Square Enix Confirms Next Dragon Quest Won’t Be A Smartphone Game

Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii has confirmed to Japanese publication V Jump that the next mainline Dragon Quest game won’t be a smartphone based title. With Square Enix bringing a plethora of titles to smartphones, it’s a relief to hear that their next project will be either for consoles or dedicated handhelds. We already know that the next big Dragon Quest title is currently in development.

“Horii-san mentioned that smartphone games are currently mainstream because they can be played when you have a bit of spare time, but he wants to develop something bigger. That’s why he wants to be “more aggressive” with the next Dragon Quest and he doesn’t intend to make it for smartphones.”


    1. Uhh hello! i dont mind a knew good smartphone game because mother just bought mii a used iphone 3gs with video and it is fast and can play games! i love it and may be i can sea more dragon qest games for my iphone 3gs because i love rpgs and i love iphone!


      1. I’m sure you love RPGs. Lets you pretend that you are someone that you aren’t, eh?

  1. it’s coming to PS4 (and to XB1) cuz’ PS4 is powerful enough to make it awesomeness, beautiful, and a great online. Not like Ninty sh’ty online ewwwk.
    -PlayStation the KING of gaming since 1994.-

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  3. I’m still waiting on DQVII and DQX to get localized in the U.S. I do hope their next game is on Nintendo platforms though.

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