Nintendo Is One Of The Worst Performers In The ‘Slavery Index’


Baptist World Aid Australia has produced a report which lists technology companies and looked at a number of important issues including wages, policies on forced labour, child labour and use of unpaid contractors. The company did this in an attempt to see which companies were living up to their responsibilities, and which are not. Nintendo scored a D in the index, while Sony scored a C, and Microsoft scored an impressive B. You can read the overall results below.

“Companies were graded on multiple different areas: their policies on working with companies that used child labour, how well they understood the supply chain they were involved with, the ability of the brand to monitor that chain and the degree to which the companies in question supported worker’s rights.”

“For Nintendo, the evidence is pretty damning. Whilst Sony and Microsoft had policies to help prevent exploitative practices, Nintendo had practically none. In the area of workers rights, Nintendo scored an outright ‘F’ for failing to have a single policy that helped enable workers to bargain, to have a living wage, or to prevent child labour from occurring. Sony were only slightly above Nintendo in this regard, whereas Microsoft appear to have a number of policies in place to help prevent exploitation from occurring.”

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    1. Wouldn’t fanboys do everything for their company?

      This is a pretty important topic, and it’s surprising to see a company that makes products for huge audiences, including kids, gets a grade like that! I wonder if other companies that work so hard to give themself a “good face”, like Disney, would get graded similiar!

      1. It’s partly a cultural issue. You’ll find that Japanese companies have a lower standard than American ones who are lower than Australia, for example. And China is probably the worst.
        The issue then becomes about government. Companies are answerable to stock holders and are under pressure to turn maximum profits and keep costs down. The burden is on governments to make sure they do so in an ethical and fair way.
        So the corrupt, human-rights violating governments (I’m looking at you, China) are to blame for allowing this stuff. They need to pass laws to protect the little folk and enforce those laws.
        But then China, India and Brazil have the fastest growing economies in the world and soon China rather than America will be the centre of the world, so obviously they’re in humane style works and they aren’t going to change.

      2. It’s also the fact that out of the big three, Nintendo is the only one that focuses on games. Microsoft and Sony are more all around companies that cater to more of the general public with their other properties like Surface and the Xperia lines. When you’re shined in more of a public light, you have to focus on topics like the environment, gender equality, and slave labor. Nintendo has always been a company that just advertises “fun” and the public doesn’t really care about what they do otherwise.

      3. Maybe if Nintendo spent less time treating Adults like children and protecting the children working in factories, this negative press wouldn’t have happened.

    2. Pretty much. Nintendrones always bow down to lord Iwata. And they are also hypocrites. They bash Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty for being rehashes and then squeal like little girls when Mario #25 or Zelda #18 gets announced.

      1. “Mario […] or Zelda […]” which are still Series that don’t get the almost same Installment every Year all over again on the same Console.

      2. That’s where you’re wrong. Mario only has 2 games max per console. Zelda comes out every five years.

      3. Ignoring the fact that Wii U and 3DS already have two Mario games. Both of which are sequels.

      4. The Wii U and 3DS have one Mario Bros, one Mario Kart, and as of now one Mario 3D game. ONE per console.

      5. New Super Mario Bros U
        Super Mario 3D World
        Unanounce 3D Mario game

        Yes they are all different genres but if Ninty was so different they would just come up with different protagonists for these games and not rely on the Mario name to sell like all these other companies with their IP’s.

      6. If you removed Mario from 3D world, it would still be an amazing 3D game, so it doesn’t matter. If the Mario Games was bad or rehashed, it would be a big deal, but as the games are great, I don’t mind putting Mario on the face of them to sell a little more. Nintendo has one IP for each game play type, so it would be stupid not to use them when they make games with that game play.

        Good, new games with same characters are better than bad games with old game play and new characters.

      7. I’m not saying they are bad, even NSMU was a great game, not amazing but it was great and SM3DW was a perfect 10 to me but we all know and Nintendo knows that Without the Mario name it wouldn’t sell as good. The same goes for the AC series and Ubi or CoD series with Activision, they know it sells to they brand the name to these games.

        All I’m saying is that Ninty isn’t as different as these other developers/publishers when it comes to their IP’s.

      8. Sure, I see what you mean. But in case of quality, both Assassin’s Creed and Mario are some of the IPs that don’t fall in quality. Only reason I stopped playing AC was because I got bored of it, the games still holds up!

        Also, I believe we won’t see lots of new games, or uses of less popular IPs like Metroid and Starfox before the Wii U’s sales are higher and stabilized..

      9. One game per console is not rehashing. Especially when you consider how much Zelda changes from one title to the next. No other series goes from serious tone, to cel shade and back.

      10. Telling a foreign pornstar named Valve Glados “fuck you” isn’t going to solve this problem, seriously, is this foreign pornstar getting famous or something, it guess you really can’t blame sexually butthurt frustrated individuals who have a weird fetish for pornos that involve Down syndrome as mention by Grape Ape.

      11. These Sonyan Commanders are so primitive…

      12. They are the most overconfident bugs I’ve ever seen. They couldn’t even put up a fight when our forces overwhelmed them in just half-second. Primitive indeed, probably more primitive than trilobites.

      13. Looks like Sony Commander got a nerve struck!

      14. My point stands. Zelda doesn’t rehash there’s one every 5 years or so and they change things up more than the vast majority.

      15. So, the differences between Mario 1, Mario 2, Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World are the same differences between Call of Duty:MW and COD: Ghosts? Hardly. COD is the exact same gameplay, exact same graphic engine, with a new story. Oh, wait. One had a dog. They could have released an expansion instead of a new game every year, and it would have been the same exact result. Also, Mario and Zelda are not yearly releases like COD and AC. If you bash Mario #25 and Zelda #18, but squeal like a little girl when COD yearly addition gets announced, then you would be the hypocrite. Which you are. Obviously, the Original Zelda and Zelda 2 are the exact same game. Rehash. Skyward Sword? Plays exactly like Link to the Past. Also looks like it. Moron.

      16. Still doesn’t matter. Nintendo has more games in their franchises than anyone else. They clearly cannot think of anything new. They reuse the same characters each and every time. At least Call of Duty changes characters for gods sake. And surely there must be some reason Call of Duty makes millions of dollars each year, right? Because people like it. You don’t hear people around you saying wow I can’t wait for the next Mario game! Because without a doubt, Nintendo is gonna make it. Whether you asked for it or not. Enjoy your slightly different Nintendo games with the same characters. Just watch in 10 years or so when all of their games look and play just like NSMBU. Oh, but you’ll still buy it. Because it’s Nintendo.

      17. ”Cod changes characters”
        Problem is, they may as well always be the same characters because most can’t tell them apart.

      18. You’re joking right? By most, you mean you. The characters obviously have names over their heads and if you can’t tell the difference in their voices, I think you may have to get your ears checked.

      19. I can admit i can’t remember names for any characters in COD: Ghosts. Even while single player campaign was better than ever.

      20. That totally caught me off guard. I almost spewed what I was drinking lol. I couldn’t stop chuckling.

      21. What is the point with new characters, and old game play, when you can have known characters with new game play?

      22. That’s because most of their franchises started long ago on the nes and are you honestly saying zelda doesn’t change characters? while the mains stay the same there are always tons of brand new characters

      23. Exactly. They’ve been using the same franchises for 20-30 years now. That’s a damn long time, isn’t it? Don’t you think it’s time for a change?

      24. No, it’s not. Zelda changes for every game, as long as it keeps evolving, we do not need it replaced. A new IP along with the old ones is probably good, but there’s no need it replacing the old one when they have lots of unused potential.

      25. Can you imagine if the first COD was in 1985?? We would be on number 267 by now

      26. Why change what clearly works & sells? This is why a series such as Megaman no longer gets any new games because some idiot thought it’d be a great idea to change & move away from Megaman. So tell me, how’s that working out for Capcom? Not damn well at all. xD Which is sad because Capcom can make some pretty good, challenging games if they weren’t trying to either mimic Call of Duty by turning Resident Evil into a heavy action horror game or killing off a well known video game icon because someone, like you apparently, thought it was time for a change.

      27. The character are arbitrary. If Wind Waker used different characters and dropped Zelda from the title you’d never know it was the same series as Twilight Princess, it’s so different.
        What matters is how the game plays, it’s tone and it’s aesthetic style. Things which Zelda changes up and COD does not. The fact that in all of them you use Link is not material – it’s a matter of marketing rather than substantive content.

