Nintendo Trademarks Pokemon Delta Emerald

Online gaming publication IGN has discovered that Nintendo recently filed a trademark for Pokemon Delta Emerald in Japan. This has led many to believe that Delta Emerald could be the next Pokemon game remastered for the Nintendo 3DS. The trademark was submitted earlier this month but only went public today.

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      1. No they aren’t its just a trademark it doesn’t mean they are actually doing this. They have made trademarks on other names in the past

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          2. Don’t put any stock into it though. You’ll get your hopes up for nothing.
            They’ve filed trademarks for Pokemon Water Blue and Grey. Considering nothing came of those, I wouldn’t get too psyched about Nintendo/Game Freak breaking the pattern.

  1. Lol that is so stupid as if emerald was different enough to have its own remake. Its most likely a trademark for a new tcg booster or somethin. Though you shouldnt worry, im sure gamefreak is gonna put all the features from emerald into the remakes! its all good :)

    1. It’s different in the sense that it altered the story so that both teams are the villains of the story (admittedly, this is unavoidable, given the fact that which team’s considered the villain in Ruby and Sapphire depended on what version you have), both Groudon and Kyogre wakes up and Rayquaza had to be summoned to calm both of them down.

  2. The also trademarked Water Blue and a bunch of different colors before this. It’s just so they have the rights to the title so no one else can make it. Trademark does not equal games getting made

    1. Ikr ppl need to calm down, its still just a remake. Now Pokemon Z on the other hand


      1. It’s going to be about Zygarde if it’s Z. Similar to Kyurem who was available in Black and White, Zygarde will gain some new role in the next installment for the X and Y series. Plus his name does start out with the same letter, like X Xerneas and Y Yveltal, and has the body to form a Z.

  3. How interesting, never expected the hoen trio to be remastered, i guess this could mean that this remakes won’t have the extra features from the 3rd game like heartgold and soulsilver, :/ if that’s the case i should probably wait for delta emerald :/

    1. This is so exciting, i hope they trade mark the next remakes already as Necklace Pearl and Diamond ring :D What would be the perfect name for platinum?

        1. YES, YES Pearl Necklace, Diamond Ring and Platinum Pendant, perfect trio, and how about black and white? Maybe white calcium and black cocoa :/ it gets more difficult with each gen. u_u

      1. Quantum diamond and temporal pearl, lunar black and solar white, and there will be no z but xx and xy.

  4. Oh. If this comes with OR/AS, then Delta is definitely my grand choice. Even though I love Groudon, Rayquaza easily kicks his ass. :3

  5. GUYS CALM DOWN!! This means absolutely NOTHING!! They have made trademarks before on other pokemon game names like “water blue” and “grey” and we still haven’t seen these so you can expect to not see an emerald version.

    1. Why cant we be excited!? I am! I think people know and have heard your point we just want to speculate.

  6. It’s just like always: You can’t tell if it gets made and there is no need for remaking Emerald because I’m sure the Content of it or something similar will be already in OR+AS.

    1. I hope so because it would be such a stupid thing to remake Emerald unless they introduce a third team that’s after Rayquaza…

  7. They trade marked Grey Version as well, but that never came out.

    I would bet that they don’t remake Emerald version. Though, what would be awesome is if they remade it for the Wii U! :D

    1. They haven’t really released a triplet Pokémon game since 4th gen (Diamond/Pearl/Platinum), so I don’t really expect them to release Delta Emerald.

  8. They cant release it this year cause of ruby an saphire so it must be next year thats weird seeing as yellow an crystal wasnt remade? Getting mario kart 8 on saturday so commander better get practising ;)

    1. My body is always ready, although it has to be patient for 3 weeks more…

        1. Scratch that, it’s 2 weeks now, somehow I’m still living in May 23…

          In 2 weeks I’ll finally buy my Wii U…

            1. I’m sorry to say, it won’t be enough…

              I will cause you severe butthurt in every way possible…

  9. IF it actually gets made, my guess is it will be like this: 2014: Pokemon OR/AS, 2015: Pokemon “Z”, 2016: Pokemon DE, 2017: Pokemon “place 7th gen title here”, 2018: Pokemon “7” 2

  10. Nintendo keeps rehashing their Pokemon games, and Nintendo fanboys keep buying them. Maybe they should actually make new IPs and make a profit for themselves

  11. It is very unlikely that they will release the 3rd version as a remade game. This seems somewhat suspicious and I don’t expect to see Delta Emerald become a thing for a very long time.

  12. Is it just me who’s absolutely enraged that they waited so long for this? If they release this game with their new jerk around EV system, I will be severely disappointed. When I play pokemon, I want to play pokemon, not bloons, and not the “catch a hundred ralts so you can get the right nature and then train it on level 5s in a forest to make sure it has flawless Effort Values” game. Nothing will ever come close to the simple perfection of gen 1 and 2.

  13. but still do you think rayquaza is getting a new form in OR or AS if delta emerald is not coming out?

  14. MORE fucking remakes ? release the kalos trio and add more stuff to x and y jeez game freak this is why im retiring from you guys !

  15. yeah they’re not going to remake emerald, they trademarked pokemon gray version and never made that, and they trademarked water blue version back when they were remaking red and blue :L

    1. They Remade Red and Green, Blue was the remade version, and so Leaf Green and Fire Red were a thing. We never got green version. Water blue was the Trade marked blue version.

  16. Even though it’s Trademarked and probably not a thing, I would rather it be a thing since compared to Emerald, I wasn’t a fan of Ruby and Sapphire. I was happy for those who enjoyed that game, and are getting that remake but, If it’s not a thing I have to reason to buy a 3ds.

  17. Ok I’m going to share my opinion now… Find a way to prove me wrong if u want, but my beliefs are as follows: Delta Emerald will be remade and this is why. Yes they trademarked Water Blue, and Grey, and some others. But, those were not remakes now were they? It is interesting because this is the first time really that they have started to remake a actual set trio of games, that are directly related. The plot from Emerald was different and me personally, enjoy having a third game in a trio so I can get the best of both games that came out before. Also, what are you going to do with, you know, the whole RAYQUAZA thing? Umm, rayquaza is a very important, and most powerful, of the Hoenn Trio. Emerald allowed you to get him. Anyways, I think Emerald was special enough for a remake. Now rage like a 9 year old playing Call of Duty if you want, but that is my opinion and thoughts.

  18. Also, Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Yellow are “special” versions. This is why I believe they were not remade. Pokemon Yellow even says “Special Pikachu Edition” and Pokemon Crystal’s mascot is Suicune, who is not really related to Ho-oh or Lugia of Pokemon Gold and Silver. However, Emerald had Rayquaza who is the most powerful member in its trio with Groudon and Kyogre. Also, how else would you get Rayquaza? Anyways this is why I think Emerald should and will be remade as Delta Emerald.

    1. You can get Rayquaza in ruby and sapphire, I aggree though Delta Emerald will probably come out. My guess is after OR and AS same gen but a seperate release.

  19. I’m lookink forwatd to whatever the next games are. Maybe the regions will be connected. At least there will be two new games called solar and lunar (7th gen).

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