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Nintendo Will Launch YouTube Affiliate Programme To Share Ad Revenue With Video Creators

Nintendo is set to launch a new affiliate programme supporting YouTube creators. In a tweet published by the official Nintendo of Japan Twitter account, the gaming giant intends to split advert revenue proceeds with video creators. While there are no clear details on when this will take place, Nintendo is hoping to build bridges between video creators, rather than remove content or monetize solely on videos which contain their IP.

Back in May 2013, Nintendo began claiming ad revenue on specific Nintendo-related YouTube content. Due to the content ID claims issued on a number of videos featuring Nintendo-owned IP, YouTube creators were unable to monetize on their videos. The company previously issued a statement saying it was never their intention to block video creators’ content, but would be monetizing on videos if they featured content of a certain length.

It’s unknown whether this move is related to Nintendo stepping in a new direction with Mario Kart TV for Mario Kart 8, but more details are due to follow in the near future. Is this a smart move by Nintendo? Let us know in the comment section below.

“Nintendo has been permitting the use of Nintendo copyrighted material in videos on YouTube under appropriate circumstances.  Advertisements may accompany those videos, and in keeping with previous policy that revenue is shared between YouTube and Nintendo.  In addition, for those who wish to use the material more proactively, we are preparing an affiliate program in which a portion of the advertising profit is given to the creator. Details about this affiliate program will be announced in the future.”

60 thoughts on “Nintendo Will Launch YouTube Affiliate Programme To Share Ad Revenue With Video Creators”

  1. children slaves manufacturing wiius and 3ds in china. taking money from youtube ad’s. nintendo will do anything to start making profit again.

    1. You do know child “Slaves” worked on your iPhone, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and so on?… Just saying, everything from China is made using Child slaves, Nintendo actually did something about it during the Wii U’s launch…

      1. no, not always. there are contract to sign for safe work condition/prohibition of child labor, and nintendo didn’t sign them.

        1. Neither did Sony or Microsoft, since they both got low scores on their report, too.
          Screw you and your double standards.

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            Ah, Nintendo didn’t actually have slaves you know
            Are you insinuating that a company greedy enough to own slaves would have a CEO that cut his salary by 50% so as not to fire people would be so schnora?

        2. Do you think china cares about contracts, they make contracts not to infringe copy right, but they do it to every system they get a hold of, also, SONY OWNS the company the make the wiiu ram, so if you say child slavery is making it, that means Sony is the one doing it, and lastly, its china tradition and culture that the offspring supports the family

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            “That’s not true! It’s impossible! NOOOOOOOOOOO!” -Sony fanboys’ reaction to Sony possibly supporting child slavery. (Off subject, I can’t wait for the next Star Wars.) Or more along the lines of VICKI from I, Robot with Will smith: “My logic is undeniable!”

        3. Apple got in serious shit for child labor and harsh, dangerous labor conditions. They only changed when it went public, not because they are ethical. Nintendo does it out of ignorance, as they do most everything.

    2. Child slavery goes on every day. Same goes for false imprisonment, sex trafficking, child rape, molestation and torture, which happens much more often on a continued basis. If that’s such a concern to you, take an actual stand and do something about it. Boycotting certain hardware isn’t gonna do a damn thing.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Exactly. Because for every person that doesn’t buy on a ethical/moral basis, there is going to be another person that will buy either out of ignorance or just doesn’t give a damn because himself/herself doesn’t give a damn about ethics/morals.

    3. No electronics company is 100% clear of outsourcing, and all of them outsource to countries that allow sweatshops and child labor.
      You’re a very ignorant person if you didn’t get it yesterday, that “slavery index” bullshit only rates companies on IN-HOUSE POLICIES, I already explained that not having policies against abuse is most probably due to the fact that such a case has never presented itself in Nintendo,, meanwhile it is certainly possible that abuse and favoritism runs rampant at Microsoft, and that’s why they would need an entire system against it.