      28. How did we go from slave labors to “lol, Nintendo games are always rehashes!”?

      29. I bet if there was a way to make a Mario shooting game with leaderboards and realistic weapons, everyone would play that instead of CoD. I mean, half of Little Big Planet was just people trying to make Mario theme levels. I even played a couple Mario theme mods for Left 4 Dead 2. Seems like everyone wishes Mario was in most games, actually.

      30. Mario will one day be in a FPS, TPS, and/or SSS in the form of a water gun game, a paintball gun game, a laser tag game, or a combination of 2 or 3 of them. But he’ll never be in a game with actual guns. I’d love to see a game with Mario characters shooting with water guns, paintball guns, laser tag guns, or all 3.

      31. Just for the sake of well-rounded information, I’d like to point out there has been a Mario entry on a Nintendo system every year since 2009.

        2009 – NSMBW, 2010 – Super Mario Galaxy 2, 2011 – 3D Land, 2012 – NSMB 2 AND NSMBU, 2013 – 3D World

        At this point it is an annualized series, though if the title in the works comes out 2015 that means this will be the first year w/o a Mario platformer since 2009. To put it another way, there are 5-year-olds going into Kindergarten who haven’t known a world w/o an annual Mario game.

        Zelda, however, is used more sparingly.

      32. I wouldn’t put 3D and 2D Mario games in the same category, there’s only one NSMB game per console, but since the 3D games allow for more innovation, they can be used more.

      33. lol what happen too all the mario games on wii u and 3ds.

      34. Ots been that way since Satan (his mother) spawned his gorilla ass.

      35. Its been that way since Satan (his mother) spawned his gorilla ass.

      36. Er… NOT look at street fighter II the street fighter III and the street fighter IV THEY ARENT SIMILAR IN ALMOST ANYTHING!!! dont talk aboul turbo super ultra or arcade versions they are UPDATES asshole

      37. Yet ignoring you act like a few CODs didn’t debut between Sky word Sword and Zelda U.

      38. It’s funny you come on here to troll, but Call of Duty literally took old multiplayer maps and put a different theme for the maps and called it new. They still charged $15 for it. Zelda still has one of the greatest games of all time. So your Zelda rehash shit is invalid.

      39. Even though Mario is actually fun and Zelda takes time to develop, unlike Assassin’s Creed which is now only getting a year development… So yeah, they are right to say AC is a rehash because it pretty much is, same with CoD… but I don’t see why you comment has anything to do with the article? Probably pissed because Microsoft has higher scores than Sony ;)

      40. Yeah, Zelda 18 in 30 years, not Assassin’s Creed 20 in 6 years, that’s the difference.

      41. What is actually weird is that in total there’s only 16 main Mario games, including 2D and 3D and 16 Zelda games, even after 25 years (29 and 28 respectively).

      42. Speak for yourself. I love Nintendo, but stuff like this isn’t cool to me at all. I will say, however, that I don’t believe this list too much because Apple is a B+ and Samsung is a B. Both companies have been in deep shit because of the way they have their staff slave over productive for the company. Still, I believe Nintendo being up there in the D’s.

      43. There have been 8 console Zeldas since 1986 on 5 diffirent consoles.

        9 Mario games since 1986 if you don´t count the “New” series.

        How many GTA games are there already? 6? Even though that series is 10 years younger than Zelda

      1. Lol, you resort to calling me names and showing me an irrelevant Xbox article. Not once did I mention Xbox in my comment.

      2. I wasn’t even replying to you?…

        Or you just exposed yourself to be Nostalgia_w, double troll…

      3. Keep believing in your own illusions Sonyan…

      4. The amount of stupidity in every single one of your comments is unreal.

      5. The amount of non existing garbage like yourself is even more astounding…

      6. Unexisting? What? I obviously do exist or else I wouldn’t be answering you, would I? lol.
        Thanks for proving my point, btw.

      7. *Non-existing, if you care about details. It has the same meaning though, so it shouldn’t really matter.

      8. He’s not assuming since Playstation Nation thought Quadraxis was speaking to him when he was actually speaking to you. So I have to wonder myself. Are you & Playstation Nation the same guy? If so, that’s sad that you have to pretend to be two people to have it seem as if there is someone that agrees with you. If you aren’t the same, my bad.

      9. Learn to pronounce my name correctly first little Xbot…

      10. Pronounce your name? If at all, it would be “spell”. Pronouncing is something audible, and since I doubt you can hear him talking through the internet, you don’t know how he pronounces your name. So, I would suggest you to learn your English.

      11. Oooh, didn’t know you were referring to something else than his comments, sorry about that.
        And woah, he has videos? Do you have a link? I’m sure they’re entertaining, lol.

      12. Umm..ever heard of a mirror? Go check yourself on that subject hypocrite.

    3. Uhh hello! i wud due so much moore 4 nintendo because i love them! thay r my sole perpose two live because i reely dont have much two live fore other then mother, jesus, my butiful dog mindy, brother william, uncle bobby, and of corse my love nintendo because i love nintendo and thay r amazing. iwata and myimoto have so much cemistry on nintendo directs because thay r best friends and mother and i have that cemistry because i love her. my body is reggie fore defending nitnendo beaucae i love them and always will! <3

    4. Why am I not surprised that the first thing you do is jump to saying something like that?

      Look, just because there aren’t any policies[and don’t get me wrong, there SHOULD be] doesn’t mean that they’re actually DOING things like unpaid workers and child workers and stuff.

      Until evidence crops up that shows they’re actually doing such things, you should really keep such comments to yourself.

    5. I find this list to be inaccurate as most people know, up until recently, BlackBerry manufactures all of their phones and products, and most of them are made in america. They’ve only had one phone made by Foxconn and that just came out. And I always hear about apple having production problems and slaves with iphones

    6. And you’re not one because? You come here to troll every day? Anyway, it’s about policies, they’re not saying these things are happening.

    1. So you’re falling for the leftard sensationalism?
      This study isn’t rating companies based on examples, it is rating companies on their policies.
      Are you aware of the possibility that Nintendo doesn’t have such policies because there’s no precedent?

      1. it’s possible but it’s still preferrable to avoid any precedents from occuring in the first place

  1. nintendrones will say grades dont matter. look how microsoft is pretty much trashing nintendo at everything. games,exculsives, working divisions,hardware,cpu,products and profits. lol microsoft does what nintendon’t.

    1. “Exclusives”? That matters on who you ask. Though that is the only reason I play Nintendo games, and most of the rest you said is spot-on, sadly…

    2. Microsoft is a horrible game developer, they are losing money, their hardware has been more criticized than the Wii U and has yet to even surpass the Wii U in sales, Microsoft makes poor quality products every year. The only thing the company is good for is Windows and even then everyone knows to skip a generation, because the first one is always garbage and they have to fix it with the next one.

      So no, Nintendo does what Microdon’t.

      1. If you even need me to tell you that then you obviously exposed yourself for not knowing anything about the gaming universe and to be a simple troll…

      2. I wanted to read your justification. Quit assuming things, fanboys.

      3. Pathetic. You’re clearly a troll if you resort to insults & don’t even bother to try to prove why you are right while everyone else is wrong.

      4. The Xbox one has outpaced the Wii u’s sales up to this point if we compare both of their initial launch windows. I am not trying to start something just saying that the Xbox one isn’t doing as bad as you all are making it out to be doing. Plus it seems to be picking up steam.

      5. It had a better launch, but it went downhill from there. The recent surge in sales is a temporary thing because they just dropped the kinect from the system. (Like how the Wii U had a recent serge when Wind Waker was released, or when it had another surge when the price drop came, etc, etc. It’s just a small increase for a limited time. It won’t keep up).

        The Xbox One is essentially a PS4, only the PS4 is better, because it has the better Sony exclusives and a larger install base. Once the Xbox One lost to the PS4, it was over for the Xbox One. Everyone will buy the PS4 over Microsoft’s console, but Wii U sales will outpace Xbox One sales in the long run, because everyone will eventually buy a Wii U for the Nintendo exclusives.

        No one buys Microsoft hardware for first party exclusives (they have like 2 or 3 lol) they buy their hardware for the best third party content, but as long as PS4 has the same third party content there is no reason to own an Xbox One.

