Luigi’s “Death Stare” From Mario Kart 8 Makes It On Fox News

With Mario Kart 8 selling 1.2 million units last weekend, Nintendo’s flagship title is off to a flying start for the home console. But the game’s success isn’t the talking point for American news broadcaster Fox. Instead, the news team picked up on the Luigi video that’s been making its rounds on the internet.

Dubbed the Luigi “death stare”, it’s quite clear the green-capped plumber is not an Italian you want to be messing with, especially on the track. However, it’s also crystal clear Waluigi and Luigi are not on the best of terms, considering this slow-motion video, carefully mixed to the Kanye West Bound 2 track. The Year of Luigi may have ended, but the plumber’s showing us he’s still number one.



      Red shell EXPLODES Baby Mario Kart! Watch Daisy give Baby Mario the CRAZY EYE when she drives by! I uploaded this video myself, hope you like, very funny! Share and spread it around!

    1. Thought the same here. While the Wii had been on news for every single channel, even having good news on channels that usually bash video games as tools that turn people into monsters, the Wii U had little to no presence in any means of communication not related to gaming. This is a first for the console, and surely it’s gonna get more attention to Mario Kart 8 and help increase sales!

      1. Yeh I agree. It was Red Steel that had my sold on getting a Wii when they showed it off. If I’m correct, they didn’t show any Super Mario Galaxy footage (that I can remember :S)

  1. And then the haters say our empire is “kiddy”…

    Luigi is mad that his year ended…

  2. This is why our empire rules…

    One character makes a full overhyped game like Watch Dogs yesterday’s news…

    Just like Cranky Kong did…

    1. Honestly, stop calling it “our empire”, people like you just make the whole “Nintendo is for kiddies” situation worse

    2. And yeah, I have a PS4, not getting Watchdogs (eh..), but reading the news about it, Jesus it’s selling like crazy, so c’mon, stop purposefully trying to start a fight with trolls and just enjoy that Nintendo still are appeasing the fans

      Plus we’re gettig WD on Wii U soon anyways

      1. Yea its selling like crazy, and getting panned for being underwhelming. Perhaps it was too hyped, but the graphics on everything but PC suck, gameplay is pretty limited, and multiplayer isnt very fun.

    1. It actually isn’t Fox News. It’s a local Fox affiliate. Totally different, and not even conservative.

      1. At least they want to cut spending. Every other party wants to waste money on programs we don’t need and luxuries we can’t afford.

  3. Well, free promotion for Nintendo. #Luigideathstare is trending on Twitter too!

  4. …So I just wound up in a race on MK8 online that had 6/8 people playing as Luigi (me being Daisy, natch).


  5. I saw the video before I went to job, and it is hilarious haha, it made my day, Luigi is my favourite Mario franchise character and now I like him even more haha!

    1. It’s a “new” piece of information for people to learn. So yeah, it’s news. Not super important to know, but it’s still news.

  6. That video was pretty funny. The news anchors took it so seriously lol!

  7. 2014 and there’s still people who pronounce Mario “marry-oh” ..

    I thought that was just a mom thing in the 80s…..

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