiplayer as pikmin… You stupid freak!

      10. He gave an opinion, was calling him a “dumb fuck” for it really necessary?

      11. Tell me about it. The Last Story’s co-op section could have been way better. Instead of a straight to boss fight, we should have got to go throughout the dungeon of every boss in the game & work our way to it. The free-for-all section was perfect just the way it was.

    1. From the sound of it, it seems like the witch turned evil, and kidnapped her. Probably Ganondorf behind it, I bet they want to create a story even casuals can relate to Zelda.

      1. You mean COD players, or shooter only players right? By casual players that is.

      2. afaik, the main antagonist is not Ganon and for the amount of player you can have, I bet we could even get Ganondorf as playable

    2. No, from what I understand, the witch Shia is the one who turned evil.

      Witches don’t have to be evil from the start you know…

  1. From the screenshots ONM posted, the game looks great too. Looks like I’ll just have to get this, even though it is not Zelda in the way everyone wants. As a huge Zelda fan, the game is really tempting, and multiplayer is an aspect I’d like to hear more about!

    Also, from the details it sounds like the game has gone a long way since the reveal trailer, and I cannot wait to see the new one!

  2. I hope the story is good, because I’m not a big fan of the “Warriors” series… Wonder if it will be “canon”, and fit the Legend timeline…

    1. Well that isn’t bad. Least the boobs aren’t Dead or Alive sized. To me, this picture just looks like something typical from the Warriors series. All the female characters in those games tend to have varying degrees of cup sizes, so it’s NOTHING like DOA & NG.

      1. Still a Sheikah, fuckin hedgehog. That’s the best way to include characters who can’t stand out enough as individual fighters. So you have Peach who dyes her hair, throws on a yellow dress and there ya go! The closest you’ll get to having Daisy as a fighter until she can become a recognizable fighter with her own moves. So Impa should be an alternate costume for Sheik.

      2. Well if Impa is just going to be designed with the same moves as Sheik, she might as well be an alternate costume. Same for Lucina as a Marth alternate costume. It’d be a waste of a spot for a character with an original moveset if one with a cloned moveset gets the spot.

  3. I’m wondering who these other characters are, I expect zelda, sheik, ganondorf, maybe some villains like vaait, ghirahim, yuga and of course tingle just for laughs

  4. Well, that’s a shame. I thought I was going to be able to avoid spending my money on this but it looks like they’ve got me…

  5. I wonder who is working on the graphic engine nintendo or tecmo, they actually look pretty good compared to most DW games. I will be finally on board if they announced Ganondorf as a playable character, along with some other characters, like the leader of the gorons Darunia, maybe skull kid…maybe. Other wise this game is starting to sound good now, sounds like they are taking elements from zelda that are non combat related. Also that special edition better come to america, I would love me that triforce alarm clock.

    1. If we got that special edition in the States, I’ll definitely go for that one. The Triforce alarm clock & serial codes for 6 special costumes is very enticing. If we don’t get it, I’ll be going digital with this title. I still might go digital & just give the physical copy to my brother. He loves playing anything related to Zelda.

  6. 70% complete?
    that would mean, if i completely disregard the certification process for the wii u (which would probably take at least 1-2 weeks) and considering it’s supposed to release in just 12 weeks, that the game has been in development for only half a year (28 weeks)..

    not very likely since we’ve seen fairly advanced gameplay material more just about half a year ago :)

    seems like those 70% are a very inaccurate estimate

  7. A must buy for me! Yet another Wii U system seller! If only people would realize this….

    1. why would people have to realize this? either it is a system seller or it isn’t
      i seriously doubt it but i’m ready to be shown otherwise

  8. It looks more promising, but at its base Dynasty Warriors is just a hack and slash. Hoping that this game does well to incorporate tactics in finding “enemy weak points”.

  9. I Googled the price conversions and they seem a bit high. Are these numbers right? $78.66, $68.80 and $114.97.

    Do games just cost more in Japan than here or is this going to be a bit more expensive than the typical Wii-U game?

    1. Do remember that the game itself will be $60 and there are many exclusive items and ingame content that will raise the price. Not to mention that since this is Dynasty Warriors (basically) Japan will be super hype for this game regardless of the price and buy it. This sounds all pretty accurate to me, I just hope we get the same bundles for retail. 😊

  10. the screenshots, at leat, are great, I didn’t like some parts of the story they already told us, but ok. Link is beautiful, and l like the colour pallete of the screenshots. I’m interested in seeing the gameplay, wishing one more video..

  11. Not a system seller for me, but I’d at least rent it or borrow it.

    The thing most people outside of that fandom would tell you that the Dynasty Warriors games are fun…but get boring and repetitive real fast.

  12. Oh god these fuckers saying that online is everything, just get some friends and play with them -.- okay but seriously not all games have to have online to be good. Anf the witch with big titts? Are you serious? What a bunch of fucking casual shit heads. Whatever that’s what the hardcore gamer wants hyper realistic titts… fuck gaming is almost dead… well I will give this gamr a try since it’s Zelda so yeah it should be fun.

  13. I love how Link’s design is similar to Zhao Yun’s from Dynasty Warrior’s. That scarf’s tail with the Triforce emblem is awesome. I hope Link has an alternate outfit that adds a sweet cape to his outfit. I’ve always wanted to use Link with a cape. If Ganondorf is in this game as one of the playable characters, I’d love to see him have a moveset similar to Nobunaga. I wonder what he & Zelda look like in this game.

  14. I’d love to see the other playable characters. It would be great if Ganondorf were playable but also characters such as Zant, Ghirahim, Phantom Ganon, Demise, Sheik, Odolwa and Nabooru would be brilliant. Even standard enemy characters like Stalfos, Darknut and Lizalfos would be cool. I don’t have high hopes for this being game of the century but it certainly has my interest.

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