      6. There is some truth in what you are saying but as an example the kinectless Xbox one isn’t gonna be on sale until June 8th. So actually at this point there is only interest in that particular Xbox one so we haven’t even seen how this will affect sales. It definitely at the moment is just another glorified PS4, but Microsoft is doing a lot of good things (things that should have already occurred such as paywall removal) with the Xbox one as of lately and I don’t believe it should be overlooked is all.

      7. Microsoft is just changing stuff after they see that people won’t just blindly agree and accept their attempts to give them something that isn’t worth the money. Why did they basically make a 180° turn after the first reveal of the Xbox One, including all their plans concerning DRM, online-every-24-h thing and whatnot? Yes, because they’ve seen all the backlash and negative feedback on basically the whole internet which meant they wouldn’t have made any kind of money if they kept things as they were announced.
        Why did they basically play after Sony’s book and remove a bunch of extra costs, like paying extra money for movie and tv show streaming, but most importantly, removing the Kinect? Because the sales of the Xbox One dropped and they’ve realized people don’t want to pay that money.
        But the real question is, why didn’t they do things right from the beginning, like, let’s say… Sony? They thought they could screw people over and they would still buy their stuff, but once they realized it wouldn’t go like that, they just change everything as if nothing happened, and then they’re also getting praised for that? Changing stuff afterwards like they’re doing it just shows me they’re doing it for the money ONLY, instead of pleasing fans and supporters. Doing things from the beginning means the company actually took their time to think and inform themselves about what people would like and want. That wouldn’t only lead to money, but also satisfied buyers and supporters. Sorry, but Microsoft did a lot wrong, in my opinion. Not saying Sony did everything right, but in my opinion, Sony gives me more of a feeling that they actually care about what we, their supporters, want.

      8. So if the trend continues, then the Xbox One should do better in it’s third year than the Wii U did on it’s third, but by then Wii U will be on it’s 4th year, so they might not have more total consoles out on the market.

      9. “Hahaha! Wii U isn’t going to even make it to it’s 3rd year! It’s already dead! LOLOLOLOLOL” -says the arrogant Nintendo hater/doubter.

      10. That’s actually quiet bad for Ninty, that means that since the initial launch of both consoles the XOne is outpacing the Wii U. As it stands now with the year head start and with actual games the Wii u has about a 2 million units more than a console that right out the gates was despise by the core gamer and doesn’t really have games.

        If you really look at it without fanboy goggles, then it doesn’t look good. At least as it stands now.

      11. What area is the Xbox done doing better than Wii U? Just curious. Charts say Xbox One sells are out doing Wii U still.

      12. Valve Glados is a poor man’s Nintendo Commander Quadraxis…

      13. It’s okay that your jealous that you can’t a relationship with a lady, we understand, why wouldn’t you continually try to insult her. You don’t have to hide your feelings the love doctor is here.

      14. Wii U is outperforming the Xbox One… so no one should be talking about how “Microsoft is better than Nintendo” is they can’t even beat the Wii U lol!

      15. You bet your ass that Nintendo’s doing great. The 3DS is the best platforming system that Nintendo ever made. With the upcoming games Nintendo has coming out, Nuff said…

      16. Ignoring the people you replied to said Wii U is doing better than Xbox One though. Where is the info on when was Wii U outselling bone?

      17. It has always been outselling the Xbox Done…

        I don’t know where you got your information from or if you only looked at the US charts…

        US charts is not the total world my friend…

      18. Ignoring Wii u is at 6.1 million while Xbox is at 5 million. That doesn’t sound like Wii u is outselling Xbox to me. Sounds like Xbox is catching up.

      19. The minute Mario Kart 8 is releases, it will go beyond their reach…

      20. Maybe maybe not. Nintendo fans let me down when DkTF and 3D World debuted. 3D world stayed top ten after Dec 25. DKtf stayed top 10 for a week. Who’s to say MK8 won’t do the same thing after 3.5 Million of the 6.1 million buys MK8?

      21. Ignoring probably millions will buy a Wii U along with me…

      22. Ignoring probably buying millions of Wii Us is still not guaranteed. Ignoring that was said when 3D World launched. Funny how Pokemon X and Y show up off and on top ten list every now in then and they debuted around the time Wind Waker HD launched. Yet when a Wii u game is 3 weeks old it never comes back at top ten best seller. So what makes you think MK8 won’t do the same?

      23. Because Mario Kart has always been one of the top 3 key games to get in all systems…

      24. And that’s something you say after “It has always been outselling the Xbox Done…”. What a fucking bag of shit. If you know it hasn’t happened yet, then don’t say it.
        Besides, how would you know how many WiiUs MK will move? What if it turns out to be the worst selling Mario Kart entry of all time? You can not know. Nobody can before it’s out and we get numbers.

      25. The difference is that for the next 3 or 4 years of the Wii U’s life, Mario Kart will sell with about half of all Wii U sales. By that time, all the best sellers on Xbox will have their sequels out, and no one will by the old games anymore.

      26. What Dan said. I don’t see the new Call of Duty selling the PS4 & XB1 consoles as much in the PS4 & XB1’s 2nd year as it will in their first years. Unless Activision is going to actually make this be the first Call of Duty that doesn’t get replaced by a new one the year after, but that’s highly doubtful.

      27. Dont be retarded, five million sold to stores not people and six million sold to people not stores there is only five million cable boxes in stores around the world that doesn’t mean they have sold five million to consumers

      28. Ignoring you failed to give me a number of cable boxes sold to homes though. Therefore until you show proof Wii u is outselling xBone I’m sticking with the info at 6.1 million to 5 million.

      29. “Ignoring probably millions will buy a Wii U along with me…”
        Ignorthing that was said by Nintendo let down fans whe. 3D World and DKTF first launched. What happened there since the games were rated high.

      30. Except it wasn’t our empire that said that, it was the fans that overhyped it along with some part of the media…

      31. Retard here can’t do or understand math right.

        How the fuck 5 million is better than 6? Are you braindead or something?

      32. the truth hurts doesn’t it nintendrone cammander quadorks.

      33. Who are you to say the truth hurts?

        When it was about MK8, you fucking skipped town for a few days just to avoid this website so look who’s talking about pussing out from facts.

      34. He damn sure did. Instead, he hid away on youtube & made videos about what we were saying on those Mario Kart articles. He’s a little bitch when the facts come out to prove his opinions are just that: opinions.

      35. There is the truth…

        And then there is the “truth”…

      36. jtz: Asswhole Ignoring the fact that the Wii U has been outselling Xbox done since day one. Ignoring the fact that even if Microsoft is catching up to Nintendo, Nintendo will still be at the top. And ignoring the fucking fact that more great Nintendo games are coming under way and the sales will increase. Why don’t you shove some common sense in that shit bag you call a brain and suck on your new little upcoming COD’s ass.

      37. You mean like a worldwide account system, party chat, achievement system/trophies, 250 GB+ internal hard drive, and getting big name AAA games on their console? Wow, I guess you’re right then. Definitely loving playing Bioshock Infinite on my Wii U. Oh wait…

      38. 70% of which are not necessary to gaming unless you’re superficial and I don’t care about any Bioshock game…

      39. If everyone thought like you, we would be still using cartridges for games

      40. Social media does not equal enhancements for gaming…

        The only “useful” one might be voice chat but that’s it…

      41. you downplay just represents how a typical ninteno guy thinks.

      42. Oh guess what? VITA with there game cards! So what was that about “cartridges” again?

      43. You think vita game cards are the same as cartriges? You fanboys really are stupid

      44. Damage control detected, I repeat, damage control detected. Prepare your hands to cover your face, code F.A.C.E.P.A.L.M. I repeat, code F.A.C.E.P.A.L.M. Severe hazard, reading succession of letters used by the subject may cause loss of brain cells. Approach with high caution, I repeat, approach with high caution.

      45. Worldwide account system: Nintendo is working on that with the Nintendo Network ID. It’s not much but it’s a step in the right direction.

        Party Chat: Nintendo is actually adding that to some of their games where it matters.

        Achievement System/Trophies: Did you really just pull a sasorideidaraobi? XD That shit only matters if you need a record to look at to remind you of how awesome you were at the game, so you can gloat because you don’t have the spine to gloat about soemthing without proof because you NEED someone to believe you’re a badass at video games. How many games with that system actually gives you stuff for the game for accomplishing that achievement? Xenoblade Chronicles, owned by Nintendo & developed by Monolith Soft, actually did something useful with the achievement system by giving you experience points & skill points.

