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Fire Emblem’s Ike Confirmed For Super Smash Bros

Ike from the Fire Emblem franchise has been confirmed for the forthcoming Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Ike is a returning character and previously appeared in Wii game Radiant Dawn. Super Smash Bros is coming to Nintendo 3DS this summer, while the Wii U version will arrive this winter. Nintendo France confirmed yesterday that the game will utilise the Wii U’s NFC functionality.


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  1. ike, my gawd, what have they done to you, also what the feck is with all the crazy detail to ikes lower package, I mean Nintendo? First pit now ike, ike don’t need a sword

    1. It’s his look from Radiant Dawn. A much closer representation to that game’s CGI than the Brawl model was.

      In short, he looks badass.

      1. Indeed, I love this design of his original look from the game. He looks Awesome and the muscle details gives him the BADASS look

          1. I know how you feel when you hate someone, you can’t even look at them, but to me I like him and how he look

            1. Actually, I found his brawl appearance to be bearable. I just really hate him, I’ve played his games, I didn’t like him, I really did not like his character development and some other list of bullshit, but it’s really the fans that pissed me off with they’re rabid comments on how they over praise Ike then go on to trash talk Marth. If it didn’t turn out like this, I honestly would’ve cared less.

  2. And can we please get the Real Ragnell –
    the one that shoots waves of energy? That was the other problem with Brawl Ike :-\

  3. If Chrom doesn’t make the cut because Sakurai thought it was a better idea to just keep Ike, I’m gonna sigh.

    If both or them (Well Lucina would be nice too) I’ll have no objection.

    Though if he actually adds Roy to the roster and no character from Awakening, I will have to ask Sakurai how in the hell did he think it was a good idea.

      1. Good idea with only getting MK8, your mom would notice $100 on her credit card statement. Have you ever thought about getting a job? Seriously lol.

      1. Bring a fresh face to SSB4 or get people interested in the game they came from. But with Ike in the game, maybe he’ll have Priam, his descendant from Awakening, as an alternate outfit.

  4. I was genuinely surprised to see Ike return. I really want Chrom to come to Smash. And I’m thinking maybe Lucina will be Marth’s alternate character. Hugs!

  5. I was surprised by this. Damn Sakurai. I was waiting passionately on Earth Day AND Mother’s Day for the announcement of Ness, and yet we get majority random announces. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but Sakurai, the trolllliiiing bruuuuh! Waiting this long, I think even Jigglypuff is getting an epic ass trailer. Anyway, I hope we get Chrom in the game, one other character from Awakening as an Assist Trophy, and (fingers crossed) the return of Roy. Thank you, Sakurai. Oh. And make Ike balance! That would be super!

  6. I WANNA LUCINA !!! Or they should put our unit into female and male and can customize their hair *-*
    But like Lucina looks really alike with Marth I think they will put her as his alternative ( That would be awesome *-* )

  7. The proper news title : Prepare yourself, Ike is confirmed for the next smash bros

  8. So no Chrom or Roy then? Anyways I’m actually pretty excited to see Ike come back. He’s probably my favorite Fire Emblem character.

    1. Who says we can’t have 3 Fire Emblem characters? Not to mention Sakurai wants to bring back everyone with minimal cuts.

      1. Source? I’ve heard that Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS will have a smaller character roster than Brawl. How can it be possible to bring back everyone and yet have an even smaller character roster? I think you are in for a rude awakening.

  9. Are you fucking serious? Am I like the only one who thinks he’s one of the worst addition to the roster? What a waste of a character space, I rather have someone new.

    1. I don’t know why you hate Ike that much and I do respect your opinion of it, but to me I’m really happy that he’s back and I think he is a great character though I feel Sakurai is putting more “coming back” character than the new ones. I don’t mean that it’s bad but I would like to see more new character. lol we fans never get enough XD

      1. Thank you. Glad nobody decided to try and tell me off when I never stated that my opinion was fact, well to me it’s a fact, to everyone else, not really, even I have to agree, but yeah I really hate him.

  10. If Ike returning means no one from Awakening, what the fuck were you thinking, Sakurai!? Is he somehow more popular than say Tharja or Chrom? I think Ike is only returning because of his popularity in the States. I like Ike, mainly because of Ragnell, but I prefer Chrom with an awakened Falchion. Hopefully, he’ll actually add a third Fire Emblem character this time around & it’s Chrom. If it’s Roy, damn it. (I like Roy but I prefer a more recent FE character. Not to mention Awakening SAVED the franchise from being canned.

    1. Yes he is more popular than Tharja and chrom and has had more game appearances than them

      1. Has there been a popularity poll held that contains every single FE character that confirms your belief that he’s more popular than Tharja & Chrom?

