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Nintendo Demonstrates Photos With Mario 3DS App In New Trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for the Nintendo 3DS application Photos with Mario. The video explains how the app works and demonstrates what users can do with it. Available exclusively at Target retail stores, a special-edition series of $10 Nintendo eShop Cards allow Photos with Mario users to play and pose with Mario, Peach or Goomba. The Photos with Mario app, meanwhile, can be downloaded from the eShop for free.


      1. To you, sure. But to people that actually want to use it, it’s going to be very useful. Video games are about fun, remember? This sounds fun to people like me.

        1. i’m saying it’s useless cuz sharing will be impossible (mostly cuz SwapNote is gone and Miiverse wont let you post) and if you post it on a social network like 1% of people on there will care.

    1. No worries. You can download the images online. I have the app, the downloaded images and everything works great. No need for target. ;)

    1. And yet you act like a kid. Being afraid and ashmed to touch something your cool kids pretend they’re too good for.

      Peer pressure sucks doesn’t it?

  1. Oh okay. Now the whole “outrageous $10 AR card” mystery is laid to rest. Its actually an eShop gift card bundled with an AR card. Clever. :)

    1. Yep. No more people whining about paying 10 bucks for one AR card since they get 10 bucks to put on their Wii U & 3DS with the AR card actually as a bonus. The downside, it’s target only. I don’t think there is a Target anywhere near me. If there is, it’s probably at least 30 minutes to an hour drive which is bad because of gas prices. Then again, maybe Target is doing this on their website, too.

  2. I will probably get them because I can smell contests about these…

  3. Went to Target today to get the three. They had a bunch of Marios in the Wii-U section, somewhat less but still plenty of Goombas in the 3DS section and none for Peach. They did, however, tell me that it was possible that the Peaches were just sent in a different shipment and that they would arrive tomorrow or the day after. Kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and you could never find the April O’Neil action figure.

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