3DS Save Bank Card Will Back Up Save Data To PC, Releases June 8 In Japan

If the idea of losing your 3DS save data makes you feel a little blue, then you’ll be pleased to hear third-party manufacturer Cyber Gadget has conveniently solved your data back-up issues. Launching on June 8 in Japan, the 3DS Save Bank card will allow you to back up save data from physical cartridges to a computer in the unfortunate circumstance that you lose or misplace it.

Once data is stored onto another device, you can replace your save data to your 3DS system and another cartridge. Cyber Gadget’s Save Bank card will retail for 3,300 yen in Japan (roughly £19 / $32), but there’s no word on whether we’ll get a similar release overseas.


    1. is there any difference to data that’s saved directly on the cart? … i think Resident Evil had some issue right? … where data couldn’t be erased off the cart.

    2. Ya exactly every so often i take my SD card and copy paste all the data to a folder on my desktop just in case and so if i loose everything ill just copy paste ot back onto the sd card or a new one so at lease i dont loose everything 100%

    1. Yeah, backing up my Pokemon saves is how I’ve been cloning for a while now. It helps considering I lost the game that had the original copies of most of the Pokemon on my team, anyways.

    2. Like, sometimes what I would do is just use Pokegen so I could drag and drop my legit, non-hacked Pokemon from one game to another. I believe people should try to use things like Pokegen for non-cheating purposes, ya know?

    3. Well, not so much drag and drop as open up a save file, save the .pkm file of the Pokemon, and then open up the .pkm file in another game’s save file.

    4. r4i save dongle does the same thing i had it for about two years now and it works great

  1. I can see a lot of problems with a thing like that.
    you store all of your rare Pokémon on one of your Pokémon X or Y games;
    then you back up the save data,
    You then trade or store all those Pokémon on Pokémon Bank or to another Pokémon X or Y cartridge.
    You then restore your saved data to your original Pokémon game
    And voila, you just duplicated all your Pokémon.

    I think this will be a huge problem, and I honestly think Nintendo should do something about it,
    I cannot see any good come from this at all.

      1. I’m not saying people aren’t hacking Pokémon already, they are.
        But it’s not a lot of people right now, since the 3DS has much tighter security than previous consoles from Nintendo.

        But this device would make it so easy anyone could do it

    1. Yup, did that once with the powersave

      Not mercilessly spamming it though, i just backed up everything to pokebank then restored the save. i have a Rayquaza i caught in my first play of Sapphire and its nice having that added security, since i lost my first blaziken a few years back

    2. Well, it has some benefits. Again, as I said it helps if you lose the copy of the game with the original versions of the Pokemon on it. If a public 3DS emulator would be released, it would also allow you to use your cartridge save file on the emulator, and then you could basically use your save file on any device you want, as long as a 3DS emulator is developed for said device. It could also help if you wanted to use your save file in certain programs. For instance, you need to backup your 1st and 2nd gen saves from the cartridges if you want to use Metropolis’ conversion program to transfer them to the newer games.

      Personally, I don’t see why copying any file on your computer should be any different than copying a 3DS save file. I mean, does anyone have any problems with copying PC game save files? What makes the 3DS any different? Nintendo wanting to restrict people’s freedom, that’s what makes it different. And, as you said, potential cheating, but it really depends on how you use these things. People should learn to use tools like this responsibly, just like with anything, but that doesn’t mean that the freedom to use tools like these at all should be taken away.

  2. We have one Overseas – The Powersave

    Thats basically what the power save is there for, backing up save data, the whole Cheats thing is a side feature…

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