        250 GB internal harddrive: From what I’ve heard, that great little internal harddrive has it’s internal data drained rather quickly by any games you download.

        AAA titles: You mean the multiplats that usually end up with quite a few glitches because they are in a rush to release them all at once in a short time period? Yeah. You can keep those. I’m quite happy with the 3rd party AAA exclusives Nintendo usually gets that usually are of better quality.

      46. actually microsoft products have quality, up to date , effiecent and great and powerful. its nintendo products that lack those things. lol even the ouya has a ethernet port but wii u doesn’t.

      47. I just LMAO imagining Sasori doing what Steve Ballmer did.That 1st fail is probably the dance that Sasori does in his cave everyday to summon rain or something XD

      48. hahahahahahahahahaha, hey everybody, read this idiots comments!!!
        first and foremost microFUCK produces bad quality products, example: MACINTOSH is 10k times better than windows (i’m a graphic designer), the microfuck office runs better on mac than their own fucking windows os.

      49. Yet you still resort to using MS office on a Mac. Way to support your claim.

      50. Windows Vista, 8, Surface failing against iPads, Zune failed against iPods, Xbox never won a single console race since Xbox 1, Microsoft not being a more valuable brand than Apple or even Samsung and also not having more money in their reserves than Nintendo.

        And speaking of Ouya, have you forgotten that it BEAT Xbox One in Amazon last year in SALES? For a DOA console to beat another DOA console but bigger (literally), that’s just fucking embarassing.

      51. Yes, because everyone knows that ethernet ports are where the graphics are. you can’t have good games without ethernets

      52. I don’t need no damn ethernet wire. Wireless all the way!

    3. Your saying that Microsoft does what Nintendont? That’s an understatement. Seeing that Xbone one is going down the drain while the Wii U is still at its best. You got some of the greatest games for Wii U coming out: Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U. With that being said, Sony and Microsoft might as well kiss Nintendo’s ass. Nintendo getting a D is complete bullshit and a waste of a topic to be talked about on.

      1. WiiU doing great? keep that talk for after there’s a substantial improvement in sales

      2. Anonymous: Why don’t you get some fuckin common sense in that pathetic brain of yours. Once Mario Kart 8 comes out and all the other good games, more people will want to buy the Wii U. Why don’t you sit in your little Microsoft/Sony corner like with all the other Nintendo haters and wait until your precious little COD comes out.

      3. Wii U is doing great. You talk as if they are in 3rd place with the PS4 & XB1 leaving it in the dust with 6-10 million sales more than Wii U. Over 6 million Wii U consoles sold while the PS4 is at around 8m with Xbone at 5m. In the current economy with barely any games for any of the 3 consoles, they are all 3 actually doing great with the PS4 doing a bit better than Wii U & XB1.

      4. its funny how the xbox one keeps outselling the wii u every month. xbox one has even more exculsives and third party surpport than wii u. developers aren’t even port 360 games to wii u.

      5. Show me proof that they are outselling Wii U and please give me a legit source. No, your empty skull does not count because your not smart, and calling you stupid is an insult to stupid people.

      6. and it’s funny how you don’t own an xbone and wants a xbox 360 lol

      7. sasorideidaraobi: Oh nice… Where did you get that from. Up you Xbox done’s ass? Nintendo’s got some real good games coming up like Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U e.t.c and what does Xbox done have? COD and Halo? Don’t make me get Nintendo to send you to the corner.

      8. Why bother porting 360 games that have been out for 6 months to years to the Wii U? It’s been proven ports that have been out that long don’t do well at all on the Wii U. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, & Mass Effect 3. Of course, EA screwed up Mass Effect 3’s sales for Wii U by releasing Mass Effect Trilogy for the same exact price on the PS3 & XB360. Just another example of EA crying over Origin being denied for Wii U, showing their selfish attitude when they hear the word “No!” like Stephanie McMahon’s character did last night on Raw when Daniel Bryan told her no.

      9. Have you ever played any of the Dynasty Warriors entries? Just curious, because I know that kinda game isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so you might be overestimating it.
        And saying that the WiiU is doing great is pretty funny, because everyone knows it isn’t.

      10. Oh but it is. If it’s not doing great, the PS4 & Xbone are no where near as doing great, either, since they aren’t selling any better than Wii U right now. Quit using double standards. Of course, you’ll just use it’s early release as a way to say the Wii U isn’t doing great, while ignoring the fact the Xbox 360 came out earlier than Wii & PS3 & didn’t pick up steam til a few months after the Wii & PS3 released. Which again, you’ll just be using double standards. With that said, why bother with who is doing great since all three are having trouble right now?

    4. Dumbass. Microsoft has literally only 2 exclusives, Halo and Gears Of War. Even the kiddy Nintendo has Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, Metroid, Pikmin, and more. Xbox has the worst exclusives of all, Sony has the most diverse, get over it bitch

      1. xD Sad. Games for everyone is hardly kiddy. But keep believing E for everyone=kiddy.

      2. Sony has not even 1/10th of the franchises that Nintendo has. The trick is convincing Nintendo to make a game for every franchise, and not just the Big 6 (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, DK, Kirby, Metroid). They do as much as they can though, they can only make so many games themselves and we still got Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Kid Icarus, Animal Crossing, Pushmo in the last few years.

    5. And BTW Microsoft is losing billions in the gaming sector. At least Sony is profiting of it soon with the PS4 and Uncharted

      1. And I like the fact you ignore Sony has a high chance of become bankrupt in the next two years compared to Mircosoft’s 1% chance of bankruptcy.

      2. How does Sony have a high chance of becoming bankrupt? Sure, they’ve been making some big losses lately, but they have some very profitable divisions, their Playstation division or their smartphones, for example. They are selling and giving up the departments that aren’t profitable enough, so yea.
        They’re undergoing huge changes and things like that don’t happen without making losses, especially if it’s a huge company like Sony. Overall profits are most likely going to be made once they’re done restructuring the company.
        I’m rather positive we won’t be seeing Sony leave any time soon.

      3. They are billions in debt, they sold off several builds, sold they’re shares of Square Enix, all of them, they recent sold they’re New York HQ, they laid off about several thousand employees and I believe a legit source showed me the percentage of they’re possible bankruptcy in the next two years is 79%, don’t remember the source so I am sorry I will just leave it up to you to believe me or not. I don’t like to see them go either, but I cannot deny the reality, nor can we deny Sasori can ever say anything without shitting from his mouth that his ass gets so jealous of. Again, chose to believe me or we can agree to disagree.

      4. But Sony is also losing the profit they’re making so they better ditch the markets they’re losing money from and just stick to their strong points.

    6. The other platforms have better and more exclusives than the Xbox 360….that’s why I sold mine a few months ago rather than the others as it was not really giving me much and collecting dust….I’m being harsh as it has good exclusives as we’ll it’s just the others have lots of exclusives and more down the line that I’m never going to give up over the odd halo and gears etc.

    7. Give it up, trollheim. No one wants an XBone. Wii U is on the way up thanks to Mario Kart and the games coming out at E3 and there’s nothing you can do to stop it no matter how hard you troll.

    8. Poor thing. Microsoft isn’t really trashing Nintendo at games or exclusives because news flash: they don’t make games. There is a big difference between publishing games & actually DEVELOPING said games. As for profits, if you are counting Microsoft’s profits as a whole, you’d be right. But that would be a bullshit way to make it sound like Microsoft is beating Nintendo. You can only count Microsoft’s video game section of their business. And with that said, Nintendo is actually curbstomping Microsoft in video game profits. Accept it, kid. Microsoft is always going to be beneath Nintendo’s boot as far as video games are concerned.

    1. The grades mean that the company has lots of policies, nothing more, it doesn’t take examples of real cases or precedents in account, so the whole thing is actually very misleading.
      One with a working brain would ask why Microsoft got a B when it has always been involved in this kind of controversy; well, that is because they have a ton of policies, because they have precedent of employee abuse and needed reforms to shut the media up.

  2. Probably lack of information than a true survey on our empire’s part…

    1. They outsource the construction of their merchandise in other countries that allow child labor such as African countries, China and other smaller Asian countries.

    2. No, they outsource to companies that do, like many of the companies in the list do, including Sony and Microsoft.
      The list only rates companies based on their own policies, since Nintendo doesn’t have precedents that would make those policies mandatory they don’t have them, ask yourself why Microsoft has tons of them.