    1. Sony are losing far more money… just saying… also this is actually a smart move for once…

      1. the most profitable sony part this year was playstation divison, if anything happens to sony then it will separate it’s pc/smartphones/playstation/etc parts, but they will never sell out or bancrupt on playstation, cos it’s the only thing that’s profitable there.

        1. Yeah, just the PlayStation division…. After they lose all their money from the other divisions expect them to go down

        2. You missed the part last year were Nintendo signed a contract to get all YouTube money, that’s why people think this is a good policy

          1. It is better than last year’s policy, but that still doesn’t make it a good policy.
            Both Sony and even Microsoft literally give people tools to make their gameplay into nice videos or directly stream them or upload them. So why is Nintendo pulling crappy moves like this to get even more money from their supporters than they already do? Just shows how desperate they are for every single penny they can pull out of people’s pockets. I love Nintendo’s games, but sorry, this is pure bullshit right here.

            1. Uhh, explain why it’s a crappy move and why it’s not a good policy?
              Video content sharers can now have money from their videos and share with Nintendo. Now instead of their videos being taken down, they share. Not bad to me.

              1. Because Nintendo shouldn’t be taking money at all, these let’s players advertise Nintendo game and don’t ask for anything from Nintendo. Saying the policies are better now is just dumb, its like saying “yeah I use to get beat up everyday but now I only get my ass kicked every other day, so its great”

                1. Also you can’t put The Dark Knight on Youtube just cause you bought the Blu-Ray, even if you talk over it a bit and comment and add personality. Even MST3K paid rights fees to the movies they MST3K’d, that’s why they used old crappy movies with cheap rights fees. The Let’s Players DO ask for something from Nintendo – the entire game to play. Nintendo just said that the work they did making the game is worth some of the ad money, not even all of it, because they do give credit to the LPer’s addition of commentary/personality/etc.

      2. Who said anything about Sony??? Why did you bring them up, it makes absolutely no sense at this point. Sony losing money doesn’t make this move of Nintendo any less desperate or any less shitty.

        1. Not really, Sony is losing money far faster than Nintendo. I’m just pointing out facts Sony Pony…

          1. But why would you bring that up now? It makes no sense at all. We’re talking about Nintendo and their programme concerning video creators and you start talking about Sony losing money, like, what the hell?
            The mentality of fanboys will always stay a mystery.

    2. Considering how they retaliated over Youtube last last, this is a positive change for Youtube users to share a piece of the pie with Nintendo instead of going through legal/copyright problems.

      How is this a sad, desparate move of Nintendo in any way? This is making amens with people on Youtube from last year.

      Grow up please because you should know who’s really desparate at this picture and I’m looking at Microsoft/EA mostly ATM.

      1. EA and Microsoft desperate? You must be delusional. EA’s earning billions of dollars every year, they’re in no danger of bankruptcy. Although the Xbox division is losing a LOT of money, this is made up by Microsoft’s other sectors. I don’t know where you got that idea, but it makes you look pathetic, really

        1. You’re the one who is delusional if you believe EA is earning “billions of dollars.” Their net income for FY2013 was only $8 million.

      2. Just because it’s a positive change, compared to how things were last year, doesn’t make it a positive thing in general.
        It is a desperate move because Nintendo is trying so hard to get even the last penny from people’s pockets. Why do they feel the need to take half of the ad revenue from people who just want to share the fun and experiences they’re having with Nintendo’s games? And sorry, but Microsoft is in no way nearly as desperate as Nintendo in this respect. Hell, they even let you stream and upload your gameplay directly on the console. Meanwhile, Nintendo is trying to take people’s money for sharing their experiences with others. Most definitely it’s Microsoft who is the desperate one here.
        I’m seriously getting sick of people praising and defending Nintendo for even the most riduculous moves they make.

        1. They just want to share the fun and experiences and then cash the cheques lol. If the LPers don’t care about the money then why is everyone so upset with Nintendo wanting a fair share for the work of actually making and publishing the game that’s being played?

