Looks Like Sadness Won’t Be Revived For Wii U After All

Yesterday we heard reports that Wii game Sadness was being resurrected for the Wii U by Hullbreach and Cthulhi. Well it turns out that claim was false as Blooper Team CEO Piotr Babieno told Eurogamer that the Sadness IP is simply not up for sale. Hullbreach’s Randy Freer said that he’s sorry to the fans for any inconvenience.

“They contacted me after publication about ‘Sadness’ resurrection,'” Babieno said of HullBreach Studios and Cthulhi Games’ wishful announcement yesterday. The partial IP-owner noted that he’s not been involved in any negotiations regarding selling the property.


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    1. Since we are all going to downgrade to the silliness of you, PC MASTER RACE! KING OF GAMING SINCE FOREVER. I feel like a few of my brain cells committed suicide.

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  2. Hullbreach & Cthuli wanted to make a 2D rpg anyway. Not the 3D survival horror Sadness was originally meant to be.

    I don’t know why they even wanted the Sadness name. Their plans are so different to what Sadness was originally going to be.

  3. The game is a scam, I read a report it was never made and they only did drawings and that trailer to get attention and the game was never even started. I remember reading that a long time ago. Why announce such a big thing with Nintendo and then disappear, maybe they went broke or Nintendo didn’t fund them or something, but to not sell the property when you never did anything with the game and another company wants to it’s just stupid. Just sell it, get your money, and let other company really work on it, FINISH IT AND RELEASE IT!

    I even read it was a bunch of kids fooling Nintendo and the fans that they had a game but never did. LOL! XD

  4. LOLOLOL! Well, to be honest, the game never really showed any game footage so we have no idea if it had any potential or not.

    Seeing how awful the developer’s management was (and is) with the game, it would stand to reason that the game probably wouldn’t be good anyway.

  5. They should make a whole new game with borrowed elements from Sadness then. They can call it Sorrow. Or Depression.

  6. wuaaaaahhhhhh….
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