      1. Ah… i see. This “Slavery Index” is actually quite misleading to anyone not paying close enough attention.

    3. No, they have no policy to not let children work for them, not that they let children work for them

      1. Yes, I understand now. I was careless and allowed myself to be mislead.

    1. Ignoring that Nintendo wasn’t the only manufacturer on that list hiring cheap labor. Also ignoring Nintendo wasn’t the only manufacturer with a D too.

      1. That doesn’t justify Nintendo doing it if this is true. I’m a Nintendo fan, but if this is legitimate, then they have work to do in this area.

      2. What is legitimate? The fact that they don’t have tons of pointless, pervasive policies about employee abuse?
        If anything that shows Nintendo has no precedent of it and no need for them, unlike the B company.

      3. With that logic, countries that have no laws against men abusing, raping, and even killing women – considering them a lower being – have no need for those laws?

      4. Simply G there are two kinds of people I don’t care about people in prison and people in developing countries. Why? I’ll tell you. Prisoners who murdered or raped will do time and come out with a free collage BA in IT with no cost. People in developing countries can have some life threatening illness and come to America with free plane transpertation and no medical bills then return home. Now why should I feel sorry for them? If I get sick I have to pay and I’m still paying for college. Prisoners get a free education out of tax payers pockets for murder and or rape.

      5. Selfish? I could have sworn I was defending for Americans. But OK some rapeist rapes someone’s daughter the rapist gets a free $100,000 MA in IT and can still get a good ass job when he gets out but that daughter still has nightmares. At least in developing countries they put rapist to death.

      6. Like that ape Breivik, he gets treated better than the 20 million people without jobs in europe as an example…

        A killer should lose its status as a human and be sent to the lions as food…

      7. I partially agree with him…

        The world treats criminals of all sorts better than the decent hardworking intelligent people on this world…

        They are given everything without any effort while the rest of us who can actually behave like civilized life-forms gets treated worse and worse…

        This is clearly how a facists world behaves…

      8. But according to Simply G I’m a sociopath because I feel rapist and murders should not get a free education and rival for the same job opportunity people who went to school and never been in prison and have to pay tuition until they are 70 years of age has that 95% chance of losing that job to a rapist.

      9. Personally I feel that rapists, if it’s their first time commiting the crime should first get help since the majority of them were raped themselves when they were young and so got their minds corrupted…

        However if we go by these apes like Breivik or that tiny idiot Elliot Roger, they should be transformed into cat food…

      10. Now you’re just pitting words in his mouth to prove your point. Typical -_-

      11. are you fucking retarded? you really believe what you’re saying? its because of people like you that we need voter restriction and licenses to have children.

      12. Nintendo conform to law with in countries they are in. They don’t employ children, nor am i aware of many employee abuse complaints.
        In fact they have a policy against child labor and mistreatment of workers.
        The issue is they don’t have policies that are pro-union and collective bargaining. They also don’t have policies that monitor how and where their partners conduct businesses. Keep mind mind Companies like Samsung (rated B), Panasonic (B) and IBM (C-, yea i know) are a few of their partners.

    2. You’re forgetting most of American businesses do rely on China which is the star of child labor.

      So don’t even try to get it twisted.

  3. Off topic, but oh wow. I’m sitting here reading this article and an ad pops up on the top saying “Seeking lover or making friend? Chinese women for your choice!” XD Wtf? Also holy crap, no! Microsoft did better than Nintendo and Sony? Or am I seeing things?

    1. It’s because Microsoft is subject to American laws and are in the American spotlight more which means if they do anything wrong they are criticized by the American people.

      Japan doesn’t have all the same laws or outlook on this issue as America does so it is only natural that Microsoft would have a better score, but still. They only have a B+ which means that they are “still” using child labor somewhere and are most likely aware it is going on. They just aren’t using it to the extent of Sony or Nintendo.

      The thing is ridiculous actually, because it is glorifying the companies that only use a “little” child labor and scrutinizing the companies that use the most. The problem with that is it won’t fix the problem. They should be scrutinizing ALL the companies for child labor. Any company with a “lower” grade with simply raise it up to a B or B+ and be done with it. Child labor won’t go away, it’s just be less common within the companies on the list…

  4. I don’t think it is because Nintendo supports child labor or that they even are aware that they are enforcing it. I think they are just ignorant to the fact that it is going on.

    I’m sure Nintendo learned something new with this report and they’ll put policies in place to receive a better grade next time.

    Plus, every supply chain Nintendo uses is completely legal. So this is a “moral” thing that Nintendo is being graded on. The countries they use to create their products don’t have laws against child labor, so in the grand scheme of things, Nintendo isn’t any worse than Apple or Wal Mart or any of the countries that exploit the differences in Chinese laws which allow for sweatshops basically. By law, Nintendo has done nothing wrong.

    1. And even more typical, they probably think that the Xbots or Sonyans have their hands clean…

      So dead wrong…

      1. Exactly, just because Microsoft and Sony have better grades doesn’t mean they are saints. They are still enforcing child labor.

        Every company is. If one company does it then every company has to have their hand in the act, because it is the only way to compete and drive your costs down with illegal (but CHEAP) labor.

      2. Indeed…

        And considering that not once but twice has the Microsoft Realm tried to sabotage our empire, this could be the third one…

    2. Don’t defend it. Nintendo could be helping to improve workers conditions in China and other places their products are manufactured.

      For all the hate that Apple gets, they’re doing a good job of stopping this kind of shit. I’d like more companies to follow Apple’s lead.

      Apple make regular checks at foxcon factories to ensure there are no underage or unpaid workers there. Apple are forcing foxcon to improve conditions for their workers.

      Nintendo and other companies can and should be doing the same.

      Nintendo also tend to score pretty fucking terribly on environmental policies and practices. Something they could also take a cue from Apple on.

      Nintendo always perform badly in these kinds of reports. This isn’t the first time. It’s not that Nintendo aren’t aware of it. Every company that does business in China is aware of it. It’s just that they aren’t doing anything about it.

      I love Nintendo, but lets not defend them when they’re not doing the right thing.

      1. They only score bad at these things because they don’t give out information about it, so these companies conducting the surveys get “mad” and marks our empire like a bad one…

      2. How about they physically show up and inspect the company themselves to know exactly what’s going on. I work at a hospital kitchen and have inspectors show up on a regular basis. Why the fuck can these idiots do the same instead of just assuming shit and make the world hate Nintendo even more without even knowing them and their products first?

        I know this is all probably propaganda BS but if this is any indication, Nintendo should start opening up about themselves and stop being mysterous all the time that they’re gonna be judged poorly by fools drifting in a sea of questions.

      3. Indeed…

        High Command should stop being so secretive, although that’s also what I like about them in some way…

        Further more, I like Greenpeace but since our empire never gives out information about their environmental stances, Greenpeace just assumes that they are the worst ever without any evidence which is biased to be honest…

        They lose credibility for making false reports…

      4. What is up with you fools wanting to improve work conditions in developing countries? Then don’t bitch when prices increase 50%. As if improving work conditions doesn’t cost money.

      5. You wouldn’t talk like this if you were part of the people beign mistreated.

        You know what though, you clearly have your mind set on what you believe and nothing will change it. Good luck with your life.

      6. And yet ignoring that they can come over here get a low tuition rate and get a BA and pay their tuition before they turn 35. But if you like prices to go up then vote for the right person to make better working condition and let’s see how the economy works then.

      7. 50% price increase, yea sure, maybe if you are a corporation (Pay a foreign worker $3 instead of $2).
        Developing countries are being exploited for cheap labor. Those T-shirts, shoes, electronics don’t cost much to make. Big companies like profit and get high margins of their products. iPhone for example is made less than half of what it is sold for.
        Have you ever wonders how the hell a $70 dollar shoe could be on sale for $30 or how does walmart sell $20 shoes (same material) and still make profit?
        Cost for improvement doesn’t have to be expensive. For example in some developing countries a $1 could get a person a decent meal or two.
        Prices could remain the same if corporations just reduce their profit margins just a bit, then maybe poor Lee and his family could start enjoying life a little bit more. Does a millionaire CEO really need that $1m bonus this year, or how about that billionaire investor, will a few million more profit make a difference on his/her status?