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Good, then I can make extra money in the future with the permission of our empire…

  3. If they do, I would so sign up for it. I’m not making any money off any of my videos right now, if this could help me do that, though.. I’m so up for it.

  4. So lets get this straight…
    Let’s players have been able to do claim-free let’s play of Nintendo’s games for months now.(Nintendo did stop making the claims)
    Despite this, the wii u’s sales have not risen substantially.
    And now Nintendo is going to let them make fairly-split profit off of the videos despite them not helping sales.
    And there are people that are still complaining that Nintendo isn’t being fair?
    Wow, what a bunch of entitled brats….

    1. I know. I see this as Nintendo’s way to make right with Youtubers again from last year which is mostly thanks to Google with that monterization feature to cause copyright problesm to spike and its not just Nintendo stepping in over it. Google themselves needs to change that situation again by not fucking up Youtube updates like G+ did and yet I only see idiots pointing fingers at Nintendo over this which by law, they are abide to take actions if necessary.

      Fucking idiots need to grow their common sense back and stop acting like over privileged brats about taking another one’s content and leech money from their work and not their own.

    2. Zack Scott, Cobanermani and a few others just won’t shut the fuck up despite admitting that they have been made partners and their revenue has gone untouched, they keep milking it despite the fact that this issue was solved months ago.
      Guess what they did when the YouTube bots went crazy in February and deleted a ton of content from Nintendo, Microsoft and other companies? They blamed it on Nintendo of course, they made videos and tweets that they promptly deleted once they were called out on their bullshit.

  5. Lol and here is sony and microsoft giving tools in the xbox one and ps4 so that people can do lets plays, twitch livestreams, and gameplay vids easier, all the while not trying to impose on you.

    Then there is nintendo that started taking all revenue from vids and now they act like splitting it 50/50 is their gift to you, and everyones accepting it? Lol. Just lol.

    1. exactly. it will simply result in less LP videos. there will still be some of them, but it just shows how greedy nintendo is, and its very unattractive

      1. How is it that sharing half of revenue with local users instead of being hit with legal claims is a greedy thing?

        Are you assholes that high on stupid entitlement by taking another one’s content and seep money over something you didn’t create nor ever created/belong to you in the first place?

        Please STFU people and at least appreciate the fact that Nintendo is being far much fairer than they were last year. And knowing Sony losing so much money ATM, they would eventually pull the same stunt but hey, its no big deal because they’re Sony who created the god almighty PlayStation and not Nintendo who makes cartoon games and be deemed “childish” without even having the balls to touch their games and systems without being degraded by their moronic graphic-holic friends.

        Try again assholes. The hate/fanboy talks isn’t working nor helping.

        1. Thank you for this very intelligent comment. We need more people like this to be commenting on these websites. Everything you said was logical and the arguments being made against it are emotional since it affects these people’s LPs, twitch, etc.

          Fuck all you entitled pricks out there! I would love for one of you haters to explain how it would ever be logical for Nintendo to just give away all their copyrighted material for free over youtube, please? Yeah that’s what I thought.

    2. Right and Nintendo making right with Youtubers from last year which they are legally entitled to take action is needed, is somehow a bad thing…

      You fuckers seriously need to hop off that dumbass hate train. Its getting ridiculous every passing day.

  6. Well, I guess this gives those entitled, greedy Let’s Players even less reason to cry censorship, now they can get their two cents for pasting some worthless commentary over copyrighted material.

    1. Yep, that about summarises it! Of course, they’ll just moan that Nintendo are still going to take a percentage of the revenue.

    1. If your highlight videos with none of your commentary or personal touches can make enough views to qualify for ad revenue at all, I’m sure there’s fine print in the Mario Kart instructions saying that Nintendo owns your video. BUT, sounds like through this program they would still share some of the profits with you.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        It would be awesome if Nintendo actually adds a little money to our eShop if we post a certain amount of Mario Kart 8 videos. I’d be perfectly fine getting paid that way.

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