Helix Games Announces Don’t Touch Anything Red For Wii U

Helix Games has announced that it is bringing its upcoming autorunner, Don’t Touch Anything Red, to Wii U. The game tasks players with dodging all red obstacles by jumping and controlling the direction of gravity to survive for as long as possible. It contains a five-player multiplayer mode, with up to four players using Wii Remotes or Wii U Pro Controllers, while a fifth player uses the Wii U GamePad. Players tilt the controller of their choice to change the direction of gravity and press any button to jump. Those who want to opt for more traditional controls can choose to play with buttons only.


      1. So if PS4 games are all that, why cant the software sell like the hardware then? After a week or 2 it slips out of top ten best sellers. Yet you reso hoes brag about 1080p but don’t buy those 1080p 60fps on PS4 keeping the game in top ten for months like Pokemon X and Y.

        1. Don’t forget the lagfest of an EA Spyware supported byproduct game Battlefield 4 or the 10 minute long Metal Gear Solid 5 demo for $30.

          PS4 ain’t got shit ATM for a 7 million unit sold console and yet nobody complains about that but Wii U last year did and it had more games to play and choose from back then. You see? All the Wii U hate is from BS fanboys even from 3rd parties. Fuck that shit.

          1. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but have to argue with you on that. The PS4, XBOX One, and Wii U all have games coming out for them. MGS5: GZ was around 1-3 hours long with the fastest speed run being like 16 minutes. GZ wasn’t bad, it just worries me that the price is $30. Around 4 million of the PS4’s 7 million sales are by people who legitimately want to play the games on it that we’re coming out soon or already out, the other 3 million were from hype. The Wii U isn’t doing very well, especially since MK8 is due in around 2.5 days, and people who hate on Nintendo for being “kiddy” or for making a system that doesn’t live up to the PS4 & One in specs, are primarily trolls and fanboys. You, Stranga, talk like you are a fanboy of Nintendo, and even if you happen to be a fanboy of the company I happen to like more than the others, still, fanboys are horrible, and they are the heart of the “console wars”.

      2. Tight over Indies flocking to Wii U and not PS4? Typical.

        I bet if it were PS4, you wouldn’t be here talking shit.

  1. Looks like half the green light steam games and xbl indie games stop crying.

    For a few bucks id bite I enjoy simple game design with good music.

    And color.

  2. Hey! Nothing happens when I tilt my “pro” controller! possible future me said.

  3. Too “smart-phone”-like. Swords and Soldiers HD was great for the Wii U, but this is just too simple!

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