      8. No a CEO doesn’t need that bonus but since I know CEOs are greedy it doesn’t work like that. The manufacturers would have the consumers pay by raising the prices so the laborers can get better work conditions. That way the CEOs’ income is not affected. After all companies like Ford GM and Chrysler really didn’t need to lay off Americans in 2009. The CEOs just didn’t want to take a pay cut or cut their bonuses to prevent layoffs. Wake up this isn’t LALA Land. Like Billionaire bill Gates would take a pay cut to save the workers at Xbox division.

      9. I didn’t mean it like that and you turn around with to insult me?
        “Then don’t bitch when prices increase 50%. As if improving work conditions doesn’t cost money.”
        This is what i was mainly responding to, prices don’t have to rise much, if at all, because little money is spent on the actual products. The rest of our money goes to profits. I specifically used ” if “, How does that mean I’m dreaming?

        Yet, you insult me and shows your capacity, the same for your prison and wage comments. I had more to say that i deleted.

        The rich keep getting richer while the poor stay poor and being use to make the rich richer. And because the poor stay poor for so long that crime starts to pop-up. You know: “Forgot working like slaves, make more $$ from opium, and import them to developed countries.” That mind set happens all over including the US.

      10. With Wii U proven as a energy efficient console, its a start on the environmental movement.

        As for the labor force and policies, I’m not sure about that since its never publicly disclosed before not even to me who always watch out for stories like this. But if so, this can be their wake up call to make such drastic changes. But enough with the hate train BS about Nintendo looking like their the worst and only company on earth who has issues. EVERY COMPANY ONE EARTH is the same story anf they could be doing illegal deeds under the table for all we know.

    1. The bad job conditions in China are a consequence of the communism. Companies only seek minimize costs and maximize revenues and that is not at all wrong. Communism, on the other hand, have killed over 100 millions only in the past century – they’re the cancer.

    1. Pretty sure this was just about tech companies. Fashion companies have been outed by media outlets for years because of their poor practices.

      1. Who cares if people in developing countries end up sick. They come to America and get cured for free. Yet if an American has that same illness the first thing they ask if you have health insurance. Plus people in developing countries don’t pay what Americans pay for school and own their own businesses in America. So don’t feel sorry for them.

      2. Maybe it’s time americans evolve but given their lack of morals and logics, it will not happen anytime soon…

        They rather have a selfish nation than a unselfish one…

        One should not be paying for education…

      3. Will if you are in prison in America you get free education. What a waste of tax payers money. What aree the chances of them getting hired? Money going down the drain. And then the few that does get good jobs from a free education from prison, where’s the. Justice. While the rapist is driving a $60k Lexus you still have that 2002 Accord.

      4. That’s not just in the US but in many other western countries including Sweden…

        If you have so much trouble with it, how about you promote to your goverments that your money should go to education and healthcare instead of the pointless wars they either create or worsen themselves?…

        I find it hilarious that americans think that they stand for freedom and yet they are probably the ones that are one of the most non free people ever…

        Patriotism is so the opposite of freedom…

      5. if people get treated in america it is because they pay or americans willingly pay their medical bills. lol are you really pointing fingers for foreigners owning businesses here? americans have offshore accounts to avoid taxes, export labor, and move their headquarters elsewhere where operating costs and taxes are less. and foreigners don’t get as much college financial aid as americans, if they get any at all. most foreign exchanges students are fucking rich and pay full tuition lol. keep your mouth shut you ignorant waste of space.

      6. He’s just your typical lazy whinny american republic, instead of actually doing the work it takes to get things done he points fingers for his own short comings. I deal with people like him all day that complain and blame everything on everyone else yet these are the same people that end getting unemployment for years leeching off our own country.

        Yes I am American as well, but these little shits get me so mad.

      7. Here you want to help them. Send them birth control so they can slow down births of children they can’t afford. Also their control will save more on clothing, food and energy. Its sort of dumb poor people in developing countries have 15 children they can’t feed. The men there should pull their penis out the woman before he cums or fuck her during her period cycle. If they need education for birth control, come to America and get a free education.

      8. Yeah, I know… but whenever it comes to articles like these, I can’t help but mention Wal Mart. I really, really hate that store.

  5. This is typical western propaganda that goes against our empire…

    They even include the Nokians which are virtually dead today…

    Obviously the Xbots paid these poor fools…

  6. I don’t have any knowledge of this type of thing, but I believe that almost the companies in there produce their produtcs in Chinaor part of them because it’s cheaper, I doubt they are all “humanized” and their grades are like “B” or “C” like the majority of them..the chinese people work more for less, almost a slave person =/. I say this because almost of all the products I buy are there written “made in china”.. But sad history for Nintendo =/ I was waiting more from a company that make people happy, or some part of them =/

    1. Ignoring that if manufacturers put their labor in America where minimum wage is $9.00 an hour an Xbox One would be $1000 and Wii U would be $650. An IPhone would be $1,500. But you rather act like that wouldn’t increase inflation even more.

      1. Are you crazy? Those people in those conditions can come over here and get a free education is that wanted to.

      2. On what fucken world do you live in where its so easy to come to the states? Even southerners are having trouble coming over no a days to the point that if they can’t get a visa they cross the boarder and risk their lives getting killed, raped, or held for ransom.

        Do you really think someone from the east is going to have it easier? What the fuck are you 12 years old?

      3. since you care so much about developing countries figure out how they can get paid $10 an hour like in america with PS4 sales staying at $400. In fact All poor labor getting paid the same rate in Americ without my pockets having to pay $300 for a videogame.

      4. It’s not as easy & simple as coming over.
        If they were getting paid “slavery-like wages”( keep in mind they have to use most of it just to get by), how long would it take them to save enough money to come to the US or similar countries? If they are uneducated, how are they suppose to learn to talk, read, and write in the English or whatever. Next comes, applying for work visa or being qualified under the country’s immigration laws.
        And what free education are you talking about? Public education? Yea, as long as they fine jobs to pay for living expenses as well as school supplies (some people getting minimum wages work double jobs or living with other people to share payments), but then that’s not free at all, huh?. Prison education? Only in a few US states (in some cases limited to select prisons). Suppose they arrive at the right location, they just do some crime and get “free housing, food,healthcare, and education” from the prison system, right? Yea, sure that’s if they don’t get deported.

      5. The free prison education you are talking about is a form of rehab to get people from going back to jail. It’s already been shown to reduce prisoner returns, the money spent on prison education reduces the overall cost we have to spend on prisoners. Less prisoners == less money spent on prisoners, that’s the whole point. Most people don’t do crime because they want to, they do it because they have to, due to poverty.
        Most prisoners are in for drug related offenses (mostly mj), because drugs bring in money. If you can help them get money from other legit means, then you are helping to prevent them from selling drugs and going back to prison. These days a lot of legit work that pays decent require education, that’s why prison education has started. So, that previous offenders don’t have to turn to crime again to get money.

      6. Ignoring that prison is a business and they use puppets like rappers and singers to fill up the prisons and make money. Where you from LALA Land?

      7. Yes, I’m well aware Private Prisons have become big business, but there are also Public Prisons. Where did I imply otherwise? There’s growing movement to reduce inmate population, one of them is through rehabilitation (prison education is one of them), the bigger movement I think is drug law reform (specifically marijuana). Of course people in the prison business will be against these, they would do what the can to oppose “less inmate” movement. I bet they would go far to defame rehabs such as prison education, maybe that’s why you are so against it, they got you to think what they want you to think?lol

        “they use puppets like rappers and singers to fill up the prisons and make money” – lol, sounds like you are the one living in LALA Land, do you honestly think pop music has that big of influence in or crime rate?
        Our mess-up prison systems with large inmate populations goes deeper than popular culture. It’s a social issue affecting families mainly as a results from poor economy, currency policy, and Laws/Policies (aka WarOnDrugs).

  7. Is this still because of their 3rd party outsource thing?
    Pretty sure this was an “issue” before, because Nintendo dont directly buy from source, and so they don’t do checks on their source, which they don’t need to.

    1. There’s two main oversights with this bullshit.
      First off, Nintendo has never been involved in an employee scandal, unlike Sony or Microsoft, thus we can assume these policies don’t exist within the company because they’re unneeded, since there’s no precedent and everyone working there seems to be fine with their wages and work loads.
      Then you have people here talking Foxcomm and the likes; on which Nintendo has no say, they can chose to change sources and indeed I wouldn’t mind if they did, but in the end these are outsources, not Nintendo-based companies, and Nintendo has no say on how they manage their employees.

