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Steel Diver: Sub Wars Version 2.0 Now Available On eShop

Nintendo has updated its free-to-play game Steel Diver: Sub Wars with version 2.0. Last month, the game’s director Takaya Imamura said to fans that the update would be rolled out shortly and feature a number of tweaks to battle mode. Version 2.0 is currently available to download for free in the Nintendo eShop. Here’s what the update for the free-to-play and premium version consists of:

Premium Version Only

  • Three additional submarines will become available as players level up their combat record.
  • 10 additional submarines are available for purchase.

Free Version Only

  • Joining an online match will now require two play coins.

Both versions

  • Submarine stats have been fine-tuned.
  • Improved navigation and attack capabilities for normal torpedoes.
  • New multiplayer stage added named Arctic Circle.
  • Players can earn bonus points for win streaks in matched skills battles
  • In matched skills battles, players between levels 30 and 99 will be matched regardless of level difference.
  • Other players’ levels will not be displayed in Lobby area for random battles.
  • Attacking allies will cause a warning message to appear and points will be deducted from score.
  • Other minor adjustments added to overall gameplay to make for more balanced matches.

Nintendo UK has also revealed that the new Blue-Marine submarine will be available for free for those who currently own Steel Diver: Sub Wars premium version, or who buy premium before June 19. However, players with the free version can still own the Blue-Marine when it goes on sale for €0.99 on June 19.



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            1. Immature more like.
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              1. There is nothing mature or immature about games…

                Only babies complain…

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                      I have nothing against the before mentioned IP’s, but if Nintendo continues to neglect the older crowd, I’m ending my 20+ year relationship with them and someone else can have my money. I’ll probably go back to PC gaming. I’ve got a couple Nintend-friends who went there.

                  2. The similarity is that they are all awesome. And the fun fact is: you keep bashing Nintendo for only having “kiddy games”. Then someone summarises games from Nintendo which would comply more with your definition of “mature” and then you go and summarise “mature” games of other companies. Even if the competition have 1000 “mature” games, the point still stands that Nintendo has them too.

                    1. But do they use them? No. When was the last time Metroid was out? Tell me a time from the Wii era onwards where they pulled off a OoT?

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                    1. Forza
                      Gears of War
                      Dead Rising
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                  2. Dead Rising was on the Wii
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                    2. But does a game really need to be mature to be fun?

                      I believe that a game can be fun no matter how “immature” it is. A true gamer would not care about any of this. I play everything from GTA to Kirby and love it all. We should all respect our differing opinions on what makes a game great and realise how amazing games can be for everyone. Look at the wide range of audiences that games cater to. They’re not made so that just ONE person likes them. They are created so that anyone can find something that they enjoy. So, in the end, I hope everyone here realizes that there will be games that you do not like but someone else will. There is no need to argue about which one is better. Let’s just all appreciate what gaming has done for us.

                    3. But if Nintendo wants to bring back its old fans, they HAVE to make mature games. It’s how MS and Sony makes their profit, and Nintendo should follow suit. They don’t necessarily have to stop with the kid games entirely, but they should dedicate some resources to the development of mature games

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  1. It’s really frustrating that no one talks about what the subject is anymore and talks about other crap and fights start. Can something please be done about this. I really don’t want to leave this site but I may have to =/ I love this website and use it 24/7 for news and updates!

    1. Just ignore them and jump down to actually comments that talk about the game. They can talk about mature and immature games/gamers all they want, but anyonr who starts a fight on the internet through comments are the true immature ones.

      1. Isn’t the Internet as a whole immature then?
        I think your comment sort of contradicts what you are saying, because almost 79% of the internet is arguments and calling them “The True Immature Ones” is taking it too seriously.

        I think people should be nice to each other but that isn’t going to happen any time soon.

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            1. 10 minutes lol XD. But yeah I have been having a blast with mk8. I just need 30 more stamps and is there really a mirror mode? I beated all tracks in 50cc-150cc but never unlocked it.

              1. Oh I see lol Yeh there is, you need to get gold in every tournament from 50cc to 150cc. I can show you an image with mirror mode unlocked if you want?

                1. Nice unboxing for your first time. And holy crap I cant believe I completely forgot about the limited edition XD. Oh well looks like I wont get the blueshell. Thanks for informing me.

                  1. Thanks! Yeh that’s my first official game boxing on the channel, I have other unboxings like the extended Wii U battery like and other stuff :) Get the shell! lol XD

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            1. I’m just saying Joe P clone, that if you’re trying to copying me is a sign of help, you might need it.

  2. TWO PLAY COINS FOR A MATCH?????????!!!!!! Im disappointed. wont be playing this often then…

  3. i hate it too, 2 for a match, just cause i don’t wanna spend money. but it gives me another reason to step out my door on saturdays!

    also, its a reason i fire up my ps2 or snap in a game to my 3ds or game boy.

    -why fight? with a war raging outside, arms and legs are dismembered, loved ones died, all due to greed and hatred burnt in the human mind, it’s senseless and meaningless, who cares what one likes, and what one doesn’t, why kill when one is innocent? why commit the crime? what you want to take can be achieved through other non-violent means, and so, i pray, one day, mankind will snap into the kind of world we all want. amen.- <— some prayer i thought of, idk if someone already thought of it, but whatever.

    just stop the hate, i guess thats the meaning, im sure.

  4. Just look at those comments, wow.
    “Stop liking what I don’t like! ;_;”
    Get back to >>>/v/.

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