          1. I figured as much. Probably just another Ike fan that thinks he’s the best thing to ever happen to Fire Emblem. Nothing wrong with that, though, as long as he doesn’t try to force his opinion on someone else.

            1. That’s why most Ike fans are the worse FE fan you meet. Most, not all. They’re basically like Cloud fans in Final Fantasy fandom.

              1. Huh?
                I do agree that there are annoying Ike fans out there. But most Chrom fangirls annoy me more than any character fanbase.

              2. Ike is far better than Tharja at the least. Chrom is cool, but I don’t really have any doubts that he’ll be appearing.

    2. As much as I love Awakening, I honestly don’t mind whoever they put in. Ike is my favorite Lord in the series so I happily welcome him back. If they add in someone from Awakening, that’s fine. If it’s just Marth and Ike again, I don’t mind that either.

  11. Neat.
    Ike may not be my favorite lord from Fire Emblem but I’d rather have him than Chrom or Lucina. It’s not that I hate these two. It’s just that they are getting overrated by a bunch of new FE players (aka players only play Fire Emblem Awakening and call themselves FE fans). They want Chrom and Lucina to replace Ike and, previously, Marth in SSB4. It’s understandable, but it’s annoying. I apologize if my complaint offends other people. But it’s my opinion and nothing can change, at least for now
    Now if they add one more character from FE I think it would be nice to see:
    Hector (manly axe lord)
    Micaiah (Light Magic lady)
    Lyn or Eirika (Myrmidon/swordmaster-like lords)
    Sigurd (badass mounted lord)
    Ephraim (a lance-majored lord)

    1. Lyn is an Assist Trophy, i’m sorry
      And i doubt that they’d put Micaiah in, since they have Raidnat Dawn Ike in, and they’re from the same game

      1. Ack, I forgot that Lyn is confirmed as an Assist Trophy. My bad
        I can see your point about Micaiah because I, too, know Miccy has a very minimal chance of being added in SSB4 just like other chars ive listed. I just think adding a magical-type lord instead of just having physical-type ones would be more interesting.
        English is not my mother tongue, so forgive me if I make any mistakes.

  12. I think everybody is forgetting why Ike is an important character to the FE franchise. He is the main character of the first 3d Fire Emblem. He is the first to not be born into royalty. He was a lowly mercenary who went up the ranks to become a lord. Marth was the first in the series that’s why he is important.

    1. I fail to see how is that called important. First, how is being the main character in the first 3d FE important? They could’ve designed another character and make him/her the protagonist. I don’t see the “being the first main character” affect the series so much. Second, he is not a royal guy and… that’s it. There is no influence of this. It’s just a character background. Third, the fact that he is not a lord at the start has nothing to do with how it is important to the series. The reasons you give only show the difference of Ike from other lords, not his importance as a character in the series.
      I can understand why you say Marth is important, though. He is considered the “face” of the series, has appeared in 4 games, is the descendant of Chrom and Lucina, and the first to have the iconic blue hair (most lords have blue har)

    2. I think it’s more important that he’s the main character of the last console FE game

      1. If there is going to be a 3rd FE character for the first time, it better be Chrom or the Avatar/My Unit since they were the main characters of the last handheld FE.

      2. Exactly thats why because it was a console game. Roy does not deserve to come back. He was just advertisement for his game. He is no longer relevant. Ike is more popular.

  13. i dont understand why people want the whole turn Marth into a girl (Lucina) for a diff. look…the only reason why that they did it for the other because they were DEFAULT characters like the trainer,the villager and probably the pokemon trainer i dont know (sorry for my lack of not knowing if that’s ash or not) and the the avatar from fire emblem awakening. those are the okay character because they are DEFAULT characters like when an game start they ask you are you an girl or boy…..anyway im getting this game day one

        1. So what? His masculinity feels challenged every time he looks at Marth. Poor guy is afraid Marth’s effeminate qualities is going to infect him like a plague. lol Just listing some things that he might be afraid of from the effeminate Marth.

    1. Because Lucina used the name Marth when she first appeared in Awakening. And her battle mannerisms are very similar to Marth. If she did get her own slot, she’d probably just be a Marth moveset clone. If that’s the case, she might as well be an alternate costume for Marth, so the spot she is taking can be used for a character with a moveset of their own.

    1. I hope he is still in the game as the first time ever 3rd Fire Emblem rep, preferably with the awakened Falchion.


      1. Righty you are but me I still WANNA my avatar character ! :c I wisigoth they’ll put them and have an alternate costume, male and female c:

    1. Assuming this is an honest question, he’s the protagonist of Fire Emblem Awakening, the newest and best selling game in the series.

      1. I’ve never played a single Fire Emblem game because the only RPG games I play are on the SNES and Pokemon.

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