      1. I take it you don’t understand what outsourcing means.
        Kindly go back to high school.

    2. why didn’t nintendo pay to build a proper console if they had third party sources.

      1. How about you study the damn tech and learn how to build a video game for it at its maximum performance before opening your shit eatting trap again?

        How the hell would you know if its “weak” or not? Smartest to know is to figure it out yourself. Stop being so goddamn stupid and only listen to another horse mouthing off.

    1. Riiiight. Like of any newspaper or media except Fox, would listen to your Neo-Nazi ass.

  8. Ignoring sickr post up 99% of your negative info against Nintendo. Now because you didn’t get what you won’t for the first time in life you want to call someone a bitch to the guy who feeds you. SMH.

    1. Will I’ll tell you what. If you can find a way to bring jobs to America at minimum wage nearly $10 an hour and companies can save more money with labor over here you’ll be a billionaire. How can a PS4 be sold at $400 and built in the states still give Sony a profit?

      1. Hell yeah I’m defending it. I’m not rich. Gas is 3.89 a gallob . My job is not giving me a cost of living increase and I don’t need products to go up drastically just because you feel wages should increase in developing countries. Its bad enough Obana Care is a new forced bill on our hands.

      2. Obama care is something that should be on, the only problem is the poor execution of it…

        Maybe you americans needs to spend more time and resources on education and healthcare instead of the countless pointless wars and the ever decreasing freedom you have left…

      3. It does indeed have some good ideas but, like you said, it was poorly executed. Not to mention the far right thinks that many people that want “stuff” are just lazy people that don’t want to work, thinking everyone can be productive citizens. I’m disabled so I can’t be a productive citizen even if I wanted to, since some places won’t hire me out of fear I might hurt myself & then they’d be liable for a lawsuit for letting a physically handicap person work. I’m religious but religion, which can easily be manipulated to serve someone’s own selfish agenda, should just not be involved in politics.

      4. Indeed…

        They want to do the same thing here in Sweden because the far right thinks that people living on welfare and what not are nothing more than lazy parasites…

        The worst thing is that every week on the news you hear about how sick people or disabled people are forced to “try” working even though several doctors told them that they are 100% incapable…

        That’s slave treatment…

        I really hope your country improves their intelligence someday enough to get healthcare nation wide as long as it’s done properly…

      5. Well thankfully our country is slowly becoming more humane and/or positive religious & less of the negative side of religious. Baby steps suck but it’s better than no steps at all.

      6. I feel sorry for Americans and them with low minimum wage. In Ireland, it’s 8.65 euro. If you are saying $10 (I have no clue what it is), 10.00 USD = 7.32533 EUR according to That’s really bad. Fair enough, build it somewhere else but at least have the decency to treat their workers with some respect and not give them a really low wage and not treat them like slaves. And children shouldn’t be working until they are at least 17/18.

      7. They are not slaves they can quit anytime they won’t to. I don’t hear you complaing about Wii U prices or PS4 prices.

      8. I ain’t going to complain about them lol Yeh they’re expensive. I’ll just save up and get the PS4 later sure. I have a Wii U which I got a month later after it came out and don’t regret paying 400 quid with 2 games with it! I bought a 3DS on release and it cost me 280 euro with pilotwings and I don’t regret it. Hey, I’m single! lol

      9. U don’t give a rats ass what the currency is in EU. I live in N. america and dumb Obama is trying to increase minimum wage to $11 an hour. That will affect the price of food, products and private businesses that can’t afford to hire someone with an out rages base price. I’m not ready to pay $12 for a Big Mac. Screw that keep those developing countries in poor conditions and keep their wages low as possible.

      10. You feel sorry for Americans because minimum wages is cheaper? Yet your spoiled ass gets free health care and free college tuition. And y’all have most hybrid and electric cars.

      11. Right. They act like improving better work conditions doesn’t cost money. Better floors, better ceilings. AC, better air equals more money. And where will this money come from? From the consumers. I’m already paying for prisoners to get a free education and developing countries for illnesses I can’t afford if I were sick. Now you guys want me to pay for their working conditions too? What’s next their rent? May as well buy them a brand new car to get to work to too.

      12. most kids could afford next gen consoles while you wellfare gamers cant even buy cheap third party games on wii u.

      13. Most kids? You couldn’t even afford you last gen console, and like every kid, you depend on your parents. Exposed.
        Now find a Team Fortress 2 wrench and hit yourself with it for an upgrade.

      14. Flip flopping. Make up your mind either you want developing countries to earn more money or you want video games and electronic prices to stay at a low price? If you help them then we got to pay more for everything. Maybe y’all are rich but I’m not.

      15. like you, remember that yesterday you posted your wii u gamelist…EXPOSED!!!!

      16. sASSori’s gamelist
        super mario 3d world
        new super mario bros u
        nintendo land
        tekken tag tournament wii u edition. (only 3rd party tittle this brokeback gorilla owns, lol)
        When you can afford to buy consoles and games with your own fucking money, then back and talk!!!

      17. You burned sasori. I don’t think he will recover of this one, lol!!

      18. but he will create some arguments or in the worst cases he will upload a video…anyway, sasori is an idiot he talks and write without think.

      19. Well fare gamers? Ignoring PS4 is selling games and the hardware for it is no where near top 10 best sellers. Now go help the developing countries and let’s see if “wellfare” gamers will be quick to buy software for over $100.

      20. And not long ago you named yourself as one such welfare gamer. You like to flip flop when it best suits your hatred for Nintendo, don’t you, you little shit?

    2. The problem is that this is not the case.
      All this study does is rate companies based on which policies they have, not on which cases they presented.
      Have you thought that some of these companies may not have these policies because they don’t need them? Because there’s no precedent?

      1. So according to you clothes and everyday needs should increase in America because you feel dvdloping countries need a wage increase and better work conditions which will add the cost of the products to increase too.

      2. So where is justice in rapist getting a free education from your pockets? But I’m a sociopath.

      3. Jees relax. When the fuck did I say that? Get your facts right with the content that I have above. Why are you getting at me? If you want to complain, complain to Obama if you ain’t happy. It’s not like I’m mates with him! lol

      4. Complain to Obama? Where you from Lala land? Like thats how it works.

      5. Oh you didn’t know majority of clothes are fro. Developing countries? I mean if you want better work conditions I assumed that meant the clothes on your back too.

      6. Yes the majority of clothing is from developing countries but have you forgotten that companies only moved out there recently? Were prices outrageously bad back then? No. People were even able to afford houses back then, wages were fine, everything was OK but ever since then we have whinners like you preaching to the world that everything is going to the shit hole if it ever changes.

      7. Please a got clothes 10 years old or more made in Indonesia wtf you talking about. That’s been happening. But I see high prices don’t bother you. Since you are rich why don’t you make the difference in their wages that way you help them and it won’t affect me.

  9. Just saying, putting a picture of a monkey character in a post about slavery might be seen as offensive.

    1. Ignoring that the Kia Soul hamster commercial was seen as offensive and still outselling the Scion XB.

  10. I always thought that Japan had higher work standards than that. I know that things like woking too hard and child labour is pretty common in China, but I didn’t think Japan was like that.

    1. Japan does, the difference is that the government over there has enough laws and resources to do it so companies don’t need to bother; on the other hand you have american companies who have to defend themselves because their law system is a swiss cheese.

    2. No, Japan has laws against child labor and Nintendo has a policy against it (they don’t employ them), it was even in the report.

      Now, keep in mind lack of Policies does not mean doing actual Practice.

      The problem is that they don’t have rules or policies in certain areas (like collective bargaining or pro unions policies) in-order for them to be up to current standards. The lack of certain pro-labour policies doesn’t mean Nintendo is mistreating employees, but policies do make sure a company is responsible/accountable when they are broken.

      The problem other is Nintendo doesn’t have policies to monitor and prevent business partners from using “slave-like” and child labour. They have no Policy for how and where their business partners do their business, this make them ignorant and irresponsible of their business partners.

      Having said that, some of Nintendo’s partners are respected companies, Samsung (rated B), Panasonic (also B), and IBM (rated C-, yea i know) for example. They have other partners like, Micron, Broadcom, AMD , Texas Ins. ARM, etc. The only questionable partner I am aware of is Foxconn (for assembling), which is surrounded by controversies, but Apple(rated B+) and other companies also partner with them.

