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Natsume Says They Have Three New Nintendo Games In Development

Natsume has revealed that they currently have three new games in development for Nintendo platforms. The company says that it will announce these during E3. Natsume wouldn’t reveal if they are for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U. However, we should expect them to be announced from now until June 10th.

“We’re saving a few secrets for closer to the show, but expect not one, not two, but THREE new Nintendo titles we’ll be announcing leading up to and at the show! This doesn’t include any classic eShop titles (and we’ll have some news on those as well). Will they be 3DS, Wii U, or a mix of the two, you ask? You’ll have to tune in from now until June 10th to find out! :D “

29 thoughts on “Natsume Says They Have Three New Nintendo Games In Development”

    1. Yeah damn, I would love to play some good ol harvest moon. I always think of the N64 version, great times.

      1. Sadly we aren’t getting it unless Natsume decides to make their own spin off series to “Harvest Moon” outside of the puzzle games Natsume does not make them as Marvelous AQL develops them, however since Marvelous has switched localization teams to XSEED the main series will no longer be called “Harvest Moon”

  1. Sure. Are these the guys behind Harvest Moon? the art style in the banner looks like that design, but I have no idea. Three full out titles though? Fantastic.

  2. I’d love an HD enhanced remake of HM FoMT on Wii U. Or an HD remake of AWL. Or both in one! Love those games.

    1. Better not, I’m excited but I hope it doesn’t take up the whole of the E3 Digital Event

  3. pink0crystal0midbus

    What do they do other than Harvest Moon? I don’t want to play Harvest Moon, but if they have anything else that’s interesting maybe I’ll check it out.

  4. Guys I hate to break your hearts but it won’t be Harvest Moon, they do not make the Harvest Moon games all they do is localize them, the only thing they own the right to is the Harvest Moon name. Marvelous AQL will no longer be making Harvest Moon through them and have shifted publishing and development over to XSEED. So any new game coming from them would not be the same Harvest Moon, as the next Harvest Moon game is called Story of Seasons, if there really was a Wii U Harvest Moon we would have heard about it from Marvelous not Natsume.

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