Nintendo America To Host “Tomodachi Life Hangout” Live-Stream

Nintendo of America is set to host a live-stream for Tomodachi Life when it launches for both the 3DS and 2DS on June 6. The live-stream “hangout” will include chat from a number of panellists, including IGN’s associate editor Jose Otero and Gamnesia’s editor-in-chief Colin, as well as two video bloggers. Nintendo of America’s current PR manager Krysta Yang will be hosting the stream on Friday.

Remember, purchasing Tomodachi Life from eShop or retailers will provide you with two free demo copies for friends or family, along with a free panda suit costume available in a choice of up to 10 colours. Tomodachi Life releases on June 6, and you can catch the chat stream when it goes live, here.


  1. I cannot wait to pick this up. I know I just picked up the Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition last friday but I have wanted this for a long time now. This game is hilarious!

  2. The only question for me is digital or retail. Strangely i buy most WiiU games digital and mostly retail vesions of 3DS games. For a game like this a digital version makes more sense though i think.

  3. WOW! I can’t believe that you have to have a code from someone else who has purchased this game to even play a demo. Well, since Nintendo isn’t allowing everyone to try the game I won’t be purchasing it! Lots of missed sales opportunities….. good one!

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