  11. Yep. Nintendo can’t get anything right. They’re too ignorant and stubborn. They don’t even know the meaning of “games” anymore. They need to leave gaming alone. No one wants their underpowered hardware every year.

    1. Ignoring the 3DS is whipping ass in sales. And ignoring Wii U 1st party tittles like 3D World outscored Knack and still outselling knack. But you rather play dumb like that didn’t just happen.

    2. Clearly 100.1 million wanted our “underpowered” console, exposed for stupidity…

    3. This is what you sound like to everyone else here: “Oh! Look at me, I’m a cool guy because I play the ps4 and all you kids play wii u! I only assume you’re kids because no adult in their right mind would play a wii u! Hurr hurr! Also, because I play the ps4, that automatically means I’m more mature than you silly little kids and therefore smarter even though what I’m saying doesn’t have to make sense! I’m better than you because I play cod and shit, because they are mature games. Fire emblem awaken mature? Pffffhshht! It’s nintendo it’ll never be mature! Because games nowadays have to be mature for it to be cool and fun! And it must run on a very powerful hardware! And nintendo will never be mature! Blurghhh blurghhh!”

      1. That’s exactly what I hear from people like him every time they call Nintendo games kiddy or talk down to us Nintendo gamers. They are pathetically trying so hard to be a real man when real men don’t need a mature game to feel mature. “Oh look! I’m playing a game with blood, gore, cussing & tons of sexually suggestive & sexually explicit content! I’m such a mature adult!” xD

    4. nintendo is even too cheap to even try and innovate whiole sony takes great risk. kinda sad the cell processor wasn’t sucessful because that processor is way better than wii u’s processor.

      1. WTF kind of garbage are you talking about?

        Sony has always been the shadow of any business they go to by copycatting another invention that’s making them lose money. Only PlayStation (before copycat Microsoft to make their PS3/4 a gimped PC box) is their popular brand. And what innovation have they made so far? The only innovation they did was with PS1 going into disc format. Afterwards, its been the same, damn thing and if you’re gonna say about PS2 having a DVD player, don’t even because DVDs have been around shortly before PS2 happened and Sony threw it in as an extra feature.

        Its cell processor in PS3 ALONE is what made the console too expensive and lost billions of dollars over several years doesn’t matter of its performance and in fact, if BO2 on Wii U looks and runs better than PS3 version as proven, then Wii U can run games just fine so STFU about processors and nitpicking one little spot of an entire circuitry when all parts play a huge role by cinnecting each other and not just one chip on a motherboard.


      2. if Ps4 is so much better why aren’t you Sonyans buying the software to keep PS4 tittles in top ten for weeks and months like 3DS, 360 and PS3 tittles. You Sonyans annoy me going on and on how PS4 is so much better and every week I hardly see any tittles in top 10. 3DS/PS3 and 360 still dominating video game sales. So why are you sonyans just buying the system with evidence you aren’t supporting the games? You guys go on and on how Wii U lacks 3rd party tittles and OS4 has them all and yet still PS3 dominates tittles over PS4. Y’all like graphics and realistic games so why aren’t you putting your money where your mouth is?

    5. Dude, just dont.

      Saying Nintendo to leave gaming is like telling a dude a shoit himself which is what will happen to the market if they drop out. You idiots like dance like fools at first but in due short time, you will see the market interests and shares will drop significantly and then we’re gonna hearing cries for Nintendo to come back to save the market..again but hopefully of that happens, I want gaming to be buried for good since its now a shallow, dick measuring contests of who’s got the biggest gimped PC motherboard along who who produces the fanciest CGI art gallery on a disc.

  12. That’s a bit of a surpsise to me. The other day on the forums someone said they are really good at that, at least from a email they received from Nintendo when the person asked about that since he is a ethical shopper.

  13. Fuck this bullshit the website is rubbish just full of trolls and nintendrones arguing all the time. No one ever talks about the article they go off topic and go into their petty arguments defending Nintendo, sony or Microsoft.

    1. To be honest, this time he is in the right and you fans are in the wrong… So you’re saying its a good thing that Nintendo isn’t doing anything about this?

  14. I haven’t been on this page in a while. Honestly, you people need to mature. These comments you post are sickeningly childish. Admit it, most of you, are blind fanboys, and for what? The company you worship does nothing special for you just because you stick only with them. Expand your choices, enjoy every platform, and most of all grow up! Nintendo Commander, what is wrong with you? Why do you act like this? Just stop! You are the commenter that stands out the most in terms of my sadness towards you fanboys. Why do you feel the need to act like this? Why are you so blind to the beauty that all platforms possess in their technology and games? Why limit yourself? Enjoy your life, but please do not be this ‘nintendo commander’ character, if you are older than 12, then you need to take a good hard look at yourself, and find out what you are doing with your life.

    1. I agree, I enjoy all three consoles and Companies but if one of them does something wrong, like this for example, I won’t be defending them.

    2. Well, I for one only play Nintendo games, because I just don’t “like” the other choices that you’re talking about. I rarely play third party games and I have never felt inclined to buy a Sony or Microsoft hardware system.

      It’s more of a matter of taste than “blind fanboyism.”

      There are those, like you, who enjoy video games in general and buy all the consoles and play a wide variety of games. Then there are people like me who would rather not waste their money on something they know they won’t enjoy.

    3. Nintendo Commander’s just having some fun role playing here… Nothing wrong with that

      1. I guess someone learned something…

        Kudos to you mister/miss…

    4. Why I act like this?…

      Clearly if games has taught us anything, I’m the only one between us two that learned that lesson, you apperantly never will…

      You probably ar elike the majority of the conservative world that what you see is what is and what is not is not…


  15. *sigh* I assume they’re talking about the headquarters. In Japan, they don’t enforce these rules as much as America or Australia does. In Japan, they’re more laid back in the sense of what’s appropriate and inappropriate as well. Did you notice how almost every Japanese company got a C or lower? The only two that got a B were Toshiba and Panasonic.

      1. It doesn’t make it okay by OUR standards. In Japan, this would get an A or B+ ranking. Maybe you should stop being insensitive and start looking into other cultures.

      2. Are you retarded? By that logic, slavery is completely ok in other countries if it’s okay by thier standards. But I’m insensitive if I that’s wrong?

  16. Nintendo -_-
    What happened to you trying to fix the child labor problems at Foxcomm? This is not good Nintendo, you’ll need to fix it fast or your reputation as even a Family Company will go down hill.

    1. Maybe this rating happened before Nintendo has had a chance to fix anything. Or maybe this rating is old and dates back to data collected when Nintendo was at Foxcomm?

      1. I think this one was recent to be honest. Still, Nintendo needs to fix it and fast.

      2. It’s nearly impossible. We can’t expect them to crackdown on it because it’ll continue happening no matter how much they try to stop it with they’re own company, there are even times where that they are unknowingly having these things happen. It’s like trying to push for world peace, and as much as people would love that, it’s almost impossible and a wasted effort even if it is for a good cause because it won’t happen anytime soon.

  17. Do they force people to do labor? No? Then I dont care. I have no problem with kids working

  18. You don’t need a policy to cover things that don’t happen.
    If anything we should ask why Sony and Microsoft have them, does that mean there’s a precedent in their companies?

      1. No, we know that they outsource to companies that do it, just like every other company in the list.
        This list is grading companies on their own policies, Nintendo doesn’t have them because they have no first party precedent, unlike Microsoft which seems to be involved on a few employee abuse scandals each year.

      2. Dude, we fucking got it. You’ve posted the same thing like 1000 times.

      3. So in reality, the higher the grade, the higher the chance the company has or is still incurring in employee abuse, and the heads HAVE to come up with pervasive policies to try to fix it.
        If you’re going to stop buying the products of every brand that outsources to countries were sweatshops and child labor are legal and running then you’ll have to empty your house and live off of what you grow in your garden, so please don’t be a hypocrite.

  19. Fuck you guys and your pointless console wars, admit to your faction mistakes…. Honestly fuck.

  20. “thanks Iceazeama” ???

    Are you fucking kidding me Sickr? You take info like this from someone who has no concept of the term reason and common sense?

    1. they didn’t take this info from ice they took it from “baptist world aid” as far as i’m aware